Sunday, March 4, 2012

True News Updated 24/7 Sunday Update: Victim Paterson Says His Wife

Paterson Some Victim

Ms. Paterson Claims Double Standard on The Way Her Husband and Cuomo, Sandra Lee are Treated

Paterson was put on the Spitzer ticket as Lt. Governor when the Gang Harlem 4 including his father put pressure on the governor black socks to replace David with Leecia Eve to balanced his ticket. So Victim Paterson walk into the governor's seat because Spitzer could not keep away from the whores.  Victim Paterson ought to thank his lucky starts the the clean up artist former Judge Kaye did not find the ex governor was involved in a
cover-up of a domestic-violence incident involving close Paterson aide David Johnson and his girlfriend Sherr-Una Booker.  The is a possibility that the AEG investigation could break victim Paterson' good luck.

Revenge of 1st lady scorned (NYP) Paterson dishes on Albany outrages Michelle Paterson has come out swinging. The feisty former first lady of New York, who is shopping a tell-all memoir to publishers, lambasted the media for branding her husband a blind, philandering fool; suggested a double-standard exists for Gov. Cuomo and his live-in girlfriend; and recalled the night she and her pajama-clad hubby nearly bashed a state trooper with a baseball bat in the executive mansion.
Cuomo Sheriff of Albany

Baby steps for Albany(NYP Ed) Gov. Cuomo stunned a ritzy audience the other night when he took a well-aimed swipe at his two immediate Democratic predecessors. David Paterson, who just 10 days before leaving office was hit with a $62,000 fine for three violations of state ethics law. And before him, Eliot “Socks” Spitzer — a self-confessed serial patronizer of high-priced hookers.

Anti Teacher Evaluations Supporters Boo Bloomberg During Parade 

Bloomberg jeered during Queens St. Patty's parade for his push for teacher evaluations (WABC)

Newly released teacher data has parents asking needed questions (NYDN Ed) They deserve the truth from principals, not excuses and dissembling


Sunday News Desert

With cutbacks in newspaper reporters cause by Internet, the decline of readers and advertises Sunday papers use mostly wire services, features and fluff to fill their pages. Local TV news shows which in the past counted on the papers for original stories now fill they Sunday morning hours with reports on dog car, cooking and people you never heard of singing off key. There is nothing new on redistricting which will determine how the state is governed for the next 10 years. Nothing on the pension problems which threaten to force cut backs in government services.  Nothing on the city's rising unemployment rate.  Etc.

Democracies corrode quite fast once the public stops being informed about the activities of their government

Why journalism is important: "to fill the space that grows between the two parts of democracy: the governed and the governors(Atlantic Yard Review)

Jay Rosen, the NYU journalism scholar and, among other things, coiner of the very useful "View from Nowhere" observation, explains: Why I study journalism and criticize it and try to make it better when I can figure out how.  The reason is there in this quote from Thinking the Twentieth Century, by Tony Judt with Timothy Snyder. (Penguin Books, 2012)

Democracies corrode quite fast; they corrode linguistically, or rhetorically if you like— that’s the Orwellian point about language. They corrode because most people don’t care about them. Notice that the European Union, whose first parliamentary elections were held in 1979 and had an average turnout of over 62 percent, is now looking at turnout of less than 30 percent, even though the European Parliament matters more now and has more power. The difficulty of sustaining voluntary interest in the business of choosing the people who will rule over you is well attested. And the reason why we need intellectuals, as well as all the good journalists we can find, is to fill the space that grows between the two parts of democracy: the governed and the governors.

The Associated Press reported the FBI may formally investigate Michael Grimm's fundraising.

Blackout Green
Legacy of 2006 blackout yielding green projects in western Queens (NYDN) Con Ed settlement set aside $7 million for environmental programs

Yankee Sign Down

City eyes ad subtraction(NYP) It’s taken Buildings Department officials eight years, but they’ve finally figured out that Yankee Stadium is nowhere near Yonkers. So the giant billboard off the Yankee Stadium exit ramp from the Major Deegan Expressway that’s been in violation of zoning regulations since 2004 — under a bizarre exemption claiming it’s within a half-mile of the city’s boundary line — will have to come down.

Billboards saying God is “a myth” to go up in Jewish and Muslim communities (NYDN) Atheist group funding the billboards wants to reach out to closeted atheists in religious communities


How Many People Can Manhattan Hold?(NYT)




Food Co-op Politics Leave a Bad Taste(NYT)




Mets' Citi Field Revenues Down 30 Percent Since '09 (NBC)


Mosque man’s $$ problem(NYP)


Seabury Liu?

NYP Wants the Gov to Remove the City Comptroller

How to bounce Liu(NYP Ed) The City Charter allows the governor to immediately suspend Liu for 30 days — and to remove him entirely by bringing malfeasance charges. * The Seabury Investigation and Municipal Corruption * Liu Campaign Defends Donation Collector List(WSJ) * The federal complaint against Hou — the second person connected to the campaign to be nabbed — strongly suggested the Democratic controller was aware of the irregularities.*  Cuomo also has authority to act on Liu pursuant to the Moreland Act.

Acting Like Manson's “Squeaky” Fromme Hou Facing 60 Years in Prison Thinks Liu is Great

Arrested John Liu treasurer: Liu is the best!(NYDN) John Liu is the most hardworking person I've ever met' the 25-year-old said. “Hou also said "I have no doubt that he will continue to be one of the best elected officials in the city.” * Charles Manson Follower ‘Squeaky’ Fromme Freed * In recent posts on Weibo, a Chinese-language version of Twitter, Hou seemed relatively unconcerned about the federal rap. One day after her arrest, she commented on the Knicks-Cavaliers game. On Thursday, she responded to a post about demolition of old parts of Beijing, saying it creates more traffic jams. And on Friday, she posted about a cooking pot used in Chinese cuisine, wondering about the number of different sections it has.*John Liu fast-track career could be curbed as feds probe his fund-raising methods (NYDN)City Controller's mayoral hopes on the line* Queenswide: Liu shouldn't resign, Dromm says(Queens Chronicle)

 John Liu in Crisis (True News Background)

Redistricting News

Democratic State Senator, His District Threatened, Focuses on Party’s Future(NYT) Senator Michael N. Gianaris, whose district has been challenged under a Republican redistricting plan, is focusing on bringing Democrats back to power in the State Senate. * NY Legislators' Version of an Independent Commission(The Independent View)* Giving the Legislature the final say is a far cry from reform (NYDN) * Minority Fury Growing Over New Congressional Maps [UPDATED] (C&S)

New Latino Congressional district not supported by all (NYDN) Rangel opposed to new lines * Redistricting reform deal still elusive (Democrat and Chronicle) Discussions continue even as Assembly, Senate try to hash out districts for 2012 * Democratic State Senator, His District Threatened, Focuses on Party’s Future(NYT)* he deal for constitutional amendment on redistricting reform remains elusive. * State Assembly: Our redistricting amendment is better than Gianaris’(WNYC)* Update   Under revised plan, State Sens. Michael Gianaris and Jose Peralta no longer to be put into single district (NYDN) Proposal should also 'decouple' Sens. Eric Adams and Velmanette Montgomery

Election 2012 Storobin Supports State Legislature Term Limits, Funding Vouchers With Existing Revenue Streams (Sheephead Bites) * David Yassky spoke to advisers about running for New York City Comptroller again. * In mayoral race, Latino vote is up for grabs(Crains NY)

Balancing Parenthood and Politics(NYT)After becoming a father, Scott M. Stringer, the Manhattan borough president, rearranged his Sunday priorities to include feedings and naptime.


Fresh Direct Stavisky $$$

Evan Stavisky, an absentee District Leader and a big time lobbyist from the 26th Assembly District made a ton of cash last week while Queens lost much-needed jobs and revenue.  How I Made a Fortune With a Fool Idea (Queens Politics)

The Parkside Monopoly (True News Background)


Weiner CNN TV Show Dead He Dumps on Grimm Trying to Begin the long Road Back to the Only Profession He Has Ever Worked In

Weiner: I blabbed to feds on SI pol(NYP) * Weiner tipped off FBI on alleged Michael Grimm extortion(NYDN) 

 TV Freak Show: After Weiner Lies to CNN Reporter Dana Bash the Network Was To Given Him A TV Show * Andrew Breitbart was 'in talks with CNN' over new show with Anthony Weiner before he died (Daily Mail)*CNN's Dana Bash, other Reporters Destroys WeinerAndrew Breitbart Hijacks Anthony Weiner News Conference | Video * Weiner blasted as 'pervert and liar' in Grimm fundraising flap(NYP)

What Ever Happen to the Ticket Fixing Investigation? Which Elite Had Tickets Fixed?

NYPD union leader Ed Mullins asks ex-sergeants to speak out about ticket-fixing scandal (NYDN)  President of Sergeants Benevolent Association says many of the city's elite had tickets fixed * Jewish Cop banished after busting prosecutor Jennifer Troiano for DWI gets new precinct closer to home(The 5 Towns)

Fix Of An ADA Ticket Fixing Case

The Feds would have put a wire on Troiano to catch the ticket fixing ring leaders. Instead the Bronx DA slaps an ADA on the wrist.  She was charged with reckless driving and DUI not fixing an arrest  Ex-ADA skates on DWI(NYP)  The disgraced Bronx prosecutor who slurred her way out of two drunk-driving arrests yesterday managed to avoid jail time on her third bust by meekly telling a judge she was sorry.Ex-Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Troiano,  who was fired Jan. 13, pleaded guilty in Bronx Supreme Court but will get probation.


NYPD Lie in Court to Avoid Pay Docking                                                                  ‘Tix fix’ in reverse (NYP) Some cops ‘lie’ in court to avoid pay dock The NYPD is so worried about ticket fixing that it has sent teams of Internal Affairs Bureau investigators to traffic court to spy on officers as they testify — and dock the pay or vacation days of cops who lose cases.

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip (True News Background)


Following SEC Blindness to  Madoff Ponzi Scheme NYC Crane Inspector Knows and Sees Nothing

Crane Plausible Deniability Or Crane Inspector Don't Ask Don't Tell

Inspector’s gaffes in crane fall (NYP) The city would have been better off with Inspector Clouseau. The former chief inspector of the Cranes Division of the city Department of Buildings testified yesterday that he never asked his ex-boss, New York Crane owner James Lomma, if city requirements were followed in fixing a broken crane.

Albany and Lobbyists See NY Hospitals As A Cash Cow . . .  Just Ask Boyland, Kruger and You Can't Ask Seminerio

Meanwhile New Yorkers Die In Poorly Run Hospitals

Analysis: The Challenge of Ensuring Safety in City Hosp(NBC) The magazine’s Health Ratings Center reports that Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx is the worst hospital in the United States when it comes to patient safety * Consumer Reports Rates Jacobi Medical Center Worst in US(Brooklyn Inc)


More On the Ratner Lobbyist Corrupt Trial and Media Blackout
Yonkers corruption trial focuses on the Longfellow project: a compromised witness with a gambling problem, some Spano mentions, and favors for another state Senator(Atlantic Yard Report)

How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects and Trial Coverage (True News Background)

 Gutenberg the First Geek

Who was the original world-changing techno-entrepreneurial innovator? Not Google's Larry and Sergey. Not Steve Jobs. No, to find the man who made the mold, you've got to go back to fifteenth-century Germany to find Johannes Gutenberg. Jarvis portrays the famed inventor as creator of more than just the printing press and the market for Bibles. "Gutenberg," he argues, "should… be seen as the patron saint of Silicon Valley, for he used technology to create an industry." Setting Gutenberg's successes against the real pitfalls he endured, notably his early struggle to amass sufficient capital, Jarvis portrays a bad-boy innovator with a deft, if sometimes heavy hand. He bravely wears his assumptions-- for example, the neutrality of technology-- on his sleeve, and his lesson for techno-dreamers is straightforward. Read your history, Jarvis insists. "Your goal, geeks, is to be more like Gutenberg

‘A-rated’ assist for 'connected' eatery following violations(NYP)

NY1 Online: Staten Island’s Molinaro Discusses Plans For The Borough(NY1)

How to Pay for Pensions (NYT Ed) The New York State public retirement system needs short-term relief as well as long-term reforms.

Empire State Development official quits(Crains)Dennis Mehiel has resigned from Empire State Development just eight months after his appointment by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

NYC Open Data

The Daily Q: How much digital data has the city already unleashed?(NY World)

Her agony of de-feet! Runner’s outrage over ticket on empty train (NYDN)  Woman has vowed to fight a $50 summons for resting her injured leg on a seat in a nearly empty subway car


For Deliverymen, Speed, Tips and Fear on Wheels(NYT)



Yes, That Was The Warmest February Ever(Huff Post)



After Delay, Moynihan Station Meets the Bidders(WSJ)



Election 2012 Romney Wins Washington State

Romney 37.6% Paul 24.8% Santorum 23.8% Gingrich 10.3%

Sunday Update  Romney Traces Obama’s Slow Path on Delegates(NYT)

From ‘Nominal Catholic’ to Clarion of Faith(NYT) *Romney super PAC preparing for split decision on Super Tuesday (Wash Post) * Super Tuesday May Reshape GOP Race - Dan Balz, Washington Post * Ohio: Portrait of America - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review * Head vs. Heart Choice in Ohio? - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Romney's Negatives Are Adding Up - Michael Cohen, The Guardian * Mitt's Advice to Obama: Look at RomneyCare

Andrew Kaczynski, BuzzFeed * Obama: Israel's Worst Frenemy - Michael Goodwin, New York Post * I do not have a policy of containment, I have a policy of preventing from acquiring a nuclear weapon - at * Obama Tries to Reassure Israel and Warns of ‘Loose Talk’(NYT) *Obama urges Israel to pursue diplomatic strategy with Iran(Wash Post) * Obama: All options remain on the table to prevent a nuclear Iran(Haaretz) * Cantor and Coburn Give Romney Key Conservative Backing(NYT) * Netanyahu welcomes Obama's statements on Israel's right to self-defense(Haaretz)


Obama Backs Student in Furor With Limbaugh(NYP) * Obama Phones Limbaugh Target(Huff Post) * GOP's Final Four Face Super Tuesday Test - Michael Memoli, LA Times * Who'll Win in Washington State? It's Anybody's Guess - Scott Conroy, RCP * Mitt Romney's Upper Hand - Larry Kudlow, Investor's Business Daily * Romney's Troubles: The Heart of the Matter - Alec MacGillis, New Republic * Plan B for Stopping Obama - George Will, Washington Post * Santorum and the Sexual Revolution - Charles Blow, New York Times * With Romney Closing, Santorum Airs His Grievances - Erin McPike, RCP * In Georgia, Gingrich Helped Build Conservative Base - Greg Bluestein, AP * Is the Election Over? - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek * Energy Will Be Obama's Waterloo - William Tucker, American Spectator * Obama bumps NYT editor Jill Abramson as commencement speaker at Barnard. * Seattle Times backs Romney as ‘default choice’ in Washington caucuses (Wash Post) * Obama to deliver commencement address at Barnard (NYP)* ‘Super PACs’ Do Bulk of Spending on G.O.P. Ads(NYT) * U.S. Backers of Israel Pressure Obama Over Policy on Iran(NYT) * Santorum Woos Ohio as G.O.P. Field Focuses on Tuesday(NYT) * Ranking the most important states on Super Tuesday (Wash Post) * Video: NBC News/Marist poll: Romney, Santorum tied in Ohio


Slutty' Rush Sorry! 

Is this Limbaugh's Imus moment? His enemies leveraging public opinion to send him into exile for what he's done in the open for decades

Calls White House contraception plan 'a freedom of religion battle'(NYP) * Dolan Urges Catholic Political Activity (NYT) * Cardinal Dolan Speaks Out Against Birth Control Policy To(WCBS) * There’ll be hell to pay(NYP)* SNL's James Carville Takes On Rush Limbaugh And Newt Gingrich


‘Shep Smith’ Gets Freaked Out By Mitt & Ann Romney And Their Sons On SNL



Bill Maher: Liberals Have To Get Out Of ‘Bubble’ And Realize Obama Might Not Win Reelection



Colvin on way home(NYP)


News Corp. Scandal Still Flirting With U.S. (NY Magazine)

Newspaper Paywalls: Too Little, Too Late for a Fallen Giant Industry? (Wrap)

Originated ‘Broken Windows’ Policing Strategy(NYT) Mr. Wilson was a social scientist whose research laid the groundwork for crime reduction efforts in several cities.






Ice Cream Shop Celebrates 115 Years(Fox 5)


FBI Seeks Help Finding ‘Snubnosed Bandit’ Wanted In 6 NYC Bank Robberies (WCBS)


It's A Mitzvah! NY1 Viewer Helps Police Recover Stolen Synagogue Items(NY1)



Law and Order

Veiled Witness in Rutgers Case Tells of Noticing Webcam(NYT) * Rutgers Case Mystery Man Takes Stand(WSJ) * Tyler Clementi’s Date Says He ‘Noticed’ Webcam In Rutgers(WCBS)

Another iPhone Mugger Tracked Down by Tech Savvy Officers, Police Say(DNAInfo) 

 Second Arrest in Synagogue Attacks(NYT) * Guilty plea from thug in Mexico-to-N.Y.C. sex trafficking(NYDN) * Brooklyn teen arrested for Facebook school threats(NYDN) * NYPD use surveillance cameras to bust Qns. shooting suspects(NYP)* Cops Use App to Track Down iPhone Thief(Fox 5) * Driver arrested in Brooklyn after several crashes(WABC) * New JFK security breach(NYP) * Rich doctors in $279 million fraud probe1(NYDN) *Snub-nosed bandit’ behind another W’burg heist, FBI says (Brooklyn Paper) * Murry Bergtraum High School Melee Caught on Video (DNAINFO) * Attempted murder charge for 'cop shooter' whose bullet was deflected by gun belt(NYP)

My life as a Mafia hitman(NYP)


Man found slain in apartment bound with duct tape, electrical cord: sources(NYP)* Man Found Dead, Bound by Tape in Apartment(NBC) * Bound & gagged in ‘hookup’ slay (NYP) * Police Investigating After Chelsea Man Found Dead Inside(WCBS)