Monday, March 5, 2012

Albany Corrupt Redistricing Maps 2.0: Same Bull Shit

Incumbent Protection Bate And Switch Redistricting

True News reported On January 29, 2012 that there was two set of maps drawn and that the leaders planned to release the second set which does not have the outrages of the first set in a planned conspiracy to get the incumbent protection maps passed by looking reasonable.  The plan includes plans for a Constitution Amendment to push for independent commission the next time in 2022.  The Amendment being pushed by the Albany mob would still give the elected officials the last say.  No word yet from the goo goos Citizen Union fake Albany puppets on if they would allow the pols to have the final say. * Under revised plan, State Sens. Michael Gianaris and Jose Peralta no longer to be put into single district (NYDN) Proposal should also 'decouple' Sens. Eric Adams and Velmanette Montgomery* New redistricting maps will also no longer force four city Democratic senators into primaries for two seats, but Queens Sens. 
Toby Ann Stavisky and Tony Avella will still be in the same new Asian-majority district * The Assembly’s minority caucus is furious with how Sheldon Silver’s team has divvied up minority communities.* Another problem: Assemblymen Carl Heastie, the Bronx Democratic chairman, and Keith Wright, the Manhattan Democratic chairman, still haven’t managed to iron out their fight over the future of Rep. Charlie Rangel’s district. They agree on one thing, however: Their upset over the Assembly House lines has nothing to do with Speaker Sheldon Silver.*Elected officials from the Bronx were angry by how the Assembly Democrats’ proposed congressional lines treated the borough, and met Sunday evening to plot strategy. (C&S)* Gianaris On ‘The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Heard’(Supermajority) *Is Queens backing New Latino Congressional Seat? El Diario La Prensa(Perez Notes) * Common Cause Calls On Redistricting Judge To Reject Incumbency Protection(NYO) * Dadey: Redistricting Amendment The Best We Can Get(YNN) * The Century for Urban Research added the Common Cause maps to their neat tool.


True News Exposed Albany's Bate and Switch Over A Month Ago

Has Albany Already Scripted How Redistricting Will Pass?

Our Albany pols do not lose sleep over the long term unemployed or hospitals closing but they will make any deal they can to get a favorable district that will reelected them passed.  So the door is open for our gov who knows how to work in behind the public and press to make a deal. 

NYT Says CuomoVeto the Maps Solution Might Have to  Come From the Courts  

Cuomo vowed an end to gerrymandering. Now he must keep his promise and veto the Legislature’s self-serving maps.The Times says Cuomo should veto the Legislature’s proposed maps instead of accepting its “bipartisan and utterly sleazy redistricting deal” to swallow the maps now in exchange for a constitutional amendment later.Update on New York Redistricting(NYT) Daily News New Yorkers are better off with judges, not pols, drawing districts  (NYDN Ed) Cuomo must not let Albany get away with gerrymandering  Daily News hails the three-judge panel now in charge of drawing Congressional district lines, and says Cuomo should veto lawmakers’ Senate and Assembly lines unless they are redrawn from scratch * The Senate Democrats have said that would be unacceptable, mostly because the deal – as outlined by the TU late last week – leaves too redistricting power in the hands of the Legislature. * Ditto, says the DN edit board, writing: “The judges can be trusted to do a far better job of mapmaking than Albany’s power-grabbing hacks can.”  * Check out LoHud’s cool redistricting database.

 A Brooklyn Jewish District?

Will Weiner Problem End Brooklyn Jewish Congressional District Tradition?(June 2011, True News) * Orthodox Jewish Group Pushes Court for New Congrressional District(NYO)


 Election 2012  Unions Fill Assembly Dem Coffers (NYDN)* Guy Molinari said Anthony Weiner lied about tipping off the feds to Michael Grimm — but the AP says it’s true. * Generation Gap (C&S) Brooklyn’s aging black leadership faces new challengers * The Hill released their latest House ratings, placing Bob Turner and Michael Grimm as "tossups." * Rory Lancman likely wouldn’t challenge Turner in the sort of irrelevant Assembly map. * Sen. Jose Peralta opened a campaign committee for a possible Queens borough president run in 2013.


Cash for Trash Pols

Meet Your Top 10 NYC Lobbying Firms(NYDN)









Mayor Candidate Says Get Out Liu Because You Can't Do Your Job

Wimp City: Is the entire city watching Liu set up a 25 year old to take the fall for his corruption?  


Mayoral Candidate Allon Liu Out 

Un-comptrol yourself, rival tells Liu(NYP) “I do not know if the charges against Comptroller John Liu’s campaign associates are true, or whether the comptroller will be implicated in the US attorney’s ongoing investigation, but the bottom line is that the comptroller’s credibility has been so severely undermined that he can no longer do his job effectively,” said Tom Allon, a Manhattan publisher of a local newspaper chain. can you compare what is accused of doing to what did re: st. vincents? worse? not as bad?* NY Mayor: John Liu. Dead candidate walking.(Daily Kos) * Asked by the Daily Politics to respond to Allon's broadside, Liu campaign spokesman George Arzt replied, "Who?"

Unlucky 800

Will the growing fund-raising scandal bring down Comptroller John Liu? Out in Flushing, a lot more is riding on that question than just his career. Liu tells New York magazine he is not worried about the federal probe into his fundraising but adds, “This is not to say I believe our system of justice is perfect” WTF? * In her first comments to the news media, Liu’s arrested campaign treasurer, Jia “Jenny” Hou, said she still continues to support her boss.

Can You Imagine Mayor Candidates Ducking On Do They Support or Oppose NYPD On Their Muslim Monitoring Policy

'Third Jihad' narrator plans to speak at rally to support NYPD(NYP) *'Third Jihad narrator plans rally to support NYPD(WSJ) * Police Spying Fans Feud(WSJ) * Lupica: Critics need to lay off Kell(NYDN) * Judge Faults Bids(WSJ) * An Ovation for the NYPD (NY Sun)  * Rep. King supports NYPD surveillance of Muslims(WABC) * The head of the Chicago police department pledged that they would never engage in NYPD-like spying on Muslims. After Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle died in a 2006 plane crash, the NYPD probed for a terrorism link in at least five local mosques and Islamic Centers, Leonard Levitt’s NYPD ( * Rep. King supports NYPD surveillance of Muslims(WABC) * NYT: 'Mr. Bloomberg Has Reacted In The Worst Possible Way — With Disdain'

Peter King Slams ‘Left Wing Rumormongers’ In Media For Criticizing NYPD’s Treatment of Muslims(NYO) * Muslim Leaders Rally in Support of Police Dept.


Ratner Lobbyists Corrupt Trial

At trial, Anthony Mangone sheds light on firm (Lohud) * In the Yonkers corruption trial, politically connected attorney Anthony Mangone reveals he hired Sen. Tom Libous’ son after being promised so much work he’d need to add more office space. He fired Libous Jr. eight months later, saying he had become too expensive.

 How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects and the Latest on the Trial (True News)


WTC Remains

Group Opposes Plan To Keep Loved Ones' Remains At 9/11 Museum(NY1) * WTC kin rip museum plan (NYDN)* Cancer data reveal cases rise in 9/11 workers(NYP)



More Radio Waste

WTC squawkie-talkies (NYP) * $12M waste on two ‘can’t hear you’ radio links






 The New Mafia Albany Pols and the Russian Mob

Tort-Scam Takedown  The Post says the arrests in a massive insurance scam last week show why Albany needs tort reform, despite lawyers’ political influence in the Capitol



Pols Will Cut Services to Children and Keep the Member Items to Help Them Get Reelected

Budget Cuts May Threaten City Programs for Children (NYT) * Cuts to child care and after-school programs in NYC could result in 47,000 children losing access to those services. * The Public Employees Federation launched an ad campaign against budget cuts.




Hard-Working Teachers, Sabotaged When Student Test Scores Slip(NYT) * ‘F’ for facts for lowly school’s principal(NYDN) * The new Siena poll finds only half of New York voters think the teacher evaluation deal will improve schools.Team Cuomo nixes teachers’ pension gripe (NYDN) * College students will be protesting at the Capitol today over rising tuition costs and cuts in academic services.

Judge Faults Bids(WSJ) A state judge has ruled that the Cuomo administration ran afoul of competitive bidding laws by forcing contractors bidding on a major highway construction project to accept a union-friendly labor pact.


Most of the Albany Pols Duck on Child Abuse

Editorial: Sexual abuse, political abuse  The Times Union says the Legislature is guilty of political abuse for failing to act on Assemblywoman Margaret Markey’s bill to make it easier for victims of sexual abuse to sue their abusers




Time Running Out for Trash Facility Foes(WSJ)





DiNapoli Rewards His Friends As Pension Costs Go Up 163% . . . Dick Morris Would Be Proud

Commi$$ion impossible!(NYP) Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli has hiked the total amount of money Albany pays Wall Street firms to manage the state pension fund by “a staggering 163 percent’’ — even as fund earnings have plunged into negative * City’s retiree costs explode by 500%(NYP) The Senate’s Independent Democratic Conference says pension management fees paid to Wall Street firms have skyrocketed 163 percent to $425 million last year under state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli* Cuomo administration pressures teachers retirement system into dropping constitutional gripe about pensions (NYDN Ed)  Fiscal analysis by group that runs pension system for educators mentioned 'legal concerns' with Cuomo's reform plan  . Cuomo’s budget team pushed the state teacher pension system to remove a constitutional question about raising contribution rates from its formal fiscal analysis   *The Hand That Feeds Them New York City pension costs have risen more than fivefold to $8 billion since 2002 and changes to the system are needed to keep budgets in check, according to Mayor Bloomberg’s group, NY Leaders for Pension Reform.* According to a NYPIRG analysis, the Assembly Democrats, who are fighting Cuomo’s pension reform plan, received 20 percent of their $31.4 million in donations since 2009 from public and private labor unions.* Cuomo meeting with labor on Tier VI(TU) * Declining Wall Street compensation will affect state tax revenues. (BN)*DiNapoil Rips IDC As Irresponsible(NYDN)

Mets Strike Out Owe 83 Million

Judge says team owners must pay back phony Madoff profits(NYP) * Judge Deals a Blow to Mets Owners (NYT)

MTA won't give cancer survivor door-to-door service, tells her to take the subway(NYP)


Supreme Court Looking At NY Rent Control(Huff Post)







Mom and Pop Stores Are Going 

The Landmarks Preservation Commission is turning its attention towards commercial buildings.

City cemetery real estate rises from the grave (NY Metro)


 Ugly Food Carts

City should boot 'ugly' food carts in midtown, business group says(AMNY)






Ham, Holidays and Other Puzzles as Medical College Shifts Its Religious Affiliation(NYT) When New York Medical College was acquired by Touro College, it switched from a Catholic to a Jewish institution and faced some wary questions. * A Downtown Health Crisis Caused by Politics(Huff Post)





Carwash Workers in New York City Plan Union Drive(NYT)






Cushy ‘low-show’ jobs for Mafia kin and friends pay $400K a year(NYP)






Election 2012: Super Tuesday 

Before Super Tuesday, Big Names Rally to Romney(NYT) * Romney Advances as Obama Gains(WSJ) * Nearly 70 Percent of Poll Respondents Use Negative Word or Phrase to Describe GOP Nomination Battle(NY Magazine)* New Quinnipiac poll has Romney ahead in Ohio, 34-31. * Can the GOP Save Itself? - Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker * 2008 Wasn't an Omen for GOP - 2010 Was. - Ron Christie, New York Times * The GOP's Primary Problem - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *  "Stupor Tuesday" & Beyond - Joseph Curl, Washington Times * In Ohio, Obama's Organization Is Outpacing the GOP's - Erin McPike, RCP * ObamaCare Is GOP's Best Wedge Issue - Frank Donatelli, Politico *



New Yorker Mitt Romney Cover: Magazine Shows Candidate Driving With Rick Santorum In A Doghouse (PHOTO) (Huff Post) *  Mitt Suggested Obama Imitate RomneyCare - Andrew Kaczynski, BuzzFeed *  Why Super Tuesday Won't Deliver Knockout Blow - William Galston, TNR * Romney Can Appeal to Disaffected Democrats - Cleveland Plain Dealer * Romney’s Super Tuesday message: big issue is jobs (NYP) * Intense Focus on Ohio Before Super Tuesday Contests(NYT) *  Super Tuesday Delegate Projection Update (538, NYT) * President Obama is leaving downballot Democrats to fend for themselves.* Obama Administration Justifies Killing Citizens as ACLU’s Jaw Drops(NY Magazine)


 Gingrich Scolds David Gregory: Why Is Rush Limbaugh ‘The Great National Crisis Of This Week’?* Limbaugh Advertisers: We Still Won't Sponsor Rush Anymore (UPDATED)(Huff Post) * Sandra Fluke Condemns Rush Limbaugh And Praises Media Matters On The View * Selective outrage from Limbaugh advertisers.


Brooklyn man sought in slay of sister(NYDN) * Sought in deadly Brooklyn beating(NYP)

 PBA: No mental-health checks (NYDN)* Pol wants cop psych tests(NYP) * NY Lawmaker Wants Psychological Evaluations For NYPD Of (WCBS) * Call For Officers To Undergo Evaluations(Fox 5)


Families oppose unidentified remains at 9/11 museum(WABC)* ‘Cop shoot’ bail nixed(NYP) * Attempted murder charge for 'cop shooter' whose bullet was (NYP) * Man Arraigned Sunday On Charges He Fired At Police (WCBS)



 Secret jury pool in Colombo slay trial (NYDN)

 Law and Order

Two Sought in Chelsea Death(WSJ) *Bar Association, Innocence Project tout DNA bank(WSJ) * Model agent’s burglar terror(NYP)* Arena a Net gain for cops(NYP) * Family, Friends Remember Pizzeria Worker Shot On The Job(WCBS) * One of 2 men from surveillance video in custody, ID'd as 'person of interest'(NYP) * Peter King Says Minorities Should Be Thankful For Stop And Frisk(NYO)