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Every Blogger in NYC knows that the NYT's Rips Off Their Stories, Even the Paper's Public Editor Agress, But He is Going

The NYT Public Editor Makes His Witness

On Sunday the NYT Public Editor Arthur S. Brisbane blasted the paper Metro Editor Carolyn Ryan for not giving credit to smaller news organizations and independent journalists who got pieces of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish sexual abuse cover up ahead of the NYT.  Today Brisbane announced that he was leaving the paper in September without asking for his one-year option on his contract.  Was Sunday's criticism of the paper Metro Editor Ryan inability to give credit to work done by other journalists the final straw for Brisbane?

Even the Public Editor Request That Those Who Have Uncovered Part of the Story Be Credited Failed
Brisbane asked Ryan before the publication of the second story that  those who have been digging up info on the subject be credited in the follow up.  Melissa Ludtke, executive editor for the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University, complained to Brisbane that the first article failed to acknowledge the previous investigative reporting of others, particularly that of Hella Winston, a freelancer for The Jewish Week who is a fellow at the Schuster Institute."I sent Carolyn Ryan, The Times’s metro editor, an appeal from Ms. Ludtke to give such credit in part two. But it didn’t happen, said the Public Editor. After the publication of the follow up story Brisbane heard from others complaining about uncredited foundational reporting — scores of articles in recent years — by additional publications, including The Jewish Daily Forward, the FailedMessiah.com blog, New York magazine and more. Reading this material, it became clear to the NYT's Public Editor that while there was important new material, many of the essential elements in The Times’s series had been reported previously.  . .  

The lack of credit stings. “You get so much flak — these are difficult stories,” Ms. Winston told me, “People come down on you.”  Journalist Hella Winston 
Brisbane said he polled four veteran journalists who specialize in ethics, and all agreed that The Times should have provided some form of credit for previous reporting. . . .  Brisbane concluded that the NYT articles were superb, bringing together disparate elements and telling the story in a compelling way. But fairness dictates what the emerging expectations of the Internet era also dictate: readers should be told more clearly about precedent coverage by others.  The Times has little to lose in doing so, except perhaps the impression that it got the story alone.
Ryan Double Speak: We Were Not the First Outlet to Report the Abuse Story, But Said the NYT Only Credits others only when it uses “exclusive information that they reported first.”
Responding to the complaints in an e-mail message to me, Ms. Ryan said, “We were never under any illusion that we were the first outlet to report on abuse in the community, nor did we claim to be.” She acknowledged the work of other outlets as well as a front-page Times article in 2009 as precedents in the coverage.  Ms. Ryan said that other outlets published articles over a period of months when The Times was doing its own extensive, independent reporting: interviewing more than 120 people, scrutinizing court records and creating databases of legal cases. But she said The Times credits others only when it uses “exclusive information that they reported first.”

Managing Editor of the Daily News In A Hack of Trouble  . . .  Could Go To Jail
Phone Hacking: Colin Myler, Les Hinton And Tom Crone Referred 'For Punishment' (Huff Post) Ex-News of the World editor Colin Myler, the paper's former legal manager Tom Crone and one-time News International chairman Les Hinton were accused of misleading the culture, media and sport committee during its investigation into phone hacking. Labour MP Chris Bryant said parliament should consider fining or even imprisoning the men.

Dumb Down Local News Makes Millions on  Special Interests Spending and Wants to Keep Where the $$$ Are Coming From A Secret

Broadcasters sue to keep political ad files offline (Sunlight Foundation) The nation's broadcasters sued the Federal Communications Commission Monday over a rule that requires them to post political ads bought at some stations online. * Broadcasters say new political ad disclosure rules are "arbitrary" & "capricious. Then they sue (Propublica)



Keeping the Public Uninformed While Racking In the Millions

Local News which is mainly weather, traffic, cooking and dog segments is making millions in lobbyists spending.  Cuomo and his supporters spent over $10 million last year to gain public support to push through his agenda. Union and business interest like the pro fracking interest are also spending millions on ads to local stations.  All this money is coming in as local news dumbs down.  It is not a secret that TV and radio stations rely on the local newspaper for most of their hard news. So those "rip and read" broadcasters have offered their views much less hard news as newspaper staffs shrivel amid the draconian layoffs caused by the internet and the recession? Local TV stations stand to profit from boom in super-PAC spending (The Hill) * Local News Dumb Down Journalism (True News)


Judge Says Sue Pedro
Judge tells Soundview to sue Espada for looted cash(NYP) A Bronx Supreme Court Justice told officials from Soundview Healthcare Network that rather than suing the state for withholding $312,000 in Medicare funds, the dying charity should sue ex-State Sen. Pedro Espada to recoup the $500,000 he’s been convicted of stealing

Election 2012  New York Delays Primary by 2 Days(NYT) * Bronx Councilman Koppell Backs Adriano Espaillat For Congress(NY1) * State  primaries move to Sept. 13(NYDN) * Comedian Randy Credico will enter the 2013 mayoral race. * Dan Halloran on his fundraising: “We’re doing very, very well.  We anticipate for the first filing to probably be showing a number somewhere between one and two hundred thousand dollars.” * Oliver Koppell said Charlie Rangel’s experience isn’t what it used to be. * Rangel’s spokeswoman: “The reports of Congressman Rangel’s death are greatly exaggerated.” * There’s yet another contender for Councilwoman Jessica Lappin’s seat. * NY Republican freshman led the way in sending taxpayer-funded mailings. * Keith Wright And Stephanie Miner To Co-Chair State Party (Updated) * Gianaris Backs Sampson’s Leadership (For Now)(YNN) * Diaz Smells A Rat!(YNN) * ‘Rangel Solidifies Latino Support’(NYO) * Jesus Gonzalez to Announce City Council Campaign Next Week(NYO) * Diaz, Sr.: “There is a Rat Among Us” and It May Be Cuomo(C&S) * Jesus Gonzalez To Officially Kick Off Council Campaign(C&S) * Barney Frank To Raise For Chelsea Council Candidate(NYO) * Rep. Charlie Rangel is trying – with some success – to keep himself in check when fielding questions he doesn’t like from the press. * One of Rangel’s 2010 primary challengers, former Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, is reportedly set to endorse Rangel.* The Post profiled State Sen. Adriano Espaillat. * State Sen. Tim Kennedy won’t be getting the Conservative line after voting for gay marriage. * The candidates for NY-6 discussed policy at a forum last night. * Carolyn Maloney had high praise for Dan Garodnick’s comptroller bid. * Rock Hackshaw calls the Charles Barron/Hakeem Jeffries race boring, and says Jeffries will win in a landslide.* Marty Golden discussed a new security grant for Jewish communities in Brooklyn.

Local Queens Newspaper Are Running Not Reporting on the Congressional Campaign in the 6th . .  . Queens Courier Schnapps and Queens Tribune Nussbaum on the Same Side

Vicky's on top of Dr. Mittman(Queens Crap)I drove by the offices of the Queens Courier on Friday. Look what's on the front of their building's facade. That's Vicky Schnapps' window with the arrow pointing to it.  Schnapps is the owner of Queens Courier got into consulting business by work for John Messer in 2010.  John Messer is running again this year for state senate and Jay Golub is his consultant. There is buzz that Schnapps is also involved again.  Golub is the operator who got Jeff Gottlieb the splitter arsonist on the ballot. He move over to Mittman's campaign after Gottlieb drop out.  Rohy Landmen says Mittman is also running to split the Jewish vote. Nussbaum who is working in Meng's campaign tried and was tried down to get someone to run to spilt the Jewish vote before Golub got involved. Nussbaum and Golub have worked together in campaigns in the past.  True News: A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and PoliticiansMore on Nssbaum

Keith Wright And Stephanie Miner To Co-Chair State Party (Updated)(YNN) * Keith Wright, Syracuse Mayor Named New Chairs Of State Dems(NYO)

20%’ taxi-fare hike eyed(NYP) * Taxi Panel May Raise Fares Up to 20%(NYT) * Taxi Industry Wants Fares Raised(WSJ) New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission will formally consider a proposal from the yellow cab industry that would raise taxi fares by as much as 20 percent, a significant increase to a pricing structure that has been unchanged since 2006

Were All Sure the Mayor's Handlers Did Not Help This Story Coming Out
Mayor slams embattled UFT boss as king of flimsy filings (NYP) * Bloomberg took a swipe at the UFT, saying he was glad to read the union “suddenly opposes lawsuits that are full of ‘absurd, false charges,’ and hopes it will therefore withdraw its own suits challenging school closures.* Helping Special Education Students, and Paying With His Career(NYT)

Latest From Albany During Press Release Season
Silver Questions Cuomo Tack for Protecting Disabled People(NYT) * Assembly Speaker, Advocates Unsure Of Cuomo's Reforms For Oversight Of Special Needs Care(NY1) * Cuomo admits his ethics law could use fine-tuning (NYDN) Joint Commission On Public Integity has been scorned * heldon Silver says Senate might consider(NYP) * NEW YORK IS BUILDING A HEALTH EXCHANGE, BUT EXPERTS SAY IT WON’T COME EASY:(C&S)  Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order paved the way for a state health insurance marketplace mandated by federal law, but time’s running out to synchronize all the information across an array of state and federal agencies and to make that information instantly accessible to users * Cyber-bullying crackdown one of top priorities for Gov. Cuomo (NYDN) Legislation would protect students from harassment on Internet .  Gov. Andrew Cuomo has made a bill to crack down on cyber-bullying among his top remaining legislative priorities for the year, and has been in talks with lawmakers in a bid to reach an agreement on it before the Legislature’s session ends in June * Dean Skelos will introduce new legislation to cut taxes for businesses.* The Senate Republicans plan to vote on their business tax cut program next week. It remains unclear whether it might be linked to some sort of minimum wage increase deal. * Silver shrugged off Cuomo’s prediction there will be no minimum wage hike this year, saying: “He’s a great governor. I’m not sure he’s a great prognosticator.” * A coalition of anti-gambling interests is gearing up to fight the Cuomo administration’s effort to expand non-Indian casino gaming in New York. * John Sampson remained mum on a report that his time as Senate Democratic leader was short.* Skelos: Tax Cuts Designed To Send Message To Biz(YNN) * The Senate Republicans unveiled their “New Jobs-NY” plan.

Cuomo, NYRA agree to three-year state takeover of troubled franchise (NYP)









6 Years Late and  Billions Over Budget . . .  The Tunnel That Will Never Be Finished?
LIRR’s GCT access cost soars $1 bil(NYP) * L.I.R.R. Plan for East Side Needs More Time and Money The construction of a Long Island Rail Road hub at Grand Central Terminal will cost $2 billion more than estimated and will not be completed until 2019, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said.  * MTA Again Moves Back Project Date(WSJ) * Feds Audit East Side Access Project As MTA Stands By New Completion Date(NY1) * MTA's 'Grand' boondoggle(NYDN)

The Three C's Sell Papers: Crime, Comics and C#2F&!!


Pay to Play DA Soares

Albany County District Attorney David Soares' girlfriend, whose job as a secretary in his office has sparked controversy and promised to become a thorny campaign issue, has been transferred out of the district attorney's office, the Times Union reports:

Asian American Week: Chinese Population In Brooklyn Broadens, Ages(NY1)






New York Investigates Insurer Payments to Banks(NYT) The Department of Financial Services is investigating whether two insurance companies that write policies for financially troubled homeowners paid kickbacks to banks disguised as commissions, * Amid upset from housing advocates and liberal Democrats who say the president’s special unit to investigate mortgage fraud lacks muscle, AG Eric Schneiderman says there’s work going on behind the scenes and more than 20 civil subpoenas have been delivered.





Fund-Raising for Romney Eats Into Obama’s Edge(NYT) * Subtler Entry From Masters of Attack Ads Targets Obama(NYT) * NY Archdiocese To Fight Federal Birth Control Mandate In Court(NY1) * Washington Beat: Christians Deeply Divided Over Obama's Support Of Same-Sex Marriage(NY1) *Mitt Romney’s fundraising sweep through New York City should raise him $10 million.* See the Softer Side of the GOP’s Obama-Bashing Ads(NY Mag) * Roger Ailes Calls Jon Stewart ‘A Socialist’ And Says New York Times Is ‘A Cesspool of Bias’(NYO) * Obama Thinks He's the Fairness Czar - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle *  In the Book of Romney, Bain Is Just Chapter One - Bob Shrum, The Week * Booker Looks Like Obama Used to 4 Years Ago - David Graham, Atlantic * Romney and the Skeptical Right - Philip Klein, National Review * The Mitt You See Is the Mitt You Get - Richard Cohen, Washington Post * Obama Defends Ads Hitting Romney's Record - Alexis Simendinger, RCP * Swing Voters and Elastic States - Nate Silver, New York Times * Timing May Be Key in Romney's VP Announcement - Scott Conroy, RCP * Cory Booker: Making Capital Out of Bain - Ana Marie Cox, The Guardian *  Obama, Private Equity and Change - David Brooks, New York Times * The Dumbing Down of Joe Biden - William McGurn, Wall Street Journal * Why I Support Obama's Reelection - Ed Koch, RealClearPolitics * ABC News/Washington Post: Obama 49, Romney 46 | RCP Electoral Map * President Is Getting Little Help From GOP in Congress - Las Vegas Sun * Obama's Bio Grows Even Sketchier - Investor's Business Daily* Democratic Congressman: Romney Was ‘Raping Companies’ With Bain * Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who endorsed Obama in 2008, called Romney a “good man” and said he’s keeping his powder dry in this year’s White House race – for now.* ore trouble for Cory Booker: The DNC is disputing his account that he had conversations about making a mop-up video after his Bain Capital comments. * What’s with Democrats defending Bain? They don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. * There are elections in Kentucky and Arkansas tonight. * Behind the Obama administration’s experimental micro-targeting ad campaign. *Mitch Daniels would disconnect the telephone if Mitt Romney called him about the VP slot.  * Is Mitt Romney Count Dracula? - Roger Simon, Politico * The Beltway Establishment Still Doesn't Get It - Jay Cost, Wkly Standard *  Why Obama's Doubling Down on Bain Capital - John Cassidy, New Yorker * Is This Obama's Party? - Zeke Miller, BuzzFeed* Obama Is a Man Whose Words Mean Nothing - Peter Wehner, Commentary * Mitt Romney, Very Bad Book Reviewer - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine * Romney's Missing Foreign Policy Agenda - James Mann, American Prospect * Obama Silent on Chicago Carnage - Michael Daly, The Daily Beast * Election 2012: NBC/WSJ: Obama 47, Romney 43 | State Polls: NC, PA

It's dumb and dumber on Capitol Hill: Politicians speak like 10th-graders, study shows (NYDN) Legislators' communication level has dropped by a grade since 2005, Sunlight Foundation claims. Schumer has 2 Harvard degrees but "analysis found [he] speaks at one of the lowest levels in Congress — at grade 9.5" * Congressional discourse getting dumber, study



Good Afternoon America'(Huff Post)


Law and Order

Call to duty: Judge urges Jews to report child sex abuse as he sentences molester Michael Sabo (NYDN) Brooklyn Justice Vincent Del Giudice gives Sabo 20 years and says, 'It is a duty for all adults to protect our children' by cooperating with law enforcement




Boy, 12, wounded in sneaker store gunplay(NYDN) * Boy, 12, Hit By Stray Bullet In Brooklyn(NYDN) * Double shooting inside Crown Heights shoe store(WABC) * 2 Shot in Brooklyn Store, Including Bo(NBC)

Rutgers Webcam-Spying Defendant Is Sentenced to 30-Day Jail Term(NYT) * Gay-Bias Case Ends in 30-Day Term(WSJ) * Dharun Ravi was convicted of serious hate crimes against Tyler Clementi but sentenced to little time (NYDN) New Jersey Judge Glenn Berman effectively overturned jury's verdict * But the Post says that Ravi’s sentencing was fair, noting that even some gay rights activists thought that the prosecution of the case was overzealous: * The New York Daily News and the New York Post disagreed on Dharun Ravi’s jail sentence. * Michael Tomasky is the latest to speculate on the Hillary Clinton-Joe Biden VP switcheroo.

Stop & frisk facts(NYP) It’s all about crime — not race Heather Mac Donald of City Journal lays out in the Post why she believes stop-and-frisk is effective and does not disproportionately target minorities * New Jersey Muslims and officials

PA is booting ID thief’s security firm(NYP)

DA is not pulling any punches(NYP)

NY1 Exclusive: Indicted Former Head Of Brooklyn Charter Could Still Access School Email

View’ gun suspect busted(NYP) * Broadway big in new arrest(NYP) * Vics blast B’klyn pervy papa(NYP) * Mama’s boy jailed: son gets up to 41 years in ‘Psycho’ fraud (NYP) * NYPD Raids 35-37 East Broadway in Illegal Gambling Ring: Chinatown still possesses a shady underbelly not often seen...  * Holocaust Survivor, 86, Knocked Unconscious Playing Peacemaker(WCBS) * Man who dressed as dead mom sentenced for fraud(WABC) * Credit card thieves go on a shopping spree(WABC) * 3 cops injured trying to quell domestic wrangle on Staten(SI Advance) * Armed Bank Robbers Dressed as Employees: Cops(NBC) * Mayor Bloomberg’s administration is considering a junk food ban …. for prisoners. * Andrew Albert gets 1 1/2 years for $590K scam involving 'virtual shopping mall'(NYP * Brooklyn security guard charged with reckless endangerment following shoe store shooting(NYP)

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman has formed an advisory committee to implement a requirement that prospective lawyers do at least 50 hours of pro bono work before being licensed to practice law in New York.

Police: Teen Exposed Himself, Simulated Sex Act In Front(WCBS)

Nab 11 in Chinatown gambling raid (NYDN)* Chinatown building raided in illegal gambling investigation(NBC) * Police make 7 arrests in Chinatown casino bust(WABC) * A coalition of anti-gambling interests is gearing up to fight the Cuomo administration’s effort to expand non-Indian casino gaming in New York.