Sunday, June 24, 2012

True News Update 24/7 All Weekend

Mermaid Parade hits Coney Island (NYDN)  An estimated half-million people lined the sunny streets to watch — and sometimes ogle — Brooklyn’s answer to Mardi Gras

 A Possible Congressman Barron is Not News?
The Most Important Congressional Primaries in 3 Days and the Media Has No New Stories Today or Saturday

Election 2012
Charles Barron on the Perez Notes * Barron announces endorsements from two City Council members, and the Sierra Club (Capital) WCBS TV repeated a clip first aired Friday (Are they that scared of True News?) Road To Term 22: Rep. Rangel To Tussle With Espaillat In Next Week’s Primary
NYDN Sunday Editorial Bar Barron from Congress  "prevent Barron from becoming David Duke’s man in Washington." * Charles Barron Versus Hakeem Jeffries for Congress: A Primer (NY Mag)

Cuomo Backs Rangel’s Re-election Bid(NYT) * Espaillat, Rangel Attack Each Other In Noticias Debate* Gov. Cuomo backs Rep. Charles Rangel and Assemblyman Hakeem (NYDN) * The tragedy of Charlie Rangel (NYDN) Once a hero, he is now out of touch * Espaillat acknowledges to supporters they are facing "all kinds of odds" * Ron Howell, a Brooklyn journalism professor, writes about the “tragedy” of Rep. Charlie Rangel.

Velazquez, Challengers Debate On "Inside City Hall"(NY1) In only 2 days, voters will bring CHANGE and NEW ENERGY to w/ FOR CONGRESS. PLS COME OUT AND VOTE TUESDAY

NYT Reports Today on the French Foreign Elections But Not the 3 Important Congressional Primaries, Important to the Future of NYC, to be Held in Two Days (Maybe if the congressional elections were in Manhattan)

French Elect New Yorker to National Assembly(NYT) French foreign nationals in the United States and Canada elected Corinne Narassiguin, a 13-year resident of New York City, to the lower house of Parliament.

NYT No News Sunday Edition
Not only does the NYT give no news on the upcoming congressional races there is really no news at all in today's paper because the NYT has become a local Manhattan Newspaper.  Most of the local news in the NYT today was published online yesterday by other news organizations.  A story about the hanging of a Mario Cuomo portrait being hung in the capital that was first published in the Albany Times Union online yesterday. The NYT also has a story about an arrest in the 3 shooting near Columbia University the the NYP published online 21 hours before. The one new story the NYT had today was more suited for the NYP Retired Horace Mann Teacher Admits to Sex With Students.
Call  Metro editor Carolyn Ryan and Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr at 212-556-1234 and ask them to put more city news in their $5 Sunday Edition.

Charles Barron Emergency Plan B, Ed Towns?
The Morning After Pill
If we wake up Wednesday more with Charles Barron as the Democratic nominee for the U.S Congress in the Brooklyn Queens congressional district there is only one way to stop Barron from taking the oath of office on January 1, 2013.  That is to get Hakeem Jeffries off the Working Families Party ballot line and replace him with Congressman Ed Towns who was forced off of the race by the Jeffries mob.  It possible because Jeffries is a lawyer and the election law allow him to be taken off the WFP congressional line  (others political party also) if he is nominated for a judicial opening on that party ballot line.  Can you imagine the panic. Towns knows how to get votes out of that district, he has done it for 30 years. The negatives against Towns will disappear when is is compared to what Barron would do in congress.    If Jeffries loses to Barron on the democratic line how can he beat Charles in November if ever black is coming to vote on the Democratic line to re-elect the president.  Only Congressman Towns who is known in the district would stand a chance.  Other possibilities is you have a strong stomach is Al Scharpton or David Dinkins.  There is a history of this plan working.  Al Vann, Roger Green and Tish James all won on the 3 party lines after they go knocked off the democratic line.

Local TV Keeping the Public Uninformed While Racking In the Millions

This Is What WNBC (4) Calls Informing the Public

8:58 Weather, 8:59  Girl Kill in traffic accident, another crash in Yonkers, Divers searching for one person in boating accident,  9:00- 9:06  Sandusky, 9:06  Delays at airports, 9:07 -9:08 Down power lines in NJ and Flooding, 9:08 School Bus Monitor bullied,  9:09 – 9:12 Commercial, 9:12 -9:14 Weather Report, 9:14 -9:16  Sports Mets Beat Yanks, 9:16- 9:19 Commercial, 9:19-9:22 Visiones report about art exhibit,  9:22-9:25  Some guy named Pete telling us how to buy cantaloupe, 9:25- 9:9:29  Commercial

Visiones if Blind 
Note: Visiones is a segment that the local news programs uses to meet FCC requirements for community outreach. Since were are 3 days away from the most important Latino congressional election in NY city's history today's Visiones is an art exhibit. Positively Black (NBC) also has a segment today about the arts and not about Tuesday primary that could end 68 year of continues black congressional representation in congress of the Harlem community.

Keeping the Public Uninformed While Racking In the Millions, Fighting the FCC Over Public Disclosure of Political or Special Interest TV Ads
Local News which is mainly weather, traffic, cooking and dog segments is making millions in lobbyists spending.  Cuomo and his supporters spent over $10 million last year to gain public support to push through his agenda. Union and business interest like the pro fracking interest are also spending millions on ads to local stations.  All this money is coming in as local news dumbs down.  It is not a secret that TV and radio stations rely on the local newspaper for most of their hard news. So those "rip and read" broadcasters have offered their views much less hard news as newspaper staffs shrivel amid the draconian layoffs caused by the internet and the recession?  Call WNBC-TV General Manager Michael Jack at 866-639-7244 and ask him why he did not cover the congressional races this weekend.

Local TV stations stand to profit from boom in super-PAC spending (The Hill) * Local News Dumb Down Journalism (True News) After a year of study, a Federal Communications Commission special report, “The Information Needs of Communities,” says there is a lot of journalism out there, just not much “accountability reporting” of local and state government.* Local TV stations stand to profit from boom in super-PAC spending (The Hill)*CSNY’s budget blitz: $3.9 million (updated)(TU) *Save NY airing tax cap ad(TU) *Budget opponents up their ads and mailers(TU) *Bloomberg Blames Negative Ads For Poor Showing In Education ...(Politico) *Save NY now airs on school money(TU) *NYC's Bloomberg Pays for TV Ads Backing Cuomo's PensionBloomberg Defends His Administration With TV Ad - * Local TV News For $ale: How Special Interests Control News Content and Public Opinion * Battle over TV political ads: Broadcasters fight disclosure at FCC ... * Many stations don't factcheck super PAC ads: survey : CJR

Murrow Said TV Could Become A Box of Wires and Lights, What it Has Really Become by Dumbing the Public Down is the propaganda Arm of the 1%
“This instrument can teach (TV  now the Internet), it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box." Edward R. Murrow


Officers, Exhorted to Report Corruption, Still Fear Retaliation (NYT) Police officers are told to report corruption to the Internal Affairs Bureau, but doing so infuriates colleagues, according to lawsuits filed by four whistle-blowers.

NYP Says the Media Has Cracked the DA's Cover-Up of Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community 
Hynes Finally Gets It(NYP ED) Isn’t it amazing what the glare of a news- media spotlight can do? Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes — who’s been under fire for years over his questionable handling of child-sex-abuse cases involving the Orthodox Jewish community — has finally seen fit to file charges of witness intimidation.

NPR Campaigns for Quinns, The Speaker Does the Late Rodney King
'Who I Am': N.Y.C. Council Speaker On Politics, Faith (NPR)Her grandmother survived the Titanic, and her fathers spends every day with her at City Hall. Quinn is widely expected to run for mayor next year, and she tells guest host David Greene that government might get a lot more done if people would just get along. 

Baruch Cheating Ring Changes the Rules of the Game

Baruch was warned (NYP) Students: We blew whistle

Let New Yorkers hail cabs and livery cars from their smartphones (NYDN Ed) Yassky and Bloomberg must think bigger: Apps already in use elsewhere would be a godsend to city riders * Bloomy’s kid: Hail, Daddy! (NYP) *enefactor Fills a Hole in the City’s Effort to Enforce a Taxi Law(NYT)New York officials were struggling to find the space for cars seized in a crackdown against unlicensed cabdrivers until they received an offer to use a lot in Queens.

Oy vey (Yiddish: אױ װײ)
Muslim Brotherhood candidate candidate Mohamed Morsi is declared the new President of Egypt - Al-Jazeera
Victory Is Seen as a Milestone for the Muslim Brotherhood(NYT)

Today marks the anniversary of the passage of 6.24.11: * Gov. Andrew Cuomo marched in NYC’s Pride Parade today, marking the one-year anniversary of the passage of same-sex marriage by the Legislature.

Mayor Bloomberg and his whole office "obsess" over HBO show 'GIRLS' (NYP) Mayor Bloomberg would like a cameo appearance in “Girls.”

Bloomberg’s critics believe the city has over-promised and under-delivered on $291 million in park projects that are being rushed to help secure the mayor’s legacy.

This Man Deserves A Raise
In Karaoke, Lawmakers Find a Catalyst for Collegiality(NYT) Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol singing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” in a karaoke session Wednesday at Pinto & Hobbs Tavern in Albany. A new Wednesday night tradition of singing together at a tavern has helped the New York Legislature function more smoothly than in its rancorous past

NYT Says Albany Left Much Undone
Cuomo praised the Legislature effusively for its work, but he failed to mention how he and lawmakers created corrupt legislative districts that will remain for a decade — the worst political act of the session
What’s Missing From This Picture?(NYT Ed) Despite promises, New York lawmakers adjourned without accomplishing top legislative items. Voters should demand that they finish their job before the November election.
1. Albany has done nothing to clean up the scandalous ways they raise campaign money
2. Albany did not scale back sky-high contribution limits allowed under state law.
3. Albany did not put in place a system of public financing of campaigns.
4. Albany did not set up tough enforcement of campaign finance laws.
5. Albany did not ban unlimited “housekeeping” donations to parties.
6. Albany failed to pass a crucial bill to increase the state minimum wage to $8.50 from $7.25, which would have increased pay for 880,000 workers. The bill passed the Assembly but died in the State Senate.
7. Albany did not pass Cuomo’s bill to decriminalize public possession of small amounts marijuana
8. Even amid highly publicized child sex-abuse scandals, Mr. Cuomo and the Legislature could not reach agreement on a modest bill to require coaches involved in college sports programs to report abuse to law enforcement. *Monday  A Governor Trying to Elude the Sophomore Slump(NYT)

The Daily News Analysis of Cuomo Year
The good, bad & ugly of Cuomo’s sophomore year(NYDN Ed) Solid achievements mixed with unfortunate compromises

Special Session Coming After the November Elections So Albany Bums Can Raise Their Pay
Albany Legislative Session Ends, But Potential Special Session Looms(NY1)

Election 2012 Incoming: Carl Paladino Endorses Wendy Long for United States Senate * Candidates who will compete in this Tuesday’s US Senate and congressional primaries engaged in a frenzy of campaign events over the weekend. * Sen. Liz Krueger’s “No Bad Apples” PAC endorsed Assemblyman George Latimer for retiring Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer’s seat.

Aftermath of the Albany Teacher Evaluations Deal
Cuomo Takes His Own Path on Education(WSJ) *  Albany Acts to Shield Teacher Data(WSJ) * Bloomberg blasts Cuomo’s teacher evaluation(NYDN) * Bloomberg: Staff Will Tell Parents When Teacher Evaluations Available(NY1)* Cuomo “has charted his own course on education policy between two powerful forces: labor unions and a movement claiming the mantle of reform,” write Jacob Gershman and Lisa Fleischer. 

Decriminalization of Pot Fight Heads to the Courts
Lawsuit Accuses Police of Ignoring Directive on Marijuana Arrests(NYT) * Lawsuit Filed Over Arrests For Marijuana(WSJ) * Legal Aid To Push For Marijuana Policy Change Through Courts(NY1)

Avella The Closest Thing to A Queens Reformer is Tied Into the Queens Machine
Surprise! Toby Stavisky is on the committee to fill vacancies for Senator Tony Avella, whom is running for reelection in the 11th Senate District – the same district where Toby lives and never leaves except when it’s politically advantageous to venture into Flushing for a photo-op. Why is this a big deal? It reveals how thinly veiled her roots are in the Asian neighborhoods of District 16.  (Queens Politics)

The Man Who Beat Tammany Hall
Transitional link from the collapse of Tammany Hall to the modern-day Manhattan party structure
Edward N. Costikyan, Adviser to New York Politicians, Is Dead at 87(NYT) Costikyan, a former adviser to New York governors and mayors who as a Democratic Party insurgent in the early 1960s took over the leadership of Tammany Hall as it rooted out a century of bossism * Edward Costikyan, New York Political Adviser and Occasional New York Writer, Dies at 87 (NY Mag)

NYPD Recruits Get Training In Cultural, Community Relations(NY1) * Mayor Bloomberg's Lies About Racist Stop-And-Frisk Regime(Black Star News)* : Our police offcrs deserve more than our prayers, they deserve our solemn commitment to take action against illegal guns

Harlem Street Unsafe

Harlem women scoff at Mayor Bloomberg's ‘safe’ streets boast (NYDN) Since start of 2012, 17 people have been shot in nabe's 32nd Precinct * Three men killed in overnight Bronx, Queens shootings (NYDN)


Advantage Program Residents Hope To Stay Put: Landlords are starting to dole out eviction notices to city residents...

Hipsters are essential to the New York City economy.


SHOW SOME RESPECT! Brooklyn school kids toss trash into 9/11 memorial pool * DOE Investigating Report That Students Threw Trash Into WTC Pools (NY1)

MTA bosses exchanging unused vacation days for fat, lump-sum payments(NYP)Top MTA bosses are cashing in on a contract clause that allows them to exchange unused vacation time for fat, lump-sum payments



Staten Island E-ZPass Break
For Staten Islanders, a big break on Port Authority tolls * Lawmakers Near Deal For S.I. Toll Break For E-ZPass Users *Staten Island residential E-ZPass holders will get a big toll break under a sweeping new 60 percent discount plan that will kick in after just two trips on Port Authority crossings, Cuomo told the SI Advance.





Hundreds evacuated from JFK airport  (NYDN) * TSA agent's 'unplugged' metal detector triggers JFK chaos: (NYP) * Terminal evacuated at Kennedy for 2 hours(WABC)

Battle of ‘Little Syria’(NYP) Historic downtown heritage faces doom

Mario Cuomo's portrait unveiled at Capitol (TU) * Ex-Governor of New York Reluctantly Accepts Portrait(NYT)* Former Gov. Mario Cuomo reluctantly accepted a surprise 80th birthday gift from his son and longtime friends: His official portrait to hang in the Hall of governors.


Bike-Share Program May Mean More Accident Suits Against the City, Liu Warns(NYT)




Get out, dirty dogs (NYP) B’klyn cart snobbery * Post Piles on Brooklyn Heights Hot Dog Vendor Bender (Brooklyn Heights Blog)






Title IX 40 Years Old Today
40 years ago today IX was passed. This anniversary is a reminder that we must continue to fight and preserve women's rights   Signed into law by President Nixon


The Making of A President 2012
The Rise of Popularism(Friedman, NYT) A recent trip to Europe raised the question: if everyone’s following the polls and Twitter, etc., who’s leading? * What Sheldon Adelson Wants(NYT Ed) * Romney rewards donors at Utah retreat: (Politico)* Lawmakers trade stocks in companies lobbying on legislation before their committees(Wash Post) * Cash Rules at Romney Retreat While Condoleezza Rice Steals the Show (ABC) * Obama Braces for Health Care Ruling - Jodi Kantor, New York Times * How Obama Can Beat the Supreme Court - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast * ObamaCare Increases Income Inequality - Merrill Matthews, Forbes * Romney's Arithmetic Problem - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times * Pennsylvania Really Is Up for Grabs - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Trib-Review * Obama's Upside-Down Justice - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle * Hollywood's White House - Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon * Obama Widens Latino Voting Gap - Reid Epstein, Politico *Ann Romney Has a Horse. So What? - Kathleen Parker, Washington Post * Obama Looks Bad in Partisan Feud Over Holder - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *

Mitt Romney Visits Subsidized Farms, Knocks Big Government Spending (Daily Beast) * Only 6 US senators have set up blind trusts approved by the ethics committee.  (Wash Post) * Ed Koch claimed credit for changing President Obama’s foreign policy. * Obama is looking to raise big money overseas. * Tim Pawlenty Claims to Want Out of the Veepstakes(NY Mag) * Mitt Romney's Fundraisers Seem to Be Having a Nice Time in Utah (NY Mag)

Did Cory Booker's Friends Paid Bloomberg A Visit?
5 Days Ago Bloomberg Said
Today Bloomberg Said
Bloomberg said Obama’s done well “on a balance.” * Mayor slams Mitt Romney on immigration: "He has amnesia"(VIDEO) Huff Post) * Mayor Bloomberg said President Obama has done well “on balance” over the past four years, and has been “a much better president than most people give him credit for.” 

Saturday  Companies’ Failures Did Not Harm Romney’s Firm(NYT) * The Company's Response | Times Topic: Bain Capital(NYT) * It's Not Mitt Romney's Party - Joan Walsh, Salon * Darrell Issa's Cheap Political Opportunism - Colbert King, Washington Post * Axelrod: Romney "Outsourcer-In-Chief" - Sabrina Siddiqui, Huffington Post * Obama the First Invented-American President - Mark Steyn, OC Register * The (Sort of) New Mitt - Gail Collins, New York Times * Obama the First Invented-American President - Mark Steyn, OC Register *The (Sort of) New Mitt - Gail Collins, New York Times  * Fast and Furiously, the GOP Hunts Holder - Philadelphia Inquirer *  Either the White House Lied or the White House Lied - Pittsburgh TR* Companies’ Failures Did Not Harm Bain Capital(NYT) * Political Scientists Are Lousy Forecasters (NYT)* Romney rallies top donors with Utah retreat (NBC)

Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, And Reason’s Nick Gillespie Have Epic Showdown Over Fast & Furious


The Biggest Jon Stewart Smackdowns Of CNN, Fox & MSNBC




'Today' Is Just Part of Slip In the Stature of NBC News(WSJ)




Goldman's Newsspeak

Judge likens Goldman logic to Orwell’s ‘1984’(NYP) A federal judge blasted Goldman Sachs for its “Orwellian” defense against a lawsuit accusing it of misleading investors in the sale of risky securities, comparing the firm’s logic to the George Orwell classic “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

Bloomberg Suggests Shame as a Punishment for Speeding(NYT)

Law and Order

Cop Shot
Sunday Update   Off-duty cop injured in overnight Bx. shooting* Queens Residents Turn Weapons In To Police Through Buyback Program(NY1) * Off-Duty Police Officer Shot In Early-Morning Bronx Shootout;  UPDATE: Off-duty cop wounded in shootout that erupted when he confronted hecklers and a man drove up and opened fire.(NBC)

Hip-hop bottle brawl nightclub slapped with 14 violations and could soon be shut down(NYP)* Basketball Star Sues Club Over Brawl; Liquor Agency Files Charges(NYT)New charges vs. Drake-Brown fight club(NYDN) * SoHo Nightclub Could Lose Liquor License (NY1)

Bergdorf Goodman burglars steal hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, including works by Paul Morelli(NYP) * Ex-NYPD cop sentenced to 4+ yrs. for racist bust((NYP) * Mother of woman punched into a coma over parking spot unleashes fury at brute at sentencing(NYP) * A Daylight Theft of a Drawing by Dalí, Incongruous in Simplicity and Ease(NYT) * Man Sentenced for Punching Woman in Fight for Parking Space * 6 Charged in Murder of Rapper 50 Cent’s Associate(NYT)Sentence in False-Arrest Case(WSJ)* Former Officer Gets Five Years for False Arrest of Black Man (WSJ)* Parks Dept. worker arrested for alleged abuse(NYDN)* Bronx teen graduates 3 years after shot(NYDN)* Gambino goon threatened mob trial witness (NYDN)* FDNY Employee Arrested for Selling Illegal Fireworks(DNA Info)

Lawsuit Accuses Police of Ignoring Directive on Marijuana Arrests(NYT) * Lawsuit Filed Over Arrests For Marijuana(WSJ) * Legal Aid To Push For Marijuana Policy Change Through Courts(NY1) * Bronx school bus driver dead after being beat up for knocking off side-view mirror * Bronx School Bus Driver Dies From Injuries Sustained In Fight(NY1) * Brooklyn Woman Shot By Police Laid To Rest Saturday(NY1) * Church statue vandalized in Brooklyn(WABC) * Chris Brown Brawl Club Hit With 14 Violations(NBC)