Friday, December 30, 2011

NYT Still Silent On Quinn Funding of Corrupt Seabrook

Vintage John V. Lindsay for Mayor Painted Billboard Revealed After Over Forty Years – Flatbush, Brooklyn

NYP And Daily News Call For Quinn to Cut Off Seabrook's Member Items Funds . . . NYT No Comment
Carolyn Ryan NYT Metro Editor Boycotting the Seabrook Slush Fund Story?
 Quinn Under Fire for Seabrook's Spending (WSJ )Under a barrage of criticism, Council Speaker Christine Quinn stood behind her decision to give Councilman Seabrook access to a pool of funds he allegedly abused. Democratic mayoral hopeful Tom Allon lashed out at Quinn and argued that she failed to properly police Seabrook. The editorial boards of the New York Post and the Daily News also excoriated the speaker. * Despite the firestorm of criticism she’s receiving for allowing NYC Councilman Larry Seabrook continued access to the very member item funds he’s accused of abusing, Council Speaker Christine Quinn is standing firm.

More Liu Illegal Money Uncovered  . . .  Where is the List of Bundlers?
NY1 Exclusive: Comptroller Liu's 2009 Campaign Account Raises Legality Questions  NYC Comptroller John Liu, under investigation for his 2013 fundraising practices, has accepted thousands of dollars in contributions over the legal limit for his still-active 2009 campaign committee. 



Jimmy Meng First Asian American Elected in State Government . . .  Asian Groups Says Albany's Redistricting Cuts Them Out

NY Asian-American voters get the shaft: Suit(NYDN)Asian-American voters in Queens and Brooklyn sued the governor and other state officials this week, saying their voting power is unfairly limited by the way the state’s legislative districts are drawn * Group Sharpens Push For Asian Representation (Updated)(YNN)

NYP, Daily News and NYT Told Use We Needed Third Term of Bloomberg Because of His Management Skills

If the wasted of technical contracts like CityTime, choosing Black to run the Department of Eduction were not enough to you that the mayor is not a great manager then the closing of a the glitzymoney maker like Tavern on the Green two years ago should.  Not after refusing to fix his failure to save face, the mayor is quietly trying to reopen the eatery.  City Requests Casual Eatery at Tavern Site(WSJ) * It’ll be Green ‘Lite’ (NYP) Smaller Tavern eyed.


NYP blamed City Hall for the closed Tavern on the Mayor

Elegant Dinning Hall Replaced By Food Trucks

In tapping a new owner to replace the old operators of Tavern on the Green, the city threw out common sense in favor of a nutty agenda utterly removed from the realities of the restaurant business. It's reminiscent of Mayor Bloomberg's too-frequent utopian obsessions at the expense of real progress -- like his far-fetched "vision" for Lower Manhattan after 9/11, even as he ducked responsibility for the World Trade Center site." Tavern on brink The Parks Department decided in 2009 to dump longtime Tavern operator Jennifer LeRoy in favor of Poll, who runs Central Park's non-union Boathouse. Bloomberg's Left Tavern on the Green To Rot--Steve Cuozzo - * Future of Tavern on the Green is ... a hot dog stand? (DN) * Tavern on Green Back on Block (WSJ) 

NYPIRG Attacks BOE Good, But Want About Taking Redistricting to Court

NYPIRG Blasts BOE(YNN) The New York Public Interest Research Group is excoriating the Board of Elections today for not meeting the Jan. 1 deadline for disclosure of cash spent by independent organizations seeking to influence elections.




Manhattan Will Take its Fair Share of Trash


Teacher Evaluations the UFT's Way
Teachers’ evaluations on the table (NYDN) * NYC education funds hang on teacher rating deal (NYDN)

Cuomo: Pensions and Health Care Costs

Cuomo’s challenge Runaway retirement checks (NYP) NY GOP Chair Cox wonders if Cuomo has "the will" to force pension reform in Albany, saying shld be top priority in '12 * The Post says “common sense and fiscal responsibility” are on Cuomo’s side in his legal battle with the unions over retirees’ health care costs.

Albany 2012
Everything done in Albany next year will take place against the backdrop of a key election year – especially for the state Senate – and redistricting.   * Sen. Martin Dilan wants to slow down LATFOR’s redistricting process, even though it’s already on a tight deadline.


Koch Against Living Wage Bill. . .  Gives Kingsbridge Failure For Reason 
The New York Times endorsed the controversial living wage bill over the holidays, but in a letter yesterday, former Mayor Ed Koch came out against the proposal. Koch pointed to the vacant Kingsbridge Armory project as evidence that a living wage law would not work here, and said he would only support the wage increase if it were applied nationally, so that New York's business climate would not suffer by comparison to other states. Koch also wrote that he fears the Times editorial board has given "cover" to the Council and mayoral candidates. Meanwhile, the International Council of Shopping Centers sent out a list of talking points to the press highlighting six reasons why the living wage law passed in Los Angeles is different from New York City's proposed law. The L.A. law is held up by proponents in New York as an example of a successful living wage law. Supporters insist that additional Council sponsors are expected to emerge, but cautioned that members may quietly sign on to the bill, rather than making a formal announcement.(CHN)

Bloomberg acknowledged that the underground museum at the WTC site will not open on time because of a financial dispute

Sept. 11 Museum Won’t Open on Time, Bloomberg Says (NYT) * 9/11 museum delayed(NYP) Work on the 9/11 museum has “basically stopped” due to a dispute with the Port Authority over financing. * Bloomberg’s last-minute selection of five board members for the WTC performing arts center board averted the loss of $100 million in funding. His picks include ex-Pataki administration spokeswoman Zenia Mucha and the namesake of Zuccotti Park, John Zuccotti. . says he has "no idea" how long dispute w/ Port Authority will delay 9/11 Museum opening * Bloomberg named a Board of Directors to the World Trade Center arts center, including Larry Silverstein, John Zuccotti and Patricia Harris, just before a deadline which would have meant the organization lost out on $100 million in funding.

Bloomberg Who Was Attacked for Support WTC Mosque Not Faces Boycott By Some Muslim Leaders

Muslims upset by NYPD to boycott mayor's breakfast(WSJ)* Protest planned for interfaith breakfast(WABC)* 'I'm not a terrorist': One man quietly protests NYPD at Bloomberg's breakfast | Capital New York * At Mayor's Interfaith Breakfast, Some Respectful Dissents (NYT)

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) "i thought some of the reporting about it was not accurate [nor] responsible" said of stories on anti-terrorism efforts

 A new bill would require nurses earn a bachelors degree within 10 years. (AP) * A bill before the New York legislature would require all registered nurses to obtain a bachelor’s degree in ten years, with the hopes of better preparing health care professionals to care for an aging population. Some fear however that it will exacerbate an already dangerous nursing shortage.






Start of A Major Reorganization of Brooklyn Hospitals

Abrupt Shift in Leadership at a Hospital in Brooklyn(NYT) After the chief executive of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center was abruptly dismissed, a member of a Cuomo administration task force was appointed to take over. The chief executive of a troubled Brooklyn hospital has been abruptly dismissed, less than a month after a task force set up by Cuomo outlined a plan to carry out a major reorganization of how hospital care is delivered in Brooklyn. A task force member is temporarily running things.



More Snow Trucks Need for Outer Boroughs 

Just how many additional sanitation trucks Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island need in a big snow storm(NYDN)  A former New York City transportation commissioner writes in the News that a more equal distribution of sanitation trucks – away from Manhattan, towards the outer boroughs – would help prevent another disaster like last winter’s blizzard:


Italian Ship Lays El;ectric Cable in Hudson River (Fox 5)

A Mere $110 Million(WSJ) It may be the most expensive home listing ever in Manhattan: $110 million for a glass-walled penthouse overlooking Central Park on top of what will soon be the borough's tallest residential building.


Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff, Environmental Advocate, Dies at 81 (NYT)


Adlai Stevenson's "Double Talk" Ad from 1952

New NBC/Marist poll shows a dream scenario developing for Romney in Iowa. 7 conservatives split 70% of the vote while he leads with 23% * Voters Examining Candidates, Often to a Fault(NYT) * In G.O.P. Field, a Broad View of Presidential PowerPaul’s Foreign Policy Divides G.O.P. Voters * Iowa's Evangelical Rift Could Curb Influence(WSJ) * Tea-Party Ties Little Help to Gingrich (WSJ) * Romney Plans Late Push in Iowa(WSJ) * Mike pal slams Ging‘rich’ jab (NYP)

Preview of A Winning Ticket?

We are hopeless and changeless," thunders Gov. Christie in anti- screed. . looks on happily. A Rasmussen poll found Romney six points ahead of Obama – his biggest lead to date.* 5% Rate Congress good or excellent, record low... 68% say poor.. * NBC POLL: ROMNEY 23 - PAUL 21 - SANTORUM 15 - PERRY 14 - GINGRICH 13 - BACHMANN 6... * Newt has collapsed to 13 pct in iowa, per nbc/marist. Turns out not responding to a month of neg tv and not having a consistent msg matters * Romney Has Edge in Florida(Political Wire) * Five Myths About the Iowa Caucuses - David Yepsen, Washington Post * Unruffled Romney Looks Beyond Iowa - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Tea Party Distaste for Romney Swirling in Iowa - Matt Negrin, ABC News * Rick Santorum Finds His Moment - Jonathan Easley, The Hill * Santorum's Big Government Conservatism - Erick Erickson, Red State * Bachmann's Campaign Has Disintegrated - Maggie Haberman, Politico * Media Grill GOP Candidates, Give Obama a Pass - Richard Benedetto, RCP * Ron Paul and His Bigots - Ed Koch, Newsmax * Romney & the Klan: A Cautionary Tale - Carl M. Cannon, RealClearPolitics * NBC/Marist: Romney 23, Paul 21, Santorum 15, Perry 14, Gingrich 13 * NBC-Marist poll: Santorum and Perry fight for third * Video: Explain it to me: Caucuses and primaries(CNN) * Newt Gingrich cries while recalling late mother (NYP)

Gingrich Sheds Tears in Meeting With Iowa Mothers(NYT)

Nate Silver (Twitter) Iowa forecast update: Romney 23.9, Paul 18.7, Santorum 16.8, Gingrich 14.1, Perry 12.0.


2011: The Year In 100 Seconds

NYT Pulls A Weiner - Aftermath

E-blues for Gray Lady (NYP) The New York Times was deluged yesterday with so many angry callers — who demanded the deep discounts they were promised in a massive e-mail foul-up — that it had to put a recorded apology on its main switchboard.

Pols urge DA to go easy on gun-toting Ground Zero tourist (NYP)

D.A. Cracks Down On Internet Crime(WSJ) In a remote corner of a dimly lit Lower Manhattan government building, analysts at high-tech workstations spend their days scouring smartphones, iPads and laptops for evidence of criminal activity. The lab is part of an effort to combat cybercrime by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance. 



 Lessons in DNA and Mercy(NYT) During its first year, the Cuomo administration has not focused on ramping up the state’s use of DNA evidence, and has shied away from issuing pardons. But given Cuomo’s strong credentials on the issues, insiders say that’s likely to change over the next year * Just two days remain in 2011, and there are still no signs Cuomo will grant any pardons or clemencies this year.


NYPD could have pursued accused perv in '09: Kelly (NYP)

Traffic-Related Deaths In NYC Reach All-Time Low(NY1) * Fewer die on city roads(NYDN)





Queens cops searching for a violent purse snatcher(NYDN) * VIDEO: Suspects Rob Brooklyn Businesses(NBC)

Queens groper grins for the camera after sexual assault(NYDN)* Groper’ caught on camera(NYP)

 Law and Order

'Drunken' cop booted from bus(NYDN)* Grocery to aid slain cop’s daughters Fairway Market (NYDN)* FBI: Dapper Bandit is Dana Connor, 52 (NYDN) * Teen busted in shooting outside Bronx police precinct:(NYDN) * Perv fake cop’ in 2nd kid-sex abduct bust(NYP) * ‘Tipsy’ NY cop gets bus boot(NYP) * Elevator victim slain for her goodness: kin(NYP) * Tennessee woman brings a loaded gun  to 9/11 Memorial (NYDN Ed) What was she thinking? * Low Crime Numbers Have New Yorkers Feeling Comfortable(WCBS)* Family of Burning Victim Speaks Out(Fox 5) * NYPD Cop Cuffed, Kicked Off Bus(Fox 5) * Hubby loses grip on $1.6M(NYP)* 'The Dapper Bandit' identified by FBI(WABC)* Robbery duo strikes 3 times in 2 hours(WABC)* FBI Hunts Bank Robber in Suit(NBC)* NYC issued 1 million moving violations in 2011; 164,000 for not wearing seatbelts; 161,000 for using phones; 75,000 for speeding.