Friday, June 1, 2012

Fidler the Angry Bum Fooled the Pols, Press But Not the Voters

Broken Fidler: A Fake Exposed

On election night most of the clueless mayoral candidates showed up to celebrate a Fidler victory. What they got was shock that the election was tied and a song and dance presentation put on by Fidler and his handlers declaring victory.  Quinn, de Blasio and Thompson all came to the party in hopes of getting Fidler and his Thomas Jefferson Club support for mayor.  Quinn who give Fidler the third highest amount of member items used good city money to ensure that Fidler pick her.

The Press Still Loves the Faker Fidler
Most of the blogs last night published Filder Angry Bird explanation of his lose than the shocking result that a GOP new comer with no community experience beat him in a district he has represented for 25 years and is 7 to 1 registered democrat. The press loves Fidler because he is always on the phone giving them inside tips to stories. Instead of explaining how Fidler lost they write his dumb quotes "In his concession statement, Mr. Fidler quoted the Grateful Dead, noting “what a long, strange trip it’s been,” and offer his pathetic excuses."   
I Am A Victim of Less Votes
How can the press print that Fidler's charge that Storobin team violated the NYS election law.  An election law designed by Tammy Hall machines to keep people from voting.  As the number of people who vote in New York go down each year, the loser Fidler charges the New York State law simply does not permit early mail-in voting unless the voter are legally qualified to vote.  Some of the loser Fidler fake reformer friends who attached themselves to him early on when he look like the sure winning, should remind him that voter participation if very important in a democracy.  Maybe the reformers could get Fidler to support early voting in New York as a cure to our lower voting problem. Storobin should put in a bill to allow early voting in New York the day he that the oath of office in Albany. * Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him (True News)After Fider total failure City and State is pushing Filder for BP Is a Brooklyn BP run next for Fidler?

All the King Men and All the Corrupt $$$ Could Not Put Fidler Back Together Again
End of An Era: Fidler and Kruger destroyed former Brooklyn Boss Meade Esposito once power Thomas Jefferson Club by not connecting to their new Russian and Jewish Orthodox neighbors.

Thomas Jefferson Club Impotent . . .  Where Have You Gone Tony Genovese?
PS How many jerky mayoral candidate will still run to the Thomas Jefferson Club even after their candidate Weprin and Fidler got blown out of the water?  Perhaps Kruger before he goes to jail can give them some baby talk on how they were going to win.  Or Filder can tell them the club is still a powerhouse and does not need to be helped with millions in government member item funds the same way Vito Lopez run his government funded machine.* Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him (True News)* Reading the tea leaves for the next Brooklyn election (Brooklyn Political Blog) * Why is the Press So in Love with Lew Fidler? (Press Loves Fidler) * It’s A Tie! Fidler And Storobin Both Declare Victory In Race For Kruger’s Seat(Sheephead Bites Video)

Bad Night For Frank Seddio and Vito Lopez
Seddio already announced his candidacy for Fidler seat.  Vito Lopez pushed Fidler to run so Seddio can enter the council before redistricting.  Because of the changing neighborhood both man are afraid that the new district will be drawn to favor a minority candidate * Gatemouth: The results in Brooklyn should worry Assemblymen Steve Cymbrowitz and Bill Colton

After Recount, Republican’s Opponent Concedes a State Senate Race in Brooklyn(NYT) * Republican Wins Special Election in Brooklyn(WSJ) * Storobin Declared Winner In Special State Senate Election(NY1) * BREAKING And Updated: Democrat Lew Fidler Concedes SD-27 (NYDN) * Fidler Concedes, David Storobin Will Be State Senator(Sheepshead Bites) *Storobin Named Winner of Special Election to Fill Kruger's Seat(WNYC) * David Storobin Wins Epic State Senate Race(Politico) * The Race To Replace Carl Kruger(Brooklyn Daily) * NY1 ItCH: Silver May Be Sweet On Sugar As Storobin Finally Wins *Eaton Touts Brooklyn GOP ‘Renaissance’(YNN) * Lew Fidler: I'm "At Peace" With SD-27 Result(NYDN)


In the End Skelos Screwed Himself, His Party and Storobin With Redistricting
By getting rid of the Kruger's district Skelos missed his chance of having 3 state senators elected in Brooklyn.  The senate majority leader should have understood after Weprin lost to Turner that he had a shot for a hat check.  Instead he divided the Russian community into four senate district and created a super Jewish district in Boro Park leaving his newly elected Senator Storobin with a hard choice of where to run.  Does he try to stay a major player in the 32-30 GOP senate by running against Felder in the super district, going against some of the same rabbis who supported him against Fidler.  Or does he become a minor play in the assembly's minority, cut off from the member items and influence.

Election 2012  Lander Raises for Nydia(NYO) * The former bodega worker charged with murdering Etan did not just blurt out a first(The Daily Beast)* Lancman Lands Jewish Press Endorsement(NYO) * Opinion: Candidate Crowley calls Israel “a distraction”(Jewish Star) * US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s GOP opponents are trying to tie her to the bad economic news. * A Latino group is going to give Rep. Charlie Rangel a lifetime achievment award.*'He's slitting the city's throat for the sake of his own(Capital)
* Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the opposition from Public Advocate Bill de Blasio over the mayor's taxi plan is "the stupidest one" he's seen. * Stupid lawsuit? NYS Court disagrees, grants restraining order on taxi plan. can get this right but needs to work w/in the law * Elizabeth Crowley arrives more than fashionably late to a debate, and gets noticed(Capital) * Ed Towns is reportedly set to endorse Charles Barron. Last kiss off to Vito Lopez * Simcha Felder shifted his explanation for supporting Barack Obama in 2008. * Lew Fidler said he’s not taking a judgeship.* Michael Grimm was outraged that his bill banning selective abortions stalled in the House.* Frank Seddio switched his plans from a special election to the scheduled 2013 one. * Dan Halloran disagreed with the soda ban.

This Ain’t No Horse Whisperer(The Forum) *
Let's elect someone with a brain, please(Queens Crap)
Less than a week after she was audibly fed answers by Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch during a press conference, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley was caught playing with her phone during a debate. Several different videos taken during the debate show extended periods of scrolling, eyes locked onto her phone screen, as her competitors engage in an interactive debate.

NYPD Commissioner Kelly pushed DA to file charges in Etan murder: sources(NYP)NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly pushed Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. to charge the suspect in the Etan Patz case, even though the DA was reluctant to do so without more evidence * Psychiatrists Puzzled by Confession in Patz Case(NYT) * Kelly: NYPD "Devoting Significant Resources" To Patz Investigation

'Assumes' Gov. Cuomo would veto bill to undo big soda ban proposed by Silver(NYP) * Silver Walks Back ‘Big Brother’ Comment(YNN)

Silver and the Soda Sugar Lobbyists Strike Back

Assembly Speaker Silver eyes 'Thirst Amendment' to nix Bloomberg's soda ban(NYP) Silver may take up state legislation to block New York City’s proposed soda ban, while other foes could try to get a court injunction*Mike: Downsize it(NYPEd) * To Gulp or to Sip? Debating a Soda Crackdown(NYT)A Ban Too Far(NYT Ed) Mayor Bloomberg has done a lot to improve public health, but he overreaches with a new plan to limit the sale of large size sugary drinks.
Daily News ed cartoon combines stop and frisk + soda ban. Bravo, Bramhall. 

Soda Ban Could Fizzle Out(WSJ) Bloomberg’s plan to ban large sugary drinks might be put in place without City Council involvement, but it could quickly be reversed by the mayor’s successor* Sugar Ban Stirs Up New York(WSJ) * Big sodas today; bagels with a schmeer tomorrow?(WSJ) * Mayor Proposes Ban On Big-Size Sugary Drinks(NY1) * Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on jumbo-sized sodas make sense(NYDN Ed) Obesity is a killer disease that is needs to be curbed * Deli owners furious about Mayor Bloomberg's plan to ban the sale of sugary drinks(NYP) *Mike: Downsize it(NYP Ed) * Liu Spokesman: Blame Bloomberg’s Comments on ‘Low Blood Sugar’(NYO)

Jon Stewart Rails Against Bloomberg’s ‘Draconian’ Soda Ban With Piles Of Gross ‘Legal’ Food * Lupica: Instead of sitting back, is still working for the good of NYC  *NY Daily News and NY Post both support @mikebloomberg soda proposal  * A Ban Too Far (NYT Ed) Bloomberg’s plan to combat obesity by banning super-sized sodas and sugary drinks is just “too much nannying” and it “might well cause people to tune out *The next mayor could quickly reverse the decision. 
Stephen Colbert Is Forced To Execute His Giant Pet Soda Over Bloomberg’s Supersized Soda Ban * Former President Bill Clinton, a vegan convert and heart bypass surgery survivor, believes Bloomberg’s doing the right thing* NYC deli owners are furious the ban would apply only to establishments that are inspected by the city Health Department and receive letter grades, which means not “Big Gulp” king 7-Eleven. * If the ban is enacted without approval from the NYC Council, as Bloomberg intends, it could easily be reversed by his successor. * Stringer Heaps Praise On Bloomberg Soda Ban

National Doughnut Day is on the first Friday of June each year, succeeding the Doughnut Day event created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the women who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I.[  A number of 2013 Democratic mayoral candidate have already expressed opposition.* Mayor Bloomberg Releases The Rules Of The New Sugary Drink(WCBS) * Debate continues over proposed drink ban in New York Ci(WABC) * Matt Lauer Grills Bloomberg Over Banning Large Sodas Yet Celebrating Donuts * Members of New York’s congressional delegation – both Democrats and Republicans – are not fans of Bloomberg’s plan to ban large-size sugary drinks in NYC.

Anti-Happy Meal Councilman: Bloomberg's big-beverage ban won't work (Capital)

"This is really fake because they can get free refills at most of these stores."

Bloomberg Celebrates National Donut Day
Salvation Army fetes National Donut Day in NYC(WSJ) * Bloomberg also defended his support of National Donut Day (which is today, in case you didn’t know), saying: “One donut’s not going to hurt you. In moderation most things are OK.” * “What’s next, a Twinkie purge?”* Bloomberg Sells Soda Ban on National Doughnut Day(NY Mag) * On 'Today,' Mayor Defends Soda Ban (and Doughnut Day)(NYT)

Pay to Play Rivera is Well Protected

Head of Bronx nonprofit linked to state pol Rivera convicted in federal court of fraud, justice obstruction (NYDN)  NETS head David Griffiths was law partner, campaign treasurer for Assemblyman Peter Rivera. Rivera funneled $1.8 million in grants and bonds to NETS and his law firm loaned $272,500 to the nonprofit, where his son worked. Gov. Cuomo raised eyebrows in March when he nominated the longtime Bronx pol as state labor commissioner despite his ties to the troubled organization. Rivera and Griffiths were law partners until Griffiths was suspended and Griffiths also worked as Rivera's campaign treasurer.

City Hall

JCOPE Chairwoman Claims Accusation Against Her Is "Politically Motivated Attack"(NY1)* No one captures the absurdity of our secretive ethics panel quite like Jim Odato: *DeFrancisco Supports JCOPE

Silver Presses Governor on Proposal for Disabled(NYT)* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver raised questions about independence and due process in the governor’s proposed agency to protect disabled people, but said a compromise could be reached,

Married B'klyn HS teacher arrested on rape charges for student 'affair'(NYP) * Student 'seducer' still has feelings for teacher(NYP) * High School Teacher, Accused of Having Sex With Student, Surrenders to Police(NYT) * A Ban Too Far(NYT Ed) Mayor Bloomberg has done a lot to improve public health, but he overreaches with a new plan to limit the sale of large size sugary drinks. * Brooklyn Teacher Accused Of Sexual Relationship With Student(NY1) * P.S. 174 Teacher Now Accused Of Molesting Five Boys(NY1)
* Charge Queens teacher with 3 more gropes (NYDN) * Walcott's call for helpAsks UFT to support his bill(NYDN) * Woman raped at Greenwich Village dog spa(NYDN) * Teacher Training Programs Lack OversightWCBS) * Walcott Wants Power to Fire Abusive Teachers(NBC) * Married high school 'sex teacher' bounced from detention after making bail(NYP)

Few Cheap Buses Today in Chinatown

Federal Officials Shut Down 26 Bus Operators(NYT) * 6 Bus Lines Closed Amid Safety Effort(WSJ) Federal authorities announced their largest-ever push for bus safety, shutting down 26 discount bus companies and assuming an aggressive new oversight stance after a series of deadly crashes. * Bus Crackdown Targets Low-Cost Carriers(WSJ) * Federal Officials Shut Down 26 Unsafe Discount Bus Companies(NY1)

Taxi Fare Hikes, Cab Leases Fire Up Debate At TLC Hearing(NY1) * State Supreme Court Weighs Three Suits Against Livery Cab Street Hails(NY1)
* Jurist Arthur Engoron can hack taxi ruling (NYDN) * High gas prices not only cause for taxi fare hike(NYDN)

Four unused passenger trains, part of a network that would bring high-speed rail between New York and Albany, are being dismantled and sold for scrap as part of Gov. Cuomo’s effort to sell surplus state property. *Gov. Cuomo moves to rid state of $70M broken trains (NYDN)

Student Loan Fight Continues In Congress(NY1) * Teacher Training Programs Lack Oversight(NYDN)

Sarges surging in PA police OT (NYP) Overtime costs for Port Authority police are soaring, with overtime pay for lieutenants and sergeants jumping 80 percent in the first quarter of 2012 as the authority tries not to appoint new staff * Rather than hire more upper-level officers, the Port Authority is asking sergeants and lieutenants to do more overtime.

Growing Pains in Chelsea(WSJ) A fight over the proposed expansion of Chelsea Market has brought deep tensions to the surface over a slew of new developments, including the High Line, that have transformed the once-tranquil neighborhood into a tourist hot spot.



The Making of A President 2012

Romney, Republicans bash president over weak jobs report(NYP) * Team Obama Shifts Its Attacks on Romney - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Romney, Fighting Moderate, Wins Over Right - McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed * Unlike Obama, Walker Delivers - Sen. Ron Johnson, Politico * Walker Is Trying to Buy the Recall Election - John Nichols, Cap Times * Blunt, Colorful Christie a Match for Mitt? - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Bad News Mounts for Obama - Mona Charen, National Review *  Romney Plays His Trump Card - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * Elizabeth Warren and a Question of Character - Boston Herald * Unemployment Rate Rose to 8.2% in May; Stock Markets Down(NYT) * Romney says May jobs report is 'devastating news'(NYP) * Obama to visit One World Trade Center construction(NYP * The former president also says he likes The Donald, revealing the billionaire real estate developer has been “uncommonly nice to Hillary and me.” * Democrats hope a sex scandal in the North Carolina Democratic Party won’t cost them votes in the Tarheel State.

Roger Ailes, Upstate Press Baron, Is in a Newspaper War (NY Mag) * The Fox News producer who lost a job offer with CNN for making an anti-Obama video can keep his job with Fox.

Washington Post On Politico‘s Bias Claim: ‘It’s Nonsensical’


MF Global: The Story of Money, Power and Wall Street - PBS Frontline

Law and Order

City Seeks to Dismiss False-Arrest Suits Stemming From 2004 Republican Convention(NYT)
* City defends mass arrests at 2004 Republican National C(NYDN)
Hunts Point residents want more police(NYDN)

State Senator’s husband tells cops he was mugged at Aqueduct racino (NYDN) Racino officials say surveillance footage contradicts his account * Cuomo Says Talks With Genting Have Stalled(YNN)

Parents of Rutgers Spying Victim Reject Roommate’s Apology(NYT) * Label of Gay Is No Longer Defamatory, Court Rules(NYT)

Former Undercover Queens Detective Acquitted on 2010 Charges(NYT) * Officer Charged With Lying About Man's Arrest(NYT)
* Feds go to Mafia summit in Italy(NYDN)*Change the channel, I'll bite your ear(NYDN) * Police Say They Are Looking For Bank Robbery Suspect Responsible(WCBS)* 10-year-old girl shot in Brooklyn(WABC) * NYPD Names New Director of Intelligence(NYDN) * An Interactive Map of Every NYPD Stop from 2011, By Race and Neighborhood!(NYO)