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Polititical Insiders Get Away With Residency Requirement While Unconnected John O'Hara Lost His Law License

Justice is A Political Game in NY

Did Parkside Stavisky Get Special Favors On His Rockland Mortgage to Protect His District Leadership in Queens The Mortgage Documents of Evan Stavisky & Kristen Stavisky For Their Home In Rockland County(Queens Politics)Please note the highlighted portion [linked] regarding establishing a permanent residence after 90 days of signing the document suffice a written dispensation from the broker and any convoluted election law loopholes that permit him to buy a home in Rockland County and live there while holding elected office in Queens.

 A Strategic Living Arrangement For Top Democratic Strategist(City and State).  The problem with the C&S piece was that it did not examine how their political connections to the Queens Democratic Party keeps Parksides which has lost many high profile elections (Weprin, Democratic State Senate majority) not only alive but making millions. NY's Politicals Consultant Monopoly(True News)

Brooklyn DA Ignores Repeated  Complaints That Lopez Lives In Queens
In 2005 the NYP published a story Norman's Successor Facing Own Scandal that claimed three activists have filed a complaint with the Brooklyn DA, alleging Lopez used a fake address on his voter-registration form and doesn't live in his Brooklyn district.  Instead, say the activists, Lopez for years has shacked up in a Queens condo owned by his Former Brooklyn Democratic party boss girl friend, Planning Commissioner Angela Battaglia.  Garber, an activist in Lopez's district who has worked against Lopez-backed judicial candidates, said the pol's alleged fake address has been an open secret among insiders for years. In 2010 the Daily News said Brooklyn Dem boss Vito Lopez is hard to find at Bushwick home, but spends much of his time in Queens The Daily News found Lopez arriving at night and leaving in the morning from a condominium owned by his longtime girlfriend, Angela Battaglia - in Ridgewood, Queens.

Why Does the Media, Pols and DA's Protect Parkside and Vito Lopez and Watch O'Hara Be Destroyed for Residency

Why was John Kennedy O'Hara convicted for illegal voting by Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes for running for office out of his girlfriend's residence.  While Evan Stavisky gets away with being registered in Queens while he lives with his wife in Rockland County?  Lawyer O'Hara lost his law license which destroyed his life, while Stavisky makes millions with an incompetent politically connected consultant company?  Why does the press ignore this outrageous legal injustice?  They don't care and they are too dumb to understand. * O'Hara and Stavisky Voting Residence Injustice While the Media looks the other way(True News) *

Post, NYT and Daily News "Watergates" Covers-Up For Developer Bruce Ratner

Media Blackout Day 2 For the Second consecutive day of Corruption Trial That Could Implicate Rattner or His Staff in Pay to Play Bribery Corruption None of the NYC's papers covered it. Only Atlantic Yards Report and are covering the Ratner project trial. 

Atlantic Yards Report:

In court, former Yonkers Council Member explains why she resisted Forest City's plan: "I truly believe that Ridge Hill had been given a sweetheart deal"

2 Ridge Hill foes testify on Sandy Annabi's vote * Yonkers Mayor Michael Spano takes stand at corruption trial ( Prosecutors once suspected Yonkers Mayor Michael Spano of misleading federal authorities when they were investigating the role of his brother, former Sen. Nicholas Spano, in the Ridge Hill development corruption case.

Cuomo: "What albany has done to the state's economy, the local economy...I mean the increases" are too much to handle.

Update Cuomo's ultimatum: Legislature must put public pension reform in budget or allow for a government shutdown (NYDN) Cuomo says the pension battle is “one of the seminal clashes of this budget and of my administration” * Cuomo’s reforms are perfectly fair (NYP Ed) Citizens Budget Commission’s Elizabeth Lynam defends Cuomo’s pension reforms as “perfectly fair” in the Post, and notes that increased rates of contribution for state employees would bring New York in line with rates around the country * Mayor Bloomberg announced 12 mayors and 13 county executives, collectively representing 15 million New Yorkers, have formed a coalition to aid Cuomo in his pension reform push.

Left With Districts That Will Keep Them in the Minority, Senate Dems Threaten to Block An Override of Cuomo's Veto 
NY Senate Dems urge Gov. Cuomo to veto redistricting plans, show they have votes to block override (NYDN)Cuomo left the door open for compromise in remarks Wednesday  Senate Democrats made clear that they have enough members block new district lines drawn by LATFOR if the GOP majority tries to override Cuomo’s potential veto *Twenty-two Senate Democrats signed a letter to Cuomo urging him to veto LATFOR’s redistricting lines, which means they have sufficient votes to block an override. * Bronx and Harlem leaders are squabbling over a potential new Latino-majority seat.* Camara: I’d Vote ‘No’ On Current Senate Lines (YNN) * Cuomo: “You want me to veto the bill? Don’t pass it. How about that? Don’t vote for it.” * The creation of a new Latino congressional district in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx is endangered in part by a fight between the Democratic chairs of the two boroughs – Keith Wright and Carl Heastie – over Rep. Charlie Rangel’s district.* Cuomo said vetoing the lines isn't enough. [Jimmy Vielkind] * Cuomo Says It Twice: I’m Vetoing ‘These’ Lines(YNN)Senate Republicans To Drop Prisoner-Counting Suit(YNN) * Cuomo On Redistricting: ‘It’s All Political Theater’(NYO) * Colby Hamilton kept on the new Orthodox Jewish seat.

Cuomo "The Parent" Attacks Both Dems and GOP on Redistricting “Political Theater”

Positions Himself by Scolding the Children Silver and Skelos
 Gov. Cuomo slams Legislature for what he sees as inconvenient truths in redistricting fight  (NYDN) Angry Andy attacks lawmakers from both parties. Cuomo questioned why his fellow Dems didn’t manage to pass an independently crafted redistricting bill during the two years they held a majority in the chamber. Cuomo blasted the Senate Republican majority for going back on a campaign pledge to former Mayor Ed Koch in which they vowed to pass partisan-free redistricting this year.  Cuomo reiterated his threat to veto the new legislative lines as currently proposed — even as the Legislature is preparing a set of revised district boundaries that leaders hope will be more to Cuomo’s liking. Ultimately, no matter what the Legislature chooses to do, Cuomo said, the courts will decide the redistricting issue.

Goo Goo Dadey Light on Reform 

Citizens Union Executive Director Dick Dadey is truly a trader to the cause of independent redistricting.  He already gave up weeks ago after demanding for years an end to gerrymandering.  Now he wants Cuomo to veto the lines and work for better lines this year and for independent redistricting in 2022.  This could be the deal that is done in the end but if Dadey really want some reform now it the time to get Albany to agree to election law reform including public financed campaigns.  What ever deal is done in the end remember that most of those making the deal have already gone back on their pledge to the Koch group NY Uprising Citizens Union Wants Cuomo To Use Veto To ‘Negotiate’(YNN)  * CU’s Dadey to Cuomo: Use the veto to get better maps in redistricting(WNYC) * Goo-goos are split over whether Cuomo should actually veto the LATFOR redistricting maps or simply keep threatening to do so.

Staten Islanders Weigh In On Times' Investigations Of Grimm(NY1)

Who Can Give Away the Most Government Money to Buy Votes

Storobin Team Says Fidler’s School Voucher Program Is “Vouchers Lite” (UPDATED)(Sheephead Bites)

Even though Brooklyn Councilman Lew Fidler has not yet won in Senate election – and his seat is not yet vacant – former Assemblyman Frank Seddio has been lobbying aggressively for endorsements for a still-prospective Council special election, according to Brooklyn sources. That aggressiveness caused a public blow-up between Seddio and Assemblyman Nick Perry following Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz‘s State of the Borough address in early February, according to three witnesses. Seddio had been aggressively lobbying Perry to back him instead of likely opponent Mercedes Narcisse, but Perry refused to support his former Assembly colleague. 

When Perry and Seddio ran into one another while heading to a reception following Markowitz’s speech, Seddio refused to acknowledge Perry’s presence – and the two exchanged heated words, which one observer described as a “shouting match.” Since then, rumors have sprung up that Perry could even face a challenger over the refusal to endorse Seddio, who is likely to have the support of Brooklyn Democratic Leader Vito Lopez. “Seddio is from the Thomas Jefferson Club, where they still practice that old school, machine politics,” said one person close to Perry. Seddio did not return a call seeking comment.

Boylands Go Bust in Brooklyn: Is William Jr. the Last of the 'Kennedys of Brownsville'?(NYO) * My Weekend With The Boylands(NYO)

There’s a new website that ranks states’ corruption risk.

Carrion the Porch Vs. Diaz, Jr. the Shopping Center

Spotted in the audience for Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.'s State of the Borough address: Predecessor Adolfo Carrion, who was critical of the role Diaz played in blocking the Kingsbridge Armory project during a wage dispute. (Cap NY)


Is Peter Rivera Stepping Down?(Perez Notes)






Whistle-blower sues city saying officers have been turned against each other(NYP)



Seize-&-desist cab crackdown (NYP) Top taxi brass want to acquire an entire tow pound solely for storing seized illegal livery cabs, a move that could triple the number of vehicles taken off the street every day.


Words With Taxis(NYT Ed) Replacing the television screens with new tablet devices in New York City’s taxis sounds like an idea worth trying, but there are a few things the planners should consider. The Times likes a TLC proposal to replace taxi television with app-filled “tablets” allowing passengers to pay at any time, despite the possibility riders could become addicted to games like “Angry Birds”


Newark mayor seeks probe of NYPD Muslim spying (WSJ) Newark Mayor Cory Booker and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said they never authorized the NYPD’s spying on Newark’s Muslim residents* Police Unit Faces * Leaked secret report details how NYPD kept tabs on Newark's Muslim community(Newark Star Ledger) * Scrutiny After Fatal Shooting in the Bronx(NYT)* The Daily News defended the NYPD monitoring Yale. * Ray Kelly, writing in the Daily News, says the NYPD must do more. * Cory Booker is seeking a probe into the NYPD activities. *  The Daily Q: What rules govern the NYPD when it operates outside of New York City? (New York World)

Will Washington Derail the MTA's Budget

Washington Beat: MTA Leader Concerned As House Republicans Stall $260B Transportation Bill(NY1) Joe Lhota: MTA needs to replace its switches, but that's not as sexy as digging a new tunnel.



Wendy Long Announces Senate Campaign (NYO)



NY state government to peddle cars and on e-Bay(WSJ)



Pete Gleason Thinks Daniel Squadron Is Trying To Gerrymander Him(NYO)



A bitter bill: While Albany fights over tracking system, the prescription drug trade tightens its grip (New York World)




Park Backers Set Sights Low(WSJ) To build off local support for the Low Line project, which aims to turn an abandoned trolley terminal near the Williamsburg Bridge into a park, an online campaign was launched on the Kickstarter website.



Brooklyn Feels a Pinch(WSJ) In Williamsburg, where tattooed moms and mustachioed dads trailed by toddlers are an increasingly common sight, the area is suffering from a shortage of family-size apartments with three bedrooms or more

For FreshDirect, an Old-Fashioned Handout(NYT) FreshDirect parlayed its threat to decamp for New Jersey into what looks like a lucrative deal with no consequences should it fail to generate jobs in the Bronx.


The Mayoral Race Is On, Online (NYT)

Courts to Hasten Efforts to Prevent Foreclosures(NYT) New York’s state courts plan to speed foreclosure cases by increasing judges’ power to mete out punishments and requiring banks to provide agents authorized to change loan terms.


At Trial, Father Tells of Rushing to Crane Site(NYT) * Father of dead hardhat testifies in crane tragedy trial(NYDN)







Judge’s Ruling Complicates Hydrofracking Issue in New York(NYT) * Hydrofracking opponents hope a judge’s ruling upholding Dryden’s drilling ban pressures other municipalities to enact bans of their own, effectively blocking fracking before the DEC makes any decisions. …But the legal battle over fracking in Dryden is hardly likely to end here.



State Tax Commissioner Thomas Mattox says it was “much more efficient” for the department to focus its enforcement efforts on areas other than Indian-made cigarettes, which is a booming business for the Oneida Indian Nation. 


Total revenue of the NYC marriage bureau jumped from $2.07 million from August through December 2010, to $2.26 million in the same period last year, after same-sex nuptials went into effect. 

Recalling Her Determined Daughter, a Journalist Killed in Syria(NYT) * The Post paid respects to Marie Colvin.

Election 2012: Media Spin After Debate 

After bitter debate, Romney and Santorum eye Mich. (NYP) * Romney paints Santorum in TV debate as pork-barrel politician(Globe and Mail) * Santorum, Romney spar in latest GOP debate (CBC) *Romney and Santorum swap charges in 20th debate( 

Arizona: Why the Latino Vote Will Be Decisive in 2012(Time) * The danger of an endless Republican primary(Salon) * Romney Vows To Cut Taxes by 20 Percent(Slate) * Obama Takes New Approach To Black Voters For 2012(NPR)* Primary Calendar & Delegate Tracker(NPR) * Romney seeks to undercut Santorum on spending in GOP debate‎(LA Times) * Two Seek to Claim Control of Field at G.O.P. Debate(NYT) * Cast Returns From Hiatus, With No Encores on Horizon(NYT) * Santorum put on defensive over earmarks, contraception at debate(Wash Post) * The Fix: Complete recap of the debate(Wash Post)* Romney To Santorum: While I Worked For Olympics, You Voted For Bridge To Nowhere (Fox News) 


Santorum Draws Fire In Fight for GOP Lead(WSJ) * Republican debate in Arizona: 6 takeaways (Politico) * Video Recap: The 20th (and Possibly Final?) GOP Debate in Three Minutes(NY Magizine) * ‘Politics is a Team Sport’(NYT) * As Gas Prices Surge, Obama Defends His Energy Policy(NYT) * Remarks on Vote for Law Put Santorum on the Defensive(NYT) * Gingrich first to hit Obama for Afghanistan apology(CNN)* Roger Stone breaks down the delegate competition. * Out of Air in Arizona Republican Debate - John Dickerson, Slate * Santorum Flops in the Spotlight - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary * Romney's Plastic & Dishonest Campaign - George Neumayr, Am. Spectator * Four Dudes and a Table - Gail Collins, New York Times * Republicans Facing a Deadlock in Tampa? - Roger Stone, StoneZone * Marco Rubio's Mormon Roots - McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed * Georgia (Rasmussen): Gingrich 33, Santorum 28, Romney 20, Paul 9

Jon Stewart On GOP Warnings Of 2nd Obama Term: ‘The First Term Was Laying The Trap?’



To Irish Eyes, an Error in the 'O'Bama' Campaign(NYT) Displayed prominently on St. Patrick’s Day shirts from the Obama campaign is a large four-leaf clover. But the shamrock, the symbol of Ireland, is a three-leaf clover.


Jon Stewart To GOP: 'Y'all Have Lost Your Damn Minds'





Betsy Rothstein's Attempt at Sexy Click-Bait Is Not Sexy(Atlantic Wire)



Investigators probe rush at MF Global to move cash(NYP) * At MF Global,  A Rush to Move Cash(WSJ)


NYPD Arrests Gothamist Commenter Richard Strauss For Death Threat Against Ray Kelly(Huff Post)*  




Newark police were told about monitoring Muslims for threats: cops(NYP)Sen. Menendez Calls For Federal Investigation Into NYPD’s Muslim Spying(WCBS) * NYPD fires back at critics over Newark Muslim 'spying' (NYP)

Boy, that hurts! (NYP) But shot kid, 8, is calm as his mom screamsPolice Search For Biking Gunman Who Hit Boy Inside Bronx Deli(NY1) * Mom of brave second grader shot at a Bronx bodega speaks (NYDN) * Writing in a DN OpEd, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly called the shooting of an 8-year-old Bronx boy an “unacceptable reality ” in poor neighborhoods and said more needs to be done to bring down crime in the city.


Law and Order

Inwood Park Trees Chopped Down to Thwart Muggers (DNAINFO)

Man arrested 74 times(NYDN) 
Police search for subway exposure suspect(WABC) * VIDEO: Bronx Subway Rider Wanted for Public Lewdness(NBC) * Bronx woman charged with stabbing infant in the head (NYDN) * City arrests 14 for fake housing project parking permits(NYDN) * Two workers at Aqueduct’s racino busted in kickback(NYDN) * Teacher arrested for twisting teen’s nipples(NYDN) * Motorist guilty of driving with suspended license(NYDN) * Push guy: Oh, fu!(NYP) * OWS guy ‘courted’ gun rap(NYP) * Five Students Arrested a Day, Police Data Show(NYT) * Bronx Teacher Accused Of Beating Up 6th Grader In Front(WABC) * A Brooklyn man was arrested for making a threatening remark about Kelly in the comments section of the Gothamist blog. *NYPD to Add More East Village Cops to Crack Down on Nightlife Issues(DNAInfo) * Jury stuck on, but still mulling, 'drunk' defense in near-fatal subway shoving (NYP) * Queens School Aide Charged With Sexually Abusing 6 Girls(NYT)

Cops vs. Kids(Amsterdam News)  
“There’s a war going on between the police and the young people,” said Pam Godette, captain of the Linden Housing Tenant Association in East New York. “Right now, we are being attacked every day,” she said.* NYCLU Files Federal Lawsuit On Behalf Of NYPD Officer, Alleged Victim Of Retaliation (WABC)


Judge orders anonymous jury for trial of would-be subway bomber(NYDN)