Friday, March 23, 2012

After the Biggest Scandal in NYC History, Now We Are Told the CityTime Scandal Does Not Work

CityTime Payroll System Does Not Work
No wonder why there the mayor never called for an investigation how the largest municipal scandal in the history of New York was hatched without a single city employee indicted.   This failure to get to the bottom of the scandal was an attempt to cover-up the fact that the system is a failure and does not work.  The city is now looking to change CityTime's software. Since nobody been indicted for the scandal, that means that city managers cannot only not find scandal they can't even oversea a $700,000,000 million dollar tech product to make sure it works.   CityTime Up For a Review(WSJ) Less than a year after it began, city officials are shopping around for software improvements that might replace New York City’s CityTime, the city’s notorious payroll program * WSJ CityTime Review, Suzannah Troy CityTime Down for Maintance More Than Kim Kardashian

Another City Cover Up

Former HPD Assistant Commissioner Took $600,000 in Bribes And Like the CityTime Scandal Nobody in the City Government or Pols Who Helped Developers Build in their District Knew A Thing

Guilty Plea Expected in New York Housing Agency Bribery Case(NYT) Wendell B. Walters, who was a top official at the city’s housing agency, is to plead guilty Friday to charges related to accepting $600,000 in bribes and kickbacks. * Plea Expected in Bribes Case(WSJ) * Former city HPD big to plead guilty to bribery rap (NYDN)



Liu's Campaign Treasurer Hires Yippie Founder Abbie Hoffman's Lawyer

Jenny Hou brings in the big guns (NYDN) High-powered attorney for troubled treasurer. John Liu’s campaign treasurer Jia Hou hired Gerald Lefcourt as her criminal defense lawyer yesterday to replace Martin Adelman, a lawyer paid out of Liu’s campaign funds.

Liu Jokes About FBI Probe
The China World Journal reported Thursday about a meeting between Liu’s political staffers and top campaign supporters. At the meeting, he apparently joked about the FBI probe, asked his supporters whether he should or shouldn’t run for mayor — they said “yes” — and talked fund-raising strategy.

Feds Pile On Pedro
Witnesses Testify That Espada Used Nonprofit Group’s Checks to Pay for Personal Services(NYT)  More than a dozen witnesses testified in former Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr.’s trial yesterday that they had been paid to perform personal services with business checks *
Multiple Witnesses Claim They Received Stolen Medical Clinic Money From Former Sen. Espada(NY1) * Espada trial witnesses, including ghostwriter of his memoir, say they were paid w/checks from Soundview affiliate

As More and More New Yorkers Are Out of Work Council Passes Living Wage Bill
In the last two months the city's unemployment rate has jumped 1% to 10%.  The council is not addressing the problem that they are running a government that is putting more and more New Yorker out of work. The question on why are jobs leaving the city is not even being asked let alone answered.   Labor-loving Quinn will pass wage bill (NYP) Quinn plans to pass “prevailing wage” legislation next week in a bid to shore up organized labor support for the 2013 mayoral election. Council Eyes 'Help' Ads Requiring Employment(WSJ) *  Unions v. NY youth (NYP) Blocking vital juvie-justice fix The Empire Center’s Russell Sykes writes in the Post that CSEA is attempting to block Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s juvenile-justice facility closure plans in a shortsighted bid to save union jobs * NYC Office Leases Lowest Since 2009 on Wall Street Cuts ((Bloomberg)

Even Alec Baldwin See How Overboard the NYT Has Gone for Quinn

: Message to Jill Abramson: Why doesn't the Times just endorse Christine Quinn for mayor right now?

Yesterday's NYT Piece On the Speaker Was A Campaign Flyer

Quinn's Quest for 'Kindergarten for All'(NYT) 


Campaign 2012  David Storobin and Lew Fidler should get a complete count (NYDN Ed)All ballots for Brooklyn state Senate seat should be treated equally. The Daily News calls on the city’s Board of Elections to manually inspect all the votes, not just the paper ones, in the Lew Fidler-David Storobin State Senate race to more accurately judge the winner. Republican Candidate's Lead In Special State Senate Election Shrinks(NY1)

Redistricting Could Bring Congresswoman Velazquez A Difficult Primary(NY1)



Christine Quinn talks about her Long Island roots. On another radio interview, she didn't correct interviewer who said she grew up in NYC.* Sen. Toby Stavisky went from unsure about seeking re-election to definitely running – although unsure about where – in the span of a few hours.* The NY Post thinks Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand will “flip” on Keystone when Sen. Chuck Schumer does.

A Transgender Candidate Is Hoping to Make History(NYT) * Pressed by Gambling on 2013 plans, Quinn says, "People are going to wait to declare, or whatever that means nowadays" until after November. *  Despite DCCC’s ‘no safe seat’ claim, NY GOP has (some) hope in 2012 House races (WNYC) * A look at the places where the Senate Democrats now vulnerable, given the surprising results of the Storobin-Fidler race. * Ruben Diaz Sr.: ‘Gay Marriage Has Backfired On The Democratic Party’(NYO) * Avi Fink Managing Crowley Congressional Run(NYDN)* . challenger George Martinez () filed a campaign committee * Dispatch: Orthodox ‘inevitability’ pushback lifted Storobin(NYDN) * State Senate Race Spotlights a Feeble Democratic Party (NYT) * Staten Island Democrats selected their candidates. *Welcome Back (To Brooklyn)... Carolyn Maloney? (NYDN) * Columbia University was cut out of Rep. Charlie Rangel’s district because the “political leadership was afraid of the whites on the Upper West Side” not supporting them anymore, according to Rangel challenger Clyde Williams.* Fidler vs. Storobin: What Happens Next? (NYO) * The four GOP state senators who voted in favor of same-sex marriage in New York face primaries. (SOP)

Pay to Play Queens Boro Pres Marshll
Queens Borough President Helen Marshall’s daughter works at Aqueduct racino (NYDN)  Good government group say Agnes Marshall’s employment raises questions.  Queens BP’s daughter works at Aqueduct racino: As the gaming giant behind the Aqueduct racino pushes its lawmaker.




Now that Ratner Lobbyist Trial is in the Juries Hands His Flacks Change the Subject 

New Brooklyn arena puts Islander tix on sale (CrainsNY)


Fixing New York’s Budget(NYT Ed) As the governor and legislators scramble to conclude negotiations on the state budget, a few important items deserve attention. The Times advocates for equitable Medicaid and transit funding for New York City in the state’s budget, and also argues for a health exchange that should be printed early enough for lawmakers to have a chance to read it * Senate drives up penalties on car insurance fraud bills(NYDN) * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos says there’s too much uncertainty with health care reform for his conference to pass health care exchange legislation.* State Compliance With Federal Health Care Law Could Stall Albany's Budget(NY1)

Silver Loyalty Oath Demanded
The Assembly Democrats made the unusual request that newly-minted Assemblyman Mickey Kearns, who ran on an anti-Speaker Sheldon Silver platform, put his loyalty to them in writing. He thinks it’s no “big deal,” and will comply so he can caucus with the majority.* A pro-Cuomo political committee is running ads touting his budget.

Angry at Pension Vote, Unions Plan to Skip Hispanic Event(NYT) Tensions between organized labor and Albany lawmakers have grown since a vote to reduce pension benefits for new workers.


Fighting Stop-and-Frisk Tactic, but Hitting Racial Divide
Taking On Police Tactic, Critics Hit Racial Divide(NYT) Black and Latino lawmakers, fed up over the frequency with which New York City police officers are stopping and frisking minority men, are seeking laws to curb the practice. Black & latino legislators complain their white counterparts aren't joining the fight to curb NYPD's stop & frisk. * Bronx Marchers Demand Justice For Unarmed Teen Shot By NYPD Officer(NY1) * NY1 Online: Police Commissioner Kelly Defends NYPD Surveillance Of Muslims * Family Of Slain Bronx Teen Shot By Narcotics Officer Rallies(WABC) * Inwood family seeks federal probe after cop skirts indictment(NYDN) *Ray Kelly: NYPD ‘Under Attack’ From The AP (NYO)

NY's Food Stamps Go to Yemen

Food-stamp cash  went to Yemen – DA(NYDN) The owners of three Manhattan bodegas were hauled into court Thursday, charged with swiping hundreds of thousands of dollars by ringing up fake food stamp sales — and sending stolen cash to Yemen.




Pleas to Taking $2.5 Million in Hud Bribes

Housing official Wendell Walters pleads guilty in bribery scheme(New York World)


Occupy the Donuts

A $4 million robo-signing settlement brokered by AG Eric Schneiderman’s office is seen as too lenient by local bankruptcy attorneys in the Hudson Valley. One called the deal a “slap in the face.”

Election 2012

Cheating Manhattan corporate lawyer exposed after ‘assault’ on gal pal(NYP) Top Manhattan corporate lawyer accused of assaulting mistress after two-year affair

Cops have eye on 'Vaseline Bandit'(NYDN) * Cops hunt Brooklyn pervert(NYDN) * Police want to question man in burglary spree(WABC) * Police ID "Vaseline Bandit" Still on Loose(NBC)

Watch out, mob!(NYP) *  ‘Standing’ by her man (NYP) Loving fiancée testifies for ‘rape cop’‘Rape cop’ testimony * Rutgers suicide not on me (NYP) * Top State Court Says Judges Can’t Demand Cash-Only Bail(NYT) * Bronx minister charged in 2nd teen rape case(WSJ) * NY man accused of sexually abusing teenager(WSJ) * He sues school & student bully — 8 yrs. later! (NYDN) * Teens get jumpy when cops hit party (NYDN)Too big for britches and he got 'de-pantsed(NYDN)
* Harlem tenants take swipe at new ID security plan(NYDN) * 15-year-old gunshot victim can’t forget harrowing Bronx(NYDN) * Jury mulling accused rape-cop's fate(NYDN) * Disgruntled law school grads lose suit(NYDN) * Suspect extradicted in groom stabbing(WABC) * Bronx pastor charged with sex assaults(NYDN)