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Giants 21, Patriots 17, Final

NYC will host a Ticker-Tape Parade & Ceremony for the Champion on Tuesday 2/7.11AM Details

Bloomberg Will Use His $$$ To Avoid Lame Duck Status and After He is Out of Office Still Wield Power

Son of Koch: Bloomberg Unplugged Like Koch Will Never Lose Influence 
 Mwahaha! Ready to rule as Citizen Mike(NYP) “My ability to promote certain things — candidates, issues, whatever — is limited because of my job,” the mayor said. “And I won’t have that two years from now.” Bloomberg made it clear to the NYP that clear he would continue deploying his vast resources to promote issues from immigration to health policy, and he didn’t rule out supporting opponents of his political enemies. “City Hall holds him back,” Sheekey told Newsweek a couple of months ago. “He stands to become something much bigger after he leaves office. Michael Bloomberg has the ability to be the best parts of Bill Clinton, Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates all rolled into one.” * Ed Koch's Practical Progressivism - Tevi Troy, City Journal

Readers Jump the NYT's Shark
2012 NYT Reporter on the Quinn Giske Relationship:
You Gotta Have Friends
In 1993 the NYT Called What Quinn and Her Lobbyist Friend Have Built A New-Age Political Machine.  Their reporters this week called their relationship a friendship, but their readers through their comments called it what the NYT did almost 20 years ago, a political machine. What the NYT has failed to write about is how these social service machines work with the county machines to control politics in NYC. Over 20 elected official have already been convicted using member items to help them get reelected or line their pockets.  Speaker Silver spent over $700,000 in 2010 to protect his vote in the Chinatown Section of his district.

In 2012 NYT's Readers Called Their Relationship A Machine
NYT Reader Shane Ustice whose comment was recorded under the NYT story Quinn’s Friendship With Lobbyist May Pose Test in Mayor Bid
said:  "Boss Quinn and her office would direct non-profits to Ms . Giske's office for representation in funding applications from the City and the State. Many but not all of these directed clients were non-profits for the Gay etc Community. Giske became for a fee the go to lobbyist for these non-profits seeking funding from the City." NYT Reader John M. said: "Many of us in the lgbt community know that both Quinn and Giske are part of a political machine horror show." NYT Reader Tony Glover said: "The issue is that a very powerful lobbyist, with clients who depend on the city for major funding, is helping Ms. Quinn to become mayor." Another reader pointed out how Quinn makes alliances with other machines by providing them jobs in return for political support.  She hired a disbarred lawyer from kruger's Thomas Jefferson Club in Brooklyn and hired dozens from Crowley's Queens machine.

In 1993 NYT Called Using Government Money to run for off "The New Age Political Machine"
What the NYT Said in 1993:  "In struggling neighborhoods from the northeast Bronx to southeast Queens, a new sort of political warlord is walking the ground that once belonged to the powerful Democratic county bosses in New York City. And none is more successful than a Brooklyn Assemblyman who is scarcely known outside political circles or his own dilapidated Bushwick neighborhood: Vito J. Lopez.Over 17 years of near obscurity, Mr. Lopez has built the prototype of the modern inner-city political machine, one capable of generating thousands of votes and armies of volunteers, largely by exploiting its links to a social-service organization that Mr. Lopez founded." The NYT'S reporter in 2012 did not write how Quinn makes alliances with other corrupt new age political machines by funding them with millions in member item $$$. The speaker is currently funding Lopez under federal investigation and Seabrook getting ready for his retrial for ripping off govenment funds.

In 2012 the NYT Described A New Aged Political Machine But Failed to Call It That, In An Attempt To Clean Up Their Obvious Choice to Be the Next Mayor
The NYT said Quinn and other council members have directed hundreds of thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations that Giske's Bolton-St. Johns represents.  But they did not do what they did with John Liu and identify how many contributions Quinn campaign received from those nonprofits. The NYT did not inform it readers that Quinn has gotten tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars from the developers who benefited from the Highline which Quinn funded and Giske lobbied for.  Or the contributions Quinn received from other Giske clients, like hospitals and non profit health care services.   The NYT see nothing wrong with Quinn looking the other way while St. Vincent's hospital was closed in her district to make way luxury condos by the Rudin family who are major contributors to the speaker 2013 campaign. No wonder the city's establishment thinks they can do business with Quinn. * The NY Times Censors Me Protects Christine Quinn Emily Giske

The NYT Readers Comments Jumped the Shark For the NYT Quinn Giske Containment Project . . .  Reader Not the NYT Points Out Giske is A High Level Democrats Operative

NYT Reader Shane Ustice said: "What the article does not say is that Giske also, despite being a full time lobbyist was VP of the State Democratic Party. Giske could go into a party caucus wearing her state party official hat and behind the door power-broke for her clients."  Other readers pointed how how Quinn handles patronage.  when she takes over she fires all that she can and hires those loyal to herself and her friends.  Another readers wrote about the called lobbyist Giske Quinn's "consigliere.:  The reader continued "While their sexual orientation and gender has little to do with their quest for power and Quinn's evolution into Boss Quinn , these two women certainly prove sisterhood is powerful in their quest to turf like men in the political arena . Talk about “Iron Ladies” indeed."


 NYP Keeps Going After Meeks

Queens pol resells cheap tickets to big-bucks political donors(NYP) The Queens Democrat has thrown pricey parties at the last four games, buying up tickets not available to the general public and selling them to donors willing to shell out big bucks.


Liu boo-boo on donors? He met with contributors during work-hours (NYDN) Allowed to campaign only during personal time. City Councilman Peter Koo gathered $7,200 from nine different donors between July 7 and July 11. Then he got together with Liu on Thursday, July 21, from 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., records show. State Assemblywoman Grace Meng, another a Liu bundler, was also at the July meeting. That month, she raised $4,000 from five different donors for the controller, records show. 


Assemblyman David Weprin blamed “dissidents” and vocal “trouble makers” in the Orthodox community for his NY-9 loss, and hasn’t ruled out another NYC comptroller run if incumbent John Liu doesn’t seek re-election. 

The New American Family 

Homeless Families, Cloaked in Normality(NYT) Of the record 40,000 people in New York City’s shelters, a growing number belong to seemingly ordinary families, rushing off to school and work, smartphones in hand.



The Education War of the Roses

Talks on teacher evaluations seem doomed to fail (NYDN) Gov. Cuomo must impose strong standards for the kids’ sake * Cuomo and the schools(TU) TU's LeBrun says Cuomo caused education crisis he claims to be battling in Albany by interfering in teach eval talks.*  Closing Arguments: Failing Elementary School May Be DOE's First S.I. Phaseout (NY1)

Does the GOP Senate Have A Friend on the Second Floor?

Does Cuomo prefer a Republican State Senate? El Diario La Prensa * Cuomo got a $60,000 ride to Hollywood late last year for a big bucks fund-raiser from real estate developer Stephen Green, the brother of one of Cuomo’s vanquished political opponents, former NYC Public Advocate Mark Green.

Beating Tickets Without the NYPD Fix

The Terrier of Traffic Court(NYT)


Bloomberg: Congress Does Not Even Care About Its Own

“You’d think that if a congresswoman got shot in the head, that would have changed Congress’ views (on gun control,” Mayor Bloomberg said on “Meet the Press.”  


Ground Zero heroes' 9/11 settlement payouts slashed(NYP)




‘Shul’ days at mosque (NYP)  Bx. Muslims host Jews

Cafe-death EMT still on city payroll(NYP)



Nevada Aftermath.. Romney's Horrible Week.. Trump Reactions.. MORE LIVE UPDATES




Election 2012: Romney Take Nevada

Romney Scores Nevada Victory With Broad G.O.P. Support(NYT) *Gingrich Patron Could Have a Plan B: Romney(NYT) * The Great Man’s Wife(Dowd, NYT) Can Callista transform Newt so that he can transform her into the First Third Lady?  * Cements His Status as the Front-Runner(WSJ) * Gingrich Says He'll Battle On(WSJ) * Trump endorsement hurt Romney, poll finds(NYDN) *Rasmussen: Santorum Would Beat Obama, Romney Would Not(NY Magazine) * Romney targets Obama in Colorado speech (Wash Post) * With Win, Romney Tightens Front-Runner Status - Dan Balz, Wash Post * Gingrich Vows to Take Fight to 'Timid' Romney - John Whitesides, Reuters


SNL Gives Us A Peek At Newt Gingrich’s Moon Colony: ‘May Divorce Be With You’



Kelly: Lowered Crime, Reached Out to Minorities, Prevented Terrorist Attacks on City Is In Trouble

After 11 Years, a Police Leader Hits Turbulence(NYT)

After years of undeniable success, Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly is going through turbulent times, confronted with a steady drip of troublesome episodes. They include officers fixing traffic tickets, running guns and disparaging civilians on Facebook, and accusations that the Police Department encourages officers to question minorities on the streets indiscriminately. His younger son has been accused of rape, though he has not been charged and maintains his innocence. On Thursday, in an episode that Mr. Kelly said concerned him, an officer killed an 18-year-old drug suspect who was unarmed.* Shot cop is ‘doing good’(NYDN) * Giants Coach Sends Note to Shot NYPD Officer(NBC)

NYPD officers could face criminal charges in Bx. shooting ‘Unarmed’ rap eyed * Police Probed in Shooting Death of Teen(WSJ) * Community Demands Answers In Bronx Teen's Death(NY1) * Singer Roberta Flack kicks off donation drive for funeral of Bx. teen killed by cop(NYP) * NY1 Exclusive: Surveillance Video Shows Bronx Teen Pursued By Police Moments Before Shooting

Family Of Bronx Man Shot By Police Joins Rev. Sharpton(WCBS) * Treatment of Grandmother After Fatal Police Shooting Is held (NYDN) *Family Of Bronx Man Shot By Police Joins Rev. Sharpton(NYDN)* NYPD's Treatment Of Witness Questioned(Fox 5)


AP Leaked A NYPD Terrorism Memo That the NYP Says Put Identified the Targets and Compromised the Officers Involved Aid and comfort, Pt. II (NYP Ed)

Yesterday True News Wrote About A Patrician Woman From Brooklyn Heights Demanded That the Redistricting Committee Give Us Back Our Democracy . . .  Today the NYT Editorial Wrote About A Woman Who Held A Sign “We Want Real Democracy.”

Albany’s Cynical Mapmakers (NYT Ed) Cuomo should veto the terrible maps proposed for New York’s legislative districts.  The proposed new maps, with their ridiculously warped and irregular border lines, are instead designed to keep Democrats in power in the Assembly and Republicans in charge in the State Senate for the next decade. Even worse, they also deprive minority communities of their fair share of clout.* Says the NYT editorial page: “There is talk in Albany of a phony compromise that tinkers with these terrible maps and promises to do better in 2022. Mr. Cuomo should reject that, too.” * The TU endorses a June primary for state lawmakers. * The lack of House lines from LATFOR has put a number of potential congressional campaigns on hold.

City Pols Cut Others Not Us

Elected Officials Outraged by Mayor's Plan to Slash Budgets Cuts to each of the five borough presidents: Manhattan, by 46%; Brooklyn, 44%; Staten Island, 38%; Queens, 36%; the Bronx, 35%. Also proposed is a 29% cut to the budget of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, the city's chief watchdog and the first in line of succession to the mayor. After the Proposed Cuts Come the Criticisms(WSJ)



Pols Try to Save Their Phoney Baloney Jobs 

Mayor nixes union plan to use reserve cash on wages instead of pension(NYP)

How About Occupy the Redistricting Commission?

Movement Falters in NewYork

Occupy D.C. Camp Dismantled Quietly By Park Police(NPR) * 4 indicted for OWS party in Williamsburg neighborhood of New York City *  The activists were arretsed after an "occu-party" in a vacant Williamsburg building

Back to the Homeless Future

End of Rent Subsidies Has Critics Pouncing(WSJ)  NYC this month will stop paying a rent subsidy to 9,000 households with formerly homeless families and individuals, a decision advocates fear could send thousands back into city shelters. * City To Cut Rent Subsidies For Formerly Homeless Families(NY1)

Secret Is Out in Prospect Lefferts Gardens(WSJ) In recent years, the neighborhood had increasingly attracted more young people seeking affordable condos and apartments as well as the older homes.



Increased Israel-Iran Tension Leads To Heightened Security At Jewish Institutions In NYC (WCBS) NYPD: No Specific Threats Made, But Pre-Emptive Moves Necessary




A Mortgage Tornado Warning, Unheeded(NYT)





Congress Has To Be Told Not To Do Insider Trading 

60 Minutes Catches the Bad Guys

Congress Moves on Ethics (NYT Ed) The Senate did the right thing in approving a ban on Congressional lawmakers using confidential information in making stock trades. The House should follow suit. 

Gingrich’s Deep Ties to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac(NYT)  * Making Sure Las Vegas’s Caucuses Accommodate(NYT) * Falling Jobless Rate Alters Face of Campaign(NYT) * Bam: It’s workin’ (NYP) Trumpets drop in unemployment * GOP, Dems spar over long-term unemployed (Politico) * Nevada caucus: 5 things to watch(Politico) * Will Nevada give Romney a second straight victory?(CNN) * Romney Counting on Mormon Backing for Victory in Nevada(NYT) * At One Site, Caucus Is No Contest(NYT) * Romney Is on a Roll in GOP Race - Mark Barabak, Los Angeles Times * Nevada to Be Hotly Contested in November - Dan Balz, Washington Post * The turnout was disappointing.* Ron Paul won the “Jewish Caucus.”



 The Gentrification Neighbor Brooklyn Jail

As Neighborhood Thrives, No Warm Welcome for a Reopened Jail(NYT)


Daily News Said Brooklyn Judge Made An Error For Letting Cop Off

Brooklyn judge Gustin Reich makes huge error in letting crooked cop off with probation (NYDN Ed)

Shoot creep caged(NYP)

Law and Order

Supervisor of Day Care Safety Reviews Pleads Guilty in Bribe Case(NYT) * Pimp their sentences, sez Qns. pol (NYDN) * 4 teens arrested for Brooklyn home invasion(WABC) * Police search for Bronx robbery suspect(WABC) * Robber Dies After Run-in With HS Wrestler(NBC) * Cops Find Stolen iPhone in Teen's Underwear(NBC) * Man Shot at Harlem Housing Complex Where Tayshana Murphy Murdered (DNAINFO) * 4 Men Killed In NYC Shootings(Fox 5) * Man Accused Of Assaulting Female Cop(Fox 5)Man shot dead in Queens(WABC) * Four Brooklyn Teens Charged With Home Invasion, Rape(NY1)

 Student puts the high in Jr. High for selling pot brownies(NYDN) * App  snags 2 i-Thieves (NYDN) * Troubled Bronx prosecutor fired(NYDN) *School fondle shock(NYP) * 'So you're gonna become a rat?'(NYDN)* Karen Gravano on her dad, 'Sammy Bull'(NYDN)