Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Brooklyn DA Hynes Reacts to Demands for A Special Prosecutor 

Holy hell in B’klyN (NYP) DA unveils 96 molest cases After months of prodding, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes finally released an expanded accounting of the nearly 100 perverts he says he has prosecuted in the borough’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. He showed The Post summaries of 96 cases, that reveal a shocking pattern of rape, sodomy, incest, kidnapping and sex attacks on children. Move over, Joe (NYP Ed)Critics suggesting a double standard in how such crimes are prosecuted. Former Mayor Ed Koch has even suggested that Gov. Cuomo supersede Hynes and appoint a special prosecutor to handle such cases. It’s an idea worth considering.* Few Politicians Will Challenge Hynes On Kol Tzedek Secrecy(Jewish Week) * Brooklyn DA reveals new details on nearly 100 Orthodox sex abuse cases(NYP) * DA Releases Report On Nearly 100 Orthodox Jews Being Investigated (WCBS)
*Letting Haredi Sex Criminals Off EasyLetting Haredi Sex Criminals Off
* Credit Where Credit Is Due (NY Public Editor) fairness dictates what the emerging expectations of the Internet era also dictate: readers should be told more clearly about precedent coverage by others.The Times has little to lose in doing so, except perhaps the impression that it got the story alone. * NY Mag 2006 On the Rabbi's KneeDo the Orthodox Jews have a Catholic-priest problem?

Posters in Community Attack the Family of the Girl Who Reported A Sex Crime, Raised Money for the Man Accused and Liken the Charges to A Missile Hitting Israel
Hynes says that he has pursued scores of predators through a program called Kol Tzedek, Hebrew for “voice of justice,” launched in 2009, and has put some despicable offenders in prison for years. But many avoided stiff jail sentences with wrist-slap plea deals, several got no punishment, and others had charges dropped or reduced after victims backed out under community pressure.

Yesterday Brooklyn DA Covers His Ass in Orthodox Abuse Scandal

A Stadium Rally on the Internet’s Dangers(NYT)

Lawsuit Suggest Sex Blackmail Against UFT President
UFT ‘sex coverup’(NYP) Uft President Mike Mulgrew was caught “in flagrante delicto” with a guidance counselor at William Grady HS, where he taught before becoming the union’s boss, a bombshell lawsuit charges. Ostrowsky, 35, names Mayor Bloomberg, Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott, Mulgrew and the UFT, claiming the teachers union conspired with school officials to quash the scandal. It accuses the city of using the favor to “extort” labor concessions. A teacher Ostrowsky, a 10-year veteran, claims in the suit he’s being “targeted” for termination because an assistant principal gave him his first “unsatisfactory” rating last December. Supervisors also ordered him to undergo a DOE medical/psychological exam, but he wasn’t found to be unfit. * Walcott dangles a bribe(NYP Ed
Bloomberg Presidential Endorsement On Hold
Mayor is Mitt or miss (NYP) Endorse dilemma “He’s closer to one of them on social issues, he’s closer to the other on fiscal issues,” said one person in the Bloomberg camp. “He’s closer to one of them on social issues, he’s closer to the other on fiscal issues,” said one person in the Bloomberg camp.

The People's Burden?
Amanda Burden Wants to Remake New York. She Has 19 Months Left.(NYT) Fans of Amanda M. Burden, the planning commissioner, call her a visionary who will leave behind a much-improved city. But critics say the sum total of her ambitions will be a gentrified city and no longer a place for working-class New Yorkers. * Amanda Burden gets buffed (again) in the Times; what's missing: where things didn't work out as promised (BK waterfront, Downtown Brooklyn), where the city punted (Atlantic Yards), and the failure to plan

Candidate in 6th Congressional District 

Gottlieb, Jeff
City Council  (2001)
Gottlieb was accused of trying to split the vote in the 6th CD until the NYP called his an arsonist and her drop out.  Queens candidate has criminal past - Now Rory Lancman thinks Mittman is dividing the Jewish community.  More on Jay Golub (Room Eight) More on the Race for the 6th Congressionial District(True News) * FOR MENG CONSULTANT, A HISTORY OF VOTE-SPLITTING * Jay Golub Signs on With Mittman after working for Gottlieb the splitter (C&S)

Deutsche Bank Fire Settlement

Widow of Firefighter Killed in Deutsche Bank Blaze to Settle for $10 Mil(DNAINFO)New York City and Bovis Lend Lease agreed to pay the widow of Joseph Graffagnino, according to reports.*

Bovis Lend Lease fined $56 million for fraud - Chicago Tribune

Closing of Peninsula Hospital in Rockaway Raises Fears(NYT)

Boro Park Security Cameras
Pilot Program Named After Leiby Kletzky To Put Security Cameras In Borough Park, Flatbush(CBS) * 150 New Security Cameras Honor Leiby Kletzky(NBC)

The city's first $1 million parking space is on the market(NYP)

Jokin’ Jagger stones pols on SNL(NYP) * Mick Jagger Performs Presidential Election Song, References Romney’s Unfortunate Hair-Cutting Past

Dissident From China Arrives in U.S., Ending an Ordeal(NYT) * Chen case offers glimpse into how leadership in China operates(Wash Post)


Ex-Libyan intelligence officer convicted in Pan Am tragedy passes away(NYP)



NYC Home of the 1% ers
More Earners at Extremes in New York Than in U.S.(NYT) A city comptroller’s office study found that the wealthiest 1 percent of New Yorkers had nearly one-third of all personal income in 2009, almost double the comparable proportion nationwide.



True News Top Stories of the Week
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2. Teachers' Union President Demands Ousting Of Bloomberg-Era School Policies (NY1)
3. Bloomberg Among Critics of Prosecutor in Brooklyn(NYT) 
4. Where Was No Attempt Made to Stop Elizabeth Crowley From Running for Congress?  (TN)
5. Dems betray the NYPD(Goodwin, NYP)  
6.  Espada and Son to Face New Trial(WSJ)
13. Ms. Quinn You Work for the People of New York City Including the Bloggers (True News)
14. In One Generation Reporters Have Gone From Seekers of the Truth to Press Agents to Pols  
15.Controller John Liu rightly slapped down by appeals court (NYDN Ed)
16. Just $ickening! (NYP) Health clinic pays Pedro’s legal bills 
17. Cops’ moving viola-$huns(NYP) 
25.  New Coalition to Challenge Bloomberg’s Education Policies(NYT)  
26. Where Was No Attempt Made to Stop Elizabeth Crowley From Running for Congress? (TN)
27. ‘Clinically’ dead in Bx.(NYP)
28. State ethics watchdog off to a slow start (NYDN Ed)
29. Bloomberg:  
30. Joe Ricketts’s Retreat From Obama Attack Campaign: Are the Chicago Cubs to Blame? (DB)

True News Look Back In History 

New York City asks for a bailout (1975)(Video)


Bloomberg Snow Day
Mike's flaky excuse over blizzard(NYDN)
Mayor Bloomberg's whereabouts during blizzard unclear   Public schedule for 2010 fails to account for more than 24 hours while deadly storm battered city



Just stop! Frisking saves lives: Bloomy(NYP) * Kelly: NYPD Will Retrain Officers In Stop-And-Frisk Policy(NY1)* Slay what? Brooklyn’s tops in city murders(NYDN)* Bloomberg on stop and frisk: ‘We don’t racial profile’ (NYDN) *  CCRB: 'Our Situation Is Critical'(WSJ) An independent New York City agency that was recently awarded broad new powers to prosecute allegations of police misconduct said this week that hiring restrictions imposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration have significantly hindered its ability to investigate cases.* The NYPD’s hottest stop-and-frisk spots(New York World

Espada's Health Care Center Terminal

Prior To The Fall: The Kruger You May Not Recall(Canarsie Courier)

Teacher Buyouts and A Makeup Test Postponed
Walcott dangles a bribe(NYP Ed)Walcott found himself reduced to offering bribes — of yet-unknown amounts — to hundreds of burnt-out or otherwise useless teachers, just to get them to go away.   Shows the kind of hammerlock the teachers union has on city schools. * City, Unions Agree that Hiring Can Begin for 24 Schools(NYT) * Buyouts Offered to Hundreds of City Teachers (WSJ) * Arbitrator To Decide Fate Of Two Dozen City Schools(NY1) * Walcott Announces Buyout Program For City Teachers Without Permanent Positions(NY1) SAT Service Cites ‘Lapses’ in Invalidating Scores(NYT) * Make-Up Exam Postponed For Brooklyn Students Who Had SATs Invalidated(NY1)* More headaches for kids whose SAT scores were tossed over(NYDN) * SAT make-up test in Brooklyn postponed(WABC) * SAT Exam Retake for Nearly 200 Canceled(NBC) * N.Y. Students Must Return for 1 Last (Half) Day(NYT) * Queens principal caught inflating costs of student uniforms(NYDN)* City plans to close dozens of after school programs across(NYDN) * Lehman HS Class of ‘08 alums graduating from Ivy League(NYDN) * The NYC Department of Education to End the School Year As Inconveniently As Possible(NY Mag) * Only Two NYC High Schools Among Top 50 Nationwide: Hunter College, Bronx Science(NY Mag) * 13th Congressional Race Mr. Clyde Williams (100% the Bronx)


Campaign 2012  NY1 Online: Joyce Johnson Discusses Her Campaign for Congress(NY1) * Crowley exposed as puppet of police union(Queens Crap) *Azi  “I said, ‘If you don’t support Charlie, I’m going 2 run against you,’ ”-- aide to St Senator Bill Perkins, via * Click here to find out more!Rep. Charlie Rangel strong-armed ally for endorsement (Fox 5) * Rangel threat to ‘ally’(NYP)Bullies pol for endorsement * Korean-American Business Leader and Newsman Eying Meng’s Seat(C&S) * Kirsten Gillibrand endorses Nydia Velasquez for reelection to * Ed Koch won't run for NYC Mayor again because NYers who threw him out of office in 1989 "must be punished!" (CBS) * Sylvia Kinard for Congress Against Yvette Clarke (Our Times Press)* Lloyd Constantine, a former top aide to ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, writes: “For many people of a certain age, the real Cuomo family signature moment involved the manner in which Andrew assisted Republicans in their effort to maintain control of the state Senate, despite their rapidly shrinking popularity with New York’s voters.” * Soon-to-be-former state Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs is staying active in politics and hosted a fundraiser for Rangel at his Nassau County home.* Member Oliver Koppell will endorse St Senator for Congress" * Meng promises change if elected (Queens Chronicle)

Now, @CardinalDolan(NYT) * Here Comes Nobody(Dowd, NYT) Suffocating debate and resisting modernity, the Catholic Church shrinks its appeal.  

Halloran To Take Temporary Step Away From City Council Seat(NY1)







Cuomo to Send the NYRA to the Glue Factory
Cashing out a bad bet(NYP) Cuomo may soon be sending the New York Racing Association off to the glue factory — and not a moment too soon.

Subway Packed
Subways on steep ‘clime’(NYP) The city’s teeming subways averaged 5.5 million trips during weekdays in March, a 45-year high that the agency credits in part to the month’s balmy temps.* Subway Car Is a Writers’ Workshop on the Way to Queens and Back(NYT) *

Great GoogaMooga Festival draws fans to Prospect Park(NYDN)

For McCullough, at 78, 'The Great Bridge' reigns supreme(Broklyn Eagle)




Precious Ruby’s back(NYP) 

Rockaway resorts get a new operator(NYDN)






Medicaid Overpaid New York on Disabled Care, U.S. Says(NYT)


Orthodox Families Give Midwood a Boost(WSJ)

Restoring a Bridge, and a Link Between Neighbors(NYT) The long-closed High Bridge, for which the Highbridge section of the Bronx is named, is to be restored, and some residents hope it will lead to a little more community pride.


The Making of A President 2012

John Boehner's Debt Sword--at the Ready - Dana Milbank, Washington Post * Obama's Economy: Less Work, Less Reward - Mort Zuckerman, US News * Mitt Romney Fails to See America - Colbert King, Washington Post * Obama's Pastor & the Ricketts Smear - Ana Marie Cox, The Guardian * Like 2008, Media Plays Defense for Obama - Ben Shapiro, Big Journalism * "Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln" - Charles Blow, New York Times * Could Obama Cost Arkansas Dems the Legislature? - Alan Greenblatt, NPR * Can the U.S. Lead the World Back to Prosperity? - Steve Forbes, Forbes * Mitt Romney, Servant of the Right - Jamelle Bouie, American Prospect * Why Obama Is Sweating JP Morgan - Noam Scheiber, The New Republic * Is Obama Paving the Way to Dump Biden? - Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard * Members of the Class of 2012: You're F*cked - Robert Reich, Huffington Post * Congress Must OK Military Intervention - Sen. Jim Webb, The Daily Beast * Obama and the Arc of the Rainbow - The Nation * Obama's Electoral Lock Is About to Be Picked - Washington Times * Daily Tracking: : 46%, : 45%..
.***Sunday Charting the Journey to Obama’s Shift on Afghanistan(NYT) * In Defense of Voting Rights(NYT Ed) In a crucial ruling, a federal judge upheld the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act. * NAACP Endorses Gay Marriage  * Obama not invited to Barney Frank's wedding this summer: "It would ruin the party to have the Secret Service."  * How the Mormon Church Shaped Mitt Romney(NYT) * Bring Back the Real Maverick (NYT) * Michelle Obama’s campaign strategy: Staying away from hot-button issues(Wash Post)
Problem Is in Boardrooms, Not Our Bedrooms - Robert Reich, SF Chron * When the Looter Is the Government - George Will, Washington Post * Preying on the Poor - Barbara Ehrenreich, The Nation * Who Is Obama? The Question That Won't Go Away - Roger Kimball, PJM * How the Mormon Church Shaped Romney - Jodi Kantor, New York Times * Obama to Joe Sixpack: Get Lost - Mickey Kaus, The Daily Caller * Romney's Character Assassination Game - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast * What's at Stake in Wisconsin - Christopher Toner, Wall Street Journal *  Supreme Court's Campaign Bombshell - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times * The GOP Campaign Against Women - New York Times * Dysfunction in Congress Threatens Economy - Las Vegas Sun * Newark Super Mayor Cory Booker Slams Obama Campaign for Anti-Bain Ad(NY Mag) * How Obama Should Frame the Campaign - Andrew Rosenthal, NY Times * Biden's Words Fall on Deaf Ears in Ohio - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh T-R * Obama, Stop Condescending to Women - Campbell Brown, New York Times * Obama's Oprah Problem - Lee Habeeb, National Review *  Cory Booker, Surrogate From Hell - Steve Kornacki, Salon * Bob Schieffer: Politics Is 'Broken'(CBS) * Romney’s campaign is hopeful about winning New Hampshire.* Cory A. Booker Criticizes Obama’s Bain Ad (NYT) * CNN's Candy Crowley To RNC Chair: How Will Higher Minority Birth Rate Impact GOP Support? (VIDEO) * White House visitor logs show lobbying going strong (Wash Post) * Booker walks back criticism of Obama campaign tactics (MSNBC)

New York Post's Scathing Attack On Facebook(Huff Post)

A Human Antenna of Breaking News(NYT)

Police Release Sketches Of Suspects Wanted In Bronx Man's Death(NY1)

Cop cleared of rape weighs suit(NYP)

Law and Order

Police: Two Men Wanted In Connection With iPhone Robbery(WCBS)* Suspects sought in violent iPhone robbery(WABC)