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The grudge: Mike vs. Andy (Seifman, NYP) All eyes on political frenemies

Scorecard: Seifman NYP's = Story Bloomberg Wants Out, Dicker NYP's = Story Cuomo Wants Out

The Bloomberg Cuomo Behind Closed Doors Taxi War

The tense relationship between Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo reached a low point last month, when the city’s chief Albany lobbyist was temporarily banned from the governor’s office.  The sources said Micah Lasher was placed on a blacklist for calling on Cuomo in a press release to approve the mayor’s hard-fought plan to expand metered taxi service to the boroughs outside Manhattan. * Phil Reisman on Cuomo 2016: The governor has “guts” and “will never be dismissed as an inexperienced community organizer.”

Unfinished Battles
There’s the battle over who pays for the 9/11 museum’s infrastructure, there’s the dispute over fingerprinting food-stamp recipients, and there’s the tug of war over whether the city should share in the proceeds when EmblemHealth turns into a for-profit health insurer. But the issue that created the big chill between the state’s best-known officials was the “last in, first out” law (LIFO) governing teacher layoffs. * Easy Andy’s hard left (Goodwin, NYP)

Losing Side In Queens' GOP Battle Says Their Party Sells Endorsements - Civil War Continues

‘Extort’ slap at GOP’s Queens kingmakers (NYP)  City Councilman Eric Ulrich is demanding an investigation into claims that Queens GOP leaders milked candidates “for financial gain.” His call comes amid mounting criticism of the county party from prominent Republicans, including former Rep. Rick Lazio, Rep. Bob Turner and ex-Councilman and party honcho Thomas Ognibene. They did not talk about the $$$ Bloomberg paid the Queens GOP * Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale(True News) * New York's Corrupt Political Parties(True News)



Columbia No Class: Wall Street Contributors 1, OWS 0 

Columbia kills anthropology field class on Occupy Wall Street (NYDN Ed)

The Gowanus Canal Still Stinks

Not-so-super fund (NYP Ed) Nearly two years after designating Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal as a Superfund site, the US Environmental Protection Agency has finally come up with draft plans for cleaning up the notoriously gunky waterway. The scheme contains at least one unpleasant surprise: As The Post’s Rich Calder reported last week, the EPA wants New York City to end a century-old practice of allowing surface water — and some sewage — to run off into the canal during exceptionally heavy rainstorms.

NYP Goes Photo Shop Crazy Today

1. NYP Goes After Obama

White House threw secret 'Alice in Wonderland' bash during recession(NYP)

 2. NYP Goes After OWS

OWS has money to burn Struggle to divide Occu-pie(NYP)

Colin Myler v the Murdochs: battle begins in New York (GuardianUK) New York Daily News editorship reopens rivalry with New York Post



New York City school employee faked her child's death to get extra vacation (NYDN) She was dead-set on going to Costa Rica


Meeks No Negative NY1 Interview

Last night on NY1 Congressman Meeks was talking about the jobs he expected to be generated by the proposed convention center for his community and how he was helping to reelect President Obama by the interviewer Errol Lewis.NY1 Online: Rep. Meeks Touts Queens Convention Plans(NY1) * Eyes on Meeks’ shady house sale (NYP)

Not a single question was ask of the congressmen about the ongoing investigation against him. Involving the indicted of Edul Ahmad, a businessman who was arrested in a $50 million mortgage-fraud scheme. Ahmad made an unsecured personal loan to Meeks (D-NY) that was repaid only after Meeks' finances came under scrutiny by the FBI. No questions on what was going on at Directions Development Corporation.  

Site is PA’s wa$te land Jamaica nonprofit owes $2.7M

Greater Jamaica a non profit, which has ties to Rep. Gregory Meeks, spent the $2.7 million given to it by the PA to buy a run-down 6,000-square-foot building that housed a grocery store.  The nonprofit’s grand plan was to have a developer tear down the building and another next to it and replace them with a gleaming office tower that would house JetBlue airlines or other corporate tenants. But eight years later, there is no corporate tower and very little to show for the investment. JetBlue decided to build a headquarters in Long Island City. Under the terms of the 2004 deal with the nonprofit, the PA was supposed to get its money back or take ownership of the building if no development took place by the end of 2008.

State Senate  63 Seats Coming

Friday evenings are a typical time that political folks release news that they don’t want to be overly emphasized in the news cycle, and today is not one of those exceptions. Albany’s redistricting task force has decided to add another State Senate seat, something that will surely be contended in lawsuits by Democrats.   It's official: Lawmakers will propose a map that adds a 63rd seat to the . * LATFOR site subtly announces 63rd Senate seat(WNYC) * A Queens rapper is getting involved in the redistricting fight.* NY GOP’s redistricting shuffle(NYP) *

Challenges Persist As Liu Continues Down The Campaign Trail(NY1)

Here are the fund-raising numbers from 1/01/2010 to 7/12/2011:Scott Stringer: $1,669,582.00, John Liu: $1,507,286.00, Christine Quinn: $1,484,198.00, Bill de Blasio: $1,040,708.00,  Bill Thompson








Wall Street's New York Economic Crash

 In 2012 Wall Street according to the state comptroller will lost 10,000 jobs and other economist expect bonuses to go down 20-30%.  That means much less revenue for the city and state.  Before the 2008 crash the state received 20% of it revenue from Wall Street.  Today that is down to 15%.  The City in 2008 got 13% of it revenue from the street.  Today that is down to 9%.  The new regulations which crack down on priority lending coming from Washington will cut down those earning even more. NY1 Online: Debating NYC’s Economic Future(NY1)* Bonus battles: Disgruntled bankers threaten to sue or walkBonus battles: Disgruntled bankers threaten to sue or walk(NYP)


Palace Guards Defend King Bloomberg's Castle

NYPD Protects Bloomberg's Townhouse From Protesters, Media (Gothamist) * Columbia OWS class nix(NYP)* OWS has money to burn(NYP)

Fingerprints Policy Works, Mayor Claims(WSJ) A day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced plans to end New York City's practice of electronically fingerprinting food-stamp applicants, Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the policy and said he hoped to convince the governor to reverse his stance.* Public Advocate Calls For Ban On Food Stamp Fingerprinting(NY1)

Cuomo’s big bet (NYDN Ed)  Devil will be in the details of Gov. Cuomo's convention center plan.  Aqueduct casino operator must provide full disclosure

Questions About Legality, Competitive Process Pouring Cold Water On Cuomo’s Convention Center Plan (WABC)  * The View From a Convention Center Skeptic (WSJ) *  Convention Center Builder Seeks Subway Line




What are the 2013 Mayoral Candidates Views of the Teacher-Eval Boards? . . .  Or the Standoff Between the UFT and City?

To ‘Shel’ with your teacher-eval board!(NYP)* City Warns Struggling Schools Against Spending(NYT)*Council to Scrutinize N.Y.C. Schools’ Medicaid Reimbursements(NYT) * Walcott Attends Bronx PTA Meeting(Fox 5)Mulgrew vs. the kids (NYDN Ed) * The Daily News calls the head of NYC’s teacher union “shameful.”

Eviction Companies Thrive In Sour Economy (WCBS)

Diner closed after owner took pic of health violation-issuing inspector (NYP)

NY1 Exclusive: Fulton Street Transit Center On Track To Open In 2014(NY1)  * TWU President John Samuelsen homeschools his two sons, isn’t afraid to call a strike if contract talks with the MTA turn sour.

In M.T.A. App Contest, Many Buttons Worth Pushing(NYT)


Day-Care Outrage

Inspector at Fire Dept. Took Bribes, Officials Say(NYT) * FDNY Inspector Charged In Day Care Bribery Scheme (NY1) * Day-care outrage (NYP) ‘Bribe’ inspector busted * Inspector Accused Of Accepting Bribes(Fox 5)* FDNY Inspector Charged in Day Care Scheme(NBC)

Saturday Night Debate

GOP candidates debating in New Hampshire(Washington Post) *Romney brushes off rivals' barbs in NH debate(Boston Globe) * Romney cruises through live GOP debate as candidates fail to topple frontrunner (Daily Mail) * Santorum, Paul trade barbs in nationally televised GOP presidential debate(Wash Post) * Romney Spared in Republican Debate(WSJ) *  GOP debate: Paul slams Santorum as 'big-government' lobbyist(LA Times) * Romney Lays Low as Rivals Attack Each Other in GOP Debate(ABC) * In Debate, Romney Avoids Sharpest Barbs(NY) * Romney Eludes Rivals’ Attacks at Republican Debate in N.H.(NYT) *  Huntsman, Out of Options, Bets It All on New Hampshire(NYT) * Romney Spared in Republican Debate(WSJ) * Buddy Roemer Again Misses Out on a Debate(WSJ) *  2012 ABC/Yahoo!/WMUR New Hampshire GOP primary debate (Transcript) * South Carolina Mitt Romney with a modest lead 30%, followed by Newt Gingrich at 23%, Rick Santorum at 19%, Ron Paul at 9%, Rick Perry at 5%, Jon Huntsman at 4%, and Buddy Roemer at 1%. Public Policy Polling * New Hampshire primary: 8 takeaways from the GOP debate (Politico) * Time Is Running Out To Knock Romney Down(NPR) *Inside the New Hampshire GOP Debate Spin Room (The Daily Beast) * Some Signs in Polls That Santorum's Momentum Has Stalled(538) * Front-Runner Romney Skates Through Unscathed - John Dickerson, Slate * Is Romney McCain Version 2.0? - Brian Calle, Orange County Register * Mitt Romney's Achilles' Heel - Grace-Marie Turner, The American Spectator * You can watch Saturday night’s ABC debate here.


 Sunday Morning Debate

Analysis: Romney still blessed by packed GOP field(SF Chronicle) * New Hampshire Double-header: A Tale of Two Debates(Huff Post) * Gingrich to Romney: Drop the 'pious baloney'(USA Today) * Bad blood between Gingrich, Romney spills over at debate(LA Times) * US election 2012: The worm turns on Mitt Romney(Daily Mail) * Romney Is the Main Target in a Caustic G.O.P. Debate(NYT) * New Hampshire GOP debate best yet, but who won?(CSM) * New Hampshire GOP debate(s): Winners and losers(Wash Post) * Sunday's GOP debate: 6 takeaways(Politico) * Republican debate: Mitt Romney under fire (BBC) * For once, Romney becomes target of GOP rivals at debate(LA Times) * Live Blog: Rivals Pile on Romney in GOP Debate * Five things learned from the GOP debate(CNN) * Newt Gingrich takes revenge on Matt Romney in bitter Republican debate(Guardian) * Romney target of GOP debate(Detroit Free Press) * Romney faces fire at NBC News-Facebook debate(MSNBC) * FACT CHECK: Romney, Paul, offer iffy accounting in weekend Republican debates(Wash Post) *Fact Checking the Republican Candidates (NYT) * Nobody Stands Between Romney, Nomination - Ron Fournier, Nat'l Journal * Romney Takes on Some Water in Morning Debate - Rich Lowry, NRO * Washington & Wall Street Are the Real Threat - Jon Huntsman, FOX News * Perry Unplugged at NH Debate - Major Garrett, National Journal * Obama Sinking in Electorally Critical NH - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh TR * Or this morning’s Meet the Press debate here.


Saturday Night Live Has A Message From Rick Santorum


Romney Advantages Could Prove Disadvantageous(NYT) * A Long History of Political Brawling for Rick Santorum (NYT) * For Evangelicals Wary of Romney, Time Runs Short (NYT)  * An Old Loss Dogs Surging Santorum(WSJ) * Romney's Odd New Hampshire Odds(WSJ) * Rick’s armed for showdown(NYP) * Romney Looks to Lock Up Nomination(The Daily Beast) * Democrats See Hopes Rise in Battle to Control Congress(NYT) * Romney Pushing for Four-State Streak - Philip Rucker, Washington Post * Window Narrows for Romney Foes - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal

The Real Reason Romney Has the Lead - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * The Extreme Rick Santorum - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * Gingrich Blasts Romney on Taxes, Trust - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Economy Might Save Obama After All - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine * The GOP Needs a Bolder Growth Message - Larry Kudlow, National Review * Finally, Obama Goes All In on Recess Appointments - Roland Martin, CNN * What Each Candidate Needs to Do in N.H. Debates - Carl Cannon, RCP * South Carolina Could Make Romney the Nominee - Steve Kornacki, Salon * Mitt's Tax Hikes Should Worry Taxpayers - Deroy Murdock, Human Events * President Obama's Pragmatic Vision for the Military - New York Times * Obama Kicks Off Jobs Initiative(The Daily Beast) * Santorum Downplays D.C. Deals(The Daily Beast) * Candidates Crisscross N.H., Making Final Pitches(NYT) * Ready or Not, Huntsman Faces His Moment (NYT) * Santorum Looks to South Carolina in G.O.P. Fight(NYT) * A Campaign Pruned of Bushes(NYT) * Pelosi: Obama should run against Congress(CNN) * Romney's Miraculous Free Ride - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine *  Pro-Gingrich PAC Details Ads Against Romney’s Bain Role (NYT)

Jeff Greenfield (Twitter) The only way NH matters now is if Santorum's performance is so much better than Newt's and Perry's that they drop out and clear SC field. * The Gingrich-Santorum attacks are focused, and--more important--are implicitly saying he's a phony with his "not a politician" approach.

New Anti-Romney Video Attacks Bain Capital Work

Caterer Tied to the Mob Is Convicted(NYT) *




The Birds and Planes

Garbage plant placement near LaGuardia is a bird-brained(NYDN)

Relax, if You Want, but Don’t Put Your Feet Up(NYT) Sitting improperly on a subway seat is perhaps the most minor crime for which New Yorkers are routinely arrested.


FBI Seeks Queens Bank Robbing Suspect Who Posed As UPS Worker(NY1)

Suspect robs Queens bank dressed as UPS worker(WABC)


Teen arrested in shooting of 11-year-old(NYP)* Arrest in Bronx kid-shoot(NYDN) * Arrest in case of boy wounded by stray bullet(WABC)

Suspects Who Shot Bronx Boy Through Door Caught On Tape(NY1) * Bx. kid-shooters on tape(NYP)

Amazing grace: Cart lady forgives punks(NYP)

Mother in Custody After Death of Girl, 2, in Brooklyn (NYT) * In Brooklyn, a Gruesome Find by Police(WSJ) * Brooklyn Mother Found Cradling Dead Toddler Undergoes Psych Evaluation(NY1) * Mom kills ‘demon’ kid: police(NYP) * Slain toddler was ‘wilding’(NYP) * Mom suspected of killing little girl(WABC)


Brooklyn Man Allegedly Kills Friend In Knife Fight(NY1)


Police Search For Bronx Groping Suspect (WABC)



Law and Order

Arrest in 2010 Sniper Death(WSJ) * 3 teens wanted in SoHo burglary(WABC) * Man arrested after deadly four car accident(WABC) * 'Drunk' NYPD cop tossed from bus is suspended (NYP) * Police on Long Island Release Sketch of Woman Whose Skull Was Found Last Year(NYT) * Bx. ADA hit with DWI rap(NYP) * Jail guards busted(NYDN) * NYPD slaps soused sarge(NYP) * Protesters Rally For NYPD Accountability In Brooklyn(WCBS) * New Yorkers demand more 'police accountability'(WABC)

 Queens mom seeks psychic justice(NYDN)


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