Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5% of New York's Voters Show Up, What Democracy?

NBC)*NCharlie Rangel Vows His Win Will Silence The ‘Strange People’ Who Doubted Him
AP Rangel Won 45.2%
It was a good night for Rep. Charlie Rangel, (AKA the “Lion of Lenox Avenue”) who fended off four primary challengers and is headed toward a 22nd term in Congress in NY-13. 

So much for the NYT and Daily New Editorial hits * Rangel Poised To Return To DC * Rangel wins primary, Jeffries beats Barron(NYP) * Rangel Fends Off Challengers to Win Difficult Primary(NYT) * Unsinkable Rangel just keeps rolling(NYP) * New Districts Shuffle Races(WSJ) * Rep. Rangel wins NY primary by tight margin(WSJ) * Charlie Rangel Vows His Win Will Silence The ‘Strange People’ Who Doubted Him * Rangel Overcomes Early Hole, Declares Victory In Democratic (WCBS) * Charles Rangel wins NY primary despite ethics taint(WCBS) * "Charlie Rangel might be the Strom Thurmond of Harlem"(Gothamist) * Charlie Rangel On His Friendship With John Liu: ‘This Is Where The Money Is’(NYO) * Congress: So It Ain't Over In NY-13?(NYO)

Espaillat Over Getting 40% (84% In) and the District is 44% Latino, Is There A Dominican Puerto Rican?
Plan B Keep Government Job
 Rummers that Adriano Espaillat Will File Petitions for Re-Election for Assembly

AP Jeffries Won  71.9%
Crushed Barron in the Black Neighbors
RT Barron declines to call Hakeem Jeffries to concede "because of the way the campaign was run." Also calls media "lowlife scum." Good night for George Artz but did he win or did the establishment win? Big lost for Congressman Towns who backed Barron. Did the picture with Obama that Jeffreies mailed over and over cut into Barron's black vote?

Barron Loses Big Leaves Taking Shots Blames White Media in Tantrum
 Charles Barron won't accept landslide loss(NYT) * Barron loses in Brooklyn congressional primary (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) * Hakeem Jeffries Easily Beats Charles Barron in Brooklyn Primary - DNAinfo *‘Bigot’ Barron gets the boot(NYP) * Gentrification Plays Complicated Role In Congressional Races(Huff Post) * The 'Black/Gay' Divide Continues, as Pro-Gay Marriage Hakeem Jeffries Beats Anti-Gay Charles Barron 3 to 1 (Village Voice) * Anti-Israel, ‘Amsterdam News’ Favorite, Charles Barron Loses Vote(Jewish Press) * Hakeem Jeffries, Decisively | Politicker * Barron took a shot at "white media."  * The Jerusalem Post notes the loss of "Anti-Israel" Barron. [JTA] Charles Barron called for a recount and said he would not be calling Hakeem Jeffries to congratulate him on the win. (later said he was kidding about recount) * Landslide! Jeffries trounces Barron at the polls(Brooklyn Paper) * Hakeem Jeffries Beat Charles Barron in His Own Council District(NYO) * Jeffries even beat NYC Councilman Charles Barron in Barron’s own district.

A Bigger Loser Than Barron is Congressman Towns and His Son Who Works for Cuomo (?) and Was Once Expected to Inherit the Seat

Black Community Like Every Other Group Not Monolithic

"There is diversity of opinion in African American communities. Jeffries represents the best of African American values: get an education, and use that education to benefit the people. Barron has a lot of support for his positions; his support is not just in Brooklyn, but in Harlem, Eastern Queens, and New Jersey. Many of Barron's supporters could not vote in the NY-8 primary."   Mary Alice Miller, reporter for R8NY and Our Time Press

"Yesterday primary the bigger loser was Vito Lopez. Nidia Velazquez defeated Lopez's candidate overwhelmingly. This is the begining of the end of the Brooklyn Democratic machine. On the other congressional primary on the new 13th was  the re-election of Charles Rangel he was the bigger winner, and in a sense the Latino community too was a winner by stopping Espaillat." Rafael Martinez Alequin, Your Free Press Blogger


On the Way to Become the 1st Asian Congresswoman From NY
AP Meng Wins 50.8%

. just declared victory
Crowley's Queens Machine Victory and Loss for Hank Sheinkopf who crashed with Lancman * Victory for Crowley's Queens Machine and Nussbaumb the Queens Tribune VP and professional ticket splitter Jay Golub. NY-6 is a big loss for Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who ran without the party’s support and has said he wouldn’t seek re-election to his current job even if he wasn’t successful in the primary.

NY-6 General Election Between Meng and Halloran Begins(City and State) * Queens Democrats Triumphantly Celebrate Grace Meng’s Victory(NYO)\ * Grace Meng won; Rory Lancman came in ahead of Liz Crowley. [Joe Anuta]*Grace Meng’s victory party was rocking as she won overwhelmingly.*Grace Meng Thanks Voters in Forest Hills After Winning Primary(DNAInfo) * A Breakthrough Candidate and Potential Star(NYT)

MENG VS. HALLORAN BEGINS: After winning her Democratic primary, congressional candidate and Assemblywoman Grace Meng called on her general election opponent, Councilman Dan Halloran, to fight over the issues – and not race or religion:(C&S)

Bad Night for Lopez, Rabbi Neederman and Joe Hynes
Is Vito Lopez Finished
AP  Velazquez 58%
Bad Night for Vito Lopez and Rabbi Neederman(Where are your votes?)  Rabbi Meederman lost Control of the Young Hasids
VELAZQUEZ RIDES TO VICTORY: Amid low voter turnout, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez scored decisive wins in Brownstone Brooklyn and the Lower East Side and kept pace with Councilman Erik Dilan in Hasidic Williamsburg (C&S)*Turnout in NY-13 hovered at just over 12 percent.*After all the hype, candidate gets 752 votes, a dismal 3%. A total lack of money & organization does not win elections.*Velazquez Rode Brownstone Brooklyn, LES, Hasidic Vote To Victory(C&S) * Rep. Nydia Velazquez’s decisive win yesterday threw a wrench into Brooklyn Democratic Chairman/Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s two year plan to get rid of her.*  NY07 – The Real Story Behind the Velazquez Win: ‘Aroynem’ 

Vito Cut Wait Till After the Boss Loses an Important Congressional Race
City Council to cut pork on nonprofit founded by Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez(NYDN) Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council has been under scrutiny from investigators since a probe found it had submitted fraudulent and questionable claims for taxpayer cash

Is DA Hynes Worried About Lopez's and Rabbi Neederman's Lost Last Night to Rep Velazquez, You Bet
Brooklyn District Attorney Drops Sexual Abuse Case(NYP) * Hasidic rape-case dad blasts DA Hynes’ ‘surrender’(NYP) *Rabbi off the hook Accused perv dodges leer rap(NYDN)

Very Low Vote Yesterday 5% Turnout
Unofficial turnout percentages for NYC Primary show seriously contested races had 12-14% voting.GOP Senate Primary had 4% of NYC Reps.
Possible Fixes
What Would Get More New Yorkers to Vote?(NYT)  In the Times’ “Room for Debate” section, political consultant Randy Mastro, Columbia University’s Ester Fuchs and others answer the question: “What Would Get More New Yorkers to Vote?”  *Newsday calls for a special session in Albany right after the November elections to take on campaign finance reform, as well as other issues like mandate relief and more readable election ballots: *NYC Initial 2012 Primary Results 
* Date Blamed for Low Vote in Primaries (NYT) While some of the races this week were closely watched, political consultants blamed a judge’s date switch to June for the low turnout.


Sean Patrick Maloney declared the winner in NY-18 
Quinn A Bloomberg Mini Me
Hello, one-shot city (NYP) Brewing future budget pain Nicole Gelinas writes in the Post that with the recent budget deal, Council Speaker Christine Quinn showed that “she can play Bloomberg’s stunt of looking responsible while showering everyone with cash” * This campaign cash is tainted — Quinn must give it back  (NYDN)  Fundraising rules from 2008 should apply retroactively

Bloomberg's Rosebudd is Not Hot?

Rigs wacky A/C to keep his SUV chilled(NYP) * NYC mayor Bloomberg rigs wacky A/C to keep his SUV chilled: NEW YORK -- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wa...(Fox 5) * Why its good to be the king: Mike Bloomberg had City Hall technicians wire an A/C unit into his car so that it won’t be too hot when he gets in.


Election 2012/3  Moskowitz Delays a Run(WSJ)Charter-schools operator Eva Moskowitz wants to run for mayor. Just not in 2013. * Burglary at Stringer's Office(WSJ) * Police Investigate Break-In At Stringer's Campaign HQ(NY1) * “Kirsten Gillibrand said she wants more women in politics,” Long told her supporters at her victory party in New York City. “Tonight we are here to grant her wish.”* winner = Vallone, who wants to run for b.p. likely heads to congress & doesn't seem formidable * Wendy Long won easily, but Bob Turner carried Staten Island. [Tom Wrobleski] * "Adriano Espaillat was unable to leverage his own strong ties in the heavily Latino Bronx section." [Sheryl Huggins Salomon] * Rangel arrived with City Comptroller John Liu, U.F.T. president Michael Mulgrew, Bronx Democratic County Leader Carl Heastie, New York State Democratic Party co-chair Keith Wright and others. [Alison Gendar, Daniel Beekman and John Lauinger] * Espaillat supporter Ydanis Rodriguez said he was just observing, not campaigning, inside the polling location where he was photographed. [Celeste Katz] * Happy 90th Birthday to Toby Stavisky (Queens Poltics) * NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn and UFT President Mike Mulgrew made nice.

Carl Kruger Off to Jail But Cannot Sleep With His Special Guy
Officials cellblock Carl & lover’s hopes(NYP)  Disgraced ex-state Sen. Carl Kruger and his doctor-boyfriend yesterday headed off to federal prisons to begin serving their sentences for a slimy bribe-collection scheme that netted them $500,000. The crooked couple was denied in a bid to do their time together, and will be separated by 140 long miles of roadway.

Inquiry Looks Into a Shield for Donors in Elections(NYT) The attorney general of New York is investigating contributions to tax-exempt groups that are heavily involved in political campaigns, focusing on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

At Stuyvesant, Allegations of Widespread Cheating(NYT) * Blows Stuy High! 100 kids in elite school’s cheating scandal(NYP) *Stuy 'cheat' kid's dad: Son had cause to crib(NYP) * Stuyvesant kids are special(NYP Ed) Ahsan’s father tells The Post that his son could no longer focus on studying after being robbed and going through a health scare and “was desperate to keep his grades from slipping.” * Stuyvesant Deals With Its Suspects(WSJ) * Report: Stuy High Student Snapped Pictures Of Test(NY1) * Regents cheat scandal grows2 hrs 41 mins ago

PEF President Ken Brynien’s defeat at the hands of an insurgent slate was fueled by anger over the no-raise contract he negotiated with Cuomo last year.

NYC off hook for rent aid(NYP)The state’s highest court ruled that New York City isn’t obligated to pay landlord rent subsidies under a program to help homeless adults and families live independently

NY Madam Political Prisoner Freed
‘Madam’ freed (NYP) Family joy after making bond * "Millionaire Madam" Out On Bail(NY1) * Soccer Mom Madam to be sprung from Rikers(NYDN) * Alleged Upper East Side Madam Anna Gristina Out Of Jail(WCBS) * Writer, filmmaker Nora Ephron dies at 71(WABC) * Accused 'Millionaire Madam' free on bond(WABC) * Alleged Manhattan Madam Released on Bail(NY Mag) * Manhattan philanthropist posted $250K to free Anna Gristina from Rikers(NYP)

Rude or Polite, City’s Officers Leave Raw Feelings in Stops(NYT) * Appeals Court Calls a Stop-and-Frisk Illegal(NYT) * Court ‘frisk’ outrage(NYP) The Post slams Appellate Division Justice Peter Tom for voiding the arrest of a 14-year-old who was found, after being stopped and frisk by the police, to be carrying a handgun * Times interviews over 100 people who have been stopped and frisked by the police, and although their experiences vary, those stopped say the experience left them feeling intruded upon and humiliated. * A Vocal Reaction to an Article on Stop-and-Frisk Experiences(NYT) * Citing Discrimination in Stop-and-Frisk Practice, Coalition Calls for Reforms(NYT)




FDNY Discrimination Case

Arguments Presented In FDNY Discrimination Lawsuit(NY1) *City goes to court to get judge removed from FDNY race discrimination (NYDN) A city lawyer argued on appeal that the judge who effectively took over the New York City Fire Department’s hiring process went way beyond his authority, the Times Union writes:

City looking to build world's biggest Ferris wheel in Staten Island(AMNY)

MTA Planning Countdown Clocks On Lettered Lines, Reports Say

Barclays metal detectors(NYP) * Report: Barclays Center To Require Metal Detector Pass Throughs(NY1) * Forest City Ratner and the Empire State Development Corp. must conduct a new  supplemental environmental impact statement of the Atlantic Yards project, thanks to the New York Court of Appeals.

Nordstrom Said to Sign Deal for Site in Manhattan(NYT)





Faulting a Plan to Replace the Scorned Tappan Zee(NYT) Financing for a project to replace the Tappan Zee Bridge remains a riddle, and environmental groups are concerned about what will be the biggest dredging project in the Hudson River’s history. * Streetsblog has some questions for the Cuomo administration on the Tappan Zee replacement project.

Officials Hint That M.T.A. May Restore Some Service


Among Ms. Ephron’s best-known films were “When Harry Met Sally,” “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Julie & Julia.” 


The Making of A President 2012
Inquiry Examines Tax-Exempt Shields of Campaign Donors(NYT) * Obama Clings to Narrow Lead in Poll(WSJ) * Donald Trump’s Rep Announces Fundraiser With GOP Candidate(WCBS) * John Heilemann on Last Word: Obama Is Sticking With Bain Attack Strategy(NY Mag) * More Democrats to Skip Convention, DCCC Chair Urges Them to Stay in Districts(NY Mag) * No-Shows Only Add To Growing List Of Democratic Convention Troubles(TPM) * Obama, Romney Remain in Dead Heat - Mark Murray, NBC News * What the President Has Squandered - Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media * Obama's Two-Stage Attack on Romney - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine * Class War at the Supreme Court - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post * Should Obama Worry About Convention No-Shows? - Alex Roarty, NJ * Romney's VP Considerations - Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg * Quinnipiac: FL: Obama +4 | OH: Obama +9 | PA: Obama +6 | More Polls * A Repeating Pattern: Obama Gives Speech, We Pay - NH Union Leader  * Marco Rubio Is the Ideal Candidate to Fill Out the Second Spot on Romney’s Ticket (Daily Beast) * RT : Obama buys $5.5 m in air time during Olympics on NBC networks * Mitt Romney’s campaign and the Washington Post dispute an article on Bain Capital, but the Post isn’t backing down.

Jon Stewart Rips Fox News’ Hypocritical Outrage Over Fast And Furious



News Corp. Advances Plan to Split in Two(WSJ)


 Law and Order
EXCLUSIVE: Shocking shows teacher beating 15-year-old boy inside Brooklyn school(NYDN)
* Liquor ban after brawl at nightclub (NYDN) * Queens temple hit in burglary (NYDN) * Gang thug gets 20 years for slaying (NYDN)
* Man who fatally struck nun gets 17 years to life in pri (NYDN) * Brooklyn cops blitz unlicensed street mechanics with ti (NYDN)
* Parks worker gets 4 months in jail for groping(NYDN) * Stuck in detention for years while case lingers(WABC) * Dad, Son Follow Jewelers, Steal $300K in Valuables: Pol (NBC) * Ex-NYPD cop gets 15-year sentence for cocaine $cheme * Queens woman found dead in apartment may have been killed during fight with boyfriend(NYP) * Slope grope witness: Cops arrested me as payback for speaking outSlope grope witness: Cops arrested me as payback for speaking out  Police Had Unusual Access to Nightclub Data, Suit Says(NYT) * Ex-Students Acquitted of Hazing in Cornell Death(NYT) * Police Search For Boyfriend In Connection With Murder Of (WCBS) * Man who robbed & slashed step aunt and step uncle Manhattan (NYP0* Bernie Madoff's brother to plead guilty in connection with(NYP)=* Armed Robber Strikes 3 Laundromats in 3 Days(NBC) * Court: Madoff's Brother to Plead Guilty(NBC)