Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why is the Media and Pols Ignoring Unemployment and Job Creation

A Mayoral Campaign Distracted
Speaker Quinn Policies Lead to Job Loss

As the number of unemployed workers continue to increase in the city (9%), Quinn who policies as speaker have lead to jobs loss and more homelessness, tries to show independence from Bloomberg and her compassion by opposing the policy allowing homeless men to seek shelter without requiring proof of homelessness

Homeless Shelters Are Not A Solution to Rising Unemployment

Quinn’s continuing evolution(NYP) The Post questions Council Speaker and 2013 mayoral candidate Christine Quinn’s fiscal conservatism, given her support forpolicy allowing homeless men to seek shelter without requiring proof of homelessness * Court Keeps City’s Homeless Shelters Open to Those Who May Have Options(NYT) * Court Ruling Blocks City's Shelter Policy(WSJ) * Judge Rules City Cannot Enforce Homeless Eligibility Policy(NY1) * The Bloomberg administration intends to appeal a judge’s ruling that blocked its plan to turn single adults away from homeless shelters unless they demonstrate they have no other housing options.



Post, NYT and Daily News "Watergates" Covers-Up For Developer Bruce Ratner 

On The First Day of Corruption Trial That Could Implicate Rattner or His Staff in Pay to Play Bribery Corruption None of the papers covered it NYP Instead Cheerleads for Ratner Says His Arena Shaping Up New Nets arena shaping up(NYP)'

Blogger Atlantic Yards Reports Covers the Corruption Trial  FCR's Bender mentioned in first day of Ridge Hill trial testimony: he was at two key meetings regarding defendant Annabi's changed vote * Witnesses testify of Sandy Annabi's spending: Rolex watch, diamond necklace (LoHud)


Did Parkside Stavisky Get Special Favors On His Rockland Mortgage?

The Mortgage Documents of Evan Stavisky & Kristen Stavisky For Their Home In Rockland County(Queens Politics)Please note the highlighted portion [below] regarding establishing a permanent residence after 90 days of signing the document suffice a written dispensation from the broker and any convoluted election law loopholes that permit him to buy a home in Rockland County and live there while holding elected office in Queens.




Lots of Position on the Redistricting Little Action

A panel of federal judges refused to dismiss a challenge to New York’s redistricting process and instead named a federal magistrate judge, Roanne L. Mann, to help create new political maps.* Cuomo on Independent Redistricting: ‘I Just Lost’(NYO)  * Fed Court won't dismiss NYS case. Gov. can't veto maps drawn by a court - The can only appeal. the Democrat and Chronicle posted a 14-minute audio clip of Cuomo’s editorial board visit in which he basically admitting that he isn’t going to get what he wants with redistricting this year, namely an independent panel.*Andrew Cuomo’s Redistricting Bind: Reform Now or Reform Later(NYO) * Cuomo Says A 63rd Senate Not As Bad As The Redistricting Process(YNN) * New York flirts with public campaign financing (Daily Gazette)* Assembly Dems who say they hate legislative redistricting might vote 4 it, except one (Capital) * Ronnie Mann, the magistrate judge assigned to oversee New York’s redistricting process, is a registered Democrat who’s known for being very smart but also “humorless.”  *Cuomo to CapCon’s Jimmy Vielkind: “Is your name Shelly Silver? Is it Dean Skelos? Then I’m not negotiating with you.”* Assemblyman Micah Kellner is one of the few state lawmakers willing to say definitively that he won’t vote for the LATFOR plans – regardless of what tweaks are made.* Why is he being so modest about the potential for reform?* NY Senate Dems urge Gov. Cuomo to veto redistricting plans, show they have votes to block override Cuomo left the door open for compromise in remarks Wednesday


Needed A Public Debate On Police Procedures

Why Not Hold A Debate Between the Parents of the 8 Year old boy who was shot last night and those who oppose Stop-and-Frisk.  It should not be about what Bloomberg thinks or what the activist who oppose Stop-and-Frisk, it should be about what the public thinks. The media should hire Frank Luntz to put together a focus group on the subject .Stop-and-Frisk Opponents Set Sights on Mayoral Race(NYT)    Amid reports that controversial NYPD “stop and frisk” tactics increased 600 percent under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration, the policy’s critics formed a new coalition to make the practice a 2013 mayoral race litmus test *8-year-old boy is shot in Bx. bodega(NYP) * Boy, 8, Is Shot by a Passing Bicyclist in the Bronx(NYT) * Cyclist Shoots Boy Inside A Bronx Deli(NY1)* Gunman on bike blasts boy, 8, in Bx. ride-by (NYDN) * 8-Year-Old Boy Shot In Front Of Bronx Bodega(WABC) * Boy Shot in the Bronx(Fox 5) * Hunt for gunman after boy, 8, shot in the Bronx(WABC)* Shot NYPD Detective to Be Promoted(NBC) * Union membership in NY has sunk to a new low *Police Unit Faces Scrutiny After Fatal Shooting in the Bronx(NYT)


Cuomo to Albany: High Noon on Pension Reform  . . .  Government Shutdown?

Update Cuomo's ultimatum: Legislature must put public pension reform in budget or allow for a government shutdown  (NYDN) Governor's line in the sand gives lawmakers no way out in budget talks




Daily News attacks DiNapoli the key opponent of Cuomo’s proposed reforms of public employee pensions

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has received 1/4 of his campaign cash from labor unions since 2007, with whom he’s siding in the Tier 6 pension reform fight. That’s three times more than the 8.5 percent average that labor donations made up in the fund-raising for all state candidates since 2006. * DiNapoli licking hand that feeds him (NYDN) State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has received more than a quarter of his campaign contributions from the unions he is trying to defend from Cuomo’s proposed pension reforms * But according to a profile of the comptroller in the New York Observer, public sector union contributions only make up 12 percent of DiNapoli’s campaign account  The Voice of The Opposition: Can Tom DiNapoli Defend Labor From The Albany Onslaught? (NYO) * N.Y. pensions are worth defending By Comptroller DiNapoli (NYDN) Offering workers a 401(k)-style plan would put them at risk. (Note: The NYObserver pegged DiNapoli’s labor haul at 25 percent if you include both public and private union contributions, and 12 percent with public cash only. Both of the above stories relied on figures from NYPIRG).*Cuomo Not Confident On Tier VI(YNN)*Long Slams DiNapoli On Union Contributions(NYDN) * Police Search For Biking Gunman Who Hit Boy Inside Bronx Deli(NY1)

Bloomberg to Cuomo Pension Rescue 

Bloomberg, Local Leaders Form Bipatisan Coalition To Back Cuomo’s Pension Reform(YNN) * DiNapoli responds to : ".. misinformed if they believe (pension reform) will provide them w/immediate budget relief."


Ed Koch Terrorizes Motorist 




Who Can Give Away the Most Government Money to Buy Votes

Storobin Team Says Fidler’s School Voucher Program Is “Vouchers Lite” (UPDATED)(Sheephead Bites)



New York is Its Own Super PAC  . . .  Coming Contributions Without Financial Disclosure

Critics wary of state elections panel plan to oversee super PAC operations The State Board of Elections’ proposed guidelines for Super PACs are designed with a loophole that may allow the PACs not to disclose any fundraising information at all. * NYers ‘PAC’ a punch (NYP) New Yorkers gave $13.3 million to so-called Super PACs in 2011, making the state second only to Texas in fundraising for the groups




Manhattan Business Establishment Strikes Back: Keep the Convention Center in Manhattan

Queens Convention Center “Has the potential to be a big white elephant”

Replace Javits With Center in Queens? Too Far From Sights, Convention Experts Say(NYT) Cuomo’s Queens convention center plans are raising eyebrows among convention experts, who say the distance from Manhattan will deter prospective event holders and hoteliers

Supreme Court Interested In Tenant Case That Could Affect City's Rent Regulation Laws(NY1)

Boylands Go Bust in Brooklyn: Is William Jr. the Last of the 'Kennedys of Brownsville'?(NYO) * My Weekend With The Boylands(NYO)

There’s a new website that ranks states’ corruption risk.

Congressman Grimm Denies Accusations Of Improper Fundraising(NY1) * Grimm: I’ve Turned Over All Fundraising Documents To Justice(YNN) * Grimm Defends Relationship With Fundraising Figures in Allegations(NYO)



Tish James Says KKK Comment Made 'In Jest'(Fortgreen Patch)


Senate GOP  Suck In More Corruption
The Senate Republicans have hired a consultant with ties to disgraced ex-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. 

OWS Arrests Charges Against Journalists Dropped 
Charges have been dropped against a freelance journalist who was arrested while covering the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City.

Long Shot Mayor Candidate Tom Allon Makes It Into the Daily News
Try two minimum wages (NYDN Ed) Heads of household should get $9 per hour 2013 Mayoral candidate Tom Allon suggests a two-tiered minimum wage rate in New York, keeping rates the same for younger workers and raising them for middle-aged ones

D.A.’s crane blame(NYP) “A wealthy man was concerned about the bottom line and nothing else,” Assistant District Attorney Eli Cherkasky * Crane Owner Is Tried After 2008 Collapse(WSJ) * 'Greed' caused hardhats' death, prosecutor says(NYDN) * Dad of '08 crane collapse victim says Lomma wouldn't look him in the eye(NYP)

MTA to Check Subway Construction Noise(NYDN)


New York Courts to Intensify Efforts to Prevent Foreclosures(N YT)

Upstate Town Bans Fracking
New York Judge Rules Town Can Ban Fracking(NYT) A state judge ruled in favor of the upstate town of Dryden’s right to ban hydrofracking within town borders * A natural gas driller and a pipeline company are proposing to build a new pipeline to carry natural gas from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale to the New York and New England markets.
Park Slope co-op in food fight(NYDN) The three-year batle over whether Israeli products belong on the shelves of the Park Slope Food Coop is finally coming to a vote* Slope Co-Op Israel Boycott Vote Set, and Chuck Schumer Does Not Approve(NYO)

Election 2012: Last GOP Debate Tonight

Debate Update  Romney paints Santorum in TV debate as pork-barrel politician(Globe and Mail) * Santorum, Romney spar in latest GOP debate (CBC) *Romney and Santorum swap charges in 20th debate( Romney seeks to undercut Santorum on spending in GOP debate‎(LA Times) * Two Seek to Claim Control of Field at G.O.P. Debate(NYT) * Cast Returns From Hiatus, With No Encores on Horizon(NYT) * Santorum put on defensive over earmarks, contraception at debate(Wash Post) * The Fix: Complete recap of the debate(Wash Post)* Romney To Santorum: While I Worked For Olympics, You Voted For Bridge To Nowhere (Fox News) * Santorum Draws Fire In Fight for GOP Lead(WSJ) * Republican debate in Arizona: 6 takeaways (Politico) * Video Recap: The 20th (and Possibly Final?) GOP Debate in Three Minutes(NY Magizine)

In Republican Race, a New Breed of Superdonor(NYT) * Obama Offers to Cut Corporate Tax Rate to 28%(NYT) * Rick’s Religious Fanaticism(Dowd, NYT) * Christie admitted on “Good Morning America” today that Republicans are asking him to reconsider his decision not to run, but he remains committed to Romney.*

 GOP Candidates Vie for Advantage in Debate - Davis & Lerer, Bloomberg * Arizona Contest Puts Pressure on Romney - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * The GOP's Desperate Trashing of the Obama Recovery - Jon Chait, NY Mag * WH Seeks to Deflect Blame on Rising Gas Prices - Alister Bull, Reuters * Media All "Wee-Weed Up" Over Santorum's Satan Remark - Sarah Palin * Romney's Pro-Life Conversion: Spin vs. Truth - William Saletan, Slate * GOP Establishment to Blame for 2012 Debacle - Geoffrey Kabaservice, TNR * NBC News/Marist (GOP): Michigan: Romney +2 | Arizona: Romney +16 * Romney Best Choice for Michigan - Detroit News * A Back-&-Forth Race Between Romney & Mr. Random - David Carr, NYT * GOP Voters Hoping for Brokered Convention? - Michael Memoli, LA Times * Politicians Fiddle While Fiscal Crisis Looms - John Stossel, FOX Business * Is Romney Reading Krugman? - Andrew Rosenthal, New York Times * Media Power Defining Santorum - Steve McCann, American Thinker * Why Romney's Dog Story Will Be an Issue - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg * 2012 Polls: GOP: MI,AZ,OK,WI,CA | Obama v GOP | Senate: VA,WI,MI,AZ 

Three Scenes Inspired By The Gingrich Campaign (New Yorker) * New York’s Jewish Republicans are split over Mitt Romney & Rick Sanoturm. * Romney hasn’t held a press conference in two weeks. * Mitt the Heretic (NY Magazine) *  Mormon Voters Raise Romney’s Advantage in Arizona (538, NYT) * How GOP Overreach Put Arizona Back in Play(Rolling Stone) * Does Santorum Believe Obama Is Part of a Satanic Plot?(Mother Jones) * The GOP’s Long War Against Women and Sex(Nation) * A pro-choice, "SNL" win (Salon)

Arizona: Why the Latino Vote Will Be Decisive in 2012(Time) * The danger of an endless Republican primary(Salon) * Romney Vows To Cut Taxes by 20 Percent(Slate) * Obama Takes New Approach To Black Voters For 2012(NPR)* Primary Calendar & Delegate Tracker(NPR)

 Court May Take A Second Look At Super Pacs

The Court and Citizens United II A Montana elections case gives the chance for a proper review of a devastating precedent on unlimited spending by third parties in elections. * Sheldon Adelson for Campaign Finance Reform(NYT) * Stephen Colbert and Nancy Pelosi Debate the Ethics of Super PACs (Gawker)



So Much for the Arab Spring

Marie Colvin's Gripping Interview With Cooper One Day Before Her Death * Veteran American War Journalist Killed In Syria (Huff Post)

Egypt’s Step Backward (Friedman, NYT)




Bloomberg Who Supported the WTC Mosque is Now Hit in the Press As Anti Muslim

Where terrorists lurk(NYP) * Bloomberg Defends Police’s Monitoring of Muslim Students on Web(NYT) * NYPD built secret files on NJ, Long Island mosques(WSJ) * Mayor Defends NYPD's Surveillance Of Muslim Students Throughout Northeast(NY1) * Muslim Monitoring Sparks Outrage(Fox 5) * President of Yale overreacts to NYPD antiterror program (NYDN Ed) Monitoring Muslim-oriented websites is legal and makes good sense, too * The NYPD, in conjunction with Newark Police, also spied extensively on Muslims in New Jersey’s largest city – unbeknownst to its mayor, Cory Booker, who has since launched an investigation into the practice. 

New video shows boy, 8, calm after being shot in Bronx bodega(NYP)


Man, 81, pushed to tracks in iPhone theft(NYP)

Law and Order

Car door bus death gal guilty(NYP) * NYC woman found guilty in bicyclist accident(WSJ) * Murderous rat gets 25 years(NYP) * Tourist Helps Police Catch Unlicensed Cabdriver(NYT) * 2 sought in NYC robbery of elderly man(WSJ) * Bronx Substitute Teacher Charged With Forcibly Touching Student(NY1) * Advocates Fear Growing Backlog In DNA Processing Could Slow Rape (NY1)* Drinking’ cop faces new rap(NYDN) 

Teens Push Old Man Onto Train Tracks During Theft(Huff Post)* Manhattan thugs are 'Facecrooks'(NYDN) * ust Rikers guard in wife beat (NYDN) * Protesting prisons-for-profit(NYDN) * Ferry’ drunk SI gal sues over bust (NYP) * Police: 81-Year-Old Victim Knocked Onto Train Roadbed After (WCBS) * Search for suspect in attempted rape(WABC) * Victim taken to ATM, robbed in the Bronx(WABC) * Police Seek Pair Who Robbed Elderly Brooklyn Man (NY1) * Thug punches man on train and takes electronic book (Brooklyn paper) * Average of 5 students arrested per day in city public schools this past fall, new data shows(NYP) * NYPD Numbers Show Sharp Increases in Crime So Far This Year(Village Voice) * Occupy Wall Street Marcher Brought Gun to Courthouse, Sources Say (DNAInfo) * Cops nab gang member who fired gun into crowd, wounded teen(NYP) * Two Teenagers Arrested for Stealing Elderly Man's iPhone and Pushing Him Onto Subway Tracks(NY Magazine) * Crips gang member, 17, busted in teen's shooting, police say (NYDN) 14-year-old boy was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the buttock

VIDEO: Cops Seek Attempted Rapist in Queens(NBC)