Sunday, June 3, 2012

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Despite Corrupting Those Running For Office Still Pay to Play the Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez Corruption Game 

The NYP the city forced out Lopez girlfriend after the lame duck mayor did not need his political support anymore.  Why Did the NYP Leave Out the Fact that Quinn Gave Vito Lopez 600,000 more in Member items for his much-investigated Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council.  The speaker even invited the corrupt Lopez to her wedding last month. The NYP left out the fact that the state also give his non profit 845,000 in member item funds.  The NYP also left out the fact that Lopez uses Ridgewood Bushwick as his political machine. Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine(True News)

Vito’ charity $hocker (NYP)  Tax returns filed last month by the politically connected nonprofit show that’s the staggering sum it spent in legal fees for the year ending June 30, 2011, a period when it came under intense scrutiny for operating with a clueless board that allowed the executive director to collect $782,000 in total compensation the previous year.  The director, Christiana Fisher, happened to be the campaign treasurer for Brooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez, the nonprofit’s founder.  The agency’s housing director, Angela Battaglia, happened to be Lopez’s girlfriend. She took in $329,910. A scathing Department of Investigation report convinced city officials to demand a “corrective action plan” and a staff shake-up that led Fisher to step down last January. * After delivering a victory to Lopez’s Satmar allies in an upstate summer camp battle, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein paid the chairman a visit.

NYP Blasts Hynes  For Keeping Secret Certain Orthodox Jews Charged with Sexually Abusing Children
Hynes’ ‘Mafia’ excuse(NYP Ed) As his excuse for refusing to identify certain Orthodox Jews charged with sexually abusing children, beleaguered Brooklyn District Attorney Joe Hynes has long cited the fear of witness intimidation. Hynes’ “no one gives a damn about victims” whining isn’t helpful. It encourages victimization, for one thing. As a prosecutor, he’s not supposed to be focusing on only the victim (or on one community’s concerns). Crimes are offenses against society — the broad public. * Molest fiend who got away(NYP) Israel harbors B’klyn perv * There wasn’t a lot of applause for Hynes at the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty today.

Untangling a Rape Case in Crown Heights(NYT) She is an Orthodox Jew. They are black men accused of sexual assault and forced prostitution. After that, nothing is clear.* Manhattan DA’s conviction-review team fumbling murder probe: sources(NYP)

NYP Says Liu is Talking to the Wrong Prosecutor . . .   What Wrong With Talking to Both? Liu Should Report Corruption on the the 911 contracts
Under an ethics cloud and the subject of a two-year federal investigation for possible campaign-finance fraud, John Liu is finally talking to prosecutors. Liu’s office released an audit Wednesday of the city’s project to upgrade the 911 call system — accusing contractor Hewlett-Packard of up to $163 million in possibly fraudulent overcharges and asking DA Cy Vance to look deeper into the affair. Federal prosecutors have been investigating Liu for years for allegedly having — not to put too fine a point on it — “picked taxpayers’ pockets” to the tune of thousands of dollars to fund his campaigns. So if Liu is really worried about discovering New York’s worst pickpockets, maybe he can call a meeting of his campaign staff. * Mayor Bloomberg calls 911 audit 'stupid(WABC)

Double Dipping Increasing 
In spite of increased fiscal constraints by state government, the number of state employees collecting both a salary and a pension rose by 32 percent in 2011.* That list includes LG Bob Duffy and SUNY Albany President George Philip, who made $542,000 in combined compensation last year.

Election 2012  Rangel Attacks Process That Led to His Censure(NYT) * Espillat Calls On MTA To Suspend Supervisor Accused Of Sexual Harassment((NY1) * Queens Congressional Candidates Square Off in Fresh Meadows(WNYC) * GOP Brown-noser Celebrates Parkside Hack(Queens Politics) * Meet the ‘Real District Leader’ of Flushing(Queens Politics) * Congressional Candidate's Crowley Texting Habit Under Fire(Huff Post) * Crowley: public, life experience key in 6th(Queens Chronicle)* Christine Quinn, Cast Of ‘Wicked’ Marches In Queens Pride Parade (WCBS) * Michael Powell: “Ed Towns, ending deeply unextraordinary 2 1/2 decade congressional career, tosses endorsement to Qaddafi/Mugabe adoring Charlie Barron?” * The campaign for Jewish votes (outside of anti-Zionist Williamsburg) in Nydia Velázquez’s district continues. * Dan O’Connor accused her of neglecting the district’s Hispanic community.* Christine Quinn, Cast Of ‘Wicked’ Marches In Queens Pride …(WCBS) * State Senate candidate/former NYC Councilman Simcha Felder says he only backed Obama in 2008 to help Sen. John McCain.

Ed Towns to Officially Endorse Charles Barron(NYO)





Tom Duane to Retire

Gay City News: State Senator Tom Duane "will announce his decision not 2 seek reelection this November @ a noon press conference on June 4" * Longtime Champion of Gay Rights to Leave State Senate(NYT)

Queens Crap NY6 Caption Contest
The Schmuckettes, P-H-O-N-Y-S, The formation of a Queens Tribune daisy chain, Luscious Liz takes on all comers,

Hakeem Jeffries enjoying an extended chat with Gov Cumo before Israel Day Parade cf.* foe: she's anti-Zionist. response: endorsements from , Sheldon Silver & . ” * Public Advocate with Nachum Segal marching along 5th Ave parade.

Javits' Convention Center Lives

Court Blocks Bloomberg Outer Boro Plan
Court red-lights outer-boro cab plan(NYP) * Judge Blocks City Plan for New Class of Livery Cabs(NYT) * Judge Blocks Street-Hail Livery Cabs(WSJ) * Mayor's Livery Cab Plan Hits Setback(NY1) * Taxi plan halted(NYDN) * Judge sides with cabbies in taxi dispute(WABC) * Livery Cab 'Street Hail' Plan Screeches to a Halt(DNAINFO) * Judge deals a potentially fatal blow to Bloomberg's 'borough taxi' plan (Capital)

"Time to Pay the Respect We Are Owed"

Lets Go Maher

Bill Maher Buys Minority Share Of Mets(WCBS)

NYP Says Silver Protects A Powerful Union At the Expense of the Disabled and Mentally Ill
Good old reliable Shelly(NYP) The Assembly speaker has been splashing cold water on Gov. Cuomo’s plan to deal with the abuse of disabled and mentally ill individuals in state-run facilities.


Soda Lobbyists & Pols Who Get Their Contributions Will Grow Fat $ Fighting Bloomberg's Soft Drink Ban
Looking at Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Through a Doughnut Hole(NYT) * Soda Industry Maps Strategy to Defeat Bloomberg Plan to Ban Super-Size Drinks(NYT_ Lobbyists and researchers who have proven adept at combating other government regulatory efforts find themselves scrambling to counterattack the mayor’s proposal. * Legal Debate Pops Over Soda Plan(WSJ) * City Marks Nat'l Donut Day On Heels Of Proposed Sugary Drink Ban(NY1) * Bloomberg defends supporting Donut Day while banning sugary (NYDN) * Quinn, who hopes to succeed Bloomberg, said she’s dead set against the ban because it’s “punitive,” and she’ll undo it if she wins. (WCBS) * Gov’s a drinkin’ buddy(NYP) * Mission: Slimpossible(NYP) * 

Big Soda Fights Back
Nanny Knows Best(NY Mag)In defense of Michael Bloomberg's ban on big sodas. * Big Soda Looks To Battle Bloomberg's Ban On The Big Gulp (Gothamist) * Nanny Mike’s a real drag(NYP) * Pouring It On(NYT) * Trimming a Fat City(NYT) Given the weight of the obesity problem, Mayor Bloomberg is right to play the heavy on soda. *City Hall demonstrators fear budget cuts (NYDN) * Big Soda Looks To Battle Bloomberg's Ban On The Big Gulp(Gothamist) * War on the Big Gulp Won't Solve Obesity (Denver Post)*Writes Denis Hamill: “I ate dinner with Bloomberg once and he polished off a big juicy steak and most of a bottle of good red wine…Maybe we should ban Mayor Mike’s super-sized chutzpah.”

City Budget

Mayor's Plan To Close Fire Houses Takes Heat(NY1) * City Hall demonstrators fear budget cuts (NYDN)

Education: Back to Social Promotion 
City Eases Way to Promoting Students(WSJ)  In 2004, Mayor Michael Bloomberg fired two of his appointees to the city's education policy panel after they threatened to vote against a proposal to hold back students who didn't pass state tests. Now, the Department of Education is conceding the policy doesn't work for everyone. * DOE To Revise Ban On "Social Promotion"(NY1) * Bloomberg adminstration has social-promotion change of(NYDN)

Way Beyond Bake Sales: The $1 Million PTA(NYT)

Teacher Sex Abuse

The 8,021 Start Works Like A Charm



Daily News Blames Jersey PA Members for Extorting Money From the WTC Museum 



Was the NYFD Unprepared for A Fire At WTC?






Getting more sand for Rockaway Beach(NYDN)

What’s at Stake in the Belmont(NYT Ed) New rules have been imposed that will protect the safety of the horses before the Belmont Stakes, but the industry still needs effective reform.


BrooklynRon and Doug Jones on the Changing Image and Economy of Bed-Stuyof Bed-Stuy Discuss  * Big Demographic Shift in Bed-Stuy as Whites Move In(Brownstoner)




Delancey Underground: New Photos, CB3 Request For Support, New Fundraising Drive(The Low Down)




New York's Favorite Spacecraft Is On the Move Again(NYT) * Enterprise shuttle heads for permanent home at Intrepid(WABC) * Shuttle Enterprise to Make Final Journey(NBC) * Shuttle Enterprise Prepares For Final Leg Of Journey To WABC) * Shuttle livin’ large on NY barge tour(NYP) * Enterprise shuttle begins journey to Intrepid(WABC) * Space Shuttle Enterprise En Route To Port Elizabeth As Voyage (WCBS) * Shuttle Enterprise on Barge to N.J.(NBC)

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for June 2, 2012
From the return of behavior modification to Obama’s blueprint for crushing Romney, The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the web this week.



Vietnam Napalm girl has peace 40 years after photo(NYP)

The Making of A President 2012 & 2016?

Bill Clinton: Two-Edged Sword for President Obama (The Daily Beast) *  Working him O-ver(NYP) Mitt rips prez on unemployment hike * Slowdown in Growth Could Reshape Fight for Presidency(NYT) * Darkness in the Sunshine State(NYT) * Obama To Visit One World Trade Center In June(NY1) * Obama to visit WTC to take a look at rebuilding progres NYDN) * Obama's Weekly Address: Congress, 'Get to Work' (ABC)Job Growth Weak for Third Month, as Recovery Lags - Shaila Dewan, NYT * Obama's Economic Model Is a Failure - Larry Kudlow, National Review * President Obama's Jobs Act: The Road Not Taken - Steve Benen, MSNBC *  Black Friday: Has Time Run Out? - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics * Obama Is Simply Overmatched by Events - Peter Wehner, Commentary * What Is Romney's Solution for This Crisis? - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine * The Number That Will Matter In Wisconsin - John Ellis, BuzzFeed * Wisconsin Moving Closer to the Republican Column - Alex Altman, Time * Is Mormonism Fair Game? - Jason Horowitz, Washington Post * Obama Looks Small & Scared; Can Mitt Capitalize? - Peggy Noonan, WSJ*** Sunday Update So Much in Common: College, Spicy Chicken and ‘Star Trek’(NYT) * Dreaming of a Superhero(Dowd, NYT) As funnel clouds form over Washington, Obama still seems absorbed in his endless odyssey of self-discovery.* Imagining a Romney Recovery(NYT) * G.(reen)O.P.?(Friedman, NYT) Mitt Romney and the Republican base have turned away from their party’s environmental legacy.*Bill Clinton Walks Back Romney Compliment: ‘He Is Wrong On The Economy’ * The Daily News editorial board on Obama, drone strikes, Stuxnet and loose lips. (NYDN Ed) *Chris Wallace Grills Romney Adviser On Romney’s Job Creation Record As Mass. Governor(fox) * David Axelrod denies NYT report, says he was not at "Terror Tuesdays."  * Fairness Is Crucial to Economic Growth - Robert Reich, SF Chronicle * The E.U. Is in Total Denial - Janet Daley, The Telegraph * GOP Is Full of It, Obama's Policies Have Helped - John Cassidy, New Yorker * Presidential Job Approval, Rasmussen: 45% Approve - 53% Disapprove, Gallup: 46% Approve - 46% Disapprove, RCP Average: 47.8% Approve - 48.0% Disapprove * The economic slowdown could reshape the presidential race.* Meet the man planning the Mitt Romney presidency. * Hillary Clinton may be “bone tired” now, but former Pennsylvania Gov./Clinton confidante Ed Rendell thinks she’ll recover in time to run for president in 2016. * Alan Chartock makes the case for Obama to replace VP Joe Biden with Clinton this year.

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

Law and Order

Psychiatrists Offer Theories About Suspect in Patz Case(NYT) * New Details Emerge About Etan Patz Murder Suspect’s Con (WCBS)


City, State and Federal Lawmakers Team Up To Warn Congress About Stop And Frisk(NY1)

In Brooklyn, Suspect Robs 3 Banks in 30 Minutes(NYT) * House-crash suspect's boyfriend hit with jail time(NYDN)
'Hockey Mom Madam' wants $2M bail reduced so she can care for sick son(NYP) * Queens jury clears cop charged with 'flaking'(NYDN) * Calling Someone Gay Is No Longer Slander in New York(NY Mag) ** Sunday Update   Wrong man’ in slay rap(NYP) * Truck Driver Who Allegedly Used Bogus Plates, Charged After (WCBS) * Police search for suspect in Brooklyn rape(WABC) *Cops looking for man who tried to snatch kid from Queens school (NYP) * Teen Killed, Man Wounded in Bushwick Shootings(NBC) * Four Men Shot In Harlem, One In Critical Condition (WCBS)