Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Queens Boss Crowley Adds the Independenc Party to his Trophy Case

 " In Queens, as the maverick consultant and journalist Gary Tilzer points out, the Democratic machine now wheezes but has not yet been eased into the crypt. Its phalanxes of campaign workers long ago disappeared." - NY Times
The Real King of Queen

Wounded  Party Destroys Democracy to Continue Ruling

Boss Crowley who already controls his Democratic Party, the Queens Court, GOP operatives and most of the local media now has taken over the Queens Independence Party. The Parkside Group and arm of the Queens Democratic Party is now running the petitioning operation for the Independence Party in Queens.  Parkside took over after Crowley pick for congress Grace Meng was knocked off the Independent line because she did not get enough signatures to qualify.  A Court, Not Votes, Sustains a Political Machine in Queens (NYT) 

Remember the Arab Spring in Egypt Has Resulted in A Muslim Brotherhood Victory and Continued Military Dictatorship
Michael Powell takes a amusing tour through on our own “Arab Spring”--the series of competitive primaries being held in the outer boroughs.

Pay to Play Indy Party Corrupt
Indy Party chief in jam over wife loan The wife of the chairman of the state Independence Party solicited and received a $10,000 business loan from a candidate who got the party's coveted endorsement days later. (NYP) * MacKay and Co. overturned local recommendations in Western NY, favoring incumbents over challengers. * MacKay Under Fire * Frank vs. Frank, Take II

GOP Consultant Jay Golub Splits the Vote for Meng

Election 2012  Labor party: AFL backs Rangel(NYP) * Running for the House on Pride in His Roots, and Pure Energy(NYT)  Senator Adriano Espaillat, who is challenging Representative Charles B. Rangel, hopes that his connection with Dominican constituents and quick pace will help him win.*  Velazquez, Dilan Both Remain Confident Before Their Congressional Primary(NY1) * Demolition Donkey (City and State) With redistricting scrambling the maps and an early summer congressional primary date scuttling turnout expectations, several longtime House members have bowed out of office or are staring down spirited challenges. Here’s a look at the crowd of downstate Democratic contenders as they dash to the finish in a handful of bruising primaries. Daily News Endorses in Rangel Race: Vote for Clyde Williams for Congress on Primary Day (NYDN Ed) Harlem resident is the best candidate to replace Charles Rangel* Charlie Rangel isn’t changing his strategy:  “It’s not a challenge that requires any type of original effort. Same thing, same people.” * El Diario endorsed Grace Meng. * The DN gives Clyde Williams his second newspaper endorsement (after the NYT), calling Rep. Charlie Rangel a “bare shadow of his former self” and Sen. Adriano Espaillat “a genial pol whose field of vision is far too narrow for Washington.” * Fueled by Power Bars, Espaillat is shuttling between his day job in Albany and campaigning in NY-13 while trying to bring “new ideas, new energy” to the district.* Another of Rangel’s Democratic primary opponents, former model Craig Schley, has been delinquent in filing paperwork with the FEC.* The NYC real estate industry is backing Councilman Erik Dilan’s primary challenge to Rep. Nydia Velazquez.* Assemblywoman Grace Meng admits her campaign got off to a rocky start. Her biggest backer, Queens Democratic Chairman/Rep. Joe Crowley, has a lot riding on her success.* “Oh, did I mention Israel? He’s a fierce defender of Israel.” RT Ed Koch Cuts Radio Ad for Hakeem Jeffries * GOP Primary School (C&S) * Can Stop-and-Frisk Be 'Mended'? () No - we must end, not mend, . * Meng portrays herself as the independent choice, despite County support(City and State) * Not True: Krishnan’s claim to fame, as it were, is that he is the first Indian-American to be running for " * * State Senator Adriano Espaillat criticizes Rangel for not having enough energy. [John Eligon] * Christine Quinn will have a fund-raiser in L.A. on Thursday. Among the hosts: Ari Emanuel. [Page Six]* Challenger Erik Dilan has raised more than $70,000 from the real estate industry, compared to Rep. Nydia Velazquez's $1,000. [Dana Rubinstein] * Stringer Files Amicus Brief In Support Of Bloomberg Taxi Plan, Rebukes de Blasio(NYO) * Grace Meng Says She’s Not Collecting Signatures for Reelection(NYO) * Giuliani Robos For Rep. Turner(YNN) * Meng Camp Spins El Diario Nod(YNN) * Joining Growing Field, Yen Chou Registers To Run For Meng Seat(City and State) * Rush Limbaugh Weighs In On Brooklyn’s Bieber-gate, Has High Praise For Bob Turner(NYO) * Boro's newest elected, Storobin, starts Albany career with law to ban gay marriage (Brnooklyn Daily) * Turner Campaign Accuses Gillibrand of Disrupting Patriotic Sing-A-Long(NYO) * Rory Lancman said it’s a two-way race. Not everyone agrees. * Charles Barron is advertising the fact he won an online poll on City & State. * Adriano Espaillat on his Rangel Race: “This is about the future, not about the past and the favors that you did to cronies and friends.”
* Hotels, restaurants and bars are forming a lobbying supergroup.

2 Months Ago True News Said Boss Lopez was Going for A Knockout Punch Today the Capital Agrees
Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez Tet Offensive On Everything He Does Not Control 
Vito Lopez Takes A Bow and Goes for the Kill! (True News, April 17, 2012)


True News Wag the Capital

Israel, Policing Are Major Conflicts In NY1 Debate For Queens Congressional Seat *Lancman Spox: "Collapse" of Crowley's "Idealess and Issueless Campaign"* Lancman sent out some rather negative mail, hitting Meng and NYC Councilwoman Liz Crowley. 

Cuomo Plan: teacher evaluations without the names attached. Parents however would get the name of their kids’ specific teachers without the need of a formal meeting with a principal.
No deal is good deal(NYP Ed) The New York Post opines that the failure of lawmakers in Albany to reach a deal on limiting access to teacher evaluations is a rare occasion when the education status quo is actually good for students* Cuomo Tries to Save Teacher Rankings Deal(NYT) * Push to restrict public release of teacher evaluations gets last-minute reprieve (NYDN) *  Gov. Cuomo introduces bill just before midnight * Cuomo made a last-minute bid just before midnight Monday to salvage a possible deal with teachers unions and lawmakers to limit the public disclosure of teacher evaluations * Silver: No teacher evaluation disclosure deal expected(WABC) * Cuomo said coming up with a data release agreement is “not urgent,” though the information will be available via Freedom of Information request this fall if Albany fails to act.* Cuomo Says He’s Done Negotiating On Teacher Evals(YNN) * Assembly set to pass Cuomo bill requiring limited disclosure of teacher evals(NYP) * NYSUT and the UFT support Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s teacher performance evaluation data release bill.*

State Assembly To Vote On Teacher Evaluations Bill, Senate Future Uncertain (NY1)

Inside the Board of
 Elections Counting Process

Board Of Elections Looks To Speed Up Vote-Counting Process(NY1)

Extra Election this year will cost NYC an additional $23 million(City And State)

Albany the Same Old Bullshit
Where bad ideas go to thrive(r4YDN) Collective bargaining for doctors? As the session winds down in Albany, that and another troubling proposal could slip through, Too many Albany lawmakers view every perceived social ill as a nail to be hammered by the state.* Bill Hammond: The Legislature is wrapping up its session this week with the seeming orderliness and lack of drama that has become Albany’s new normal under the strong hand of Gov. Cuomo.//Don’t be fooled. Below that calm surface, Albany’s bad old habits are very much alive and kicking.//Lawmakers still view every perceived social ill as a nail to be hammered by the state government. They still posture for publicity, carry water for special interests and rush their handiwork through without meaningful vetting. (DN) * Legislation to be afraid of: one that gives doctors "bargaining" power against H.M.O.s, and another that drags the government into investigating claims of unpaid salaries for freelancers. [Bill Hammond]

Morning After Another Late Night Session In Albany
Andy ‘booze’ secret(NYP) Former Gov. David Paterson, interviewing Cuomo on his radio show, praised him for accomplishing so much and added, “We’re all scratching our heads to try and figure out how you’ve done this.” Cuomo joked, “Large quantities of alcohol late at night with multiple lawmakers.” * Cuomo also told a radio host his secret for ending the dysfunction in Albany: “Large quantities of alcohol late at night with multiple lawmakers.”

No Albany Pot Stop and Frisk Deal Expected
Andrew Cuomo’s plan to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana appears to be foundering. *  Marijuana Plan Appears Doomed in Albany(NYT) Cuomo’s proposal to decriminalize the possession of a small amount of marijuana appears to be near defeat, and no other major deals are expected before officials leave Albany. Facing resistance from the Republican-controlled Senate, a proposal by Gov. Cuomo to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana appeared near defeat on Monday, The New York Times writes that the city will have to do much more to calm public anger about the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policies and bring the program into line with constitutional law * Put the pot back on the burner. Governor Cuomo's plan to decriminalize marijuana possession hits Republican resistance.(NY Mag) * Bloomberg has to do more than deliver speeches at black churches to "mend" stop-and-frisk. [New York Times]* After passing same-sex marriage and raises taxes on high-income earners, Republicans in the State Senate, are reluctant to decriminalize small possession of marijuana, which the Conservative Party opposes. [Thomas Kaplan] * Political Pressure Caused Cuomo's Pot Plan to Go Up in Smoke(WPIX)

Three Men in the Room Last Minute Deals in Albany
Lawmakers could vote as soon as Wednesday on the creation of the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, a new watchdog agency, the Times-Union reports * The state Legislature is expected to pass a bill to encourage organ donation by expanding the donor options on driver’s license applications, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle writes * The Cuomo administration and the union representing state prison guards have reached a tentative contract agreement, the Times-Union writes: * Despite some very public opposition from advocate Michael Carey, lawmakers could vote on the Justice Center deal as early as tomorrow.  * The Rev. Duane Motley, of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, accused Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of “providing cover” for Bloomberg by refusing to pass a bill designed to reverse the ban on churches’ use of New York City public schools.* Skelos: Senate GOP Won’t Jump On Disclosure Bill(YNN) * Silver Still Holding Out Hope For Minimum Wage(YNN)

Fat Chance for Outer Borough MTA Improvements Where There Are Already Two Scheduled Fare Hikes in 2013

Jackpot! Aqueduct in top $lot(NYP) * The Resorts World racino at Aqueduct now tops the nation in slot machine revenue, generating $57.5 million during May, according to state gambling data.

Curtis Sliwa Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Being Shot(C7S)

The Greatest Parks Commissioner
And Another Leaves
His Domain Transformed, Parks Chief Is Leaving(NYT) * Parks Chief Steps Down After 10 Years(WSJ) * City Hall Official To Replace Outgoing Parks Commissioner(NY1) * NYC Parks Commissioner to step down(NYDN) * Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe ends a very successful tenure (NYDN Ed) The city’s greenswards are bigger and better than ever * Parks Commissioner leaves for national organization(WABC) * A lot of people were surprised at his replacement--Veronica White, the Executive Director of the Center for Economic Opportunity,

Breaking: State Board of Regents Approves

Bloomberg All Out War With UFT
Hizzoner raps UFT on pervs (NYDN) * City Moves Ahead to Replace Staff at 24 Failing Schools(NYT) * Nearly 3,700 City Educators Alerted They No Longer Have Jobs(NY1)

Port Authority refuses to release $70K study of toll impact on economy (SI Advance)

Fed-up families plead for feds' help on 9/11 Museum (NY Metro)

A proposal for a power line under parts of the Hudson River and Lake Champlain to deliver electricity to New York City has created an odd alliance between the Sierra Club and energy companies, the Journal writes: * The Sierra Club is teaming up with the owners of Indian Point Nuclear Plant to stop the construction of a power line beneath the Hudson River that would deliver energy to New York City. 

An aide to City Councilman Leroy Comrie is Running for the Ballot in Sierra Leone
Council Aide Seeks a Slot on Ballot in Sierra Leone(NYT) * French Elect New Yorker to National Assembly(NYT)

Jail for Ex-Westchester Legislator in Tax Case(NYT) Nicholas Spano, who spent nearly three decades representing Westchester County as a state senator and assemblyman, was sentenced on Monday to a year and a day in jail for tax evasion * he Journal News calls Spano’s punishment “well deserved.”

The Making of A President 2012
Romney in ‘leak’ attack(NYP) * Road Trip Helps Romney Brush Up on Banter(NYT) * Barack Obama is trying to make Mitt Romney into the candidate of old, straight, white men.  * On Hannity, Neil Munro Defends Interrupting Obama During Speech *Michael Medved Takes On Ed Show Panel On Racist Charge Against Daily Caller Obama Heckler * Popular Latino Talk Show Host Endorses Obama(Huff Post) * Undocumented Journalist Speaks Out About Obama Immigration Move(Time) * NYT editor defends paper over leaks controversy (Huff Post) * Report: Mayor Stops Short Of Romney Endorsement(NY1) * Frank Rich says liberals should go proudly and severely negative. (NYMag) * Romney Is a Lot Like Thomas E. Dewey - Bob Shrum, The Daily Beast * Obama's Puzzling Immigration Decision - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * Romney's Unmade Mind - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * A White House Mess as Dems Start to Gripe - John Podhoretz, New York Post * Why Does Gallup Find Less Support for Obama? - Mark Blumenthal,HuffPo *  Is Gallup Actually Biased Against Obama? - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard * Obama & Oil: The Voters Won't Be Fooled - Jim McTague, Barron's * The Mystery of Michelle Obama's Roots - Rachel Swarns, RealClearPolitics * Immigration Policy by Executive Order - Los Angeles Times * The President Is Not the King - San Diego Union-Tribune *Morning Joe: Obama Camp Using Things Like ‘Urban DJ Program’ To Counteract GOP ‘Old White Men’ * Romney camp vetting Marco Rubio after all: (TPM) *   The Democrats’ chances of taking back the House majority appear to be slipping away. * Protesters in Michigan say they were paid to heckle Mitt Romney. * Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says he won’t comment on the DREAM Act until Mitt Romney takes a stand on the issue.* Problem for Obama: This Isn't 2008 - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post * Obama Grows Gov't Not the Economy - Sen. Tom Coburn, Washington Times * Romney's Way: Let Middle Class Pay the Rich's Tab - Donna Brazile, CNN * Obama Saved the Unions, Not Detroit - Conn Carroll, Washington Examiner * What If Mitt Romney Were Jewish? - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg *  State Polls: Washington (Elway): Obama +8 | Colorado (PPP): Obama +7

Daily Show Mocks Sarah Jessica Parker Fundraiser With Sex And The City Spoof Featuring S.E. Cupp


Colbert Interrupts Obama’s Immigration Policy Announcement

Hunter gives explosive details, rips Elizabeth Edwards in new book(NYP)

Law and Order

Harlem ‘fence’ stays upHarlem ‘fence’ stays up(NYP) * Harlem Residents Complain About Scope Of NYPD Checkpoints(NY1) * Streets in Harlem barricaded at night to prevent violen(WABC)

‘Soccer Mom’ madam doesn't take bail money from lawyer(NYDN) * Alleged madam not leaving Rikers today, $250K bail collateral still not ready(NYP)

More vile Nazi graffiti eyed (NYDN)

‘Squatter-harass’ bikers: We’re angels(NYP)

Rutgers Case Will Not Spur Deportation, Officials Say(NYT) Dharun Ravi, who was convicted of using a webcam to spy on his roommate, Tyler Clementi, is expected to be released Tuesday after serving 20 days in jail.* Ravi Avoids Deportation(WSJ) * Rutgers Web cam spy freed from jail after serving 20 days behind bars(NYP)

Cell app tracks ‘attacker’(NYP) *Shot Fired at Duane Reade Cashier in Robbery Attempt(NYT) * Two Men Charged In Connection With Harlem Pit Bull Attack(NY1) * DA: Queens School Employee Will Not Face Sex Abuse Charges(ny1) * Bronx gang Murda Moore Gangstas dismantled(NYDN) * Pelham Parkway Houses residents still reeling(NYDN) * Bust livery driver in sex assault (NYDN) * Hops to jail for 4 mos. in hare heist (NYDN) * No molest rap  for teach aide (NYDN) * Boy who stabbed mom’s abusive boyfriend fears he’ll come(NYDN)
* Lawsuit over hate crime stabbing thrown out of court(NYDN) * Chris Brown and Drake get alibi from Meek Mill(NYDN) 

Police release video of suspects in fatal robbery(NYDN) * EXCLUSIVE: Man To Be Charged With Arson, Murder In Deadly(WCBS) * Cops: 65-Year-Old Bronx School Bus Driver Beaten Into Coma (WCBS) * Cops: Suspect Ordered Accomplice To Shoot Duane Reade Cashier(WCBS) * Bridge-climb fotog busted(NYP) * Young girl attacked by pit bull in Harlem(WABC) * 4 NY Boys Accused of Sexually Assaulting Girls(NBC) * Woman Jailed in NYC for '02 Traffic Ticket(NBC) * 8 Occupy Protesters Convicted of Trespassing(NBC) * Suspects Shoot at Duane Reade Cashier(NBC) * The Manhattan DA is investigating a forgery and grade inflation scheme at Baruch *

Terrorism Guilty Plea in N.Y. al Qaeda Case(NYT) * Brooklyn man Wesam El-Hanafi pleads guilty to aiding Al Qaeda