Monday, May 21, 2012

Is NY Married to Continued Tech Disasters?

NY's Tech Management Disaster Cannot Be Fixed By the Same Clueless Leadership
The NYT pretends into today's editorial that the 911 failure is an isolated failure in the city's tech management. What happened to the largest scandal in the city's history, CityTime? Does the NYT think CityTime had anything to do with tech? NYT focuses on the problems in the 911 system.  Why don't they the NYT look at the failure of the city's leadership to detect the problems in the city's tech programs and fix them?  Perhaps it has to do with their guilty conscience of having to report on the failure of the mayor's management skills after they and every other newspaper told us in 2009 that term limits should be changed to take advantage of Bloomberg's management skills. It also show hot ineffective the city council has been in check and balancing the mayor's management.  Now Both the mayor and the NYT want to put Quinn who did not do anything to correct NY's tech disaster. * Mike Bloomberg said that if Christine Quinn becomes mayor, Kim Catullo could be known as “the first partner.” * A Bloomberg aide says the mayor may make an endorsement in the 2012 race. [David Seifman]

Mayor Bloomberg’s 911 Call (NYT Ed) New York’s new, high-priced emergency dispatch system still has too many problems. A management report which a judge ordered to be made public


The 1% Over Represented in NYC

More Earners at Extremes in New York Than in U.S.(NYT) A new study from New York City Comptroller John Liu’s office says that the wealthiest 1 percent of New York City residents took in nearly one-third of the personal income in the city in 2009 — almost double the comparable proportion nationwide * More Queens seniors on food stamps(NYDN) *Economists skeptical of city's record job gains(CrainsNY)



Campaign 2012 Senate Considers Mandatory Notification Of Drug Shortages(NY1) * Adriano Espaillat on his campaign to unseat Charlie Rangel: ”The race is about the American dream, and I believe in it.” “I’m a country boy from Santiago running for Congress. That says a lot about the US in terms of opportunity.” * Crowley caught lying about school funding(Queens Politics/Crap) * Queens Dems Back Iannece For Lancman Seat(YNN) * Adriano Espaillat: "Every community wants to have its Jackie Robinson moment." [Carl Campanile] * Bill de Blasio: "The same week as the commissioner announced these changes the mayor was saying it was impossible to change stop-and-frisk one iota." [Up Close]*Scott Stringer Tells New Jersey Why They Should Give Us Money(NYO) * Building Trades Council For Crowley(City and State) * Halloran Sees Lancman As Most Formidable(City and State) * How Liz Crowley Spent Her Morning(City and State) * Queens Dems endorse Iannece, delay pick for Meng's seat  Dems Pick Jerry For AD25(Queens Politics) * PEF For Jeffries(YNN) * Citing ‘A New District,’ Koppell Endorses Espaillat(NYO) * Congressman Charles Rangel on THE PEREZ NOTES   *Quinn Calls Ravi Ruling A ‘Slap In The Face’(NYO) * Rep. Charlie Rangel: “It would surprise me if the president could have time enough to get involved in any primary races. His concern is the party. His concern is the majority. I’m flattered that reporters would ask, but I would not have asked myself from the president…to get involved in my race.” *  The Queens Democrats held off on endorsing a candidate for Assemblywoman Grace Meng’s seat. * Yetta Raises With Peter Max(NYO)

Nussbaum Is No Joke: Mixing Politics and Journalism Destroys Both

Publisher and mayoral candidate Tom Allon sends over this mocked-up front page of a paper he owns, humorously imagining a mayoral victory over City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.   Allon jokes touches on an topic that has become a serious issue in the 6th congressional district campaign.  Congressional candidate Rory Lancman has demanded that his opponent Grace Meng fire Michael Nussbaum who is working in her campaign and is an owner of Queens Tribune newspaper chain which is know to attack candidates running against the Queens machine. Although to date there is no evidence that Allon is following in Nussbaum steps of using his paper to further his political agenda like Nussbaum.  Any candidate who owns newspapers and running for mayor should be careful, even with the jokes he makes  True News: A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and PoliticiansMore on Nssbaum * Liberal Party Holds Endorsement Interviews (At Offices Of Allon’s Media Company) (City and State) * Tom Allon says the main goal of his candidacy is bringing back the Liberal Party. (Perez Notes) * A Long Shot Mulls Switch To the GOP - * Tom Allon blended work and politics, twice.

Kelly Demands to Know Why the Civil Liberties Union Has Done Nothing About Black on Black Violence
The NYPD vs. minorities? No way (NYDN Ed) Our critics are wrong about our tactics * Half of subway stop-and-frisks are criminals, says former commanding officer (NYDN) In defending stop-and-frisk, Ray Kelly points out that most murders happened in just a few neighborhoods. Did the New York Civil Liberties Union and certain City Council members protest or demand something be done to reduce black-on-black violence? Not at all. Instead, they have directed their animus toward the Police Department *  Detractors say it still amounts to racial profilin * Transit cops bust teens on gun rap (NYDN) Ray Kelly: "One reason life expectancy was up was because murders were down.* CMs Letitia James and Melissa Mark-Viverito Urge City Not To Appeal Federal Lawsuit Regarding Stop-And-Frisk * NYPD Stop And Frisk: Ray Kelly Lashes Out At Critics In Daily News Editorial(Huff Post)

Daily News Says Sen Sampson's Reign Ending
Senate Minority Leader John Sampson's reign likely coming to end (NYDN), even if the Dems retake the chamber in November.  Not expected to retain post even if Democrats take majority * Lloyd Constantine says the governor learned to quietly help Senate Republicans from his father. (TU) RT Sampson Living On Borrowed Time in Senate: Sources (UPDATED) * Senate Minority Leader John Sampson brought up the DN report that his leadership days are numbered during a closed-door conference today. No members stood to defend him.


GOP Skelos Tightens Control of Boro Park With Helping Get $1 Million Grant for Surveillance Security




Crown Heights 56 Days Without A Shooting
Neighborhood Counting on Security(WSJ) In areas of Crown Heights where gentrification has yet to reach, residents and businesses say there is one number that matters most: the number of days since the neighborhood's last shooting."It's been 56 days since our last shooting," read the posters taped to the windows of a barbershop, a home supply store and a Kennedy Fried Chicken on Kingston Avenue, a busy commercial strip in Crown Heights.* FiveMyles Gallery fosters the arts in Crown Heights (NYDN)



5 precincts notch 25% of city's shootings(NYDN) FIVE OF THE city’s police precincts account for one-fourth of all shootings — which are on the rise citywide, even as murder continues to drop.


NYP Call End of Fingerprinting A Fine Win for Espada
Fingering fraud (NYP Ed) Espada was Albany’s biggest proponent of ending fingerprinting, sponsoring a 2010 bill that died in committee.

More Albany Liberals are pushing Andrew Cuomo to raise the minimum wage, “I think that the governor has a mixed record, and, frankly, doesn’t do anything for poor and working-class people that we don’t make him do,” Kevin Parker said. * Cuomo is under increasing pressure to reform the campaign finance system from which he is benefitting greatly.* oe Spector notes that Cuomo has done wonderfully under the campaign finance laws he now talks of reforming. (GNS) * Cuomo: Minimum Wage Hike Not Possible This Year (NYO) *Cuomo doesn't think minimum wage hike is 'possible' this year(NYP) * Silver Questions Cuomo Tack for Protecting Disabled People(NYT)

What About Carl Kruger, Brian Mclaughlin and Tony Seminerio?
It’s hardly uncommon for some in the minority community to believe that the white establishment uses its power to slander and destroy minority politicians who threaten the status quo. We saw the idea rising during the high-profile corruption trials of Councilman Larry Seabrook and Assemblyman William Boyland — and as City Comptroller John Liu’s campaign came under scrutiny. Brooklyn Councilwoman Tish James’ remark about the “invisible and permanent powers-that-be” trying to take down John Liu typifies that sentiment." [Michael Benjamin]

NYP Says the Crime is the Leak, We Though the Crime was Sen Libous’ Pay to Play Job for His Son
Every time you read a pol described by the the flacks this way "Libous hasn’t been charged — there’s no evidence a criminal investigation is even under way — and he denies any impropriety," you know the guy is guilty as hell. A caution for Cuomo(NYP) The state’s new ethics watchdog is off to a pretty rocky start — ethically speaking. The Post says that the leak of JCOPE’s investigation into Deputy Majority Leader Tom LibousWill Senate Republicans pursue who leaked news that the JCOPE is probing Tom Libous the same way they convened hearings on the 2007 travel records scandal? (GNS) *Some See JCOPE As J-JOKE(NYDN) * Fascinating to watch Skelos demand to know who leaked the Libous probe. He and Libous have been rivals for years...* Cuomo: Changes May Be Needed For JCOPE(YNN) * The Albany County DA’s office has received no requests that it investigate JCOPE.

Cuomo bluntly told officials from the New York Racing Association on Friday that the organization needed to shape and quickly come up with a plan to reform itself, the Times Union writes * Cuomo has had two unusual face-to-face meetings with NYRA trustees – so private his office won’t even acknowledge them – and laid out a one-week schedule for an overhaul plan.



Taxi fares might be going up considerably. * City officials announce public hearing on proposed taxi fare hike(NYP) * Taxi Panel May Raise Fares Up to 20%(NYT)





Down to One Hospital, Rockaway Braces for Summer Crowds(NYT) State officials closed Peninsula Hospital Center in April, leaving St. John’s Episcopal Hospital and walk-in clinics to pick up the slack.



The NYP Tries To Show UFT's Mulgrew the Door With No Hard Evidence
‘Sex coverup’ should force UFT Prez Mulgrew out: foes(NYP) * Suit: UFT head in classroom sex scandal(NYDN) * A new lawsuit claims that UFT president Michael Mulgrew was caught “in flagrante” with a teacher in a woodshop classroom several years ago, and that the city used the incident to blackmail the union into making contract concessions. The attorney who filed a lawsuit against UFT President Michael Mulgrew admits she has no hard evidence he was, as the suit alleges, caught in a sex act with a high school guidance counselor, saying it’s based on what “everyone in the school talked about.”* Bloomberg mocks teachers union over sex lawsuit (NYDN)


Students may soon be able to count classes in construction, culinary arts and engineering toward their graduation requirements, as the Board of Regents considers a plan that would allow them to forgo some of the traditional subjects. The plan will be discussed in Rochester today and tomorrow.  * Middle Class Smaller in New York City Than Nationally, Study Finds  * Williamsburg Charter Argues Bias Led to Closing Decisio (NYDN)




Unions Playing Politics May Leave Mental Disabled People Unprotected
Greedy union hits disabled (NYP) Ties reforms to bonuses The Civil Service Employees Association may kill Cuomo’s much-touted plan for an office to prosecute or discipline workers abusing people with mental disabilities who are under state care – unless they get an “absurd” giveback, the Post’s Fred Dicker writes * CSEA Hits Back Against Dicker Column(YNN)

Deutsche Bank Fire Settlement

Bovis Lend Lease fined $56 million for fraud - Chicago Tribune

Theyre off! Pols push sports bets(NYP) A Queens lawmaker wants to legalize betting on professional sports in New York — and his proposed legislation has the backing of one of the state’s top prosecutors, Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes,

Maybe the Mets Should Ban the Internet Also?
Orthodox Jews pack Citi Field for meeting on evils of the Internet(NYP) * Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally to Discuss Risks of Internet(NYT) * Ultra-Orthodox hold large NYC meeting on Net risks(WSJ)* Pray ball at Citi Field as ultra-Orthodox Jews denounce(NYDN) A sellout in a season where the average attendance at a Mets game has been barely half that. * f you haven’t read Adrianne Jeffries’ report on the Orthodox rally at CitiField last night, you should.

Brooklyn Bridge Park to expand under deal to settle Tobacco Warehouse lawsuit (NYDN) 38,000 square foot site to be turned into waterfront parkland

Google HQ Temp Tech College

Cornell’s High-Tech Campus Will Have a Temporary Home at Google(NYT)

Is Paterson Failing On Radio Also
According to Cindy Adams, Cuomo is “never scared” and former Pataki administration Parks Commissioner Bernadette Castro is joining former Gov. David Paterson on WOR to see if the “duo concept” works.





Flying Trains Will Be Leaving Grand Central For the Moon Before the Eastside Access Project is Completed
Clashing Underground(WSJ) On Monday, Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials are expected to again announce a new target date for completion of the $8.1 billion East Side Access project. * The east side access project--which is designed to bring more LIRR trains into Grand Central and clear up train congestion around Penn Station–faces further delays and cost overruns. * Feds Order Audit Of MTA East Side Access Project(NY1)



New York's Last Harbor Railway Chugs On as Alternative to Trucks(WSJ) The city's last floating railroad continues to ply New York Harbor, delivering freight from New Jersey to Brooklyn and back.



Food vendors, restaurateurs clash in Bay Ridge (NYDN) Restaurants and food cart vendors are battling in Bay Ridge, and some say fear of new immigrant populations in motivating the split.

The Making of A President 2012

Morning Joe Takes Aim At Cory Booker’s ‘Hostage Video’ * The Economy Election: 5 Groups Form 2 Camps - Susan Page, USA Today * Romney, Obama, and Voters: It's Complicated - David Corn, Mother Jones * The GOP's Sad Infatuation With Rev. Wright - Roland Martin, CNN * Desperate Obama Will Put Hillary on Ticket - Joseph Curl, Wash Times * Ohio Is Ground Zero This November - Alec MacGillis, The New Republic * Electoral Split Decision Could Divide U.S. - Michael Medved, Daily Beast * Bain Capitalism 101 - Wall Street Journal * Gender Politics in Congress - Washington Post *  Media says Obama evolved, not flip-flopped, on major issues through the years * Obama Campaign Discusses Editing Cory Booker’s Video(NYO) * Axelrod Calls Out Cory Booker: “He Was Just Wrong” (Buzzfeed) *Romney to raise about $10M in NY, CT(NYP) * Congress Is Getting Stupider, According to Lexical Analysis (gothamist) * Cory Booker Clarifies Criticism Of Obama's Campaign Tactics (VIDEO) * Forty-three Roman Catholic dioceses (including NYC), schools, social service agencies and other institutions filed lawsuits in 12 federal courts challenging the Obama administration’s contraception health insurance coverage rule. (Here’s the complete list of plaintiffs).* 
Congress is dumbing itself down, or perhaps communicating more effectively, depending on how you look at it. *Obama Campaign Denies Leaning On Cory Booker To Make ‘Hostage Video’ * Can Obama Beat Back Anti-Incumbent Fervor? - Paul Begala, Daily Beast * Rev. Wright & the "Vetting" Obsession - Paul Waldman, American Prospect * Obama's Roots Explain Left-Wing Presidency - Paul Mirengoff, Power Line * What Romney Should Have Learned at Bain - Ezra Klein, Washington Post * Bain Attacks Get More Awkward for Obama - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News * The GOP's Dukakis Problem - Theo Anderson, In These Times* Obama Defends Attacks on Romney's Work at Bain(NYT) * More trouble for Cory Booker: Sharpe James is eyeing a comeback. * Booker’s former opponent weighed in on the latest Bain dust-up. * Dick Cheney will host a fundraiser for Mitt Romney.  *  Marco Rubio tries to rally disillusioned Obama 08 voters. * The Karl Rove led American Crossroads SuperPAC has five times as much cash on hand as its Democratic counterpart. * Talk show host and Obama Super PAC donor Bill Maher wrote a Tweet describing Mormonism as “a cult.” * Chris Matthews charges Booker with 'sabotage', 'betrayal'(Politico) * Dolan Sues Obama Admin on Birth Control(NBC) * Obama Defends Attacks on Romney’s Work at Bain(NYT)

MF Global's Corzine got $8.4M in year before collapse(NYP)


Law and Order

Department of Sanitation cops ramp up patrols to combat increased scrap metal theft(NYP)  Metal-recycling heists cost $4M a year





WATCH: NYPD Sgt. captured on camera in filthy tirade(NYP)







East Village police station's locker room thefts continued even after guards assigned(NYP) * Police Search For Queens Sexual Attacker(NY1) * Michael Douglas's son appealing prison sentence(NYP) * Suspect arrested in Williamsburg homicid *'Psycho' scammer gets 13 2/3 to 41 years after grand larceny conviction (NYP) * Man who dressed up like his dead mom to collect her checks sentenced to 13-41 years in prison * Police: Teen Exposed Himself, Simulated Sex Act In Front(WCBS) *Crime statistics show subway felonies on the rise(WABC) * Chinatown Building Raided in Illegal Gambling Investiga(NBC) * Subway Crime Spikes: NYPD Data(NBC)