Friday, February 24, 2012

Daily News Says Quinn Begging for Votes, NYT See Nothing

Quinn and Campaign Lobbyists Giskie Think Your Suckers

Quinn is wrong on homeless fight (NYDN Ed) Council speaker should back Mayor Bloomberg on shelter eligibility  The News also says Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s lawsuit against New York City on homeless shelter restrictions is tantamount to “pandering” for votes.  

NYT Won't Even Say Quinn Panders When She Gives Her Slush Fund Money to Buy Votes From Crooks Like Vito Lopez and Seabrook NYT Still Silent On Quinn Funding of Corrupt Seabrook

Cop Whistleblower Sues City Over Quota Tickets and Arrests

Quota bombshell Whistleblower cop sues over arrest ‘tally’(NYP) A whistleblowing cop says his Bronx precinct is ruled by an elaborate, color-coded quota system tracking the number of arrests, summonses and “stop-and-frisks” logged by each officer. * Bronx Police Precinct Accused of Using Quota System(NYT) * Police Officer Sues, Alleging Quota System(WSJ) * The NYCLU is suing a Bronx precinct over the alleged use of quotas.


State of the Bronx

Borough President Diaz Focuses Annual Address On Bronx Accomplishments(NY1) * NY1 Online: Bronx Borough President Discusses Plans For The Borough(NY1)

Get Ready For Teacher Rating and the Spins on How to Read Them

With Teacher Ratings Set to Be Released, Union Opens Campaign to Discredit Them (NYT)Schools give a pass to ‘ineligible’ grads(NYP) Dozens of high schools allowed hundreds of students to graduate without having met all state requirements, according to auditors from the city’s Department of Education. * Teachers, Respond to Your Data Report(NYT) * Teacher Rankings Are Slated for Release(WSJ) * Schools Chancellor's Letter to Teachers on Data Release (WSJ)* DOE To Release Evaluations For Thousands Of Public School Teachers(NY1) * Winning and losing teachers(NYDN) * Update 3PM: City Teacher Data Reports Are Released (NYT)


Walcott's Letter Teacher ratings paint an incomplete picture

In a letter to the Daily News, Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott argues it would be “irresponsible” for people to use teacher evaluations being released today to target individual teachers

UFT Mind Control TV Ads Pay Not Attention to the Teacher Ratings

The United Federation of Teachers will unleash a $100,000 ad campaign in response to the Department of Education’s release of 18,000 teacher ratings today *The Teacher Data Reports are set to be released today, and the UFT is already engaging in a campaign to discredit it. * You can download the reports here.



Fake Grades

Nine Schools Cited for Exam and Credit Irregularities(NYT) * Audit: About 300 Public School Students Graduated In 2010 Without All Requirements(NY1) * Ed Dept. moves to curb grade-fudging(NYDN)

Cuomo "The Parent" Attacks Both Dems and GOP on Redistricting “Political Theater”

Positions Himself by Scolding the Children Silver and Skelos
 Gov. Cuomo slams Legislature for what he sees as inconvenient truths in redistricting fight  (NYDN) Angry Andy attacks lawmakers from both parties. Cuomo questioned why his fellow Dems didn’t manage to pass an independently crafted redistricting bill during the two years they held a majority in the chamber. Cuomo blasted the Senate Republican majority for going back on a campaign pledge to former Mayor Ed Koch in which they vowed to pass partisan-free redistricting this year.  Cuomo reiterated his threat to veto the new legislative lines as currently proposed — even as the Legislature is preparing a set of revised district boundaries that leaders hope will be more to Cuomo’s liking. Ultimately, no matter what the Legislature chooses to do, Cuomo said, the courts will decide the redistricting issue. * Good Government Advocates Still Await Proposals For State's Redrawn Congressional Districts(NY1) * McEneny: No Agreement Yet On House Lines(YNN) * Common Cause Urges Veto, Abrams Wants Compromise(YNN) * Via twitter – NYT Tom Kaplin reports that Cuomo wants a Maryland based consultant and professors from Columbia and George Mason to help with redistricting.* Lots of elected officials urged Cuomo to consider a new Latino-Congressional district.

Cuomo Puts Line in the Sand On Pension Refrom

Cuomo Wants Deal On Pension Reform Before April 1 Deadline(NY1) * Gov may 401 (KO) plan for reduced benefits (NYDN) * Analysis: The Ticking Pension Time Bomb(NBC)* Cuomo may be willing to negotiate on a key part of his pension reform plan, the 401(k) option, in exchange for reducing benefits for new workers 

Gov. Cuomo must go all in to tame the pension beast(NYDN) Faces tough fight from union-cozy Albany pols  The Daily News thinks Cuomo is “fighting the good fight” on pension reform, and mustn’t waver from the 401(k) option he proposed * The state legislature and the governor are on track to pass the state budget a week before it is due, assuming the pension overhaul doesn’t muddy up the waters. * Local Electeds Apply Pension Pressure(YNN)


Rekindling an old rivalry, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer yesterday called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to follow through on his threat to veto the Legislature’s gerrymandered district lines. “The bottom line should be that he veto the lines and demand that there be a neutral arbiter to create lines that are not based upon incumbent protection,” Spitzer said at a Columbia Graduate School of Journalism appearance, reports Sasha Chavkin of The New York World. “The pretense that we’ll pass a constitutional amendment to require it or pass a law that will change it – the law can be repealed and the amendment won't go through.” Albany is abuzz with speculation on whether Cuomo will veto the lines as promised or be satisfied with a compromise that includes a constitutional amendment. Asked to reply, Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto emailed, “The governor’s office has no comment on anything Spitzer says.” * Chris Smith tries to make sense of the news that Eliot Spitzer is holding a fundraiser for a Washington state gubernatorial candidate.

Disgraced former Gov. returning to national politics with fund-raiser(NYP) The former governor is hosting the event at his Fifth Avenue home for Washington state gubernatorial hopeful Jay Inslee on March 5.


On the Third Day of the Ratner Lobbyists Bribe Trial the NYP Begins Covering, NYT and DN still in Black Out Mode

NYT had reporters there, but no story today yet?  

But NYP Coverage Was Misleading According to Atlantic Yards Report 

An executive at Forest City Ratner testified in Manhattan federal court yesterday that he hired former Yonkers GOP chairman Zehy Jereis for a no-show job to help push through legislation on a stalled $630 million development project, the Post writes:

Correction This is not correct. He testified that they hired Jereis *after* the legislation passed and that they specifically avoided doing do before it passed because it wouldn't look good. If they had hired Jereis before the vote it would have looked even more like a quid pro quo and Forest City might have been indicted Scott Cantone, FCR’s senior VP for government affairs, testified in Manhattan federal court that the firm hired then-Yonkers Republican Party chairman Zehy Jereis as a “consultant” in 2006 because Jereis was the only one who could swing a key vote their way to push through a stalled $650 million mixed-use development called “Ridge Hill.”  --it was because he was the only one who could have swung a vote to push through the project

More on the Trial 
‘No-$how’ Ratner woe NYP) An executive at Forest City Ratner testified in Manhattan federal court yesterday that he hired former Yonkers GOP chairman Zehy Jereis for a no-show job to help push through legislation on a stalled $630 million development project. FCR's Cantone testifies: defendant Jereis probably wouldn't have gained no-show job had he not gotten defendant Annabi's vote switch on Ridge Hill; also, Brooklyn Assemblyman Lentol played key cameo(Atlantic Yards Report) Forest City exec tries to explain no-show job given to defendant in Yonkers corruption trial


The Boys Meet in Brooklyn to Cut A Deal to Clear the Way for Ratner Yonkers Project

Lentol Involved in the Ratner Trial

During yesterday’s testimony, it was also revealed that state Assemblyman Joseph Lentol (D-Brooklyn) helped broker the first meeting with Jereis who is on trial for bribing a Yonkers former city councilwoman and FCR officials in June 2006 at Marco Polo Ristorante in Brooklyn.


Bill to Ban Crooked Ratner Lobbyist Like Richard Lipsky 

 Ratner Lipsky is awaiting jail for bribing Carl Kruger who is also heading to jail. Ban con lobbyists: pol(NYP) A Bronx Democrat wants lobbyists convicted of felonies to be suspended for three to five years from plying their trade.


Vegas Plays A Hand in the NY Gambling Game

Casino mogul eager to throw dice in New York(NYP) Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp.’s interest in New York would appear to be a direct challenge to Genting, the firm that now operates the racino at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens and that plans to build the nation’s largest convention center there, with the blessing of Gov. Cuomo. * On Trip to Queens, Road-Testing a Plan for Conventions(NYT) Two trade-show guests braved an 80-minute drive from Midtown to look at the site Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has proposed for a new convention center. * Casino mogul, and Gingrich supporter, Sheldon Adelson is planning a push to build a casino in New York if the state legalizes casino gaming.* The Times road-tests the Queens convention center by taking two midtown conventioneers on a Racino road trip.

Community Board Votes Down NYU's Greenwich Village Expansion Plan(NY1) * Village thumbs down on NYU(NYP)* Community Board Votes Against NYU Expansion Plan(NBC)

Hospital Closed

Queens hospital is shut(NYP)The state Health Department yesterday ordered that bankrupt Peninsula Hospital in the Rockaways be shut down, after finding its lab was a “danger and threat to patient safety.” * Peninsula Hospital Closed(Fox 5)* Peninsula Hospital shut down by Health Dept(WABC)

Shifting to Managed Care to Save $$$

A Shift From Nursing Homes to Managed Care at HomeNew York is moving its elderly from nursing homes to managed care, in part to comply with expected drastic cuts in Medicaid and Medicare funding at the federal level *  In an effort to save money, many places are closing down nursing homes and shifting to managed care, and some say the health care is improving.


19K taxi drivers accused of ripping off passengers won't face charges(NYP)


  Anti-hydrofracking groups scored another win.


Election 2012

George W. Bush Still A Drag On Rick Santorum's Prospects(Huff Post) * In a Nod to Gas Prices, Obama Talks About Energy(NYT) *  The 'gotcha' campaign(Politico) * Rick Santorum’s greatest sin: Endorsing Arlen Specter(Wash Post) * Mitt Romney is making use of oppo research. * Rick Santorum’s wife said his presidential run is “Gods Will.” * The Increasingly Worthless GOP Nomination - Bob Shrum, The Week * Obama Weaker Than He Seems - Matt Continetti, Washington Free Beacon * Can Michigan Victory Erase Doubts About Romney? - Dan Balz, Wash Post * Three Ways Someone New Could Get the GOP Nod - Conn Carroll, Examiner * Is Santorum More Goldwater or Reagan? - William Kristol, Weekly Standard * What Democrats Can Learn From Santorum - Clive Crook, BusinessWeek 

For Romney, Message Lost in Empty Seats(NYT) * GOP Voters Sour on Republican Field - Byron York, Washington Examiner * Michigan (Mitchell): Romney 36, Santorum 33, Paul 12, Gingrich 9 * Romney: 'I Would Never Let Auto Industry Disappear' - Detroit News * Focus on Social Issues Could Shape Battle for Women(NYT) * Frank Rich: GOP's Season Finale Bombs* Jeb Bush criticized the entire GOP Presidential field for playing on people’s fears.  * A look behind Mitt Romney’s opposition research. * President Faces Challenge Selling Economy - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP * Mitt's Aura of Electability Slipping - David Bass, The American Spectator * Romney Sets Sights on Victory in Michigan - Maeve Reston, LA Times * Rick Santorum's Wasted Moment - Steve Kornacki, Salon  * Romney Lied About Catholics & Contraception - Boston Catholic Insider

Congressman Nadler and Engel had rocks thrown at them while on a trip to Israel.

Jon Stewart Slams The GOP Debate: Three Men And A White-Haired Man-Baby



Cop on Zzzz train(NYP)




Erie County Republican Loses Support After Voting for Gay Marriage(NYT)


Bloomberg Defends Anti Terrorist Tactics of NYPD

Police Defend Spy Tactics as Lawful(WSJ) * Senator Menendez Asks Feds To Investigate NYPD's Surveillance Of Muslims(NY1) * NYPD isn't sorry for spying(NYDN) * NYPD wide terror net troubling Newsday says the NYPD’s monitoring of Muslims is “unfair profiling,” and Long Island cops need to know when the department is doing surveillance operations on their turf * A new Associated Press report reveals that the New York Police Department targeted Muslim mosques with tactics normally reserved for criminal organizations, including collecting the license plates of worshippers, monitoring them on surveillance cameras and cataloging sermons through a network of informants. Bloomberg said Newark Mayor Cory Booker is telling truth that NYPD didn't alert him about surveillance. NYPD did tell Newark PD, mayor says. Bloomberg defends NYPD spying practices as "legal," "appropriate," and "constitutional." Argues police are not profiling via race/religion. * Bloomberg on NYPD Spying: We’re Going to Do Everything We Legally Can (NYO) *Bloomberg defends NYPD's anti-terrorism tactics in NJ(NYP) * Peter King Says Radical Muslims Aren’t Found at Kosher Delis [Video](NYO)* Eric Schneiderman declined to investigate the NYPD over their surveillance efforts.

Councilman Jumaane Williams wants police to cough up business cards(NYDN) * Cops and robbers (NYP) The Post argues some groups involved in the new anti-stop-and-frisk coalition Communities United for Police Reform may be in violation of the law prohibiting 501(c)3s from engaging in partisan political activity

Kid-molest rap for ‘perv’ Gambino(NYP) * Queens School Aide Charged With Sexually Abusing 6 Girls(NYT) * Aide Faces Sex-Abuse Charges(WSJ) * Queens Teaching Aide Charged With Sexual Abuse Of Six Female Students(NY1) * Queens art teacher arrested for molesting young girls(NYDN) * Queens Teacher's Aide Charged With Sex Abuse(NBC)


 Law and Order

Teen robbed at knifepoint in building lobby(WABC) * U.S. Seeks 23-Year Term for Drug Lord(NYT) * Court Says Ticket Sellers for Ride Were Wrongly Arrested(NYT) * Sex raps vs. DSK March on(NYP) * Cops ID suspect in shooting of Bronx 8-year-old(NYDN)

 4 Suspects Sought In Washington Heights Armed Robbery(WCBS)

 Stopping Gangs

Gun violence has dropped significantly in one central Harlem neighborhood and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance says his anti-gang effort is the cause. 

The trial of Dharun Ravi, whose alleged cyber-bullying led to the suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, is set to begin today.