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Passing the Torch and Dueling Posts
NYP Both Endorses Espaillat and Takes After Him On the Old Reliable Member Item Pay to Play Giving Something for the Rangel Campaign to Use . . . WOW: Post Goes Against NY's Political Establishment Which is Backing Rangel
Rangel must go (NYP Ed) Sorry, Charlie — 42 years is long enough. The now-81-year-old pol came to believe that the rules didn’t apply to him. Dominican-born Espaillat would signal the rise of an increasingly diverse Latino population in municipal politics. Many New York pols are as reluctant as Rangel to face the future. Indeed, pretty much the entire New York political establishment — plus Mayor Bloomberg and Ed Koch, among others — has lined up behind the incumbent.  

The NYP says it is time for a fresh face, representing a new generation and, yes, an emerging Latino community

NYP Passes the Torch to A New Generation
Rangel foe’s charity caper(NYP) A Nonprofit fund- ed with hundreds of thousands of dollars secured by  Espaillat through legislative “member items” quietly wound down last year and threw its four paid staffers out of work when the GOP led senate cracked down on the widespread corruption in the grant process.  Espaillat. His sister-in-law was listed as a $20,000-a-year child-care training coordinator. The local Democratic district leader had an eight-year gig as a $10-an-hour “community- outreach coordinator.” A one-time Espaillat campaign worker became coordinator of a two-year program leading school kids on museum trips.  When the funding ended its executive director Nurys de Oleo to land a new job.She became a special assistant to Espaillat and is pulling down $50,000 a year. There have been no charges that the programs did not offer the computer training to immigration advice, to needy residents of Washington Heights that it contracted with the state to do.

NYP, Daily News Attack Noach Dear As An Dangerous Hack Activist Unqualified Judge
Sure Knocks Down the Theory That All Activist Judges Are Liberal
Noach dear, again(NYP Ed) NYP: "Looks like Nicholas Garaufis isn’t the only autocratic judge riding a bench in Brooklyn.  Acting Supreme Court Justice Noach Dear has carried judicial activism to the height of insanity by ruling that cops must prove that a beverage is alcoholic before issuing a summons for public drinking. Just smelling it isn’t enough, he ruled — now each sample must be lab-tested, or he’s going to throw out the summons. * Junk this judge(NYDN Ed) The state Commission on Judicial Conduct should begin immediate proceedings to bounce Acting Supreme Court Justice Noach Dear from the bench on the grounds that he lacks impartiality of temperament to be a judge.

Daily News Pushes Millions More in City Funds to Fat Cat Developers
When Joseph Patterson founded the Daily News in 1919 he said the paper would not represent one class over another.  His pledge still remains on a corner stone of the former Daily News Building at 220 East 42nd Street.  It is a pledge long forgotten. New deal to rehab and redevelop Willets Point looks like a winner (NYDN) Plan will put the Mets' Citi Field at the center of a whole new neighborhood.


Political Prisoner Madam to Get Out
So-Called Millionaire Madam Anna Gristina To Get Out Of Jail On Monday


Keeping the Public Uninformed While Racking In the Millions

How the 1% Controls the News
Campaigns and support groups focus heavily on running TV ads around news and current affairs programs
Heavy focus on news shows in White House race ads (AP) Meet the Media Companies Lobbying Against Transparency of political Ads (Publica) * Local News  Dumb Down Journalism (True News)

NYT Says Barron Surges Endorses Jeffries
In Brooklyn, a Longtime Provocateur Surges in a Primary Race for CongressDemocratic leaders are now fretfully talking about a prospect they once considered unthinkable: Charles Barron being elected to Congress. * African-Americans Vie For Congress Seat In District With History Of Racial Tension * MoveOn Comes Out Against Barron
(Buzzfeed) “The kind of thing we’ve come to expect from the most offensive tea partier.” * MoveOn targets Barron (St Louis Jewish Light) * In Howard Beach, Queens Dems endorse Hakeem Jeffries for ...Queens Chronicle * Gillibrand rebukes Charles Barron(Politico) * Congressman wannabe Charles Barron: “I don’t know if I’m going to get a single bill passed and I don’t care."  * Charles Barron can't help himself: "My foreign policy plan does not start with Israel, it starts with Africa."

  NY Times Endorsements in Congressional  Races

 Buzz: The NYT does not have a lot of readers or influence on these 4 districts. Highlights from today's NYT endorsements: Rangel is an "embarrassment"; Lancman "irritating"; Barron "a dangerous ideologue"

Clyde Williams in the Rangel District 13
After a distinguished career, he embarrassed himself by failing to pay taxes and committing other ethics violations, which resulted in a rare censure from the House. .  .  Clyde Williams, a dynamic former top official of the Democratic National Committee, moved to Harlem in 2001 to work with President Bill Clinton’s foundation and helped create a small business initiative. He understands the area’s diverse needs and has plans for job creation, education and tax reform. The Times also called Adriano Espaillat,  “a vigorous advocate in Albany for Hispanic immigrants” but conceded that  “to represent this district, he would have to reach out to a wider constituency of African-Americans, whites and Asians.”
Buzz: The race is between Rangel and Espaillat strange that NYT would endorse a Clinton flack

Hakeem Jeffries in the 8th District 
City Councilman Charles Barron is an embarrassing ideologue, who rants against Israel and invited Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwe dictator, to City Hall. . .  Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is a solid legislator and the chief sponsor of a law that requires the New York Police Department to discard data about anyone who has been stopped and frisked but not charged with a crime. 
 Buzz: The Russians and Orthodox Jews who Jeffries needs to turn out big do not read the NYT

Nydia Velázquez in the 7th District
Representative Nydia Velázquez has served her district well for 20 years, including by earning crucial Superfund designations for the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek. After refusing to follow orders from Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the Brooklyn Democratic Party leader, she has her first strong challenger: City Councilman Erik Martin Dilan. Mr. Dilan’s close ties to the Brooklyn machine are enough to disqualify him. We endorse Nydia Velázquez for re-election. 
Buzz Is the NYT says they are against the Brooklyn Lopez machine  in the Velazquez, but OK with the Crowley Queens Machine which picked Meng? Yes Jeffries is also the Brooklyn machines candidate

Grace Meng in the 6th District
Two of the Democrats vying for the nomination, Grace Meng and Rory Lancman, are well qualified. Both are members of the State Assembly. Mr. Lancman has used the legislative process intelligently to help homeowners recoup legal fees in foreclosure cases and to expand state investigations of Wall Street. But he often leaves behind a trail of irritation. Ms. Meng knows how to build bridges, but she is also prepared to fight. When Republicans in the State Senate opposed her bill to help immigrants find government services, she convinced Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration to make it statewide policy. She has promoted women’s issues in Albany and sponsored legislation that trimmed taxes for older residents. We endorse Grace Meng.
Buzz The NYT gives Lanceman Lots of Great Quotes for his Palm Cards and flyers


Election 2012  ‘Nanny’ Quinn eyes ban on bottle service in ‘fightclubs’(NYP) * Storobin Pushes Unlikely Repeal of Gay Marriage (WSJ) * Rangel Maintains Money Edge in Primary Race(WSJ)* Republican Candidates Hopeful In NY Senate Seat Primary(NY1) * Anthony Weiner Leaves Behind a Big Hole in NYC Politics (Daily Beast) * campaign memo says there's 'utterly no enthusiasm' for 's re-election * NYT endorsement of Becker over Maloney in is based on distaste for his legal representation of Spitzer.Congressional  Races * Johnson is running for Council and Greco reportedly for Senate (Villager) * NYLCV Endorses Grace Meng For Congress The New York League of Conservation Voters has announced its endorsement of Assemblywoman Grace Meng for the newly drawn 6th Congressional District in Queens. * Daily Kos: Nydia Velazquez for Congress: Critical NY-7 Primary June 26th * Liz Crowley on THE PEREZ NOTES  * David Storobin introduced school choice legislation. * Elizabeth Crowley on what distinguishes her candidacy: “I think I’m more moderate than my two opponents.” * The campaigns of Meng and her competitor and fellow Assembly member, Rory Lancman, sparred over the importance of the Times nod.* After he dropped his opposition to a tax-break extension for GE four years ago, Rep. Charlie Rangel has received $2,500 in contributions from the company’s PAC over the past three months.* An overview of the under-the-radar GOP primary between three candidates who want to replace Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. * An overview of the under-the-radar GOP primary between three candidates who want to replace Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Bloggers Demand That Congressional Candidates Make Public Their Contributors
A loop hole in the FCC filing law delaying public disclosure until July allows the congressional candidates running in the June 26th primary to keep secret the special interests funding their campaigns.  Old media journalist publish $$$ amounts raised by consultants who used those stories to gain support by making their candidates look stronger.  Good government groups and reformers have said nothing about this problem.  It is up to Bloggers to restore Democracy to June 26th Congressional Primaries, by demanding that candidates release their contributors and the amounts they are giving.  Bloggers if you join this movement and publish this demand, please contract me at

Queens GOP Leader Accountant Phil Ragusa Loses Track of Some Non Profit $$$
Officials investigating 'missing money' at Flushing Meadows Unisphere (NYP)Flu$hing Meadows probe of gal, 82  Officials pointed fingers at Estelle Cooper, the 82 who severed as the head of the Unisphere non profit.  GOP Queens leader Phil Ragusa who serves as the Unisphere accountant said he was shocked money is missing.  Unisphere’s board has retained an outside law firm to comb through the group’s records. Both the Queens DA and city Department of Investigation are also looking into the matter. (yea sure).  No word if  Ragusa the Accountant is under also investigation.  Cooper served as GOP  Ragusa co-leader for 15 years.  * Story on missing park money (Queens Courier)

Cooper a former Clare Schulman Wow Girls was fired from her job as the administrator of the Flushing Meadows Park after Fox 5 did a report that her daughter Ilene Balsamo was running a camp out of her mother's park charging parents up to $3000 while paying the city just one dollar a camper. Balsamo, had an encounter with Fox 5 last year past year regarding a payroll dispute involving teenagers, click here to read it.  Shortly after the camp story came out Estelle was fired from her $101,500 a year job.  Estelle said was was leaving her job to form a new political consulting firm repulsed by the unethical conductpermitted under the present system. A war with the Parkside Group. Insiders in Queens think that the firm was started to replace GSP who was tainted when the FBI raided GOP Ragusa appointee to the Board of Elections Steve Graves, who recently left the board after it was made public that he was caught on tape soliciting a $25,000 “finder’s fee” from a voting-machine company three years ago.  GSP head Jay Golub has found work splitting the Jewish vote for the Queens Democratic machine with his candidate Robert Mittman Coopers new consultant firm is working with GOP endorsed candidate against Congressman Meeks  Ex-Councilman Allan Jennings Running As Republican Against Rep. Greg Meeks

The Children Deserve Justice (NYT Ed) New York’s laws on child sex abuse are weak, and so is Albany’s will to fix them. Lawmakers should bring the statute of limitations into line with the reality of late uncovering of abuse.

Ticket Court
Inside the Warped World of Summons Court(NYT Ed) The violations may be minor, like biking on the sidewalk, but there is nothing petty about the half-million summonses issued by New York police officers each year.

Cheat is On

Teacher Evaluations: Cuomo and the Daily News Have A Failure to Communicate 
Deal on Teachers Nears(WSJ) As state lawmakers neared a deal to shield public schoolteachers' evaluations from widespread scrutiny, New York's top politicians split over whether the measure would shut out parents or bring them closer to schools. * Bloomy tees off on restricting release of teacher evaluation(NYDN)* Emotional meet after teacher busted on sexual misconduct (NYDN) Why teaching scorecards must be made fully public (NYDN) Yes, teachers are being treated differently — and for good reason

Teachers union points finger at city for hiring 'perv' teachers, leading to sexual-abuse cases (NYP) * Walcott Talks to Parents at School Hit with Abuse Arrest (WSJ) * Schools Chancellor Addresses Latest DOE Sexual Abuse Arrest(NY1) * Former NYC Teacher Sentenced To Six Years’ Probation For Sexual Encounter With Student(NYDN) *Queens Teacher Banned From City Schools For Over-The-Top Sex Ed Class(WCBS)

More Education News

Cuomo, lawmakers agree on cyberbullying bill requiring school officials to respond to reports(NYP)* New law puts cyberbullies on notice (NYDN) * New bill will make watching child porn illegal(NYDN)* Cuomo And Legislative Leaders Reach NYRA Deal(NYDN)
* There is a deal to create the Cuomonian Justice Center: there's an outside panel to oversee it, and there are fleshed-out abuse definitions* Deal in Albany on Policing Abuse of Disabled(NYT) * A deal on the limited real of teacher performance evaluation data is expected late today or early tomorrow.*

Cuomo and Christie Request Federal Financing for Sept. 11 Museum(NYT) * Govs Seek Federal Support For WTC Memorial, Museum (NY1)




A School With Plenty of Air-Conditioners, All Sitting in Storage(NYT)


Building NY’s tech future(NYP)

Boro Park Hate Crime
Vandals spray swastikas in Borough Park(NYP) * Police Investigate Swastikas Spray Painted In Borough Park(NY1)Nazi swastikas vandals strike(NYDN) * 6 Swastikas Spray Painted Across Borough Park, Including (NYDN) * Police seek swastika suspects in Borough Park (WABC) * Surveilliance Video Released Of Borough Park Swastika Suspects(Gothamist) * Two Men Involved in Scourge of Brooklyn Swastikas, Cops Say(DNAInfo)

Project to reclaim city-owned spaces expands to Manhattan and Queens (NY World)

The Changing Lower Eastside
Space-Time Continuum: To the '80s and Back(WSJ) Thirty years after Brian Rose first documented the vibrant streets of the Lower East Side with his clunky 4x5 view camera, he returned to Orchard Street and Cooper Square in 2010 to see how the years had changed them.


Rockaway residents fume over loss of Riis Park fence (NYDN)  City refusing to rebuild fence that separated adult beach from family-friendly sands

$500 Million Tennis Center Fix Up
USTA plans facelift for National Tennis Center(NYDN) * USTA Unveils Massive U.S. Open Overhaul Plan(DNAInfo)



The Making of A President 2012
Sunday Update:  Race Matters: Why Gallup Poll Finds Less Support For President Obama(Huff Post) *  Casino Mogul Injects More Cash Into G.O.P. Groups(NYT) * Yes, Bob Kerrey Wants to Go Back to Washington(NYT) * Moral Dystopia(Dowd, NYT) As our institutions decay, is our sense of right and wrong crumbling as well?* Sam Donaldson ‘Resents’ Tucker Carlson Comparing Him To Daily Caller Obama Heckler * Maher Debunks Liberal ‘Nostalgia’ For Bush 41: ‘Dan Quayle Was Sarah Palin With Tits’ * Kirsten Powers Blasts ‘Disturbing’ Bill Maher NYT Profile: He ‘Says The Most Vile Things’ * Romney Says He’ll Win Pennsylvania in November(ABC) * The Election's High Court Stakes - George Will, Washington Post * Can Obama Make Election a Choice? - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times * Obama's Pity Party - Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon * Romney's Life Story Is a Liability - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast * For Obama, the Buck Stops Over There - Irwin Stelzer, The Weekly Standard *  Everything Is Up for Grabs in Iowa - John Dickerson, Slate * Post-New Deal America Needs Unions - Harold Meyerson, American Prospect * President's Policy Strategy: Ignore Laws - Steve Friess, Politico * Obama's Immigration Move Is Huge News - Nathan Pippenger, TNR * Super PACs Must Face Accountability - Robert Reich, SF Chronicle * Romney's Energy Etch A Sketch - New York Times* Romney Avoids Question on Immigration Policy(NYT) * Mitt Romney wouldn’t say whether he’d overturn President Obama’s order to stop some deportations. * Romney and Obama are preparing for a Ohio showdown. * Romney’s bus tour took a detour through Quakertown to avoid protesters.* Obama adviser tells worried Dems like Carville to quite their 'hand wringing':(TPM) * Ron Paul sweeps Iowa delegates (CBS) *CNN’s Candy Crowley Grills Senior Obama Adviser On Obama’s Underwhelming Campaign Message   Karl Rove And Juan Williams Have Heated Exchange On Which Candidate Can Fix Economy * George Will: If Romney Falls Below 31% With Latino Voters, ‘He’s Going To Lose’ * Plouffe: GOP Using Leaks as "Distraction" - Rachel Leven, The Hill * Obama's Dangerous, Self-Serving Leaks - Oliver North, FOX News * Is the Good Mitt Romney Still There? - Tom Keane, Boston Globe * The Lessons of Watergate - Fred Thompson, National Review* Sunday Show Panels: This Week | FOX News Sunday | Meet the Press

At Romney’s Side, a Determined Running Mate(NYT) * Sheldon Adelson To Lavish $71 Million In Casino Money On GOP Super PACS, Nonprofits(Huff Post) * Rich: Democrats' Premature Panic(NY Mag) * Romney's Reaganesque Challenge - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal * Are Liberals Watching What's Happening in Europe? - Rob Tracinski, TIA *  Independents Say Obama Hurts Job Creation - Samuel Jacobs, Reuters *  Republicans Are Blocking Jobs Growth Measures - President Barack Obama * Why Romney Is the Favorite - Peter Wehner, Commentary * Obama: Romney's Policies Are the Incumbent - Ezra Klein, Washington Post * Obama Moves on Immigration, Fulfills a DREAM - Steve Benen, MSNBC * Why Is Obama Leaking U.S. Secrets? - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

Law and Order

Sunday Update:  

Rodney King found dead in pool at California home (NYDN) 47-year-old was discovered by his fiancé early Sunday


A History of Making Protest Messages Heard, Silently(NYP)


Slain B'klyn carjacker a career criminal -- but shooter cop is also no angel(NYP) * Record of Detective in Fatal Shooting Is Defended(NYT) * Fatal Shooting Detective Sued In Six Cases(WSJ) * Residents Rally Near Site Of Fatal Brooklyn Police Shooting(NY1) * Woman slain by Brooklyn detective was part of violent crew, cops...(NYDN) * Unarmed woman, 23, shot dead by Brooklyn cop was on attempted murder rap(NYDN) The woman had blown three red lights, hit a minivan and then tried to escape* More Protests At Scene Of Brooklyn Police Shooting(NY1) * Protest Held In Brooklyn Over Deadly Police Shooting Of WCBS)

The Problem
Violent night in Brooklyn, with a series of shootings(WABC) * Night of bullets: 3 dead, 7 injured in different shooting (NYDN)

The Outrage

Fathers of Trayvon Martin and Ramarley Graham join forces for march(NYP) * Civil rights leaders join New York stop-and-frisk rally(WABC) * Parents of slain black teens Trayvon, Ramarley prepare for first Father’s Day without sons(NYP)

Cops to bust Drake for throwing bottle at Chris Brown in VIP-room melee: sources(NYP) * In Celebrity Brawl at Club, a Scene of Flying Bottles and Ice Cubes(NYT) * Bloodied B'klyn beauty saw it all as bottles flew between Drake, Brown(NYP) * Cops shut down Drake-Chris Brown brawl club(NYP) * Police Shut Down Nightclub After Celebrity Brawl (NYT)

‘Madam’ moving toward 250G Monday bailout(NYP) * Soccer Mom Madam aims for Monday jail release(NYDN)

Judge Is Taken Off Murder Case for Bias Toward the Defendant(NYT) * Gun -runner admits guilt, will talk (NYDN) * NYPD cop falls from fire escape while chasing suspect NYDN) * Teen continues recovery after Brooklyn shooting(WABC) *n School bus driver assaulted in the Bronx(WABC) * Elderly Bronx woman found bludgeoned to death on floor of apartment(NYP) * Police Search For Two Bank Robbery Suspects(NY1) * Elderly Bronx Woman Found Brutally Beaten To Death In Her (WCBS) * Elderly woman found murdered in Bronx apartment(WABC) * nProtest in Police Shooting Death of Runaway Driver(NBC) * Elderly Woman Found Dead in Bronx Home(NBC) * Elderly woman found bludgeoned to death in her Bronx home(NYP) * Man Charged In Brooklyn Teen's Fatal Shooting (NY1) * Drug use is common on the city’s waterfront. * Police: Man Fatally Shot Outside Queens Nightclub(NY1) * Bronx man was at a Father's Day party in Brooklyn when he was shot to death by 23 bullets