Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Ratner Lobbyist Gets Convicted and Nobody Notices

The Corruption Firewall
Ratner Benefits But is Never Involved in the Corruption of Lobbyists He Hires

Developer comments on Yonkers verdict: "This trial was not about the actions of Forest City Ratner" (not quite)(Atlantic Yards Report)
A tidbit from the expanded New York Times coverage of the Yonkers corruption trial verdict

NYT Still Spinning Romance Ex-Councilwoman and Admirer Are Found Guilty in Yonkers Case(NYT)Romance Didn't Motivate Bribes Between Yonkers Councilwoman, Associate: Jury(WNYC)

Press Consumed With Lottery Only Offers Passing Notice to Conviction. . .  NYT Spins Loves Even though Jury Rejected That Lie
“This trial was not about the actions of Forest City Ratner,” the company said Thursday, adding it had “no knowledge of the financial relationship between Ms. [Sandy] Annabi and Mr. [Zehy] Jereis.”
Greg David of Crain's New York Business--generally a friend to Forest City--might put it, sounds like "See no evil, hear no evil  Two in Yonkers Are Convicted of Conspiracy(WSJ) * Ex-councilwoman, former party boss convicted on all counts in Yonkers corruption trial; vow appeal (LoHud)

Corruption Guilty Verdicts and Most of the Media Still in Black Out Mode

 There is no more proof need to show how the media has become New York's biggest corruption enabler by hiding it and allowing pols and businessman to get away with it. Ratner receives $750,000,000 in government funds, his lobbyists get convicted in two different project in two different city and there not one story examining how the developer hires modern day Murder, inc operation not to kill people but do do anything necessary to will approval of his project and obtain government funds to build them. 


A Report From WCBS Is Married to A Former Ratner Lobbyists Mike Spano

'Slam dunk' verdict called 'turning point' for Yonkers, the newspaper got that headline quote from Mayor Mike Spano, bother of Nick a Yonkers Republican, pleaded guilty to tax evasion, in a case where public corruption also figured prominently.

If Sandy or Zehy Jereis Rat There is a Lot More to This Corruption Story

Mike Spano was not charged but is not immune to whispers. A Republican turned Democrat, he hired Jereis's wife at City Hall. And, in anonymous comments at the Yonkers Tribune, some went after him, with one warning:
Mike Spano will not finish a four year term.
Before it's over, both Zehy and Sandy will bury him in order to cut a deal. Al pirro must also be having a hard time sleeping.


City's unemployment rate rose to a 20-month high of 9.6% percent in February

City's Jobless Rate Continues to Rise Faster Than Job Creation Rate(NYT) * Water Rates Head Up(WSJ) * Fla. governor makes pitch to New York businesses(WSJ)* More drain on wallets! Bid to raise water rates 7%(NYDN)

Which City Officials Are Responsible for the Sharply Rising Unemployment Rate.  Or is It No Fault Unemployment?  The Media Will Never Tell Us

Nitpicker Liu More Evidence It is Time To Go
Emails show John Liu instructed his ex-treasurer, objected to Campaign Finance Board instructions (NYDN)  City Controller's a real nitpicker, too, staffer says

Did Liu's Fundraiser Seto Have A Permission Slip to Work in the Comptrollers Office?

Liu letter bombshell (NYP) Comptroller’s ethics waiver ‘missing’ City Comptroller John Liu was telling a tall tale when he claimed to have a letter from city ethics officials allowing his campaign manager to oversee operations at the Comptroller’s Office. The half-baked permission slip dictated that she“will have no supervisory role or authority as to the Comptroller’s Office staff.” City Comptroller John Liu does not have clearance from city ethics officials for his campaign adviser Chung Seto to manage the comptroller’s governmental operations


Liu's Letter From Ethics Board is Missing Only A Phone Opinion Liu Flack Claims
George Arzt, a spokesman for Seto and Liu, initially insisted he would be able to provide a written “advisory opinion” from the Conflicts of Interest Board blessing the arrangement. Yesterday, Arzt backtracked, saying board officials spoke to people at the Comptroller’s Office by phone. “I don’t know if they signed off on it, but certainly the two offices talked. I don’t know what proof you can have of a telephone conversation,” said Arzt.



Fidler vs. Storobin Update  - Storobin +1
Counting done for day.  389 ballots to be reviewed next week by a judge.

Russian Community Protesting Outside Fidler's Office

Fidler Leads by 3 at End of Second Day (NYO) * Daily News With the vote tally in at 10,899 EACH (yes, a tie) for Dems' Fidler and GOP's Storobin, counting will continue tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Election 2012 Longshot 2013 NYC mayoral candidate Tom Allon mulls switch from Dem to GOP, would follow in Bloomberg's footsteps. *A Long Shot Mulls Switch To the GOP(WSJ) * State Sen. Adriano Espaillat poses a true threat to Rep. Charlie Rangel in June primary - NY Daily News As State Sen. Adriano Espaillat readies his Congressional bid announcement for next week, rumors abound that Charlie Rangel wants to win re-election so that he can retire and designate Assemblyman Keith Wright as his successor,*

Hyundai, hit by De Blasio, will end Iran biz Hyundai(NYDN) * Juan Gonzalez reports Sen. Adriano Espaillat will officially announce his primary challenge to Rep. Charlie Rangel next week, and Sen. Bill Perkins – who has been mentioned as a potential successor to Rangel himself and is no friend of another likely candidate, Assemblyman Keith Wright – will meet with his colleague this weekend to discuss a potential endorsement.* Bill Perkins is set to meet with Adriano Espaillat over his plan to challenge Charlie Rangel *Rangel Campaign Slams Media And Ethics Committee, Corrects ‘Historical Record’ On FEC Fine (Updated)(YNN) * Charlie Rangel Back In The Hospital As Campaign Pushes Back Against The Press (NYO) *Elizabeth Crowley Focuses On House Republicans(NYO) * Unlike her two Democratic opponents, Assemblywoman Grace Meng has so far not lined up labor support for her NY-6 run. The labor-backed WFP might sit this race out. * Former Sen. Frank Padavan is reportedly unlikely to challenge his old rival, Sen. Tony Avella, but three other Republicans are interested in running.* How will union endorsements affect the open Queens congressional race? * Nydia Velázquez will likely be endorsed by the Working Families Party. 


Quinn Protecting Another Developer Will She Get Campaign Contributions From Them Like She Got From the Rudins After She Turned Allowed St Vincent's Hospital to Be Turned Into Condos

Quinn Exempts Part of Hudson Yards From Living-Wage Bill(NYT) Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, drafted a revised bill that would exempt the Hudson Yards project from a requirement that developers receiving large city subsidies pay at least $10 an hour. Quinn would exempt workers at Hudson Yards, one of the city’s largest projects, from the proposed living-wage legislation * Christine Quinn Caught in Lie Rudin Family $30,000 Campaign Donation Sell-Out No Hospital W.V.!(suzannahbethtroy) * Speaker Quinn Gives Steve Ross a Hug? Hudson Yards Bounced from Living Wage Bill to Help Build Commercial Towers

Stringer Not Brought on Ambitious NYU Expansion

Key Official Would Trim N.Y.U. Plan to Expand(NYT) New York University is having a hard time selling its ambitious plan to expand its Greenwich Village campus to Scott M. Stringer, the Manhattan borough president.






The Media Watches the Media

As the various candidates compete for an open congressional seat in Queens, the Queens Chronicle let it be known that it is watching the Queens Tribune.


A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians(True News)  Mike Nussbaum part owner of Queens Tribune is one of the top people in the Grace Meng campaign for congress.  The printing for Meng will most likely be done by Multi Media own by Tribco which owned by Nussbaum, Mike Schenkler publisher of the Queens Tribune.

Teddy Cuomo
Gov. Cuomo's carrot-and-stick approach is key to his success in Albany - NY Daily News * The budget’s “Close to Home” initiative puts a number of state-run juvenile justice facilities at risk of closure, but doesn’t specify which ones will be shuttered.* Albany’s Big Three Take Budget Victory Lap(NYO) *   The Committee to Save NY’s pro-Cuomo budget ad buy tally this year: $3.9 million.* The Village Voice’s James King has some suggestions for questions Fred Dicker might ask the next time he gets Cuomo on this radio show.* Newt Gingrich: Mitt Romney ‘will probably’ win (Wash Post)


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver “would not object” to pay increases for legislators, but he insists he’s not going to push for that.* Silver: No Thought To Retirement

State legislature passes budget(YNN)

Did Albany Hid the Pork in the Budget?

Pork Decried, Not Dead(WSJ) Cuomo has taken a tightfisted public stand against legislative pork-barrel spending, a point of pride for his administration. Despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s no-new member items pledge, there is plenty of money in the state’s budget that can be used for pet projects. There is $40 million worth of pork--by another name--tucked into Andrew Cuomo's budget, despite his campaign claims to do away with the process



Ruben Wills Taken To Court For Not Paying Rent(NYDN)





Cuomo’s fare hikes?(NYP) MTA ‘fix’ means trouble ahead Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas writes in the Post that Cuomo’s MTA plan, heavily dependent on new debt, will lead to exorbitant fare hikes in the near future

Three Men White Guys In A Room

Tweeting pol in racial jab(NYP) “Three white guys in the room making all the decisions * Senator Kevin Parker Vents State Budget Frustrations In Controversial Twitter Messages(NY1) * Sen. Parker off to the ‘races’(NYDN)* Yossi Gestetner games out a challenge to Sen. Kevin Parker.


Is the City Backing Down On School Closing?

Albany Money Will Aid Effort to Remember the War of 1812(NYT)


NJ Supports NYPD

Poll: New Jersey Backs Muslim Surveillance(WSJ)




Mayberry Law At 61/2 Avenue

Mayberry Comes to Midtown(WSJ) * NYC plans 7-block midtown promenade(WSJ) * Sixth (and-a-half) Avenue(NYDN)


Washington & Gingrich's Santa Bets On Our Javits Center

Mogul bets on Javits casino(NYP) Billionaire casino mogul and Newt Gingrich backer Sheldon Adelson wants to build a casino in New York on the site of the Jacob Javits Center

Another Pol Gawked

Pol gets buss-ted!(NYP)Engaged GOPer in bar-smooch video Matt Doheny, a newly engaged Republican running in the 23rd Congressional District upstate, was recently spotted partying in a DC bar with two women, groping both and kissing one.


Election 2012

NBC/Marist Poll: Romney leads in Wisconsin primary  * Romney Supporters Yearning for the Personal Side(NYT) * Obama Shifts View of Executive Power(WSJ) * Rep. Paul Ryan officially endorses Romney on "Fox and Friends" * The Donald is the latest to say he believes Hillary Clinton will – and should – run for president in 2016.  * Mitt Romney's Next Big Crisis - Doug Schoen, FOX News * Mitt Romney’s campaigning for the general election now, thank you very much. * Can Dems Recover If ObamaCare Is Overturned? - Molly Ball, The Atlantic *  The Rove-Romney Axis - Keach Hagey & Ken Vogel, Politico * Romney under fire for PAC donation to anti-gay marriage group (Wash Post)

In Health Case, Appeals to a Justice’s Idea of Liberty(NYT) * Doyle McManus says that the entire health care case could have been avoided if Democrats used the term “tax” instead of “penalty.”* This has been a very bad week for Don Verilli, who bungled the Obama administration’s arguments before the Supreme Court.


WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Health Care Reform Hearings


Current TV drops Keith Olbermann, replaces him with Eliot Spitzer (Wash Post) * Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann(N YT)



Former Homeland Security Head To Create New PA Security Dept.(NY1) * The Port Authority will overhaul its security operation for the first time in decades, centralizing control over its police force and safety officials at its bridges, airports, bus terminals and the World Trade Center.

Connected Jury Pushed Against Rape Charges
NY Post castigates self-vetting juror, ex-Spitzer aide Lloyd Constantine, relieved he's not calling shots in Albany.   Lawyer, heal thyself (NYP)  Namely, Constantine is a social friend of Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr., whose office prosecuted the case; a Vance campaign contributor — and the law partner of Richard Aborn, who ran against Vance in 2009. All that adds up to a cast-in-brass conflict of interest — yet Constantine stayed mum through the jury-selection process. Why? Well, he said, no one asked me. * Jury focuses on 'odd points,' refuse to convict cop on rape(NYDN)* The NY Post castigated self-vetting juror and ex-Eliot Spitzer advisor Lloyd Constantine, saying New Yorkers should be relieved he’s “no longer calling the shots in Albany.”

Demonstrators Want Police Officer Arrested For Shooting Unarmed Bronx Teen(NY1)

Law and Order

Mobster’s ‘hit’ tricks(NYP) * Qns. motels shut down, employees arrested in prostitution sting(NYP) * State Court Allows False-Confession Experts, but Bar Is High(NYT) * Juvenile Revamp Is Set(WSJ) * Security Shakeup at Port Authority(WSJ) * Teen charged with NYC playground vandalism(WSJ)* Deliberations To Begin In Handyman's Murder Trial(NY1) * Goon went from whack to the sack (NYDN) * Clerks at two Queens motels busted for directing johns to (NYDN) *Queens DA: Mob associate masterminded fatal robbery(NYDN) * Police: Teen Charged In Far Rockaway Playground Vandali (WCBS) * Man accused of tattooing teen(Fox 5) * New York City police officers are defying Ray Kelly’s order to not arrest people who display marijuana during ordinary stop.

Wakeup call vs. subway crimes (NYDN)