Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Night for the Incumbents & Establishment's Meng and Jefferies

AP Calls GOP Senate for Long

AP Rangel Won
So much for the NYT and Daily New Editorial hits * Rangel Poised To Return To DC
* Rangel wins primary, Jeffries beats Barron(NYP) * Rangel Fends Off Challengers to Win Difficult Primary(NYT) * Unsinkable Rangel just keeps rolling(NYP) * New Districts Shuffle Races(WSJ)

AP Jeffries Won  
RT Barron declines to call Hakeem Jeffries to concede "because of the way the campaign was run." Also calls media "lowlife scum." Good night for George Artz but did he win or did the establishment win? Big lost for Congressman Towns who backed Barron. Did the picture with Obama that Jeffreies mailed over and over cut into Barron's black vote?

* Charles Barron won't accept landslide loss(NYT) * Barron loses in Brooklyn congressional primary (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) * Hakeem Jeffries Easily Beats Charles Barron in Brooklyn Primary - DNAinfo *‘Bigot’ Barron gets the boot(NYP)

. just declared victory
Crowley's Queens Machine Victory and Loss for Hank Sheinkopf who crashed with Lancman

Is Vito Lopez Finished
AP  Velazquez 
Bad Night for Vito Lopez and Rabbi Neederman(Where are your votes?)  Rabbi Meederman lost Control of the Young Hasids

Sean Patrick Maloney declared the winner in NY-18 

Early Results   Manhattan Beach pollhttp://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=495268678289935103#editor/target=post;postID=6375742856276329154ing site: 210 for Jeffries. 3 for Barron.  IS68 371 Jeffries to 92
Russian District Shorefront Y    Jeffries  617 Barron 16  Grady HS Jeffries 115  Barron 10  Corbin Place Jeffries 299   15 Barron Meng IS 237  Meng 30  Lancman 10  Crowley 1
Charlie blames media. What else cud it be? It's not like he's had ethics problems ...

Skurnik: “I am less sure of what the turnout will be in this primary than I’ve been in just about any primary.” Wow.

Fare cheats are bus-ted(NYP)* The friends of Charlie (NYP Ed) New York political establishment is lined up behind him during the primary-election campaign that ends today — not the least being Gov. Cuomo. Calling Charlie Rangel a “disgrace,” the Post berates “the entire New York political establishment,” particularly Gov. Cuomo, for endorsing the longtime Harlem congressman* Rangel's Re-Election Fight Reaches Primary Day(NY1) * Rangel among those facing challenges on Primary day: Aslo, three Republicans are competing for the chance to tak(WABC) * Rangel Touts Experience While Opponent Argues He Doesn’t (WCBS) * "Dominican Republic Prez Leonel Fernandez is calling 4 the Dominican community in NY to support "*Inside the Biggest Fight of Charlie Rangel's Career (NY Mag)
.: = "most powerful advocate in Congress on behalf of the Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico."Super PACs invade upper Manhattan (NYDN)  Outside money is being used in an attempt to unseat Rep. Charles Rangel  In the Daily News, former Gov. David Paterson warns about super PACs and writes that “Upper Manhattan has become the scene of a dangerous attempt by an outside group to interject itself, unsolicited, in local politics” * flyer shows "a picture of President Barack Obama next to one of the state senator." via * Obama's lack of support for Rangel is a glaring hole in the congressman's re-election campaign. [Alex Isenstadt] * Erik Dilan Says He’s “Never Seen It So Slow” (c&s) * Charlie Rangel Says The Thought Of Losing An Election ‘Never Reaches That Mental Level’ For Him(NYO) * Dominican Government Decides to Get Involved in American Elections After All(NYO) * Williams: This Isn’t About Rangel(YNN) * Rangel links himself to Obama on primary day(C&S)* Does Lancman Have a Problem In the Orthodox Community?(C&S) *Tensions Flare Between Mittman and Lancman Supporters (C&S) *Voting Snafu In Velazquez Race (C&s) * Weird Robocall of the Day(NYO) * Lack Of Endorsement Doesn’t Stop Rangel From Using President Obama For Last Minute Appeal To Voters(NYO) * In Final Hours, Elizabeth Crowley Is Feeling Good *WATCH: Does Anyone Know About Today's Primaries?(Huff Post)

 Race Between Rangel and Espaillat Comes Down to the Wire(DNAINFO) * The NY Post slams the state’s political establishment – including Cuomo – for backing Rangel, saying his supporters are either “opportunists” or “comrades in chicanery.”* Clyde Williams Thinks It’s A Mistake To Assume He’ll Finish Third(NYO) * If uptown voters cared about scandal, Charlie Rangel would have lost in 2010, CNN reports. * Talking to The Daily News editorial board earlier this month, Rangel said “I’m Charlie Rangel, and I’m the story,” he said, refusing to even name his primary challengers. “Who the hell knows, or cares?”* Every campaign is struggling to alert voters to the fact that it's Primary Day. [Thomas Kaplan and Kate Taylor] * Campaign Web Snafu of The Day (NYO) * In Final Hours, Elizabeth Crowley Is Feeling Good(NYO) * Inside The Harlem Political Clubs Pushing For Charlie Rangel(NYO)

2 Against 1?

The NY-6 primary is a test of both 1) the Queens Democratic Party’s clout, and 2) the power of the growing Asian-American vote. * NYC Councilman Dan Halloran (who recently underwent surgery to remove a benign brain tumor) hasn’t raised much campaign cash for his general election NY-6 run. * Asian American Legal Defense Fund reports "great deal of poll worker confusion" in Queens.

inbox: Isaac Abraham, in : "we were informed that the Board of Elections delivered the wrong books of registered voters..." * Shelly Silver Says There Has Been A ‘Deceitful’ Campaign Run Against Nydia Velazquez(NYO) * Velazquez touts the primary weight-loss diet.*
For Velazquez and Dilan, Low Turnout Everywhere Except in Hasidic Community(C&S)

Brooklyn 8th Congressional District race down to the wire(NYDN)
*It’s a congressional smackdown! Who will you choose — Jeffries or Barron?(Brooklyn Paper) * Say one thing about Charles Barron — he doesn’t pander. (Jewish Week)* Barron released a web campaign pitch. * Who can vote? [BrooklynScoop] * Hakeem Jeffries could face fines for having posters on public property. [Janet Upadhye] * ews could help decide the race. [Yeshiva World] * On Primary Day, Closely Watching Two Races(NYT) * Charlie Rangel Hopes Adriano Espaillat Will Be 'Able To Find Some Employment' After Today's Election  * Charles Barron Updates Us On His Day(C&S) * Top Democrats scramble to stop Charles Barron (Politico) * Ben Smith says Barron’s shot at winning “is a mark in part of his talent and in part of the failure of the mainstream of American urban politics to produce a generation of strong national political figures - a general rule whose leading exception occupies the White House.” * Retiring Gary Ackerman is awesome. Talks like a sailor about how the media doesn't know what they're doing anymore

Quinn Gave Barron Millions in Member Items to Make Him Stong, What a Faker

Turnout Turnout Mixed in Early Voting in City's Congressional Primaries(NYT)
11211 and 11206 = 14,000 Voted already in Velazquez race

Anti-Gay Marriage Activist Robocalls For Robert Mittman(City and State)

A Desperate Push for Turnout in Primaries(NYT) A federal court moved New York’s Congressional primary to Tuesday, defying the usual rhythms of a campaign.* New Districts Shuffle Races(WSJ)

Jews Who Today Fear A Congressman Barron Should Blame Their Leaders For Putting Them Into This Mess

Why Did the Jews in Brooklyn Lose Their Congressional District and Some of Them Put in Barrons?
Nearly one in four Brooklyn residents are Jews, new study(NYDN) * Will Weiner Problem End Brooklyn Jewish Congressional District 90 Year Tradition?(True News) Jewish Seats in the City 4 Now Will Go to 3 or 2 after today's primary.

Councilman can’t stop getting tickets(NYP)Brooklyn Councilman Steve Levin, whose coveted official parking placard was pulled by the Bloomberg administration in April after he racked up $630 in unpaid summonses, is in a fine mess again. * Fake Parking Pass Costs City Planner $6,500 and Her Job(NYT)

Stringers Secret Campaign Info May No Longer Be Secret
Laptops stolen from Stringer’s campaign HQ(NYDN) * Police: Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s Office(WCBS) * Burglary at Mayoral Hopeful Scott Stringer's Office(NBC)

Bloomberg and the City Council agreed on a $68.5 billion budget, restoring hundreds of millions of dollars in proposed cuts to after-school programs, fire service and libraries
Mike, council strike $68.5B budget deal(NYP) *City Hall Budget Deal, for Now, Includes Few Layoffs and No Tax Increases(NYT) * Budget Deal Reverses Cuts(WSJ) * City Budget Deal Avoids Fire, Child Care, After-School Cuts(NY1) * Budget Breakdown: Budget Process Could Be Discussion Topic In Mayor's Race* Queens Library workers hope for no layoffs in FY2013 city(*NYDN) *Mayor Bloomberg announces balanced budget agreement(WABC)* Teacher aides agreed to work 30 minutes less a day, and will get paid less, in order to avoid layoffs in the budget. [Michael Howard Saul] * Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn struck a deal on the budget that is still predicated on getting more than $635 million from the sale of taxi medallions, even though a judge has so far blocked those sales. [David Chen]
* Mayor Bloomberg and Christine Quinn's budget deal sealed (NYDN) A “destructive” bill before the New York City Council would impose sidewalk-width restrictions on landlords renting out retail space, which would wreck the Upper West Side, Steve Cuozzo writes in the Post: http://nyp.st/Q7tTbN
Ducking Bloomberg
As Bloomberg’s Third Term Winds Down, Unusually Loyal Aides Begin to Eye Exits(NYT) As Bloomberg’s third term comes to a close, City Hall is now starting to experience a phenomenon rarely seen in the “loyal pastures of Bloombergland”: an exodus* With 18 months to go in office, top officials in the Bloomberg administration are heading for the exits, with those that remain jockeying for spots at the Bloomberg Family Foundation.

Money Mafia Transfer Power to the Pink Mafia
The political duo sealed their agreement with a kiss.

Metro-North Engineer Caught Reading Quits Post(NY!)

Pol pay ‘extortion’(NYP) The state Assembly’s top Republican yesterday called a possible post-election deal to raise lawmakers’ pay in exchange for cutting their per-diem payments “extortion.” *n The DN’s Bill Hammond says lawmakers desperate desire for a pay raise presents Cuomo with an opportunity to get something out of them, adding: “He must milk it for everything it’s worth.”

Charter fees get pricier (NYDN) * The SUNY Board of Trustees’s Charter Schools Committee decided — without a vote — to allow Harlem Success Academy Charter Schools, run by former NYC Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz, to increase its per-pupil fee from $1,350 to $2,000 to run charter schools in Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn.* Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill restricting access to teacher evaluations. (Newsday)

More Than 200 Buildings Gain Landmark Protection(NYT)


Fare cheats are bus-ted(NYP) * Big Rise Is Seen in Fare Beaters(WSJ) * MTA To Crack Down Further On Fare-Beaters(NY1)

Putting on boot to kick those who owe (NYDN)

Comptroller Introduces Plan To Increase Biker, Pedestrian, Car Safety(NY1)

Accused of 338G rip-off from nonprofit(NYP)


State pays big-time for being tardy (NYDN) New York taxpayers shelled out nearly $2 million last year to cover late bill payments by the state government, a 38 percent increase from the prior year

Arguments set in landmark NYFD discrimination case(WSJ)



Gov. Andrew Cuomo believes a property tax abatement for hundreds of thousands of condominium and co-op owners in New York City will be preserved, despite his rejection of its renewal, the Times writes: http://nyti.ms/LcDjji

The partial fracking plan floated by the Cuomo administration creates a conflict for some town board members who own property and stand to benefit personally by leasing their gas rights. 


A federal appeals court has returned to the New York state courts a dispute over whether the Shinnecock Indian tribe should be able to build a casino in the town of Southampton, the Times Union reports: http://bit.ly/LcGwiY

Nasty Elmo Is Gone, and the Other Ones Are Just Tickled(NYT)





Ferris Wheel Eyed for Terminal(WSJ)Tourists taking in the sites of New York Harbor on the Staten Island ferry may get a new reason to board the boat. * A $300 million bus and carpool lane could shave 15 minutes off the trip from Staten Island to Lower Manhattan. [Ted Mann]



 The Road to the White House
McCain Learns Identity of Romney's VP Pick, Shares News With Some Interns(NY Mag)* Mitt Romney Leads on Immigration by Releasing Vague, Useless Statement [Updated] (NY Mag) * A new Obama ad hits Mitt Romney as “the outsourcer-in-chief.” * The Romney campaign thinks there are four blue states where they could compete: Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. * Is Obama Leading or Reacting? - Frank Bruni, New York Times *Court Neuters Draconian Arizona Law - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * Arizona Can't Do It; Washington Won't - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle * Both Obama & Romney Face a Recession - Charles Gasparino, New York Post * Romney's Amazing Hypocrisy - Donna Brazile, CNN * The Brief for Pawlenty - Hugh Hewitt, Washington Examiner *  * One Florida County May Hold Key to Election - Beth Reinhard, Natl Jrnl * A Repeating Pattern: Obama Gives Speech, We Pay - NH Union Leader  *Condoleezza Rice says "no way" to VP for Romney

Los Panderos: Jon Stewart Chronicles Both Candidates’ Pandering To Latinos



  Rupert Murdoch is reconsidering whether to split News Corp. into two companies, one for broadcast and entertainment and another for book publishing and newspapers. [Martin Peers, John Jannarone and Anupreeta Das]

Citizens United(NYT Ed) In choosing to turn its back on the disastrous ruling, the justices allow elections to continue to be bought by the biggest check writers.


Law and Order

Bus-ride torment (NYP) Matron denies kid taunt * Woman jailed for butt injex(NYP) * ‘Toll-scam’ biker busted(NYP) * Feds: NY postmaster took $51K for heroin addiction(WSJ) * Queens cops to bank customers: Beware of ATM 'skimmers'(NYDN) * Woman sentenced to a year for illegal butt lifts(NYDN) * Hero officer out of hosp(NYP) * Cops: Accused mugger said he intended to rape woman who (SI Advance)* Man reported shot on Staten Island's Westervelt Avenue(WABC) * Fake Utility Worker Ties Up Woman, Robs Home: Police(NBC) *FBI snares 3 credit-card 'fraudsters' in online sting(NYP) * Obama Campaign Banks on a High-Tech Ground Game (NYO) * Man Gets 19 Years To Life In Nun's Death * Rude or Polite, New York Police Leave Raw Feelings in Stops(NYT) * Appeals Court Calls a Stop-and-Frisk Illegal(NYT)

‘Madam’ freed(NYP)

Anna Gristina posts $250K, could be home by tomorrow morning(NYP)