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Is the Media on Strike?
Open A Fire Hydrant

No Fat Lady for Charlie Yet, But Why the Fake Count on Primary Night? No Answers from the BOE
Fading Rangel’s elex lead down to only 802 votes (NYP) 18,075 to Espaillat’s 17,273. And there’s still more counting to do, as about 2,000 paper ballot votes are due to be tallied starting this week. Espaillat would need to capture close to 70 percent of the paper votes to win — which is unlikely. * Rangel Lead In Congressional Primary Shrinks(NY1) * The Rangel/Espaillat Race Might Be Much Closer Then We Think(Village Voice) * FYI on NY13: Margin has to be one-half of one percent or less, before the BOE has to do a manual count of the ballots. BOE makeup is a result of State law. Not much Mayor and Council can do to change it * Charlie Rangel's Lead Continues to Shrink(NY Magazine) *
 Ballot issues arise after Rangel's apparent primary winCNN (blog According to the board’s spokeswoman, Valerie Vazquez, there are 3,270 votes to sort through from affidavits and absentee ballots – a tally that could potentially swing the results. * Rep. Rangel's lead narrows in Democratic primary(USA Today) * Espaillat challenges election results in court (AM NY) Adriano Espaillat campaign hires election lawyer Marty Connor in count proceeding * Victory Margin for Rangel Narrows in New Vote Tally(NYT)

Board of Election BS Non Excuse for the RANGEL Miscount Attempted Fix?
In the 13th Congressional District, the Police Department recorded zeros, rather than the actual vote totals, in 79 of the district’s 506 precincts. A Board of Elections spokeswoman, Valerie Vazquez, said that this could have been because poll workers failed to properly complete the return of canvas sheets or because of errors by the Police Department. Those votes are now part of the unofficial count, though Ms. Vazquez said the board was analyzing the sheets to see what had happened. IT THE ZEROS HAPPEN IN NO OTHER DISTRICT

How To Get the Albany Bums Out
Analysis:Frustration driving out NY lawmakers (TU) Term limits and Jail is not the bums in Albany out.  Frustrating members until they leave is even worse the only way to keep the system healthy and reduce corruption is to make elections more competitive. * The TU doesn’t think Cuomo should indulge in legislative victory laps until he has successfully pushed through campaign finance reform. * In what may be a record number, at least 25 Assembly members and at least four senators say they are retiring from the 212-seat Legislature – many motivated by frustration over the ongoing three-men-in-a-room method of decision making.

Though if more NY state legislators grew spinal column they might find job more interesting ...

Con Ed locks out workers after contract talks with union break downCon Ed locks out workers after contract talks with union break down(NYP) * Union Workers Locked Out After Con Ed Negotiations Fail(NYT) * Talks break down, Con Ed workers dismissed(WABC)Con Ed dismisses 8,000 employees, managers take over system(NYDN) * Con Edison, Union Leaders Negotiate Past Midnight Strike (WCBS) * Talks break down, Con Ed workers dismissed(WABC) * Con Ed Locks Out Workers Following Failed Contract Talks (NY1)
*NY Daily News Has Error in Headline on ConEd Dispute. The 8,000 haven't been fired. They've been locked out. * Con Ed Curtails Services After Talks Break Down(NYT) *

No Teacher Bike Evaluations 

Plan half-biked(NYP) City skipped cycle-share test* Green grab! Bike-path advocates race the end of Bloomberg to connect Sunset Park to Greenpoin(Capital)

Museum Stall

Ground Zero stall (NYDN Ed)  More than 200 relatives of those killed on 9/11 sent to Govs. Cuomo and Chris Christie a letter last week whose fury was well-aimed. The response has been stinging, discourteous silence.

Frisky’ Mike makes right (NYP, Goodwin)




I t Not only Bloggers That Do Kiss Ass Goodby Interviews With the Corrupt Ackerman

NYT  Washington Is Stuck but He’s Getting Out(NYT) Sounding like an anthropologist, Mr. Ackerman talked of spending enough time in Congress to remember dealing creatively with an extinct species known as moderate Republicans * The New York Times took a look at retiring Congressman Gary Ackerman’s career, which he began as a “bright and bushy-tailed liberal.” and a journalist.


How A Reporter Spins the Crap of A Congressman Who Played A Large Role Of Corrupting NY Journalism

 “The media’s gotten lazy. They don’t check anything out. You report what he reports.” Gary Ackerman Explains What's Wrong With The Media(NYO)  This is the same man who used a newspaper he owed to campaign for congress.  The same man who merged his newspapers he still owns in part with the Queens Democratic organization to control both who gets elected in Queens and what it written about them in campaigns. 
 A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians(True News) The reporter Colin Campbell allowed Ackerman to gone into an incorrect report about his retirement, but never asked him if he felt he help destroy New York journalism by allowing his paper the Queens Tribune to be turned into the house organ of the Queens Democratic Party election machine.  The reporter Campbell never asked Ackerman why he allows the VP and a partner in the paper to function as political consultant and lobbyist. FOR MENG CONSULTANT NUSSBAUM, A HISTORY OF VOTE-SPLITTING.  

Campbell could have asked Ackerman why he allows sex ads which many have charged are involved in sex trafficking of underage women. Campbell is not alone except for a few blog stories most of the media has never written about the Queens Tribune functioning as a political operative or the that one the owners of the paper operating as a political consultant was involved in efforts to spit the Jewish vote to help his candidate.



Break-in activists get $quat(NYP)The city-funded nonprofit that offered squatting lessons on a Brooklyn street corner will no longer get taxpayer money under the City Council’s new spending plan. 

Rupert Speaks

Met Romney last week. Tough O Chicago pros will be hard to beat unless he drops old friends from team and hires some real pros. Doubtful. * Murdoch Chides Romney on Campaign and Obama Challenge (NYT)
So Rupert dumping Romney... Rupert under great pressure at home to be an almost-Democrat


Cyclone Celebrates 85 Years Of Ups And Down(NY1)

Rooting Out Police Corruption(Book Review, NYT)

 While Every Other Race Was Fully Counted Except for Absentee and Military Ballots the Rangel Race Stopped Counting at 84% on Election Night.  Why?  6% of precincts are still missing. Why? Why is the BOE blocking access to Espaillat's Team?

Bloomberg called it a "mistake to get rid of the mechanical voting machines."

Rangel Race Gets Closer, Goes to Court(WSJ) Adriano Espaillat's congressional campaign on Friday accused the city Board of Elections of blocking access to the ballot-counting process as incumbent Rep. Charles Rangel's margin of victory narrowed this week. * Rangel elex foe sues over slow vote count(NYP) * Rangel might be the winner in New York’s 13th District, but no one really knows:(Politico) *Court to Intervene in Rangel-Espaillat Race(Seabrook)

Campaign 2012 Long road to November(NYP Ed) Wendy Long  Will she have the funds the Gillibrand team says she has * Asian New Yorkers See Rising Star In Grace Meng(WNYC) * THE PEREZ NOTES: Angelo Falcon on THE PEREZ NOTES * Gatemouth thinks both sides of  NY-7 are exaggerating their share of the Hasidic vote.* Democrat Mark Murphy touts internal poll; Staten Island GOP Rep. Michael Grimm scoffs (SI Advance) * The struggle for political primacy among the Brooklyn Satmar sects rages on.

Jobs Leaving Wall Street
Finance Jobs Leave Wall Street as Firms Cut Costs

Daily News Says Hynes Office Has A Racial Double Stand When It Comes to Naming Alleged Sexual Abuse Predators
Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes must explain how his office flubbed sex-slave case (NYDN Ed) Failures, including withholding of recantation by accuser, hint at serious lapses, Most troubling: This was no small case. It was one over which Hynes assumed personal responsibility by, in effect, certifying the truth of the victim’s account at his opening press conference. In retrospect, his outspokenness in bringing the law to bear for the woman now fits into a larger controversy dogging his tenure. That has to do with a long failure to effectively move against sexual abuse in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, a key voting bloc, or even name ultra-Orthodox defendants after he began to make cases. Here, Hynes had no such reluctance about identifying the alleged predators, who belong to the black population that shares the Crown Heights neighborhood with Jews. The accuser was ultra-Orthodox. The double standard is obvious.

Seabrook Trial Update
Seabrooks ex still pretty $weet on him (NYP) City Councilman Larry Seabrook’s former mistress testified yesterday that she is helping the Bronx Democrat bankroll his defense against corruption charges — as his wife sat nearby, seething.

Parkside Grump

District Leader Turns His Back On Grace Meng(Queens Poltiics)

Big Soda Vows To Fight Beverage Ban With "Whatever Resources Are Necessary"(Gothamist) * Soda Makers Begin Their Push Against New York Ban(NYT) * The beverage industry has launched an aggressive campaign to fight Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed restrictions on large sugary drinks, hoping to shift the conversation from obesity to personal freedom.

Miss Report

NYPD Crime Stat Manipulation: Survey Of Ex-Officers Finds Rampant Downgrading Of Crimes(Huff Post)

Yitzhak Shamir, Israeli Ex-Premier, Dies
Breaking: Former Israeli leader Yitzhak Shamir dies.(WSJ) * Yitzhak Shamir, Israeli Ex-Premier, Dies(NYT)

Special Interests Quinn Uses the NYPD to Block Democracy
Quinn Denies Member Item Favoritism(WSJ) * City Council Discretionary Funding Controversial For Some (NY1) *The sounds of silence(NYP Ed) The NYP says the special interests like the UFT got what they want from the budget and are not protesting. * Is Christine Quinn the Next Mayor of NYC? (Huff Post)

Quinn Uses Other Methods Besides Government $$$ to Silence Protesters
Protesters Say Quinn Used NYPD to Thwart Them (WSJ) A group of protesters dogging City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has accused the potential mayoral candidate of using the New York Police Department to infringe on their right to demonstrate and take photos of the speaker outside of fundraising events.


Court Shuts Down Bloomberg School Shut Down Plan
 Mayor's Bid to Shut Schools Halted(WSJ) An arbitrator on Friday blocked Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to close 24 low-performing public schools and reopen them with half of their original staff members.* School Closings Blocked by Arbitrator(WSJ) * Ruling Knocks Down Plan To Have City Teachers Reapply For Jobs(NY1)
* City loses bid to close 24 struggling schools (NYDN) * UFT succeeds at failure (NYDN Ed) * Schools Required To Take Anti-Bullying Steps Statewide(NY1)


Ferris Bueller Skips School & NYU Expansion

Bueller’ bops NYU expansion(NYP) * N.Y.U. Plan to Expand Has Critic in Neighborhood Star(NYT) * City Council Gets Earful At NYU Expansion Hearing(NY1) * Matthew Broderick blasts NYU at City Council hearing(NYDN)



Bloomberg: Living Wage Battle With Council Not Over(NY1)

CUNY Building at Ground Zero Nears Completion After 11 Years(NYT)




Bargaining Chip
As NYC Faces Heat Wave, Con Ed Workers Threaten Strike(Huff Post)


Ruling Favors Church(WSJ)

Examining Lesser-Publicized Bills Passed By State(NY1)

New York City Officials Seal Budget Deal(WCBS)

After Shutdown, Tour Buses Vie For Local Riders(NYT) Small buses and vans stitching together some of New York’s Chinese neighborhoods now have competition from some large buses whose operators were shut down by federal officials.

No Cyclone or Hot Dogs, but Still the Boardwalk(NYT)

It’s a Goldman World(NYT) When the powerful financial services firm Goldman Sachs moved its headquarters to Battery Park City, it brought along a whole neighborhood, with plenty of amenities, and upended the old one.

The Making of A President
Bain Attacks Make Impact for President in Swing States(NYT) * Taking One for the Country(Friedman, NYT)The leadership of Chief Justice Roberts could teach us all a lesson or two * The Obama campaign has orchestrated a Spanish-language ad blitz to dominate the Latino vote. (Politico) * Fox News Watch Marvel At Media’s Promotion Of Justice Roberts From ‘Right Wing Goon’ To ‘Hero’ * Romney May Have Raised $100 Million in June(PR Wire) * Axelrod: "It's going to be very close. We're not looking for -- and don't expect -- seismic movement." (PR Wire) * "Universal healthcare is not a limit on capitalism so much as it’s a tradeoff for more capitalism(NYDN) * Roberts & His Apologists: Ruling Is a Big-Govt Disaster - John Yoo, WSJ * Did a 1934 Dinner Party Save Obamacare? - Jonathan Alter, Daily Beast * Healthcare May Still Be Fatal to Obama - Ross Douthat, New York Times * Tea Party Planning July 4 Comeback - Evan McMorris-Santoro, TPM * Conservative Anger Growing Over SCOTUS Ruling - Byron York, Examiner * From Air Force One, Obama's Plea for Money - Lloyd Grove, The Daily Beast * Holder Contempt Vote Comes Down to Race - Alex Koppelman, New Yorker * The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy - Kyle Smith, New York Post * Fiscal Reality Will Doom ObamaCare - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal * t's Time to Set Up Health Insurance Exchanges - New York Times *  Ruling Doesn't Make Law's Vast Flaws Go Away - San Diego Union-Tribune* Approval Ratings for Supreme Court Fall Following Health Care Ruling. *An ad running in seven battleground states attacks the president for lying about Mitt Romney’s record, using a clip of Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary race to make the point. Former Clinton advisor/Democratic pundit James Carville called the ad “more clever than effective.”* Roberts Switched Vote to Uphold Health Law - Jan Crawford, CBS News
 White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew tries to put the health care fight in rear-view mirror. (Politico) * Schumer accuses John Roberts of breaking his promise on the Commerce Clause(TPM) * * Mitch McConnell: GOP Only Needs 51 Votes to Overturn Mandate.(Roll Call) * Mitt Romney’s vacations feature the “Romney Olympics,” and as the Washington Post describes the sport, “But after Mitt once nearly finished last, behind a daughter-in-law who had given birth to her second child a couple of months earlier, the ultra-competitive and self-described unathletic patriarch expanded the games to give himself a better shot.”  * Mitt Romney's foreign policy ideas range from vague to ill-informed to downright dangerous:  *Norah O’Donnell Hammers John Boehner: ‘When You Repeal [Obamacare], What Are You Going To Replace It With?’ * Chris Wallace Repeatedly Grills Sen. Mitch McConnell To Explain How GOP Will Cover Uninsured * Candy Crowley Calls Out President Obama For Executive Privilege Hypocrisy On Fast & Furious * Paul Ryan Has A Hard Time Explaining How GOP Will Replace Obamacare To George Stephanopoulos * John Roberts Health Care Decision: Supreme Court Chief Justice Switched Sides, Sources Say (Huff Post) * Romney's Clintonesque Challenge - Neil King, Wall Street Journal * 2012's Missing Ingedient: Vision - Drew Westen, Los Angeles Times *  Obama's Victory Plan - Frank Cannon & Jeffrey Bell, Weekly Standard * Sunday Show Panels: This Week | Meet the Press | Fox News Sunday

* Obama's Great Achievement - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * It's All Up to the Voters Now - Carl Cannon & Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics * Roberts Rewrites Obamacare In Order to Save It - Wall Street Journal * A Ruling That Is Good for the Country - Washington Post *  Unfinished Business With Medicaid - Chicago Tribune* Signature Issue for Obama Looms Large Ahead of Election(NYT) * 4th Circuit overturns campaign-finance ruling regarding corporate money 

Why President Garfield Died
Mo Rocca on how doctors killed President Garfield - 80 days after he was felled by an assassin's bullet

Fear and Loathing 40 Years Later (Slate) Hunter S. Thompson’s outrage-stuffed, anti-cynical campaign masterpiece.

Law and Order

Teflon Don’s former adviser tells all(NYP)

Police Are Hunting For A Pair Of Suspects In A String Of (WCBS)

Mug victim shot in face for chivalry(NYP) * 16 nabbed so far in sm)uggle of fireworks (NYDN) * Gunfire tops domestic spat at topless bar (NYDN)* Man shot in Mariners Habor section of Staten Island(SI Advance) * NYPD conducts fireworks amnesty program * The FBI is investigating whether an NYPD detective moonlighted as a burglar. * NYPD: Serial Sexual Predator Had Accomplice In Latest Queens Attack(NY1) * Woman Fights off Alleged Serial Rapist in Queens (WABC)
Ex-Leader of Abortion-Rights Group Is Accused of Misspending(NYT) The state attorney general’s office filed suit against Kelli Conlin, once the leader of Naral Pro-Choice New York, to recoup charitable money it says she spent on shopping, vacations and other luxuries. * Former Abortion Rights Chief Sued by Attorney General's Office (WSJ) * State AG Files Suit Against Former NARAL Leader(NY1) * AG wants money back from NARAL ex-prez(NYDN)

Oh, brother.  The younger sibling of Bernie Madoff said yesterday he thought his brother was only a little bit crooked
Bernie bro: I was shocked(NYP)

Chinatown bloodbath (NYP) 2 women executed in apartment * 2 Women Found Shot to Death in Burning Apartment(NYT) * Women's Bodies Found Shot, Burned(WSJ) * Two Dead In Suspicious Chinatown Fire Were Shot, Police Say(NY1)  * 2 women with bullet wounds found dead in Manhattan fire(NYDN)

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes must explain how his office flubbed sex-slave case (NYDN Ed) Failures, including withholding of recantation by accuser, hint at serious lapses * Cops cuff no-show girlfriend 'slay' suspect at wing joint(NYP) * Man Arrested, Charged With Murder Of Girlfriend(NY1) * Gal-pal slay suspect arraignment due today (NYDN) *Queens man charged with murdering ex-girlfriend(WABC) * Boyfriend Arrested in Woman's Death in Queens(NBC)

DA & NYPD nail gunrunners(NYP)* From an Operating Table to a Promotion Ceremony(NYT) * Gun Suspect Shot by Officer Expected to Die(WSJ) * Police Investigate Fatal Brooklyn Dice-Game Shooting(NY1) * Hit-and-run cab strikes 8-year-old boy(NYDN) * Citigroup exec sentenced to 8 years in prison(NYDN) * Brooklyn Bridge hit by graffiti vandal(NYDN) * Chris Brown vs. Drake brawl club to reopen(NYDN) * Elderly woman shot in the leg by retired cop’s gun(NYDN) * NYPD arrests gunrunners who sold in upperManhattan (NYP)

Bandit takes $63K from Aqueduct Racetrack's racino(NYP)* 1st robbery at Queens casino (NYDN) * A Day After Violence, Crowds Jam McCarren Pool (NYT)

Queens billboard no good for advertising: lawsuit(NYP)

Penn State officials decided against reporting Sandusky after talking with Paterno: report (NYP)

Yemen-based terror cell plans to bomb US jet in run-up to Olympics: report (NYP)

Morsi’s infamous friend(NYP) * Locals Blast Egypt President-Elect Over Abdel-Rahman Remarks(NY1) * Bloomberg Reacts To New Egyptian President's Sheik Comments