Sunday, February 26, 2012

True News Update 24/7 Sunday Update: Where is the Anger, Outrage and Protest Against Children Being Shot?

A Children is Shot
Nobody Cares?

As so many innocent people, young and old, are affected by gun violence day-by-day where is the anger? Were are the city hall press conferences?  Where are the marches?  In 1990 the NYP demand that Mayor Dinkins do something after a young girl was shot.  Today's lower crime rate has not diminished the the anger, press conferences and law suits against the NYPD and Bloomberg for the Stop-and-Frisk policy.  It has not stopped anger against NYPD program to monitor Muslim groups.    
 The Daily News  A 17 year old child Vada Vasquez who was the victim of a gun shot to the head telling Armando Bigo who was shot in the Bronx the other day to be brave.  Vasquez "advice to Armando is that he has to overcome it. The bullet wasn’t meant for him. He shouldn’t take it to heart. The recovery will be long, but he can get through it." NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly called the shooting of an 8-year-old Bronx boy an “unacceptable reality ” in poor neighborhoods and said more needs to be done to bring down crime in the city.  Where are the pols from those neighbors or the 2013 mayoral candidates demanding that more be done? Agony of gun violence(NYDN) Where is the media?  Why do they never interview the patients of the shooters. * Manhattan Elected Officials Rally Against NYPD's Stop-And-Frisk Policy (NY1)

Where is the Outrage Over the Shooting of Armando? 

'Wise ass' alleged gunman arraigned in shooting of Bronx boy (NYP) * Teenager Arrested in Shooting of Boy, 8(NYT) * Shooter busted in wounding of Bronx boy, 8(NYDN) * Teen Arrested For 8-Year-Old's Shooting(Fox 5) * Teen arrested in shooting of 8-year-old(WABC)* Armando Bigo recovering(NYDN) * Wounded Bronx boy Armando Bigo is recovering and may be home Monday (NYDN) Suspected attacker Edward Rodriguez facing multiple charges * Bronx Boy Arraigned For Attempted Murder Of Soundview Boy (NY1)

NYPD Monitoring Muslim Groups

New York Post Prints Cartoon Of Muslims Complaining About Surveillance As Terrorists While Debate Rages On - New York News




Daily News Demands That Liu and Thompson Pay Their Poster Fines

 John Liu and Bill Thompson are still weasels after all this time (NYDN Ed)  City controller and his predecessor continue to duck fines from 2009 campaigns


Stuyvesant Surprising Demographics 

To Be Black at Stuyvesant High(NYT) At Stuyvesant, NYC's most prestig pub HS, only 40 of the 3,295 students are blk.  72.5% of the students are now Asian 


Up On the Roof

Rooftop farms looking to expand in Queens and Brooklyn (NYDN ) Farms searching for big rooftops on industrial buildings



Consultant Doug Schoen Pens Secret to Cuomo Success

The secret to Cuomo's success (NYDN)  What Democrats, including President Obama, can learn from N.Y.'s socially progressive fiscal hawk * Pollster Doug Schoen on the secret of Cuomo’s success: “The right can forgive him his social agenda because of his fiscal austerity; the left can forgive him his fiscal austerity because of his social agenda. Nobody is left wondering who Andrew is or what he stands for.”


Lawyer Grimm Represented Briber 

Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm, before he entered Congress, sought leniency for New York-based developer Thomas Kontogiannis (NYDN) Asked federal udge to spare him prison term for bribery.  Kontogiannis then faced sentencing on his third conviction — for helping funnel $1 million in bribe money to former Rep. Randy (Duke) Cunningham (R-Calif) 

Cuomo's Pension High Noon

Cuomo dares legislators in pension battle (Newsday) By threatening to shut down the state government if lawmakers refuse to approve his pension reform proposal this year, Cuomo is betting on his popularity, public sentiment and his ability to negotiate political compromises in face of fierce opposition by public unions.

1100 Bills to Nowhere
Albany legislators introduced hundreds of bills, including some that stretch regulatory boundaries (NYDN)  Some proposals include mandatory sensitivity training for National Guardsmen and making unlicensed massage therapy a felony

No $$$ For WTC Art Center

A show $topper at WTC(NYP) Plans for a performing-arts center at the World Trade Center are becoming more and more remote because of a lack of funding — threatening yet another downsizing of ambitious plans at Ground Zero.* Curtains for night at opera (NYP) The Opera Orchestra of New York has canceled its March 7 concert performance of Verdi’s “Simon Boccanegra” with Placido Domingo after a donor withdrew a $250,000 pledge.

Heroic straphanger dies from injuries to his head(NYDN)

Dolan, Newly Elevated, Salutes The City In A Mass At St. Patrick's(NY1) * Timothy Cardinal Dolan Says Honor Of Elevation Is ForNY(WCBS) * NYC Archbishop Rises In Popularity(Fox 5)

Only 1 hour and $260 to buy phony green card, social secuity and driver's license(NYP)


The Sun On Sunday Launches: Rupert Murdoch On Hand As Tabloid Proclaims A 'New Dawn'(Huff Post)



TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)


Expert: 'The Country Is In Dire Straights ... We Can't Do Squat'(Huff Post)


The last Jewish gangster(NYDN) Julius Bernstein was the last Jewish mobster and he never went to jail. He ran with many gangsters, including Matty Ianniello and Dominic Cirillo


Common Cause "Let the Court Draw the Line"
Citizens Union "Make A Deal Now Reform Later"

Common Cause Weighs in (Gotham Gazette) Susan Lerner, Executive Director, of Common Cause/NY, says a constitutional amendment to change the redistricting process in the future is not enough and that real reform must be made to the system this time around. Lerner has much more confidence in the courts’ ability to redraw district lines if Gov. Andrew Cuomo does go ahead *  Citizens Union Continues to Back Cuomo on Redistricting *Update* Former State Attorney General and Citizens Union President Robert Abrams made the argument in a press conference today that Gov. Andrew CuomoAfter Election to Fill a House Vacancy, Fighting to Keep the Seat in Existence(NYT) * Redistricting Hearings Draw Stream of Objections(Gotham Gazette) * Three-Judge Panel Appoints Magistrate to Help With NY Redistricting (Politics on the Hudson) * 2 House jobs on the line(TU)

    Tmrw @ 1pm, 207&b'way: New Yorkers marching to call for new Congressional District-will you be there to make your voice heard?

Memo to Abrams: Why Not Sweeten the Deal With Election Law Reforms?
If the Citizen Union former AG Robert Abrams wants a deal between Cuomo and the legislator why doesn't Abrams demand that Albany pass a comprehensive reform package of election law reform.  The assemblymen and senators who want their safe gerrymandered so they can easily be reelected in should be forced to pass election law reform in return.  It not enough to get Albany to agree to constitutional redistricting reform in 2022.  We also need to reform special elections so party leaders are stopped from controlling who will be elected.  We need to reform the election law so party pick judges will not be able to remove candidate who challenge off the ballot.  We also need public financed campaigns so challenges can go after incumbents financed by special interests $$$, member items and union who support almost every incumbent.

Campaign 2012   Leaders march for the creation of a congressional district that would represent the city's Latino community *  Gillibrand Gets a Challenger  * Storobin Says Fidler Is Ducking Debates, Fidler Team Says He Was Never Invited(Sheephead Bites) * Comrie Ramps Up his Fundraising(The Perez Notes) * A New Latino Congressional seat we'll see? El Diario La Prensa * Walter Mosley said Hakeem Jeffries, Tish James, John Sampson, and Bill Thompson have endorsed him in his campaign to replace Jeffries. * His opponent, Ola Alabi also gave her Assembly pitch to The Perez Notes. * ep. Gary Ackerman took to Twitter to deny a rumor (Tweeted and re-Tweeted Saturday by Republicans) that he’s retiring.


Trial Day 4 No NYC Media Coverage - Too Big For Coverage?

NYT, NYP and DN Continues to Covers-Up For Developer Bruce Ratner 

This Report Made Possible by Atlantic Yards Report

On a day when a former Yonkers city councilman testified about a company that has already received $750 million and has had its lobbyist convicted of bribing criminal Carl Kruger $250,000 the NYC's papers black out coverage of the second Ratner bribery trial.  Where an Ex-Yonkers Council Member: "Forest City Ratner games the system and does not play by the rules"(Atlantic Yards Report)

Ratner Gamed the System

The Journal News offers an overview article on the developer, Forest City known for tough political skills around region. The toughest critic is a local:

Forest City Ratner has “little or no regard for public opinion,” said John Murtagh, a former Yonkers councilman and opponent of the Ridge Hill project who recently testified in the trial. “Their entire business model is to exploit every tax loophole and taxpayer-funded subsidy that they can. Promise the world and deliver far less, and do it all by manipulation.”

Ratner Protesters Disappearance Act Help the Developer Get Away With Gaming the System 
In 2006 Ratner protest attracts thousands today when it becoming clearer and clearer that the developer's lobbyist bribed public official to gain millions in government funding the protesters have disappeared. The public silence makes it a slam dunk for newspapers to get away with their blackout of the Yonkers bribery trial where the developers lobbyist have already been exposed.  Notice how the developers is never indicted only those who work for the developer.  Maybe a renewed protest could demand that the prosecutors find out were the lobbyists got their bribery money and who else was involved.

NYT MIA In Ratner Lobbyist Trial

A house ad in the Times and a question mark about coverage of Forest City Ratner's role in the Yonkers corruption case(Atlantic Yard Review) It was curious that, after a Forest City Ratner executive testified last Thursday about the developer's questionable behavior connected to its Ridge Hill project, a key part of the corruption case against two Yonkers figures, no article appeared in the New York Times.  . .  It seemed even more curious after a look at the print paper Friday. There, at the bottom of A22, a page devoted to metropolitan coverage, was a house ad (right) for the Times. Such house ads are typically used to fill space when there's no paying ad or article to take precedence.

The NYT Test: The Bender Evaluation Lets See If the Paper Covers the Trial This Week?

Bruce Bender, a former executive with the development company Forest City Ratner who came out of Kruger's Thomas Jefferson club was taped in the feds Kruger bribery case and in now scheduled to tell what he knows about the Yonkers bribery.  Yonkers Council Majority Leader John Murtagh Jr. said FCR Vice President Bruce Bender leaned on him in 2006 to change his expected vote opposing a controversial FCR development. Kruger crony leaned on me for vote: pol The NYT Tower was built in partnership with Forest City Ratner.   That new Times headquarters almost bankrupted the paper when the the real estate market collapsed in 2008.  The building had to be refinanced with Mexican billionaire Carlos Sims and TARP money (+funny stuff) givem to GMAC who held the building mortgage. 

Dennis Walcott (and his critics) blame media for TDR release, but Merryl Tisch faults city for inviting the publicity

Check performance grades for more than 12K city teachers(NYP) * They’re doing zero, zilch, zippo for students(NYP) * Cream of the crop, top of the heap (NYP) * See-through ratings(NYP Ed) * Teacher Quality Widely Diffused, Ratings Indicate(NYT) * Teacher Ratings Released in New York(WSJ) *  How to Read the Rankings | Crunching the Numbers* Testing Teachers: Origins of NYC's Evaluation System (WSJ) * We got their numbers(NYDN) * Release of Teacher Data Is Widely Denounced(NYT) * Individual NYC Teacher Evaluations Should Never Be Looked at Individually(NY Magazine) * Schools Chancellor Walcott says data release encourages 'healthy discussion'(NYP) * In Teacher Ratings, Good Test Scores Are Sometimes Not Good Enough (NYT)

Parents praise release of NYC public school teacher ratings(NYP) * Nearby Bx. schools miles apart(NYP) * Cursed with the worst in Queens(NYP) * Teacher Ratings Give Parents New Tool(WSJ) * Teachers divided over validity of scorecards (NYDN) * Teachers call release of rankings a ‘witch hunt’, inacc(NYDN) * Here’s a map of the schools with the most top-rated teachers.

Churches can worship in city schools (for now)(NYDN) * Judge Gives NYC Churches Access to Public School Space(NBC) * Permit Needed For Worship In City School Buildings This Weekend(NY1)
* Congregations With Permits Allowed To Worship Once More In City Schools (NY1)


Some Officials Object To Location Of Cuomo's Planned Convention Center(NY1)

State orders Peninsula to stop



City Cuts Out East W’burg, G’point From Bike Share(




Freebie of the day: Pieces of the Coney Island boardwalk (



Hidden pension costs (NYP)Court KOs publicizing city cop retirees


Most of the Taxi Cheats Get Away With Overcharging 

Why cab cheats got a slide(NYP) It would take “forever” to file charges against 19,515 cabbies, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday in defense of the city’s decision not to pursue thousands accused of overcharging passengers *City To Only Prosecute Worst Price-Gouging Cab Drivers(NY1)

Empire State Building refused to honor Cardinal Dolan with red-lights tribute (NYDN Ed) The NYC icon has honored the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, gay pride and communist China * Cardinal Dolan Grows Into Role Of National Catholic Spokesman(NY1)

NY1 Online: Special Panel Remembers Representative Shirley Chisholm(NY1)

Election 2012: Four polls have been published between AZ and MI that show pre/post debate trendlines. Romney has gained 4 points in them on average.

Romney: I’m “Only Chance” to Defeat Obama(NBC) * Rick Santorum, in Michigan, presents vision for his first 100 days in office (Wash Post) * Auto Unions Tap Network for Obama - Jeremy Peters, New York Times * Republican Race's Volatility Is Historic - Alex Roarty, National Journal * Romney Woos Grassroots in Michigan - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard * Why Mitt Romney Is Even Weaker Than You Think - Kyle Leighton, TPM * Arizona: Romney's Insurance State - Richard Baehr, PJ Media * President Obama Doesn't Have an Energy Plan - Sarah Palin, Facebook * GOP Debate Offers Plenty of Material - Bill Maher, Huffington Post * The Specter of Romney's Record - Alec MacGillis, The New Republic *Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Tax-Plan Flim-Flam (Daily Beast) *  Rick Santorum Defuses Time Bomb of Social Issues in CNN Debate (Daily Beast) * Romney surrogates bird-dog Santorum event (Politico) * Romney Aides Warn Backers of a Long Fight for Nomination(NYT) * Arizona Debate: Conservative Chickens Come Home to Roost (Rolling Stone) * Democrats to Obama: Tap strategic oil reserve (Politico) * Romney hits back at Santorum at tea party forum in Michigan (Wash Post) * Prolonged Race Forces Romney Campaign to Recalibrate(NYT) * Santorum Vows to Wage a Fierce Battle(NYT) * Ghastly Outdated Party(Dowd, NYT) * Why Does the Military Love Ron Paul?(Mother Jones) * Will N.Y. be player in GOP race? (

Election 2012 Sunday Update

Jan Brewer Snubs Obama endorses Romney * A Fine Line Between ‘Super PACs’ and Campaigns(NYT) * Before Vote, Republicans Make Moves to the Right(NYT) * Gingrich Banks on Gas Prices, Georgia Win(WSJ) * Romney Touts Santorum's '08 Backing(WSJ) * GOP Leaders Seek Focus on Economy(WSJ) * Obama: No Easy Pump Price Answers(Fox 5) *Rick Santorum: Obama Is ‘A Snob’ For Wanting Everyone To Go To College * Gov.: GOP Field ‘So Depressing' (Daily Beast) * Why Rick Santorum Is Surging With Women Voters (Daily Beast) * Rick Santorum is not suitable to take on Obama (NYDN) Romney believes Santorum couldn't last in November presidential election* Christie would listen if Romney asked him to be his vice-presidential candidate(NYP) * Santorum Makes a Broad Appeal to Social Conservatives(NYT) *Rick Santorum: JFK speech 'makes me want to throw up'(Politico)* Santorum: Obama's Apology Shows "Weakness" - Thomas Catan, WSJ * Win or Lose, Michigan Could Destroy Romney - Jonathan Lemire, NYDN *Obama's Dream: To Run Against Santorum - Kathleen Parker, Wash Post * Ohio Primary a Referendum on Future - Thomas Suddes, Cleveland PD

Murdoch Fights Back

Did News International Have an ‘Email-Deletion Policy’? (The Daily Beast) * New Edition Signals Murdoch Is Fighting Back(NYT) *  The Sun On Sunday Launches: Rupert Murdoch On Hand As Tabloid Proclaims A 'New Dawn'(Huff Post)

NYT Also Fails At Start Up Blog Partnerships

  One local NYT partner fails as another regroups(newsosaur) Evidently beguiled by seeing their stories in the pages of the New York Times, two high-profile journalism start-ups failed at building sufficient audience for their own brands.

Politically Correct Lin-Sanity

Ben & Jerry's Launches "Lin-Sanity" Ice Cream, Immediately Removes "Fortune Cookie Pieces" (Gothamist) * Ben & Jerry's Removes Fortune Cookies From Lin Flavor (Newser) * Ben & Jerry’s apologizes for Jeremy Lin fortune cookie frozen yogurt  (NYDN) 'Taste the Lin-Sanity' initially featured crumbled fortune cookies, but then a 'bit of an initial backlash' hit

AIG Bought Back Its Own Problematic Mortgage-Backed Bonds(NY Magazine)




 DNA and Reform(NYT Ed) Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to expand the state’s DNA database by requiring all convicts to submit a sample should be accompanied by other reforms to reduce wrongful convictions.

Law an Order

Subway pusher guilty enough (NYP) Beats attempted-slay rap but still faces jail * RFK son accused of fighting nurses at NY hospital(WSJ)  * Queens child molester gets 30 years(NYDN) * ‘Diamond $cam’ suit(NYP) * Trees cut down for public safety(WABC)* 5 arrested in Staten Island drug raid(SI Advance) *Sex Misconduct Cases Down in NYC Schools(NBC) * A Kennedy Is Arraigned Over a Dispute at a Westchester Hospital(NYT) * Straphangers Beware: Smartphone Theft Is On The Rise(NY1)* NYPD: 4 Detectives Suspected Of Drinking On The Job(WCBS)

Rutgers Dorm Spying Trial Begins With Questions of Motivation(NYT) * Clementi Case Trial Begins(WSJ)


 Cops Seek 6 Teen Suspects In Two Brooklyn Robberies(WCBS)





4 Detectives Suspected of Drinking on the Job(NYT)

What will happen to Peninsula Hospital next?