Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Liu and Flack Arzt Use of Omerta Has Become A Moral Issue

Welcome Hon. Liu
The "code of silence" Is More Prof Of New Yorkers Moral Failings

Yesterday New York's Version of Ali Baba and the 40 52 thieves played out at City Hall

Liu-nacy! Embattled comp advises pols on money(NYP) Beleaguered city Comptroller John Liu’s campaign treasurer is facing fraud charges and his entire political fund-raising operation is ensnared in a federal probe — but, without a hint of irony, the Queens pol advised City Hall yesterday on how to manage its finances.

Does NY Have No Sense of Decency?
It was Flack George Arzt that sent him there as part of an effort to hang on in the middle of a major corruption trial. On June 9, 1954, the 30th day of the Army-McCarthy Hearings Joseph Welch blasted the Senator McCarthy for having no morality.  Nothing like that happened in the press or the council yesterday.  The council thieves recognizing one of their own welcomed Liu warmly is no shocker.  What is very troubling is the press and not one pol has questioned Liu and Arzt on using hou's cult like family whose loyalty is so crazy that they look a a long prison term for their daughter as an opportunity for more college credit.  In other words the Liu cover-up has become more important of than the crime.  

National Press Break Cover Ups, NYC Press Suck Up
Last year the national press broke the Weiner cover up that his computer was hacked.  Nixon Watergate is another cover up broken by the press.  The problem is the NYC's press are easy marks for flack like Artz.  By being Patsies for Arzt's Liu Normalcy spin the media has become an active enabler of a corrupt comptroller and his teams efforts to abuse a clueless 25 year to cover up the looting of the cities budget by the very person who is supposed to be protecting it.

Mayoral Candidate Dump Liu and Flack Arzt 
Un-comptrol yourself, rival tells Liu(NYP) The comptroller’s credibility has been so severely undermined that he can no longer do his job effectively,” said Tom Allon, a Manhattan publisher of a local newspaper chain.

Liu's Flack Lies For A Living

Asked by the Daily Politics to respond to Allon's broadside, Liu campaign spokesman George Arzt replied, "Who?"

Tom Allon Tweet Responds to Artz

Sorry Liu spokesman has amnesia. We've met 50+ times, including recently at a dinner. Nice attempt to deflect from problem.


NY judge releases new district lines. Funny how normal districts look when you aren't gerrymandering them to death.

Court Issues New Congressional Lines

BREAKING: Special master, week ahead of schedule, releases draft Congressional map. Files are here:https://www.nyed.uscourts.gov/pub/docs/cv/11-5632/court/

Update on New York Redistricting(NYT) * Judge Mann pressured Albany lawyers on incumbent protection. * Rep. Joe Crowley's district becomes 25% white, 48% Hispanic under a federal magistrate's Congressional maps *Charlie Rangel's district transforms from the 15th to the 13th. (unlucky?) Would be 55% Hispanic, 36% black.* Carolyn Maloney's district, in addition to encompassing UWS and Western Queens, now includes a healthy portion of Northern Brooklyn. Turner's base in BK moved to Nadler's & Towns' districts too. * Ackerman vs. Israel vs. King! Long Island free-for-all from special master's * Looks like Eliot Engel is getting all of southern Westchester, including all of Yonkers. Loses Rockland. Lowey is moved further up north. * Special Master House Maps Out(YNN) * Assemblyman Rory Lancman says Mann's proposal green-lights his planned run for Congress.* Demographics Show Just How Hispanic Rangel’s District Has Turned(YNN) * Special Master Releases Draft Congressional Maps  * Judge Issues Congressional Redistricting Proposal(NYT) * Compare the current congressional lines with those proposed by the court-appointed special master, US Magistrate Judge Roanne Mann. * Mann drew Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and his base entirely out of Rep. Ed Towns’ district, which Jeffries is running for this summer. * Where the redistricting train goes from here.* Barron Says New District Lines Give Him ‘A Real Good Shot’ Against Towns(NYO) * Daily Kos Elections has a great breakdown of who absorbs how many people from which district.

Campaign 2012  Rock Hackshaw looked at Yvette Clarke’s reelection campaign.At yesterday’s redistricting hearing, Federal Magistrate Roanne Mann had a spirited back-and-forth with lawyer Mark Elias about whether incumbency should have legal bearing on her decision – and seemed to downplay its importance. Elias called the Senate majority’s Congressional map “quite frankly, with all due respect, good old-fashioned gerrymandering.” Mann asked whether gerrymandering and “horse-trading” should be considered as “an expression of state policy” to be factored into the court’s final analysis. She also repeatedly brought up the fact that any incumbent drawn out of his or her district could hypothetically still run for re-election because members of Congress are not required to reside in their districts. “Are you suggesting voters should reject that incumbent for living outside the district?” Mann asked. And later, as if thinking out loud, the magistrate acknowledged that with New York set to lose two districts, the pairing of incumbents in the same district was unavoidable. “I don’t know if all things are equal,” she said. “Why not let the chips fall where they may?” Mann is scheduled to release her own maps by March 12. (C&S) * The redistricting special master, US Magistrate Judge Roanne Mann, held a hearing yesterday in Brooklyn.* Tish James Openly Fundraising for Public Advocate; Launches Website(NYO) * Despite A Disappearing District, Ackerman Says Reapportionment Results Are ‘Fantastic’(NYO) * Wendy Long is emerging as the Conservative Party favorite. *Nydia Velázquez’s new district is reminiscent of the original gerrymander.


Pedro’s clinic gets reprieve(NYP) * Espada’s health clinics keep state funding - for now(NYDN) * Former Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. may have to face two trials rather than one. * As Trial Nears for Espada, Another Now Looms(NYT)



Political Feud Deepens Over Muslim Surveillance * The Wall Street Journal says criticism of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s Muslim surveillance program is an attempt to stop him from running for mayor or being considered to run the FBI *   NYPD's Muslim Surveillance Efforts Get Show Of Support(NY1) * Rep. Peter King , Muslim leaders back NYPD in spy controversy (NYDN) * Muslims: Hoo-Ray!(NYP) * PHOTOS: Three Dozen NYPD Supporters Throw Rally(Huff Post) * The Daily News continued to defend Ray Kelly and the NYPD.

The bleeding statewide(NYP Ed) * Cuomo to probe pension fee-asco(NYP) * Bloomberg and unions escalate war of words on pension(NYDN) * EJ McMahon is not feeling optimistic about the outlook for what he considers significant pension reform.* Gov. Andrew Cuomo said a probe into the state’s pension fund by the Department of Financial Services is part of “routine examinations.” And, as it turns out, he’s right – it’s actually overdue.* AFCSME is advertising against Governor Cuomo’s pension plan.

Protests Over Tuition Increases Jolt the Capitol(NYT) *UFT hits Klein over closures(NYP)* City Reverses Policy on Tutoring Limits(NYT)

A CityTime Corruption Budget Winfall?

Budget Chief Sees Possible 2012 Windfall(WSJ) New York City could enjoy a windfall in its budget for the upcoming year if SAIC Inc. agrees to a settlement in connection with the scandal surrounding CityTime, the city's automated payroll system, the mayor's budget director testified Monday. * Dueling Estimates for Wall Street's Shrinking Bonuses(WSJ) * NYC could see a $600 million windfall in its budget if SAIC Inc. agrees to a settlement in connection with the scandal surrounding CityTime.


High Cuomo Approval Slips Bit

Cuomo’s approval rating has slipped some, but he still remains very popular with New York voters.




Editorial: Not the last word on sexual abuse  (TU) The Times Union says a new deal between the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese and 14 district attorneys on reporting sexual abuse is real progress, but still not as good as a new state law





Looks Like Someone is Trying to Close Peninsula Again

Peninsula Hospital lays off 240 workers (NYDN) Peninsula Hospital in Queens laid off 240 employees yesterday after state health officials closed the hospital’s lab next month, though the hospital hopes to re-hire them when it builds a new lab


In Reversal, Albany Now Supports Women's Choice Of Birth Control(NY1)

Mob Still Controls the Waterfront

Low Show Jobs Wharf rats’ bonus grab (NYP) Area longshoremen — including as many as 10 relatives of the late Vincent “The Chin” Gigante — pocket huge bonuses on top of their already overtime-bloated paychecks, according to Waterfront Commission records.

Did Ratner's Reps Give Misleading Testimony?
Witness: Forest City Ratner's consulting contract with Jereis was under discussion right around time of Annabi vote, not a month or two later, as developer's reps testified(Atlantic Yards Report)  Did Forest City Ratner really wait two months after Yonkers City Council member Sandy Annabi voted to green-light the developer's Ridge Hill project to send Zehy Jereis, who helped wangle Annabi's vote, a consulting contract for an essentially no-show job? Testimony in the federal corruption trial yesterday suggested an alternative sequence, in which the developer's negotiations with Jereis occurred far closer to Annabi's vote.

 Senator Gets His Son A Job


Top Senate Republican Wrapped Up In Yonkers Corruption Trial (C&S) Senate Deputy Majority Leader Tom Libous’ efforts to help his son get a raise at a politically-connected law firm were highlighted yesterday in a federal corruption trial that has ensnared former Westchester Sen. Nick Span *  Sen. Tom Libous declined to comment about attorney Anthony Mangone’s testimony in the Yonkers corruption case that the senator pressure him to hire Libous’s son and steered funds to his firm to pay part of the son’s salary.

How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects(True News)


 New WTC Wants Antenna Back

WTC Tower Seeks Radio, TV Signals(WSJ)










Diving Board Is Set to Begin a Second Career in the Theater(NYT) A triple-tiered board with historical status is likely to remain even as an amphitheater is built atop a pool in Queens that it has long stood above.



Subway Work Causing Cracks in Building?(Fox 5)


Obama, Bibi united in stopping Iran nukes(NYP) * Obama Presses Netanyahu to Resist Strikes on Iran(NYT) *'Israel to US: I'm off to Iran… You'd better come…(RY) * 'Israel has right to defend itself' says Netanyahu (BBC) * Netanyahu on Iran: 'None of us can afford to wait much longer'(Guardian) * Netanyahu tells Obama: I have yet to decide whether to attack Iran (Harretz) * At Obama-Netanyahu summit, assurances exchanged but differences remain  (Jewish Telegraphic Agency )* U.S., Israel Pull Closer Over Iran(WSJ) * The New York Times editorialized on their meeting.* As did the Daily News.

O won’t share his $$ with Dems(NYP) * Blue-Collar Votes Courted by Romney and Santorum(NYT) * After Barnard Gets Obama for Speech, Tensions With Columbia Bubble Up(NYT) * Ohio and Tennessee Looming Super Large(WSJ) * 10 things to watch on Super Tuesday(Politico) * Former President Bill Clinton has agreed to make joint appearances with Obama at a series of campaign fundraisers.* How Will Super Tuesday Shape Up? - McPike & Conroy, RealClearPolitics * How Obama Can Win Working Class Voters - Ron Klain, Bloomberg * Health Care Law a Lightning Rod for Romney - Jackie Kucinich, USA Today * Mitt Romney: The Acceptable Man - Robert Costa, National Review * omney Is Not the Answer for Republicans - Dan McLaughlin, Red State * Why 2012 Is Not the GOP's "Last Chance" - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * Voters Back Away From Santorum in Ohio - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh TR * Stopping Iran's Nuclear Ambitions - Mitt Romney, Washington Post * Super Tuesday: OH: Romney +1.2 | TN: 3-Way Race | GA: Newt Up Big * Obama Tells G.O.P. Critics War With Iran Is ‘Not a Game’(NYT)


Jon Stewart’s Round-Up Of The Rush Limbaugh ‘Slut’ Mess Is Must-See TV3 more sponsors flee Rush(NYP) * The Limbaugh diversion(NYP Ed) * Report: Second Radio Station Drops The Rush Limbaugh Show (Updated) * Ed Schultz Teaches Rush Limbaugh A Lesson On Apologies By Replaying His To Laura Ingraham * Newt Gingrich directly said Rush Limbaugh was right to apologize.



Cops seeking this man in Chelsea slay(NYP) * Person Of Interest Sought In Death Of Chelsea Man(NY1)* Hunt for man caught on surveillance camera(NYDN) * NYPD Seeks Man For Questioning In Chelsea Death(WCBS)



Man Wanted For Questioning In Brooklyn Homicide(NY1)


Rutgers roomie texted disgust over gays: pal(NYP) * Rutgers Defendant Wrote of Keeping ‘Gays Away’(NYT) * Rutgers Trial Seen Helping Victim Rights(WSJ) * Rutgers student saved anti-gay tweets before committing suicide(NYP)

Law and Order

Wife-slay suspect drops $$ bid(NYP) * Cleaning lady died a slow, painful death: coroner (NYP)Second bouquet bandit ‘petals’ away with $1,100(NYP) * Dykstra to wear stripes (NYP) * Wide Sentencing Disparity Found Among U.S. Judges(NYT) * Charges Weighed for Lawyer Who Revealed Witness’s Name(NYT) * 3 Arrests in Beating Death Overheard by Landlady * Sex victim: I carry scars of torture(NYDN) * Drivers who got licenses at bogus school hit detour (NYDN) * Racist graffiti mars Fordham campus(NYDN) * Father of Bronx teen shot by cops sued the city last year(NYDN)* Fordham Investigates Bias Crimes on Campus(NBC) * In New York, different judges hand down widely disparate sentencing.