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Is There Any Limit to the Depths Parkside's Evan Stavisky or His Mom Toby Will Go

Toby Stavisky Uses Anti-Semite to Try to Win Re-Election in A District Designed to Elect An Asian
ONE Flushing Nightmare: Parkside Wages Cold War in Queens(Queens Politics)  John Choe is the Founder of ONE Flushing.  We all remember Choe’s exploits. Choe is a supporter of the brutal communist regime in North Korea and used various organizations to proliferate communist propaganda, but lately he’s been in in Flushing propping up Toby Stavisky as part of a sweet heart deal. Choe is utilizing his ONE Flushing organization as a stage for the Parkside Group to help Toby Stavisky gain media attention.It is unclear if Tody attended Choe's wedding in North Korea.  But it is clear that they both need each other. Choe needs Stavisky's support if he is going to run against Peter Koo a newly registered Democrat for City Council. Toby needs Choe to help her get around the criticism that she is running in a district created to elect an Asian candidate

Toby Stavisky Campaigns With An Anti-Semitic Bum

Last year NYP editorial on October 5, 2011 said that Liu let John Choe go after the NYP exposed his involvement with a pro-Korea group.  What the NYP missed that the group founded by by Choe  Nodutdol was involved in pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel organizing.  Asian Week reported on April 20, 2002 that Nodutdol attended and Anti- Israel rally in Washington, D.C.  Nodutdol's website in the past "Condemned the economic strangulation campaign Israel has undertaken against the Palestinian People."

In the New District Toby Sell Out Israel
The Nodutdol website had a petition to President Bush that said the following: "The U.S. government must end its support of Israel's occupation of Palestine.  I condemn. . . the murderous military and economic campaign Israel has undertaken against the Palestinian people."  When asked to oust his aide who is pro-North Korean Newsday reported on June 13, 2003 that Liu said "What Choe does on his own time is not mine or anyone's business. It does not interfere with his duties in the City Council."  Lui helped Nodutdol obtain member items funds from the Department of Youth and Community Development."

Pig Carl Kruger Cries Again to A Judge

Kruger in mercy plea(NYP) Facing 11 yrs behind bars, ex-Sen Kruger begs judge to consider his "birth into fatherless poverty." Ex-Sen. Carl Kruger, facing 11 years in prison, claimed he led “a humble and model life” and never benefited from the $500,000 in bribes he deposited in boyfriend Michael Turano’s bank accounts, according to the sentencing memorandum he filed yesterday in Manhattan federal court. *Carl Kruger’s 77-page sentencing memorandum is novel-worthy. Federal prosecutors have asked a judge to sentence Kruger to at least nine years behind bars, saying he “systematically and wantonly betrayed the public trust by soliciting hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribes. The sentencing is next Thursday; here’s the prosecution’s sentencing memo.
Felder to Run and A Lock for Boro Park Jewish Senate, 2nd Top Liu Aide To Jump Ship

New York City Deputy Controller Simcha Felder is quitting, says he'll run for state Senate in Brooklyn (NYDN) Second top aide to embattled city Controller John Liu to quit. He won’t be resigning his job as a deputy to embattled Comptroller John Liu during the campaign.  Felder said he plans to run on the Democratic line, although he was being courted by Republican Party officials to switch his affiliation. The move comes despite Liu’s best efforts to persuade Felder to stay onboard. Liu last month gave him a $15,000 raise, boosting his pay to $194,087 from $179,444. * NYC Deputy Controller Simcha Felder to Run for State Senate (NY Mag) * A Democratic councilman for a Republican-gerrymandered 'super Jewish' Senate seat(Capital) * Fight For ‘Super Jewish’ Senate Seat Shapes Up(YNN)Sources: Felder Will Caucus With Dems, Would Likely Vote For Skelos To Swing Leadership(C$S) * A Look At the Signature Gathering of the Mystery NYC Candidates(C&S) Noach Dear Making Calls About Jumping Into State Senate Seat(NYO)

Campaign 2012

NY1 Online: State Republican Chairman Calls For Ray Kelly To Consider Mayoral Run * GOP rising star NYC Councilman Ulrich ready to bet the next NYC mayor will be a Democrat for the 1st time in 20 years.  * Former New York Stock Exchange Chairman Dick Grasso has been rallying support among fellow moguls Ken Langone and Hank Greenberg for NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s potential 2013 mayoral bid, Page Six reports * Jimmy Oddo is going to attend Christine Quinn's wedding* Ed Cox Pushes Ray Kelly for Mayor (NYO) *The candidates got a thumbs-down on their tech prowess. * John Sampson says the Senate Dems’ minimum wage push isn’t about politics. * "Water Meter Debacle" exposed in de Blasio's latest Red Tape Report * Quinn Might (Or Might Not) Still Have One Biz Group's Support for Living Wage(WNYC) * Republicans keep talking about Ray Kelly, who still isn't doing a thing (Capital) * Another candidate against indicted assemblyman Boyland, which may be good news forHim- total number of candidates to 8 (Capital) * Gustavo Rivera Backs Espaillat For Congress(NYDN) * Will Simcha Felder Caucus With the Democrats?(NYO) * Why Ray Kelly Won’t Be The Next Mayor(NYO)* Felder8 Up For Grabs(YNN) * Update on Congressional District 7 (north Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan) * Stringer’s commuter tax folly (CrainsNY) *Espaillat Disavows Birther Remark From Dominican Prez Hopeful(NYO) * Lancman Lands RWDSU/UFCW Local 338  *Citing Her Walmart Opposition, Grocery Workers Endorse Meng [Update](NYO)



Party Hack Out, New Party Hack In
  The ‘Hackiest Hack in All of Hackdom’ Is No More(NYO) However, the New York Daily News reported Mr. Gottlieb has used his campaign’s committee to fill vacancies to substitute in a new candidate, attorney Stephen Green a fellow JFK political club member, Stephen Green. in his stead.  ot a lot is immediately known about Mr. Green. He lives in Rosedale, which is outside of the 6th Congressional District he is now seeking to represent. He also gave $600 to the Queens County Democratic Party a few months ago as well as smaller amounts to other local officials, so he’s likely reasonably active in local Democratic politics. 

Sock Puppets Sheng and Mittman Vote Splitters 
Jeffrey Gottlieb Bows Out Of NY-6 Congress Run  Juan Sheng was also put in the race by guess how to cut the Asian vote. Sheng  a producer of the Chinese New Yorker TV program in unavailable to talk to the press. Sheng only has two petitioners and not much over the required number to qualify. Another candidate Robert Mittman is also running away from the press.  Secret campaigns usually have secrets to keep. 

Here Comes the Stop Kelly for Mayor Amen Chorus Again, NYT Attack Friday?

Protesters and Advocacy Groups Demand Information On NYPD’s Handling Of Occupy Wall Street(NYO)

The Fat Lady Has Not Sung On Redistricting Yet: Court and Justice Department Still to Go

Albany's Redistricting Deal Slowly Makes Its Way Through The Courts(NY1) * A three judge panel at yesterday’s redistricting hearing in Brooklyn denied all defendants’ motions to dismiss the complaints against Senate and Assembly lines save one: the complaint filed by Ramapo Councilman Yitzchok Ullman arguing the new Assembly plan unfairly splits the Hasidic communities of Kaser and New Square in an attempt to dilute their voting power. Ullman’s attorney Lee Apotheker argued the Assembly plan violated Hasidic communities’ rights under the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause, but neither the Assembly majority counsel, nor the Brooklyn judges, were buying it. 

There was nothing in either the state or federal constitution giving Hasidic Jews the right as a community of interest to be protected in the face of an incumbent-protecting plan, Assembly counsel Daniel Chill said. “The Voting Rights Act does not give Jews the same protection it gives Blacks and Hispanics,” he said. “What case,” Judge Reena Raggi asked Apotheker, ”would you look to, to argue a viable basis that this constitutes an equal protection violation?” Apotheker could not name one, and though he eventually settled on the case Larios v. Cox, the judges reserved the right to dismiss the Ullman complaint anyway. * Could redistricting be undone? Probably not, an expert says, but there are still several simmering legal hurdles before new political maps become finally adopted. (TU)

The Never Ending Election to Nowhere

An incremental ruling in the Fidler-Storobin race is expected today, (court time: 2:15 p.m.) but it’s increasingly possible the winner – whoever that might be – will never actually make it to Albany.

How is Cuomo Going to Clean Up Washington If He Can't Clean Up Albany?
Cuomo can "solidify himself as a national reformer" if he passed campaign finance reform, says advocate. (ithacajournal) * NY1 Online: Campaign Finance Reform Advocates Push For Public Financing * Former Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold, half of the McCain-Feingold sponsorship duo, calls in a DN OpEd for Cuomo to “lead the charge” against Citizens United by enacting a state-based public campaign finance system. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver plans to proceed with two campaign finance reform bills: One that would create a public-financing system for all offices, and one that would create a pilot program for the race for state comptroller – to see which would be more “palatable” to the Senate.* The state’s top lawmakers remain at loggerheads over a proposal to increase the minimum wage. (Newsday/GNS) * The Senate voted to legalize mixed-martial arts, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he has “mixed feelings” about moving the bill in his chamber. (TU) * How much would you pay for (NYP) *  Dean Skelos says in an interview that he's against public financing of campaigns, even for comptroller's race as a pilot

Government Watchdogs Want Albany Budget Process To Be More Transparent(NY1)* Greg David parses two wildly different views of Cuomo.* uomo raised over $2.5 million from hedge funders — more than any other candidate in the 2010 cycle. (WNYC)

Espada: The Accountants Did It All

At the corruption trial of former State Senator Pedro Espada Jr., Mr. Espada’s attorneys blamed accountants at his taxpayer-funded non-profit company for not stopping him from using his expense account on personal expenses. * Pedro a ‘shade’ baffled (NYP) He was a powerful state senator and boss of a multimillion-dollar Bronx non-profit — but Pedro Espada Jr. couldn’t be expected to know whether window shades his wife put on the com


Taxi Owners Block Cabs To the Outer Boroughs With Lawsuit
Yellow taxi fleet owners file lawsuit to bring livery car street hail proposal to screeching halt (NYDN) Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed one day before the Taxi and Limousine Commission is set to vote on new plan * City Sued Over New Cab Rules(WSJ) * Yellow Cab Owners Seek To Stall Mayor's Five-Borough Taxi Plan In Court(NY1)* Yellow taxi fleet owners file lawsuit(NYDN) * Yellow Cab Owners Sue Over New Passenger Plan For Livery(WCBS) * Taxi fleet owners are suing Bloomberg in an effort to block new rules that allow livery cabdrivers to pick up passengers who hail them on the street,

Leave the guns to the cops(NYDN)  Ray says transit Tasers are shockingly bad idea(NYDN) The News knocks a proposal being pushed by State Sen. Eric Adams and TWU President John Samuelsen to arm thousands of bus drivers, subway and railroad motormen and conductors with Tasers * NYC has an outer-borough taxi plan, officially.


Genovese Mob Family Still Runs San Gennaro

Officials Say a Little Italy Tradition Is Back: The Mob at San Gennaro(NYT) Former mayor, Rudolph W. Giuliani, declared the feast to be gangster-free in 1996, on Wednesday federal prosecutors charged an alleged mobster — who also ran a cannoli shop — with shaking down vendors at the fair in 2008. The mobster is Conrad Ianniello, 68, described in the federal indictment handed down yesterday as a captain in the Genovese crime family


Ex-Carpenters Union official Zarzana, Atlantic Yards cheerleader, charged with extortion and identified as soldier in Genovese crime family(Atlantic Yards Report)



Occupy Wall Street Protests Closing of St Vincent's Hospital to the 1%

An offshoot of Occupy Wall Street is protesting outside the forum * David Dinkins, Eric Rudin, Isaac Mizrahi Yelled Down Rudin AIDS Award  (Suzannah B. TroyArtist)






Rready for My Closeup Mr Demille

Weiner a jerk before crotchgate, craved media attention: book(NYP)* Disgraced Rep. reportedly would often burst into his office and scream 'Why the f--- am I not on MSNBC?' 



Tunnel and Dredging Projects to Make Room for Bigger Ships in Harbor(NYT) * Struggling Trust Seeks Funds for Hudson Shore(WSJ) * Graphic: Digging Deep in Shipping Channel(WSJ)Staten Island water tunnel project underway(SI Advance)




Kindergarten Wait List

Hundreds of Brooklyn kids waitlisted for kindergarten (NYDN) * In Gentrified Brooklyn, Hopes for More School Alternatives (NYT) * Nazareth High In Brooklyn Will Remain Open After Fundraising(WABC)





Crane Trial Coming to An End

Summations set to start in NY crane collapse trial(WSJ) * Summations Set to Start in NY Crane Collapse Trial(WNYC) * In Wake Of Crane Collapse, Bloomberg Imposes New Licensing Requirements(NYO)





Retirement - not comeback - for fiery former TWU President Roger Toussaint

MTA Strike Leader Retiring(WSJ)





Critics trash city’s waste-to-energy plan(C&S)





Fighting Homelessness(WSJ)


Anticipating Space Shuttle’s Arrival, Old Warplanes Ship Out(NYT) 




Mike Kicks Butt Again

Bloomberg Calls for Residential Smoking Rules(NYT) Bloomberg is pushing a bill forcing owners of residential buildings to adopt smoking policies and disclose them to prospective apartment buyers and tenants* Smoking Fines Go Up in Parks(WSJ) * Bloomberg: No Plan for Residential Smoking Ban (WSJ) * Mayor Wants Smoke-Free Policies Defined In Residential Buildings(NY1) * Bloomberg vs. cigarettes(NYDN) * Bloomberg Proposes New Smoking Legislation For Residential(NYDN)


Mike: Do what’s breast for baby(NYP) The New York City Health Department is pushing a sweeping initiative to prod dozens of city hospitals to get more moms in their maternity wards to breast feed

The Making of A President 2012

In Wariness on Economy, Poll Finds Opening for Romney(NYT) * Ann Romney emerges as powerful political force(Huff Post) * Today’s national Q poll showed President Obama with a narrow lead over Mitt Romney, 46-42. Obama’s edge is thanks to big support from women voters.* The draft Hillary movement keeps on rolling.* New CBS News/NY Times poll shows women split 49%/43% for Obama/Romney and men split 43%-49% for Romney/Obama. * NYT/CBS- 32% think Romney will change DC for the better, 7% for the worse. * ewt Gingrich and Ron Paul are both appearing in the Empire State today to push their doomed presidential campaigns ahead of the primary election in New York. Mr. Gingrich will be at tonight’s state GOP dinner in Midtown Manhattan and Mr. Paul is holding a Town Hall at Cornell University in Ithaca. 

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in the U.S. Senate has a fundraising edge over their Republican rivals. * oters in Ohio Uneasy About Obama & Romney - Tavernise & Zeleny, NYT * Money Struggles, Not Mommy Wars - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * Obama the Underdog - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard * Familiar Divisions Give Obama Narrow Edge - Ron Brownstein, Natl Jrnl * A Competence Problem for Obama? - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post * Mitt Romney Is the Dorian Gray of 2012 - Bob Shrum, The Week * How Romney Can Beat the Buffett Rule - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal * The Romneys' Remarkable Sense of Entitlement - Joan Walsh, Salon *  Romney Shifts Focus to Swing States, Obama - Erin McPike, RCP * Why Mitt May Pick a "Double-Vanilla" VP - Michael Barone, DC Examiner * Quinnipiac: President: Obama 46, Romney 42 | House: Dems 40, GOP 39  * Mitt Romney Should Release Tax Returns - Denver Post * Romney responds to Obama 'silver spoon' quip(NYP) * Obama’s campaign is offering donors a chance to be George Clooney’s guest at a reception for the president in LA.


Jon Stewart Proclaims Winner In Romney/Obama Comedy Showdown


The Age Of Outrage In Politics And Media

Hollywood Along the Hudson: Can Doug Steiner Turn the City’s Largest Film Studios Into an Urban Real Estate Empire?

42nd Street Sign = Dick Clark Way

TV legend Dick Clark dead of a heart attack at age 82(NYP) * TV Emperor of Rock ’n’ Roll and New Year’s Eve(NYT) * Longtime TV Host Dick Clark Dead At 82 Following Heart Attack(NY1) * Mount Vernon remembers Dick Clark(Fox 5) *  "Only God is responsible for creating more stars than Dick Clark." -Tony Orlando *Looking Back at New York's Dick Clark(NYT)

 RIP Levon Helm. A little music to see you on your way…





WINS Turns 47

Former 1010 WINS News Director Stan Brooks Recalls Secret Plan for All-News on This Format’s 47th Anniversary



Two more: Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 'High Times' pull Village Voice Media ads due to




New York Times Titanic

The New York Times Company in 2015(Columbia Journalism Review) That’s what Ironfire Capital’s Eric Jackson does for Forbes, arguing that trendlines suggest that the “basket-case” of a company likely will either be in bankruptcy or forced to sell to someone else within three years.* The Case for Why The New York Times Will Disappear As We Know It By 2015 (Forbes) * The NY Times Company's profit dropped 24 percent during 1Q.  * New York Times' advertising revenue drops 8.1 percent (Atlantic Wire)

Living Proof That A Cops Job is Very Dangerous 

My heart just dropped’: stabbed cop’s wife(NYP)*Cops’ deadly choices(NYP Ed) * The Daily News says the case shows that “Kendra’ Law” allowing authorities to forcibly medicate the dangerously disturbed must be strengthened:

Stabbed in Brain, Officer Escaped ‘Death’s Door’(NYT) * Saving an Officer's Life, With Running Clothes Beneath His Scrubs(NYT) * Officer Alert After Wound From Knife(WSJ)* Cop knifed in head the 'luckiest unlucky man ever'(NYDN) * NYPD Officer Stabbed In E. Harlem Expected To Make Full(WABC) * Cop stabbed in head expected to recover(Fox 5)

F.B.I. Renews Search for Etan Patz in SoHo(NYT) * FBI searching SoHo building in boy's '79 disappearance based on new lead(NYP)

How can you indict without police reports & complaining witness ? NYT's & DN havent figured that out.

Rape Suspect Is Freed, Long After a Woman Recants(NYT) * Ex-prosecutor on crumbling rape case: I had my doubts(NYDN)

 Law and Order


Hero cop tried to ID mob killers before he died in 1997(NYP) * Chomped by pit bull , cop plugs it dead (NYDN)* Dirty dealer begs break for aiding the homeless (NYDN)* 'White Glove Bandit' busted(NYDN) * Woman withdraws 'rape' claim against ex-hubby(NYP) * Brooklyn man gets 40 years for strangling ex, her kid1(NYDN) * Police: ‘White Glove Bandit’ Nabbed In Lower Manhattan(NYDN) * Man impersonating female NYPD cop hunted(NYDN) * Wife of Sudanese diplomat shot in Queens(Fox 5)* NYPD: Elderly man guns down wife(Fox5) * YPD: Man impersonating female cop(Fox 5) * Police search for cross-dressing bandit(WABC) * Sea Gate man arrested in shooting death of wife(WABC) * 2 men accused of unlicensed surgery on women(WABC) * Cops: Staten Island man charged with assaulting dad in Charleston(SI Advance) * Cop-Impersonating Robber Dresses as Woman(NBC) * Bronx man shot and killed for his iPhone(NYP)

Robert Morgenthau to Feds Stop Illegal Guns

In the Daily News, Robert Morgenthau asks why the Feds are so obsessed w/ chasing immigrants, so lax on illegal guns: 


Subway Terrorism

Witness Describes Bomb-Making Process for Thwarted Subway Plot(NYT) * Subway Plot Was Message to President(WSJ) * Terrorist: Queens Defendant Could Not Make Bombs But Still Wanted To Attack City Subways(NY1)

Taliban commander turns himself in to collect $100 reward for himself(NYP)