Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why the Out Pouring of Support For Sue Simmons A News Reader Who Has Helped Dumb Down NY for 30 Years

Cities Unemployment Rate Climes to 9.3% In January
New York City’s job data for February is scheduled to be released tomorrow.

Local News A No Journalism Zone

Local news is no more than light headline reading service with weather, traffic and sports reports.  While nobody can name one single story Sue Simmons broke she was paid by NBC $5 million a year.  TV and radio stations rely on the local newspaper for most of their news. As Simmons was paid millions the newspapers her writers copied for her to read, lost their jobs because of their declining circulation and advertising revenue.  The writers fired were at best paid 10% of what Simmons was paid.  Making local news even more clueless experienced local TV Reporters are "let go" to save money. This is a national cost cutting trend in local television news that can only make TV news' already weakened ability to go beyond rip and read news content even weaker.  Viewers are not happy about the abrupt end of the television career of Sue Simmons. * Simmons’ $5M salary, 'antics' led to WNBC ditching her: sources(NYP)Station to Oust Anchor, Ending ‘Chuck and Sue’(NYT) * Times Puts Sue Simmons' Departure on Front Page. Remains Mum on Departure of its Own Bob Herbert.(Brooklyn Ron)

Younger Inexperienced Journalist Leads to More Fluff and Happy News Crap

So what happens to those "rip and read" younger inexperienced broadcasters as print staffs shrivel amid the draconian layoffs strafing the newspaper industry?  More fluff and happy news. The younger TV reporters often from out of town lacking contacts and knowledge, avoid indepth stories and are often misled by flacks on important stories about government, politics and corruption.  Today, most Americans say they get most of their information from local television news. 

Murrow: TV is A Box That Can Illuminate or Merely Wires and Lights
How well are local broadcasters living up to the public interest promises they made in order to get their FCC licenses? Edward R. Murrow answered that question 50 years ago. “This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box."Today's Corporate Owners of Local TV Stations are interested in the bottom line $$$, not informing the public. Special interests PAC $$$ are more important to them that government reform and an end to corruption. Local TV stations stand to profit from boom in super-PAC spending (The Hill)

NY Local TV Racking In Millions To indoctrinate For Special Interests

Local News which is mainly weather, traffic, cooking and dog segments is making millions in lobbyists spending.  Cuomo and his supporters spent over $10 million last year to gain public support to push through his agenda. Union and business interest like the pro fracking interest are also spending millions on ads to local stations.  All this money is coming in as local news dumbs down.  It is not a secret that TV and radio stations rely on the local newspaper for most of their hard news. So those "rip and read" broadcasters have offered their views much less hard news as newspaper staffs shrivel amid the draconian layoffs caused by the internet and the recession? Coalition Spends 12 Million Pushing Cuomo’s Agenda(NYT) *Bloomberg Defends His Administration With TV Ad - * UFT blasts Bloomy in ad - New York Daily News *Special interests line up against Paterson's cuts; TV ads planned ...Local News Dumb Down Journalism (True News)

TU: “How many legislators does it take to draw fair, nonpartisan maps? Trick question. They can’t

An Update on New York Redistricting(NYT) *  New York's year of working uselessly (TU) The Times Union says lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves for failing New Yorkers on redistricting: .” * The League of Women Voters and NYPIRG are declining to take a position on the redistricting constitutional amendment deal until it’s finalized. * The Senate majority has made “cosmetic” changes to its legislative redistricting plan that Leader Dean Skelos says will result in “better-looking districts.” * Koch Blames Skelos For Redistricting Failure(YNN) * Koch Proposes Short-Term Independent Redistricting Commission(C&S) * Governor Cuomo won’t say if incumbency should be a factor in redistricting. * From the Department of Headlines: “Like Porn, Gov. Cuomo Will Know A Non-Hyper-Partisan Redistricting Plan When He Sees It”

Charles Barron is at Hakeem Jeffries' redistricting rally

Jeffries Could Lose Out in Judge's District Map(WSJ) * Redistricting Could Complicate An Already Intense Congressional Primary(NY1) * Barron: ‘Racist’ Court Map Is ‘Trying to Draw Us Back on The Plantation’ [Video] * NYC Councilman Charles Barron, whose congressional aspirations were arguably boosted by the special master’s maps, nevertheless called them “racist.”



BREAKING: Boyland Sponsors A Bill (D&S)





Stavisky Tries to Move A District So He Can Continue His Illegal District Leader Positon

When The Bow Breaks Evan Will Fall(Queens Politics) Rumor has it absentee District Leader Evan Stavisky is lobbying Governor Cuomo to keep Mitchell Linden from the 22nd Assembly District into the 26th Assembly District in a scandal-ridden move to maintain his district leadership. It looks like Evan could possibly be getting his way after muscling Shelly and Governor Cuomo like it’s going out of style.

The Village Voice Got the NYPD Underreporting of Crimes Right in 2010

 The NYPD kept hidden for two years a whistleblower’s claim that the police under-reported certain crimes * 2010 NYPD investigation validates whistleblower officer's claims about underreported crimes: report(NYP) * NYPD Report Confirms Adrian Schoolcraft's Quota And Underreporting Crime Claims(Huff Post)

The 2010 Village Voice series on NYPD Crime Reports

NYPD Crime Stats Manipulation Widespread, Must Be Investigated, Criminologists Say (Village Voice)

Criticism of NYPD from an FBI official is NJ is not echoed by the head of the FBI

Times ‘cop-ed’ shame(NYP) The New York Times has jumped with both left feet into the “bash Ray Kelly’’ party. The NYT says the  NYPD is dead wrong for keeping an eye on mosques, cafes and Muslim-heavy schools in New Jersey? Anywhere terror might breed? * F.B.I. Official Faults Police Tactics on Muslims(NYT) * NJ FBI says NYPD monitoring damaged Muslim's trust(WSJ) * FBI Official Says NYPD Surveillance Of N.J. Muslims Damaged Public Trust(NY1) * NY1 Online: Connecticut Governor Defends NYPD Surveillance(NY1) *  Local FBI Pissed at NYPD Over Muslim Spying (NY Magazine) * Attorney General Holder Finds Reports On NYPD Muslim Surveillance Programs "Disturbing"(NY1)

What Comes After The John Liu Legacy? (Queens Tribune) * Liu remains unruffled despite staffer's arrest(TimesLedger)






DiNapoli Friends Get More Pension $$$ Than Hank Morris Was Sent to Prison For

Editorial: Myths distort pension-reform bid  Newsday absolves state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli of “dubious” allegations that he allowed pension fund managers’ fees to skyrocket, but wishes he would support Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pension reforms





A Test for NYS New Ethic Commision JCOPE

Pay to Play Libous

Top NY pol in nepotism link(NYP)  A disbarred lawyer convicted of felonies has testified that New York Senate Deputy Majority Leader Thomas Libous cut a deal for a job for his son in exchange for referrals to a politically connected law firm.Neither Sen. Libous (R-Binghamton) nor his son is named in the federal indictment, and neither is part of the corruption trial in Westchester. Skelos has Sen. Tom Libous’ back.* Cuomo Punts On Libous Allegations(C&S)

NY Media Blackout of the Ratner Trial Continues, NYP Wrote About Pay to Play Libous' Son's Job and Did Not Even Name the Trail That Brought the Info to Light

Yonkers trial update: a curious tax return for Council Member Annabi, with an unexplained unpaid cash loan to her father (Atlantic Yards Report)

How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects and a recap of the trial(True News)


Restaurateurs Fight Back Against Ratings

Eating into profits (NYP) Restaurants: City grades cost us big * Mayor’s pals get ‘A’ while system earns ‘F’(NYP) * Restaurateurs Voice Anger Over Health Inspections(NYT) * Improve Restaurant Report Cards (NYT Ed) New York’s restaurant grading system is imprecise and inefficient and should be reformed * Inspections Recipe Irks Restaurateurs(WSJ) * City Council Hearing Chews On Restaurant Grading System's Shortcomings(NY1) *City grilled over 'inconsistencies' in restaurant grading system(AMNY) * Commish: Eatery grades A-OK(NYDN)* Quinn: change restaurant grading system(NYDN) *After Restaurateurs' Lament, a Hint of Sympathy(NYT)


Queens to get about 3,000 new classroom seats(NYDN) * The City and the Union Talk Teacher Evaluations, Again(NYT) * Bloomberg Praises a Charter-to-Charter Turnaround(NYT) * A new survey shows teacher satisfaction is down to its lowest level since 1989.




Mike Bloomberg teams up with Steve Bellone to op-ed in favor of pension reform. * The Senate and Assembly plan to pass one-house budgets that do not include pension reform – something the governor included and has been clear must be in the final product. * The Daily News ( and the Post ( call for pension reform. Again.* AFL-CIO Launches New Ad Attacking Tier 6(YNN) * Governor Cuomo Says He Can’t Negotiate Pension Reform With Public Employee Unions(NYO) *WFP Engages In Tier VI Battle(YNN)



New hires delayed, the Fire Department runs on overtime (New York World)






Cuomo and G.O.P. Quiet So Far on Tuition Aid for Illegal Immigrants(NYT) Cuomo and Senate Republicans have offered little support for plans to allow illegal immigrants to get financial aid for college studies, which the New York Times notes could reverberate for Cuomo if he runs for president

Seventeen groups sent a letter to Cuomo, asking him to drop language from the budget that would allow him to transfer funds between agencies and authorities without legislative approval. 


An affordable housing developer in Brooklyn became the first in the city to buy the distressed mortgages of four buildings under a new program designed to preserve affordable units.


Don't hit straphangers(NYDN Ed)



Atheist BIllboard A No-Go In Brooklyn Jewish Neighborhood(Huff Post)




Union and Organized Crime

Laying Down His Hammer to Apply a Broom to a Troubled Union (NYT) Michael Bilello, the new head of the city carpenters’ union, has his work cut out for him trying to keep corruption out, keep restive members in, keep employers hiring union and keep away from the crimes that have ensnared his last four predecessors   Michael Bilello, the new head of the city’s carpenters union, has his work cut out for him, including a breakaway faction, an increase in non-union construction work, and a federal judge who monitors his every move.



$600 Gamble On the Catskills

Planned $600 Million Catskill Resort Faces Suit and Doubts(NYT) Two companies want to open a $600 million casino, resort, water park and shopping mall at the Concord hotel site in the Catskills, though they face doubts and a $1.5 billion lawsuit by former partner and site owner Louis Cappelli, *The chairman of Genting hopes to open massive casino/hotel facilities at Aqueduct and in the Castkills, but many hurdles and questions remain.



New York's rich get richer as billionaires' net worth increases(AMNY)






Push for More Tourists

City Targets Under 30 Crowd In New Tourism Push(NY1) * The city wants 55 million tourists in New York every year(AMNY)



Presidential Election 2012: NY Matters first time since 2000

NY GOP basks in spotlight (NYP) Meaningful primary  New York Republican voters will play a crucial role in selecting their party’s presidential nominee for the first time in more than a decade, the Post says, and the April 24 primary may show how far they have swung to the right. * Only ‘act of God’ can stop Mitt: aide(NYP) * Romney Fundraising Lags as Big Givers Hit Limits(NYT) * Romney Team Ponders How to Rise Above the Fray(NYT) * Delegate Math Challenges Romney Rivals(WSJ) * Paul Sees Convention Fight as Best Bet(WSJ) * Super PACs Outspent GOP Candidates(WSJ) * Mitt Romney tries to break Southern losing streak (Politico) * s there any need? Serving in Congress ain’t what it used to be, and many members are retiring because of it. * Rick Santorum’s failure to get on the ballot in several states is looming larger. * Tom Hanks Lends the Credibility of His Voice to Obama Campaign’s Mini-Documentary(NY Magazine)

Santorum, Gingrich Seek Southern Comfort(NBC)Santorum's Powerful Case Against ObamaCare - Daniel Henninger, WSJ * It Was a Super Tuesday for Democrats - Bob Shrum, The Week * Forget Spin, Romney's Headed to Tampa - Nolan Finley, Detroit News *  Romney Is Nothing Like Reagan - Craig Shirley, Politico * Alabama (AEA): Romney 31, Santorum 22, Gingrich 21, Paul 7* Obama Mines for Voters With High-Tech Tools(NYT) * Romney Fund-Raising Lags as Big Givers Hit Limits(NYT) * Romney braces to take his campaign to unfriendly turf (Wash Post) * The Connection Between Mitt Romney’s Super PAC ‘Money Man’ And The Pro-Chris Christie PAC(NYO) * VP Joe Biden hit the campaign trail. His pitch: “Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive.” * Newt Gingrich’s Super PAC is helping Romney win. * There’s a Democratic Super Super PAC coming. * The Romney Train Rolls On - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal * The Romney Campaign's Curious Math - Jeffrey Anderson,Weekly Standard * GOP Spotlight Turns to Mississippi, Alabama - Silverleib & Cohen, CNN


Another Election, Another Segment Of ‘Jon Stewart Ruthlessly Mocks CNN’s Election Coverage’



‘Madam’s my$tery man ID’d(NYP) * Broker Linked to Arrest in Alleged Brothel Case(WSJ) * AP source: Madam suspect's broker pal identified(WSJ) * Putnam Assembly candidate disavows ex-wife, accused high-end madam (LoHud) *Madam ad offered companionship(NYDN) * Inside look at madam's prostitution ring(NYDN) * Banker with busted madam is ID'ed(NYDN) * Madam bragged about insider informants(NYDN) * The ex-husband of the woman who stands accused of running a high-end Manhattan brothel is running for the State Assembly * In the you-can’t-make-this-up category of news: The alleged suburban madam is the ex-wife of state Assembly hopeful Dario Gristina. He’s a friend of Sen. Greg Ball, and is expected to challenge Ball’s nemesis, Assemblyman Steve Katz – that is, if Katz doesn’t challenge Ball himself in a primary. *Morgan Stanley broker tied to online hooker site placed on leave: sources(NYP) * Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis accused former Gov. Eliot Spitzer of tipping off the suburban madam, Anna Gristina, to an impending law enforcement crackdown on escort services.


Law and Order

Brooklyn Teacher's Aide Indicted On Molestation, Child Porn Charges(NY1)

Car drags Bronx cop(NYP) * Stalker beau eyed in gun slay (NYP) * Ex-con nabbed in ’91 slay(NYP) * Cashman cotton-tale(NYP) * 7 Charges Dismissed Against Man Beaten by Police(NYT) * Charges Dropped Against Teenager Kicked on Video(WSJ) * NYC probe into controversial circumcision death(WSJ) * Charges Dropped Against Teen in Police Beating Video (WSJ) * Queens Substitute Teacher Allegedly Assaults Student(NY1) * Ex-Boyfriend Sought For Questioning In Connection With Brooklyn Woman's Death(NY1) * Yankees GM Brian Cashman in court(NYDN)* Astoria real estate broker in federal prison(NYDN) * Queens teacher charged with assaulting 6-year-old Substitute(NYDN) * Brooklyn driving school owner helped 500 cheat on state(NYDN)* City probe into controversial herpes circumcision death(NYP) * Queens teacher accused of hurting student(NYP)* Prosecutors are investigating the death of a newborn boy who died after contracting herpes through a controversial practice of ritual circumcision popular among some Orthodox Jewish communities.* Activists are rallying to protest the rate of arrest of students in New York City public schools. * “We haven’t gone along with a straight DNA expansion for the past five years,” said Assembly Codes Committee Chairman Joe Lentol, indicating that’s not about to change. *Probe Into Controversial Circumcision(Fox 5) * Brooklyn DA cracks down on real estate fraud(WABC)* 2 Arrested in Int'l Opium-Smuggling Ring: Sources(NBC) * Cops Seek "Stalker" Boyfriend in BK Killing(NBC)* 12-year-old who threw shopping cart on philanthropist at Harlem Target sent to therapeutic foster home(NYP) * Judge gives 12 year old six months in group home after philanthropist injured(NYP) * Six people indicted on charges related to kidnapping and sex trafficking of 15-year-old girl(NYP) * Flushing Teacher Removed From Classroom Following Alleged Assault On Student(NY1) * Five Men, One Woman Allegedly Force Teen Runaway Into Prostitution In Queens (NY1)

In Video, Jury Hears Student Admit Posting on Roommate(NYT)* Prosecution rests in Rutgers webcam spying trial(NYP)