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Organized Crime Politics: Party Boss Above the Law

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Projected order for GOP primary: 1. Santorum, 2. Romney, 3. Paul. Gingrich was not on the ballot AP BREAKING NEWS: Rick Santorum wins Minnesota Republican presidential caucuses

Independence Party Chair "Teflon" MacKay Consolidates Power Surrounded By Scandal

An ex member of the Independence Party Frank Morano dropped a dime on his former party chair Frank MacKay's plan to consolidate power in the party. MacKey is changing the party rules to give the executive party more control over endorsements in elections taking place in single counties.  Morano Believes that these changes will be dramatic, giving “the State Executive Committee the power to choose candidates in any and every county anywhere in the entire state.” When Marano quit the party last year he said only MacKay and another member control the parties money.  It took 3 trials to convict John Gotti.  It is doubtful if MacKay will ever see the inside of a court room for corrupting the Independence Party. The city DA's who count on the Independence party and corrupt pols to get reelect will never set up sting operations and wire taps like the feds did when that caught Kruger, Boyland, Mclaughlin, Seminerio and many others in the act of committing crimes.

DA's Who Need the Party For Reelection Don't See Any Corruption
State Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay -- under investigation by two DAs in the city.  In 2010 both the Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. and Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan were looking  into the party's role in funneling money from Mayor Bloomberg's campaign to a former aide, John Haggerty and the Queens GOP. 

MacKay Funneled Illegal Money to Convict Haggerty and Gets Away With It
Haggerty has since been convicted on grand-larceny charges. Also in 2010 the NYP reported on a $10,000 business loan that MacKay wife received from a city council candidate two days before he got the Independent Party endorsement.  The candidate John Tabacco told The Post. "in his view, the party leadership has been corrupted."  The two DA's investigations have died because both DA need the Independence Party for their reelection. In fact the party ran Donovan on their line, which helped him win reelection in 2011.  Daniel Donovan has opened investigation of Independence Party (July 23, 2010) * In wake of Independence Party flaps, wary Daniel Donovan spurns party in A.G. race (July 23, 2010)  * Donovan Accepts Tainted Independence Party Nod, Just One Year after Forgoing it for Suspicion of Corruption (October 30, 2011)

Radio Personality Frank Morano Quit the Independence Party and Attacked the Way It Spent Money?

"It seems as if the only two people who have any say whatsoever in how IP money is spent are Frank MacKay and First Vice-Chairman Tom Connolly (currently on the staff of State Senator Carl Kruger, who is going to jail.).It’s no wonder then that MacKay and Connolly so often believe that the best use of Independence Party funds is to pay themselves off." Morano wrote a letter to the BOE complaining how the IP   Ex-Independence Party Officer Frank Morano Files Scathing Elections Complaint(NYDN)


 New York's Corrupt Political Parties (True News)

NY Corrupt Party Boss Joe Crowley (True News)


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Cuomo Keeps His Friends Close and His Potential Enemies Even Closer 

Cuomo Brings Potential Foes Into His Fold(WSJ)  Gov. Andrew Cuomo has built closer relationships with so-called good government groups than perhaps any of his predecessors, folding into his tent a wide spectrum of potential critics on matters of transparency, ethics and campaign finance. Cuomo has built strong ties with good government groups over the years, granting them millions of dollars while serving as attorney general, and recently helping ethics watchdog David Grandeau land a high-paying consulting gig. Poll: You go, gov!(NYP)  * The Capitol, cash and Andrew Cuomo (NYDN) The governor, who's talked about curbing the influence of big donors, relies on them.  Despite his insistence on reform, Cuomo’s political team continues to exploit loopholes in the system, such as riding in corporate jets with wealthy donors who may have a direct stake in his actions as governor, the News’ Bill Hammond says * Cuomo has co-opted would-be good government critics by either hiring them into his administration, giving them with unusual access or providing them with cash. *  The Post suggests Silver and his Democratic conference take a hard look at the Siena poll from yesterday and get on board the pension reform train. Goo Goos: Reforms Have Their Press Conferences . . . And Nothing Happens(True News)* Why did Governor Cuomo’s Super Bowl party video get zapped? (NYO)

Fake Sheldon Silver (Twitter) The $10 million member item to NYPIRG was a brilliant move.

Poll: You go, gov!(NYP)The Post says public sector unions are wrong to call a new pension tier “an assault on the middle class,” arguing that the relief it would bring would be just the opposite* Meanwhile, in New York... The governor’s showdown is more subtle(The Economist) * Senate GOP Looks To Circumvent Gov On Nonprofit Salary Caps




That Comeback Trail for the Economy? Here, It’s Littered With Foreclosures

The NYC Recession That the Media Almost Forgot . . .  The City's Unemployment Rates Are Going Up, But the Media Has Not Noticed

 Despite Cuomo’s sunny optimism about New York’s economic comeback, many city neighborhoods are still going through a devastating wave of foreclosures, the Times’ Michael Powell

Homeless Living in Danger

The Fiery End of a Life Lived Beneath the City(NYT) * Formerly Homeless New Yorkers Hope Their "Advantage" Rent Subsidies Can Return (NY1)* Homeless Man Killed in Fire Was Author, Artist(NBC)


Sock Puppet Goo Goos

Why are the Goo Goos Hiding on Independent Redistricting at Crunch Time.  They Have been pushing the issue for years.  By dropping the demand now they are helping the corrupt pols cut district for themselves without public opposition

There’s “no timeline” for the completion of LATFOR’s House maps, according to Silver spokesman Michael Whyland.  *The Asian-majority State Senate district is shaped weird given the area’s Asian population.




Assemblyman Fells That Weprin Sunk the Democrats 

Democrat in Bid to Reclaim Weiner’s Seat From the G.O.P.(NYT) Assemblyman Rory I. Lancman announced plans to challenge Representative Bob Turner in November, underscoring a belief that the Congressional district will not be eliminated in redistricting. He has already raised $130,000 for the effort * Democrat to Challenge Turner in Ninth District(WSJ) * Weprin’s Liu friend (NYP)

Planned Failure: I Am With the Dummy's Parkside

The Parkside Group, which ran Assemblyman David Weprin’s failed NY-9 special election campaign, is getting a shot at redemption with Assemblyman Rory Lancman’s plan to take on Rep. Bob Turner.* Lancman once gave money to Sen. John McCain.


Congressman Towns Race: Spokesperson Vs. Spokesperson? 

While one of Town's chalengers Jeffries tied to attack the congressman for getting most of his money from PAC, (Capital) Town's attacked Jeffries' spokesperson saying Lupe Todd used to work for and defend him. Towns' even complained that the company Todd works for George Arzt Communications, worked on his 2008 campaign for re-election.   What the report did not include in the race is that Lupe Todd and and Artz are expected to attack Towns for his spokesperson campaign consult Hank Sheinkopf who took the 5th when asked question about the AEG gambling Contract that the state canceled after irregularities were exposed in the press.


Bruce RatnerGate: Nobody Knew About the Kruger Bribes . . .  Press Clean Up Time

Bruce Bender Leaves Surrounded By Corruption

Forest City Departures, New Firm In Offing(YNN) Bruce Bender and Scott Cantone are striking out on their own to create a new political consulting firm. Bender got some unwanted press recently when he was caught on the federal wiretap negotiating for state funds for a non-Ratner project with former Sen. Carl Kruger, who lost his seat after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. Lobbyist Richard Lipsky, who represented Ratner, also pleaded guilty in the pay-to-play probe. Federal prosecutors said he paid hundreds of thousands in bribes to Kruger, the former Senate Finance Committee chairman. 

Forest City Public Tit Money Caught in Corrupt Kruger Web

Bruce Bender, an executive with the development company Forest City Ratner who came out of Kruger's Thomas Jefferson club, was pressing him for $15 million in state funding for three Brooklyn projects.  Mr. Kruger said he would get back to him. Half an hour later, he checked with his aides, found out he had $500,0000 left over at his own discretion, and told them to give the money for a ice skating  project at Prospect Park.  “I love you,” Mr. Bender said a few minutes late.  Where did convicted Richard Lipsky get all the cash he gave to Kruger?


Bender is Involved in Another Ratner's Forest City Bribery Indictment in A Year                       

Developer of Major New Rochelle Project, Forest City Ratner, Bribed Yonkers Official Sexy Sandy Annabi, U.S. Attorney Charges (Talk of the Sound)

A Forest City Ratner executive whose cozy relationship with state Sen. Carl Kruger is featured in a new criminal complaint against the Brooklyn politician personally lobbied a Yonkers councilman hours before a controversial vote that later led to bribery charges against a councilwoman. Yonkers Council Majority Leader John Murtagh Jr. said FCR Vice President Bruce Bender leaned on him in 2006 to change his expected vote opposing a controversial FCR development. Kruger crony leaned on me for vote: pol

Queens BP For First Time Attack Mayor's Budget . . .  Could It Be to Make A Deal to Restore Deep Cuts to Her Office? 

Queens budget on the chopping block(NYDN) Queens Borough President Helen Marshall. Senior centers, firehouses and programs for children





Shocking PA Report

Port Authority Called ‘Dysfunctional’ as Trade Center Costs Rise(NYT)





NY's  Casino Fight

Rivals Ready Onslaught to Sway Casino Debate(NYT)


 Gillibrand Favored by Most New York Voters, Poll Finds(NYT)






The Real American Heros Are Not Getting A Parade

A Heroes’ Welcome for Giants Draws Fire(NYT) The fanfare over Tuesday’s parade for the New York Giants has touched off anger and unease among some returned Iraq veterans, who are awaiting their own recognition. *  Time Was, More to Hail Than Athletes Alone (NYT)




Silver’s KKK jitters(NYP) * Senate Backs Church Use of Schools(NYT) * Churches may yet get permission to continue services in public school (NYDN Ed) State Legislature may act to bar city’s planned evictions.  The Daily News praises Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for his willingness to craft a compromise bill that would allow religious groups to continue to rent out space in public schools * Church groups must leave schools (NYDN)*Marty Golden keeps up the public school church fight.





NY Congressman Announce Their Latest Failure and Blame the GOP
MTA Fare-hike fear hike(NYP) * The real damage of the Republican-proposed, anti-New York transportation bill (capital) * In 1998  D'Amato Defends $41 Billion Transit Measure - New York Times * NYC Lawmakers, MTA, Slam GOP Over Transit Cuts (NYO) * House Republican transportation bill will punish New York if it becomes law (NYDN Ed)  Drastic cut in mass transit funds would be a disaster for the city

MTA Still Paying Corrupt Companies Scandal deal OK’d(NYP)


New York Wins the Battle for Fresh Direct(NYT)




Judge Says Pay Baby Pay

Judge refuses to reverse PA toll hikes(NYP) * Judge Rejects Request to Halt Toll Increases(WSJ) * Judge Declines To Reverse Port Authority Toll Hikes(NY1) * Judge to allow toll hikes, for now(WABC)



Giant Fans Occupy Wall Street



Pols Charge IG Witch Hunts

Why Are Pols So Very Nervous? 


Drawing Fire, Deal Gives Agency Staff Power to See State Workers’ Tax Files(NYT) * Open tax returns alarm pols (NYDN) Silver vowed to look into the agreement, signed last month, that deputizes more than 60 members of the IG’s staff as deputy tax commissioners and grants them access to employee tax records. * Sen. John DeFrancisco described the IG’s new tax records power as “very, very dangerous” and suggested it could allow the Cuomo administration to go on witch hunts against state workers. * The TU disapproves.* CSEA says it didn’t know anything about the IG’s enhanced ability to snoop on its members.

Bloomberg #5

Billionaire Bloomberg donated $311.3 million to charitable causes last year, making him the fifth most generous philanthropist in the United States.


Mob Bagel Shop Fuggedaboud Disability

Not the hole story (NYDN) The disabled woman who filed a discrimination suit against a Bensonhurst bagel shop owned by a reputed gangster had an apologetic message Monday for the Bonanno big’s lawyer: Fuggedaboudit


Drill Baby Drill Goes Limp

After Early Gallop, Albany Slows to Crawl in Making Decision on Gas Drilling(NYT) After an earlier period of rapid-fire deadlines by the Cuomo administration, the decision on whether to allow hydrofracking in New York has slowed to a crawl




Election 2012: For Santorum, a second chance to shine in Tuesday caucuses

For Mormons, Romney’s Values Are First(NYT) * Obama to Return Major Donations Tied to Fugitive(NYT) * President Obama is signaling to wealthy donors that he wants them to start contributing to his Super PAC. * Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri will vote today, the first multi-state primary of the 2012 season. * Obama reverses on super PACs, seeks support (CBS) * Three More States Up for Grabs in GOP Race - Kelly Burke, FOX News * Danger Signs for Mitt Romney - Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast * The Romney Machine Rolls On - Peter Wehner, Commentary * Desperately Hoping for a Brokered Convention - Erick Erickson, Red State *  Romney Risks Talking His Way Out of Race - Detroit News * Political Geography: Minnesota(NYT) * Romney’s Returns Revive Scrutiny of Tax Shelters(NYT) * Teacher's Aide Is Accused of Sex Abuse(NYT) * Romney’s Returns Revive Scrutiny (NYT)


New York and California, two key holdouts in the Obama administration’s effort to reach a settlement with big banks over foreclosure abuses, are moving closer to signing on

Report: Manhattan D.A. Won’t Charge Greg Kelly with Rape (NYO) * Prosecutors won't file against NYPD Commissioner's son(NYP) * New York Won’t File Rape Charge Against Police Leader’s Son(NYT)

Cop-beat youth’s demand(NYP) * Bail for Alleged Victim of Police Beating(WSJ)


Shot officer ‘super’(NYP) *Suspect in Officer’s Point-Blank Shooting Is Indicted on Attempted-Murder Charge(NYT)* Grand Jury Indicts Suspect In Shooting Of NYPD Officer (NY1) * Baby’ thug indicted in attempted slay of cop(NYDN) 

 A Raucous Protest Against a Police Killing(NYT) * Bronx Residents Protest Police Killing Of Unarmed Teen(NY1)* Fatal shooting of unarmed Bronx teen by cops conjures (NYDN)* Bronx Residents Take To The Streets To Protest Ramarley(WCBS)* Vigil held for teen shot by police in the Bronx(WABC) * Vigil for Bronx Man Shot, Killed by Cops(NBC)

City Officer Pleads Guilty In Gun-Smuggling Case(NYT)  

 Law and Order

Slain teacher’s hubby busted(NYP) * Mike blasts Mormon Church-owned gun sale site (NYDN)* Judge hits Noble son as ‘con man’ (NYDN)* She’s stabbed dead inside Brooklyn halfway house(NYDN) * Pols, union: Make attacking a Sanit worker a felony(NYDN) * Mom's wait for kid's killers' indictment is over(NYDN) * Officer pleads guilty in gun smuggling case(WABC) * FBI busts Brooklyn teacher's aide for allegedly making child porn with students (NYP)