Sunday, April 1, 2012

True News Sunday Update: 2009 Newspaper Publishers We Need Bloombergs Management Skills To Make Their Case for Extending Term Limits

The City' Numbers Game
When are the papers going to admit that the sales job they gave us in 2009 to extend the Bloomberg administration was a fraud.  From the Citytime scandal, to a snowstorm that paralyzed the city for a week, to rising unemployment there is little evidence that the city is being managed properly. Now comes word that the city's jobs program is cooking the books like the Board of Education and NYPD to make it look like they are doing a better job that they actually are. Blame game in jobs fraud(NYP)  Disturbing findings that a respected nonprofit falsified employment data it provided to the city led to a flare-up between two of Mayor Bloomberg’s top aides, The Post has learned. Sources said Deputy Mayors Robert Steel and Linda Gibbs clashed over whether to immediately yank the contracts of SEEDCO, a well-established and highly regarded provider, after a searing report by the Department of Investigation determined that as many as 1,400 of 6,500 job placements claimed by the agency were fraudulent.

So long as the MSM remain friendly and cozy with pols and the like, the truth will only leak out and never fully be exposed

The People's Member Items

Putting In Their 2 Cents(NYT) In a grand experiment borrowed from Brazil, ordinary New Yorkers were invited to control a small slice of their council members’ discretionary budgets.




NYT Wants Limited Expansion of NYU 

Let N.Y.U. Expand in Its Backyard(NYT) New York University’s ambitious plan for expansion is good for the entire city, but the university should make it workable for nearby residents.


Will Senator Libous Pay to Play Mention in the Ratner Corruption Trial Be Investigated? 
More on Yonkers trial: Senator Libous denies allegations; an observer of the U.S. Attorney calls office "quite selective"(Atlantic Yards Report)  During the recent corruption trial involving former Yonkers Council Member Sandy Annabi and her political mentor, Zehy Jereis, key prosecution witness Anthony Mangone, originally charged in the case but testifying in the hope of a reduced sentence, pointed the finger at powerful state Senator Tom Libous, a Binghamton Republican who was close to then-Senator Nick Spano, a Yonkers powerbroker who once employed Mangone and Jereis.  Mangone testified that, at Libous's request, his former law firm had hired Libous’s son Matthew at an inflated salary, and were directed to bill a questionable consulting company to help pay him. No clarifying details emerged, and Senator Libous initially wouldn’t comment, citing the ongoing trial.  That sounded a bit odd, given that the allegations were merely mentioned in the trial, not the subject of it. Yesterday, however, Libous firmly denied the account and any wrongdoing, according to Gannett’s Press & Sun-Bulletin. “I made no promises and nothing transpired between me or my office and the firm,” he said, pointing to Mangone's record as an admitted liar. Libouz Letter. * Libous says he hasn't been told of any JCOPE probe into charges of his influence peddling, which he denies.(Pressconnect)

The 1% Who Benefit From the Bribery Always Walk 
Veteran trial attorney Murray Richman, who represented Annabi after she was first indicted, also questioned whether federal prosecutors were sometimes drawn to cases for the splashy headlines rather than digging deeper into larger public corruption.
“They go for the hangers,” said Richman, referring to a term used in billiards whereby players target balls that are perched closest to the holes and thereby are the easiest to sink. “There’s no question that the U.S. Attorney’s Office is quite selective in the cases they bring,” he said. “They follow the evidence as they perceive it, but they pick on a particular bone and they stay at the same bone and don’t put a wide enough net out there.”  In Brooklyn Carl Kruger Heads to Jail and so may the lobbyist who work for Ratner, Richard Lipsky Annabi verdict is latest win for U.S. attorney(LoHud)
If the office is "quite selective," does that mean certain developers have gotten a pass?  We Know He Go One From the Media When They Decided to Not Cover the Trail

The cowardly censors at Tweed (NYDN)  Why they banned 50 words By Diane Ravitch

N.Y.C. a booming mecca for TV and film(NYDN)

Tribute for dead mobster, Crazy Joe Gallo(NYDN)

Only Women Get Happy Ending Not Liu Or Other 1%ers - Power Woman and Unequal Justice
Why Does the Manhattan DA Go After Women Who Have A Little Black Books With Names of Vips or Services Powerful Men But Ignore A City Comptroller Who Clearly Has Broken the NYC Ethics and Campaign Finance Laws?

A Political Prisoner Madam

Accused "Manhattan Madam" Anna Gristina not getting out of jail (CBS)Louise Neathway, accused stalker of Yankees GM Brian Cashman(NYDN)Cashman 'shakedown' mistress hit with new indictment(NYP) * What Does A Woman Have To Do To Prove She Was Raped?'(Huff Post)* Witness rips rape-cop verdict(NYDN) * Fix the rape law(NYDN Ed) * The New York Daily News is seeking jury deliberation transcripts in the Pena rape trial. * Key Witness in Cop Rape Trial "Disturbed" by Verdict(NBC)

Client #9 Gets A New TV Show After Nobody Watched the Old One

Eliot Spitzer's Current TV Show, 'Viewpoint,' Launches Suddenly In Wake Of Keith Olbermann Firing(Huff Post)



Financers and Sex Trafficking(NYT)  THE biggest forum for sex trafficking of under-age girls in the United States appears to be a Web site called This emporium for girls and women - some under age or forced into prostitution - is in turn owned by an opaque private company called Village Voice Media. Until now it has been unclear who the ultimate owners are.








The NYP & DN Bangs On Liu All Week

John Liu, liar(NYP) * Friday Liu letter bombshell (NYP) Comptroller’s ethics waiver ‘missing’ *  Thursday Liu’s aide pulling strings(NYP)Comptroller John Liu has turned to his top political adviser, Chung Seto, for more than just campaign advice — he has actually let her run much of his office, even though she is not a city employee. Liu’s crapshoot (NYP) Nixing re-elex with eye on mayor bid * The Daily News Also mails show John Liu instructed his ex-treasurer, objected to Campaign Finance Board instructions (NYDN)  City Controller's a real nitpicker, too, staffer says

No Ethics Letter from the City's Conflict of Ethics Board That Liu Said Allow His Campaign Manager Seto To Work in His Comptroller Office

When The Post uncovered e-mails revealing that Liu has been paying his political guru with campaign cash to help run his city office, Liu just swore he had a letter from ethics officials certifying the dubious arrangement as A-OK. But like most everything that comes out of Liu’s mouth, the assertion was false.  No such letter from the Conflicts of Interest Board exists,

The Post’s Josh Margolin reported yesterday — just a bogus “contract” that Liu’s lawyer drafted and that explicitly bars his political chief, Chung Seto, from having any “supervisory role or authority” in the comptroller’s office.

“This is a clear, blatant attempt to circumvent the city’s ethics law. You can’t exempt yourself by contract from the ethics law or any other law,” said Susan Lerner, director of Common Cause New York.

Liu Who?

Liu speaker invites dry up after $candal (NYP) Embattled Comptroller John Liu — once one of the city’s most sought-after political speakers — has been taken off the guest lists of many New York civic groups, sources told The Post.

Election 2012  Rep. Rangel Says He's Set to Serve a Full Term(WSJ) * Brooklyn Federal Court braces for NY State redistricting(Independent View) * Tish James Announces Intention to Run for Public Advocate * Headline: “Towns vows to campaign—any month now” * Would-be Rep. Charlie Rangel replacement Clyde Williams name drops Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

Three Men in A Room: Don't Call Them Member Items

Quack, quack(NYP) If it walks like the proverbial duck, and quacks like him, is he a duck? Taken another way, is Andrew Cuomo becoming a member-item man? Speaker Silver says “There doesn’t have to be member items if [a dialogue on individual district needs] can take place among members of the administration and members of the Legislature,” Silver says. So, don’t call them member items, but “dialogued items”? 


Cuomo Centralizes Power Around Him

New York’s 2012 Budget Sails Through Albany(NYT) * Gov. Cuomo Budgets His Way(NYDN Ed) Gov. Andrew Cuomo is celebrating the on-time completion of a new state budget, but he broke a key campaign promise.* Albany Eyes Ways to Shield Teacher Data(WSJ) * New DNA Collection to Begin in August(WSJ) * Albany Lawmakers Approve Final Budget Bills On Time(NY1) * New York gets early budget(NYDN) * Changes to MTA payroll tax law(Fox 5) * Governors on both sides of the political aisle are betting on gambling to boost state revenues.* City and state employees are rushing to enroll in Tier V before Tier VI kicks in.


NYT Congratulates Cuomo Who They Say Made Albany Function, But Notes Some Concerns


While Mr. Cuomo is congratulating himself for turning Albany from “a model of dysfunction” into “a model of function,” no one should forget what he gave away to win legislators’ compliance: Mr. Cuomo broke a campaign promise and approved gerrymandered election districts for the next 10 years. That is bad news for New York’s voters and real democratic competition. 

Member Items
Mr. Cuomo will also have a lot more cash to spread around as he likes.The new budget maintains pots of cash for development and economic projects, but the requests will now have to go through the governor’s regional economic councils.

Lawmakers have also created a new commission to oversee gambling — the lottery, racetracks and racinos, Indian-run casinos, slot machines, even bingo and other charitable gambling. Guess who gets to pick a majority of its new members. 


New York’s comptroller will now be blocked from pre-auditing contracts for goods by the administration’s central purchasing operation. Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s office estimates that there will be about $5 billion in purchasing contracts that will not get the benefit of scrutiny before the administration signs on the dotted line.
Daily News Demands Mayoral Candidate Thompson Pay His Poster Fines . . .  Liu Has Not Paid His Either

Do the sign, pay the fine (NYDN Ed)Bill Thompson is a weasel for trying to squirm out of a half-million-dollar fine (NYDN Ed) Former city controller must pay up now for illegal 2009 campaign signs

Fidler vs. Storobin Update  - Storobin +1
Counting done for day.  389 ballots to be reviewed next week by a judge. David Storobin’s campaign, contested 193 ballots and Mr. Fidler’s team challenged 185.

Weiner Leaves Southern Brooklyn Democrats Voters Exit

Apre Weiner, Le Deluge (Bay Ridge Journal) According to blog True News, Anthony Weiner's obsession with his own junk didn't just end his political career, it may have ended the Democratic Party's hold on Southern Brooklyn.  Congressman Weiner A Strong Symbol That Keep Southern Brooklyn Democratic Party Together(True News)

The Media Watches the Media

As the various candidates compete for an open congressional seat in Queens, the Queens Chronicle let it be known that it is watching the Queens Tribune.The Tribune‘s editor defended the decision at the time and contended the story had nothing to do with the political consulting firm run out of its office, Multi-Media. Although Mr. Halloran may now be at peace with the Tribune, the Chronicle is suspicious as one of the Democratic candidates in the congressional campaign, Assemblywoman Grace Meng, has retained Multi-Media.

Why the Chronicle is Watching?

A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians(True News)  Mike Nussbaum part owner of Queens Tribune is one of the top people in the Grace Meng campaign for congress.  The printing for Meng will most likely be done by Multi Media own by Tribco which owned by Nussbaum, Mike Schenkler publisher of the Queens Tribune. 

Where are the Woman Rights Groups?

Where are the perjury charges against Constantine for failing to reveal he knew Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance socially, worked with former Gov. Elliot Spitzer, and was a former law partner with Richard Aborn (who had once run against Vance)—all of which would have likely gotten him removed from the jury?

The Most Outrageous Thing Said By A "Gunpoint Rape" Cop Juror (Gothamist)  More information has leaked out about the holdout jurors: the Daily News reports that at least one juror didn't believe the victim because she could not recall the color of a car parked by the courtyard where she was attacked. 

Women Are Abused By the System is Not Limited to the Middle East

This same juror didn't believe her despite the fact the victim testified she had been penetrated ("It hurt"), despite the fact the forensics team had found Pena's semen on the woman's underwear, and despite the fact that several witnesses saw the attack taking place.“This woman was fighting for her life against an armed assailant who was subjecting her to the worst thing you can do to a living victim,” said Linda Fairstein, former chief of the Manhattan district attorney’s sex crimes unit.  “Whether or not she noticed a car is so unimportant in the scheme of what she did know.” The male juror who allegedly said this was one of three—including lawyer Lloyd Constantine—who were focusing “on really odd points” which led to a deadlock and mistrial on the rape charges.* Rape-Case Juror Called District Attorney ‘Wonderful’ Friend in Note(NYT) * Queens assemblywoman pushes for stronger rape laws (NYDN)  Aravella Simotas argues that lax laws allowed former NYPD cop to "get away with rape"

 It’s dusty, unheated and has no visible staff or patients, but this health clinic in Queens has raked in more than half a million in taxpayer cash

600G clinic in a vegetative state (NYP) Taxpayer funds spent on padlocked ‘charity’ Two lawmakers writing a bill to get her off the hook for $300,368 in unpaid property taxes. Rep. Gregory Meeks secured federal grants totaling $380,500 for renovations and programs. A state member item from Assemblywoman Vivian Cook went to renovate a second-floor kitchen.

Disability duplicity(NYP Ed) Who says there are no second acts in American lives? FDNY pensioner Cliff Stabner retired as a “disabled” city smoke eater in 2003 and — presto chango — is now working as an emergency responder . . . at a NASCAR speedway in Delaware.

Fraud makes NYC's insurance rates among nation’s highest(NYP)



Is the NYT Going to the Dogs?

The New York Times Cares More About Dogs Than Black Crime Victims(Brooklyn Ron)

Cabby is still hackin' it at 92(NYP) * Taxi of the future(NYP)

A Place to Celebrate Bukharian Life(NYT)


Taxis, garages eyed in credit card breach(NYP)



Markowitz Says Sheepshead Bay Mosque May Violate Zoning Laws(Sheephead Bites)




Improvements Abound As Coney Island Prepares For Season Opening(NY1) * New York Aquarium plans $150 million renovation, including new shark exhibit(NYDN) The Coney Island institution plans to start work in fall on $30 million 'Ocean Wonders: Sharks!' space, which will allow visitors to walk through tunnel as sharks swim overhead

In Manhattan Pizza War, Price of Slice Keeps Dropping(NYT)




Marriage Shifts Gay-Rights Debate(WSJ) The passage of same-sex marriage last June was a victory for New York gay-rights advocates, but with that watershed goal accomplished, some of the air has gone out of the movement as activists focus on the next fight.


Former Alaska gov. to co-host 'Today' as Couric fills in on 'GMA'(NYP)


OLBERMANN ATTACKS: Al Gore's Network Is A Penny-Pinching, Incompetent Clown Show
Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann(NYT) * Keith Olbermann fired, Eliot Spitzer hired at Current TV (NYDN)  Al Gore's Current TV dumps Keith Olbermann, who vows to sue, and taps ex-New York governor and former CNN host Eliot Spitzer * At This Point, Would Anyone Hire Olbermann? - James Poniewozik, Time * Keith Olbermann Fired: War With Current Just Getting Started(Huff Post)

Law and Order

Mike lauds frisks(NYP)

Bx. gal slain in balcony plunge(NYP) * Arrest Made After Death of Woman Who Plummeted From 14th-Floor Balcony(NYT) * Bronx Apartment Visit Ends With Fatal Balcony Fall(WSJ) * Prosecutors Seek Life Sentence for Arms Trafficker(NYT) * Feds want life imprisonment for Soviet arms dealer(WSJ) * NYPD: 911 Calls Made Before, After Woman's Deadly 14 Story Bronx Fall(NY1) * Arrest Made In Death Of Woman Who Fell From 14th Floor Balcony(WCBS) * Woman dies in 14-story plunge from Bronx building(WABC) * Woman Falls from Balcony, Dies(NBC) * Woman Charged In Death Of Bronx Woman Who Fell From Apartment Balcony(NY1) * Mom charged in woman's death plunge (NYDN)

Bus killer’ B’klyn rap(NYP)PATH Station Fare Evader Arrested With Loaded Gun(NY1)* Mob-tied caterer gets 6 years in prison for extortion(NYDN) * Thief steals wheelchair of man with cerebral palsy(WABC) * Teachers DWI: cops(NYP)

* Schools hotbeds for luring young sex slaves(NYDN)* Jailer nabbed on gun charge(NYDN) * 2 NYC teachers arrested for DWI(Fox 5)