Monday, March 26, 2012

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Pols See Hospitals As Ca$h Cows

Could Care Less About Mismanagement or and Waste

An investigation offers a sobering portrait of how Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Bushwick, Brooklyn, has been undermined by the very people entrusted to run it.Robert Stolarik for The New York Times.  Problems at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Bushwick, Brooklyn, have included an ousted chief executive, financial difficulties and an investigation by the Brooklyn district attorney. Allies of Congressman Ed Towns, Assemblyman Vito Lopez, Senator Sampson and Councilman Erik Martin Dilan have landed high-level positions at Wyckoff Hospital in Brooklyn, despite questionable qualifications, further weakening the hospital’s already deeply flawed management. 

Anthony Seminerio
Other Albany Pols Ripping Off Hospitals

Ex-Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio Dies in Prison - * Bushwick's Wyckoff Heights Medical Center kept secret cash stash ...New Allegations Are Added to Seminerio's Indictment

William Boyland

Assemblyman William Boyland did political favors for hospital in ... * Boyland's hospital 'consulting' gig lined his pockets: prosecutors ...


Pedro Espada

Trial Begins for Pedro Espada, Accused of Looting Health Care ...

Speaker Quinn
Quinn allowed a hospital to close to make way so coops can be built by one of the city's largest developers and Received Campaign $$$ From Him

In New Ad, Tom Allon Slams Quinn for St. Vincent's Closure *Christine Quinn + Rudin Family Campaign Donations = Pay-to-Play ...


Albany Reform: 3 Men in the Room Now Compromise Budget

Closed-Door Negotiations Still Help Bills Move Through Cuomo's Albany(NY1) * The health care exchange, required by the health care reform law, appears to be the major stumbling block to a budget agreement in Albany. * Progress Toward a Single Gambling Commission for New York(NYT) * Early State Budget Agreement On Deck, Silver Says(YNN) * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli slammed an apparent budget agreement that strips some of his pre-audit powers, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed.* Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos doesn’t see an agreement – in the budget or otherwise – limiting the public release of teacher evaluation data. * District attorneys across New York would get raises this year - with the state picking up the increase – under a budget proposal that ties their salaries to that of state Supreme Court justices, who are set to get a pay bump from $160,000 from $136,700.* Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan sez there will be $125 million in funding for competitive education funding in . Cuomo wanted $250M. * "Just as years of late budgets symbolized Albany’s dysfunction, on-time budgets show that state government is working again," Skelos said. * Brook-Krasny Study Adds Fuel To Idea Of Fidler Challenging Golden (NYO) * The budget goal for tonight? “Everything.”

NYP: Storobin Shocker Locks In GOP Control of Senate With IDC Acting As Plan B Insurance

GOP’s Dem-olition man in Senate(Dicker, NYP) Party turmoil amid GOPer’s B’klyn ‘win’ Some key Senate Democrats, shocked by the apparent victory of Republican David Storobin in last week’s special election in Brooklyn, are privately conceding they have little chance of retaking control of the Senate in November. hey also face the virtual certainty that a renegade group of four Democrats known as the Independent Democratic Conference will vote for continued GOP control of the Senate if Democrats defy the odds and ultimately win a narrow majority in the November election.* "'Call him, Deputy Majority Leader Klein," quipped insider who believes IDC will side with GOP next fall. * The Senate GOP is prepared to go on the offensive. * Top Obama donors get top access to the White House. (AP)

Election 2012

Queens G.O.P. Endorses Halloran for Congress(NYT) * Dan “Don’t Stop Believin” Halloran Ready To Announce For Congress (C&S)  * Charles Rangel: On the Mend, Focused on Being 'My Own Dynamic Self'(WSJ)Gillibrand calls for quick drawdown in Afghanistan(WABC)

* Peter Rivera’s New Job and the Race He Leaves Behind (Bronx Matters) Cuomo appointment of Rivera to Labor commish post dispels, finally, legal cloud hanging over AM's head. * Assemblywoman Meng Officially Launches Bid For Congress(NY1) * Vanguard Independent Dems endorse Hakeem Jeffries after 30 years backing Ed Towns (C&S) * 
Rep. Charles Rangel scored his first clubhouse endorsement of this cycle late Friday afternoon, when the Arturo Schomberg Democratic Club of Harlem backed the veteran congressman’s re-election. (C&S) *  Good government groups want a constitutional amendment for an independent redistricting commission placed on the ballot in 2014 to ensure the best odds of passage * Rep. Charlie Rangel insists he has recovered from a back injury that caused a prolonged absence and is gearing up for re-election, saying: “I’m prepared to run against any-God damn-body who runs against me.” * Bob Kappstatter games out the battle for soon-to-be Labor Commissioner/retiring Assemblyman Peter Rivera’s seat.* A Jewish source sniped that Israel and Middle East policy is a playing field on which Meng “can’t possible compete” with Assemblyman Rory Lancman.* Grace Meng Brings Out The Troops in Her Race For Congress: UPDATED(NYDN) * The process going forward in the Storobin-Fidler recount.* Rep. Michael Grimm got the backing of the Independence Party. * Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says the U.S. needs to get out of Afghanistan faster. (WNYC) * Democrats See A Silver Lining in A Storobin Victory * Democrats See A Silver Lining in A Storobin Victory(NYO) * Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is supporting Rep. Charlie Rangel over his “brother,” Sen. Adriano Espaillat.* Meng, Lancman Welcome Halloran By Tying Him To National GOP(YNN) * Blocks From His Childhood Home In Queens, GOP's Dan Halloran Kicks Off Bid For Congress*NYDN)

Will Diaz Rejoin Pedro Espada At His New Home?
What you should know about an FBI interview involving a former aide to Sen. Diaz(TU)  Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr.’s own words used against himself * Do-good pol driven nuts(NYP)

Liu Gives Up Mayoral Race and Focuses On Holding On As Comptroller
Liu: Run for mayor in doubt(NYP) Even City Comptroller John Liu agrees — the arrests of his campaign treasurer and his top donor for allegedly scheming to make straw donations have likely torpedoed his planned run for mayor in 2013


de Blasio Campaigning During Office Hours

NY1 Exclusive: Public Advocate De Blasio Meets With Union Leaders, Campaign Bundlers During Work Hours(NY1)

Park Slope Food Vs Israel

* De Blasio vs. food-ban plan (NYDN) mmingMike rips co-op anti-Israel bid(NYP)


State to Monitor Vito Lopez's Machine



Another Cop Another Precinct Comes Forward With Manipulating Crime Stats
Cop: I got proof of bogus crime stats(NYDN) * Sergeant says NYPD manipulating crime stats(WABC) In an exclusive interview, a 19-year police veteran says the 100th Precinct in Queens has been manipulating crime statistics 




Bridges too far(NYP) Gov. Cuomo’s ambitious $25 billion plan to replace aging bridges, buildings and roads across the state by tapping into the deep pockets of private equity firms may be swimming upstream.






Deal On 3 Year MTA Capital Funding Plan 

Gov. Cuomo, state pols finalize MTA deal that will help Second Ave. subway, other projects move forward as planned (NYDN)  This represents the greatest commitment to the MTA from a governor in recent history' The state will kick in $700 million over three years, the MTA bond cap will be increased by $7 billion and the state will seek a low-interest loan. * Washington Beat: New Yorkers In Congress Fight For MTA's Share Of Transit Funds(NY1) * Credit and blame at the MTA(NYDN)


Rent Laws Continue

Decades-Old Housing ‘Emergency’ Continues, and So Does Rent Regulation (NYT)




NY1 Exclusive: DOE Releases List Of Schools With PCB Leaks, Critics Want Better Clean-Up Efforts




UFT Albany's Push Back on Teacher Evaluations  

State leaders discuss plan to keep teacher evaluations private (NYDN) Unclear if Gov. Cuomo would go along with idea * Pols’ ‘sneaky’ bid to ban teacher gradesFacing tremendous pressure from teachers unions, Albany lawmakers are pushing to insert a provision in the state budget that would ban the public from seeing new teacher report card (NYP)



The Cuomo Doctrine(YNN)


Jury Still Out At the Ratner Lobbyist Trial
As jury ponders Yonkers corruption trial, flashbacks: Annabi, who didn't testify, before the indictment called co-defendant Jereis "a great man"; Ratner at groundbreaking saluted "courage" of officials who backed project (Atlantic Yards Review) So, the jury in the federal corruption case involving former Yonkers Council Member Sandy Annabi and her political mentor (and former Yonkers GOP Chairman) Zehy Jereis continues its deliberations today, after taking Friday off. * How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects(True News




Crane Collapse Blame Game: Chinese Parts Suppliers 

In 2008 Crane Collapse, Scrutiny on Supplier of Part(NYT) The company that handled the welding of a crucial component in a crane that killed two workers in Manhattan described itself online in ways that were largely inflated or false. * City should adopt new rules updating licensing of construction crane operators (NYDN Ed)  National acceditation standards are more up-to-date * The Upper East Side crane collapse of 2008 points to an all-too common problem: overstatements by Chinese parts suppliers.

No Longer Burning, the South Bronx Gentrifies(NYT) In the 1970s, the South Bronx was beset by arson and other crime. But now, the neighborhood around the Grand Concourse is seeing an influx of white middle-class professionals.


Not for Julianna(NYP)"Good Wife” star Margulies has 0 sympathy for real "good" wife, Silda Spitzer. "I remember thinking, Get off the stage" (NYP)

Designers Sew Up City Aid(WSJ) The New York City Economic Development Corp. plans to announce on Monday a program to provide financial help to emerging fashion designer

Domino Fight Turns Sour(WSJ) Nearly two years ago, Community Preservation Corp. won a battle for city approvals to build 2,200 apartments on the site of the former Domino Sugar factory. But work never started, and now it's in a fight to keep a hold on the project.

Revealed: ‘tip’-top nabes for cabbie(NYP)

Santorum Ignores Pressure to Bow Out to Romney(NYT)* Santorum's Win In Louisiana Puts Off Discussion About Uniting Behind Romney(NPR) * Rick Santorum is the latest GOP presidential hopeful to lash out at a NYT reporter. * Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, looks about ready to exit the stage. *antorum Ignores Pressure to Bow Out to Romney(NYT) * Mitt Romney's Elusive Campaign Manager - McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed * The Sad End of the Gingrich Campaign - Walter Shapiro, The New Republic *  The Media & Mitt's "Inevitability" Mantra - Robert McCain, Am. Spectator *  'Mormon Factor' Won't Go Away w/Nominee Romney - Al Hunt, Bloomberg * The GOP Has a Serious Problem With Women - Frank Rich, New York Mag

It is Justice Kennedy's Health Care Law Now

Oral arguments start today before the US Supreme Court in what will be an unusual three day-long extravaganza on the legality of President Obama’s signature policy achievement: Health care reform.* O’s Supreme test(NYP) * Health Act Arguments Open With 1867 Obstacle(NYT) * In Health Care Case, Lawyers Train for 3-Day Marathon(NYT) * Health Law Heads to Court(WSJ) * Justices Hear Argument That Health Case Is Premature(NYT)

Corzine Was Told Money Was Firm’s(NYT)

Hoodies Protests of Support

Members of the NYS Legislature a Hoodie Presser memorializing #TrayvonMartin and end to #stop&Frisk * Democrats ask a Republican State Senator to pull his “Stand Your Ground” bill.

Manhattan Churchgoers Wear Hoodies In Solidarity With Slain Florida Teen(NY1) * Hoodies in church in East Village (NYDN) * Churchgoers wear hoodies for Trayvon Martin(WABC)


Gun Manufactures Push Back
Remington Arms Company threatens to pull plant out of New York in response to Bloomy-backed gun bill(NYDN) The News cheers Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to bring licensing rules for operators of the biggest construction cranes in line with the modern age of high-rise building

Man Allegedly Robs Livery Cab Driver At Knifepoint(NY1)

Police release photos of subway ‘slayer’(NYP) * Terror on the tracks(NYDN) Straphangers were hit by subway trains a terrifying 147 times in 2011* Police release photos of subway ‘slayer’(NYP)* Mom wants subway suspect arrested(Fox 5)

VIDEO: Cops wound ex-con in Harlem shootout(NYP)

Law and Order

After Detective’s Firing, Tensions Linger in Bell Case(NYT) * Weitz Law Firm Got Rival's Database, Suit Says(WSJ) * NYPD charge suspect who fired at officers(WSJ)* NYPD cop shoots gunman in Harlem(NYDN) * NYPD: Officer Shoots Gunman Who Was Firing At Police(WCBS) * Cop sliced in struggle(NYP) * Bx. raid bags 112 lbs. of coke worth $4M(NYDN)* Police say officer shot armed suspect(NYDN)* Man Allegedly Robs Livery Cab Driver At Knifepoint(NY1) * Judge orders 'rape' cop jury to continue deliberations after 'impasse' note(NYP) * Mob turncoat admits to 8 murders during testimony against 2 Colombo thugs(NYP) * MTA Considers Repeat Robber Subway Ban Amid Crime Spike(NBC)

 Killer: Jews my target(NYP)