Friday, January 6, 2012

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Mayor Cuomo 

Instead of Mayor Bloomberg, it's Cuomo taking charge of taxi issue, convention center & WestSide deal

By circumventing the City Council on the taxi bill, Mayor Michael Bloomberg may have opened the door for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to get more involved in the city’s affairs. Cuomo taking center stage in city(NYDN)


The Fingerprint Battle

Bloomberg Says He Will Fight for Fingerprinting Rule(NYT) * Fingerprints Policy Works, Mayor Claims(WSJ) * Bloomberg Stands Against Food Stamp Proposal, But Quinn Dissents(NY1) * loomberg yesterday said that there was “no stigma” attached to fingerprinting. * Jim Dwyer wonders why Mike Bloomberg insists on finger-imaging for food-stamp recipients. * On Radio, Mayor Shares Wide-Ranging Thoughts on Politics(NYT) * Cuomo Spox: Intervention Not The Answer (YNN) * Bloomberg Doubles Down on Fingerprints for Food Stamps (NY Magazine) * Bloomberg on his relationship with Cuomo: “We should be supporting President Obama while he’s president. Same thing with the governor.” *  Peter Vallone Jr. Defends Mayor Bloomberg on Food Stamp Fingerprinting (NYO)

Andrew Cuomo (Twitter) “No Child Should Go to Bed Hungry in New York”: on Gov. Cuomo's anti-hunger initiatives

Here Comes the Convention Center Fine Print 

Control of All City Gambling, Sounds Familiar

Genting New York is demanding exclusive rights to casino operations in the entire city in exchange for sinking $4 billion in the construction of a super-sized convention center in Queens  When u say ur going to a convention in NYC, most of the world thinks 34th Street, "not Archie Bunker’s Queens."(CrainsNY) * Casino giant’s $4B gamble(NYP ED) Seeks sole casino rightsAnalysis: Andrew Cuomo's Gamble(NBC)* Cuomo's Choice to Build New Convention Center: Genting, an Asian Powerhouse(WNYC) *  

Cuomo tops RollingStone 12 leaders who "get things done" as DC dithers. But lack of transparency "gives us pause" 

In Cuomo's Casino Push, No Quick Jackpot(WSJ) Talk of bringing Las Vegas-style casinos to New York may be gaining steam, but it will take until November 2013 — at the absolute earliest — to clear the constitutional hurdles required to make table games legal in the state. * Tough Fiscal Times May Temper Cuomo's State Spending(NY1) * Online poker could come to New York and New Jersey by end of year(NYP) * Cuomo's development plan leans heavily on private investments (Press Connect) * The Post’s Steve Cuozzo wonders why Cuomo hasn’t spoken out about cost overruns at the Port Authority’s World Trade Center transportation hub (NYP Ed) * Do as I say...Cuomo continues to raise campaign cash at a "brisk clip" while calling for campaign finance reform.(TU) * Is Cuomo’s Gambling Plan a Win for Lobbyists?(NYMagazine)

Cuomo appears to have circumvented competitive bidding laws and the body that oversees expansion at Aqueduct, the Franchise Oversight Board. But a Cuomo spokesman insisted the terms of the state’s deal with Genting remain under negotiation.* Genting is moving forward full steam ahead, however, and says Phase I of the convention center project (2.6 million square feet) could be open by 2014. (Phase II would require expansion onto land owned by the Port Authority).* The last time that something as important as casino gambling was approved through a constitutional amendment was the creation of the state lottery in the 1960s, according to the Rockefeller Institute’s Bob Ward.* Critics wonder why Gov. Andrew Cuomo is looking to build a convention center when convention centers around the country are struggling.

State Senate  63 Seats Coming

Friday evenings are a typical time that political folks release news that they don’t want to be overly emphasized in the news cycle, and today is not one of those exceptions. Albany’s redistricting task force has decided to add another State Senate seat, something that will surely be contended in lawsuits by Democrats.   It's official: Lawmakers will propose a map that adds a 63rd seat to the . * LATFOR site subtly announces 63rd Senate seat(WNYC) * A Queens rapper is getting involved in the redistricting fight.

Quinn Rolling in Campaign $$$

Quinn’s Coffers Reach Goal for Mayoral Primary(NYT) Speaker Christine Quinn has raised more than $4.9 million for her mayoral campaign, becoming the first 2013 candidate to reach the primary spending limit *  Wage heat on Quinn (NYP). Here are the fund-raising numbers from 1/01/2010 to 7/12/2011:Scott Stringer: $1,669,582.00, John Liu: $1,507,286.00, Christine Quinn: $1,484,198.00, Bill de Blasio: $1,040,708.00,  Bill Thompson: $251,055.00




On the Asian Front: Liu Could Have Been A Contender

Asian-American Community Struggles With Liu Controversy(NY1)




Lopez: Bloomberg Your Loved Me At Election Time But Not Now

The boot for Vito ally (NYP Ed) The Post says good riddance to Christiana Fisher, CEO of the Ridgewood-Bushwick Senior Center and longtime friend to Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez, who was recently ousted from her job




Strange Trial: NYPD Ticket Fixing Becomes Weird

Bribing Pols is Not So Bad to New York's Top Health Care Executives

For Convicted Former Hospital CEO, Support From New York’s Healthcare Establishment (CHN) Rosen’s defense is using the letters to argue for a lenient sentence of community service, even as Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara asks Manhattan Federal Judge Jed Rakoff for a 10-year prison sentence.  . .  Top health officials such as former state executive deputy health commissioner Dennis Whalen, Greater New York Hospital Association President Ken Raske, United Hospital Fund president Jim Tallon and former federal Medicaid director Bruce Vladeck all wrote letters on Rosen’s behalf, describing Rosen as a good man who cared deeply about the people at his hospitals.

The UFT Campaign Power Is the Reason That Elected Officials Have Not Criticized  Mulgrew Hard Line On Teacher Evaluations That have Lead to the Loss of $60 Million in Federal School Funds

UFT in Control

The UFT spend tens of thousands to defeat long time Queens State Senator Frank Padavan in 2010 to elect Tony Avella. This year State Senator Avella is holding a lot of press conferences on trees and broken roads but noting to date on teacher evaluations or the lost of $60 in federal funds. Lesson in lobbying (NYP) UFT devotes $3.8M to politics after 44% hike

In an age of austerity, governments are increasingly reluctant to continue a perk workers see as a reward for a lifetime of service

Lawsuit Is Latest Clash Over Giving Retired Transit Workers Free Rides(NYT) * Port Authority pushes back on toll perks lawsui(WCBS) * PA sics tax man on retirees in E-Z war(NYP)



Archbishop Dolan to Become Cardinal (NYT)

City: Churches Can Use Public Spaces(WSJ)

Rally Against Bronx Science Principal, This Time By Students(NYT) * Success Academy Blitzes Cobble Hill(NYT)

Does The WFP Have A Plan to Get Jobs for the City's Unemployed?
The WFP’s executive director, Dan Cantor, OpEds in favor of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s call to increase NY’s minimum wage. * Steve Hindy, the politically-connected head of the Brooklyn Brewery, plans to endorse the living wage bill.

What is the WFP and Any Elected Official Plan To Help NYC Uemployed
With a NYC unemployment rate around 9% all year construction down almost 40 percent from the previous yearEscape from NY Pensioners fleeing city -  31 percent of NY's pensions, went to addresses outside New York state. New York City lost 13,000 private sector jobs in August, September; Bronx unemployment at 12%'

Michael Powell (Twitter) 11 million jobs down & 9 yrs to full employment at this pace. Let's not pop champagne over jobs report, Krugman:

ANOTHER 3-Foot Rat Found In Bronx Foot Locker (WPIX)

NY celebrates 212th birthday of Millard Fillmore(WSJ)

After Santorum Left Senate, Familiar Hands Reached Out(NYT) Santorum built a lucrative career in the private sector based largely on income from businesses his work in Congress had benefited. * In Act of Defiance, Democrat Stalls Obama Choice for Court(NYT) * Santorum Sharpens Aim at Romney(WSJ) * Earmarks Carry Risk for Santorum(WSJ) *  Rick Santorum Tried To Turn Lobbyists Into Cogs Of GOP Machine With K Street Project(Huff Post) * BOSTON GLOBE Endorses Huntsman...It’s possible Mitt Romney didn’t really win the Iowa caucuses.*  Noonan: Newt an angry 'attack muffin' (Politico) * The GOP's Working Class Muddle - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal * Enthusiasm Lacking as N.H. Primary Nears - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Coming Next Fall: Obama vs. A Demoralized GOP - George Neumayr, TAS * Romney Headed Into Demolition Derby - Robert Shrum, The Week

Why Perry Chose to Keep Running - Sam Youngman, Reuters * Primary System Rigged Against Conservatives - Jay Cost,Weekly Standard * Santorum: A Worthy Challenger - Charles Krauthammer, NY Daily News * The Rick Santorum America Doesn't Know - Will Bunch, Philly Daily News * N.H.'s Main Event: The Fight for 2nd Place - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * NH Polls: RCP Avg: Santorum Begins to Surge | Suffolk: Romney +23 * Time/CNN/ORC poll out at noon shows Romney leading Santorum in SC, 37%-19% -- Gingrich (18%), Paul (12%), Perry (5%), Huntsman (1%)  * itt Romney’s leading South Carolina polls. * Romney's Race to Lose - Brownstein & Reinhard, National Journal * GOP Shouldn't Pick Another McCain/Dole - Michael Graham, Boston Herald * Gingrich: Conservative Romney Rival Will Emerge - S. McCaffrey, AP * Newt's Campaign Is on an Ego Trip - Dana Milbank, Washington Post * If Romney Is the Nominee, He Will Lose - Michael Walsh, National Review * The Case for Romney's Pragmatism - Mark Lenzi, Politico


Pro-Paul Ad Calls Huntsman "Manchurian Candidate" 

Jon Stewart Is Baffled By Conservative Outrage Over Obama Recess Appointment

Ex-Employees: GE Ignored Subprime Warnings (The Daily Beast)

Ex-jailhouse rabbi’s rent plea(NYP) The former jailhouse rabbi who lost his job for granting favors to Jewish inmates pleaded not guilty in Manhattan federal court yesterday to charges he scammed more than $220,000 in federal-housing benefits.




Girl, 2, Brutally Beaten to Death in Brooklyn (NBC) *

Brooklyn Mother Evaluated After Toddler Found Dead In Arms(NY1)

Queens Firebomb Suspect Says He Wanted To Harm Muslims(NY1)

* Molotov fury’ ’fess(NYP)


Mob clan is feds’ punching bag (NYDN) * Colombo big launder rap(NYP)





Suspects Who Shot Bronx Boy Through Door Caught On Tape(NY1)


911 System Upgraded(WSJ) * Revamped 911 Call System Aims To Deliver On Post-Blackout Promises (NY1) * New 911 system finally open(NYDN) * Hi-tech 911 call center(NYP)

Law and Order

Arrest in 2010 slay(NYP) *  ‘Proof’ of robbery(NYP) * Parking-coma retrial(NYP) * Police: Man Broke Into Elderly Brooklyn Woman’s Home, Stayed(WCBS) * NYC Public School Imposes Dress Code For Teachers,(WCBS) * Shots fired hit boy, 11, inside apartment(WABC) * 2 Injured in Harlem Double Shooting(NBC) *  Police Charge Suspect In Killing Of Brooklyn Delivery Man (NY1)