Monday, January 9, 2012

Analysing Kruger; Our Secret Government; Deadbeat Liu

Kruger Just A Corrupt Nut 

NY Magazine A  Has Been Media Outlet Tells Us Kruger Was A Victim of His Love For His Family

What the magazine did not bother to research was that Kruger was corrupt long before his relationship with his gay gynecologist love interest.  Since Kruger was first arrested (cleared by a Brooklyn machine judeg) for pay to play when his lover was a little boy is NY Magazine trying to tell us something else about the senator? King Carl of Canarsie The gothic saga of Brooklyn power broker Carl Kruger, a state senator who loved a gynecologist and his family so much he was willing to sell his influence for them. Ex-Sen. Carl Kruger tells his sob story. He did it all for his surrogate family, trying to create what he lacked as a child.

Kruger: A Calculating Crook

In Canarsie, all roads to power led through the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club. Located in a barn-looking building on a quiet block, “the T,” as members call it, is arguably the most powerful political club in the state. “There were all these big shots,” Kruger said about the time he first walked in. Stanley Fink, who became Speaker of the Assembly, was a member; so was Meade Esposito, the former bail bondsman and political boss of Brooklyn. Esposito was such a kingmaker that he was credited with swinging the ’77 mayoral election in Ed Koch’s favor, and once bragged that he was so powerful that he’d “made” 42 judges



Long-shot mayoral candidate (Manhattan Media executive) Tom Allon aims to resurrect the moribund Liberal Party in advance of the 2013 race

Long-Shot Bid Boosted by Liberals(WSJ)  The party plans on Tuesday to select the Manhattan media executive, Tom Allon, as its 2013 New York City mayoral candidate. Both Mr. Allon and party leaders said they want to resurrect the Liberal Party as a political force after a series of setbacks, including former party leader Raymond Harding's 2009 guilty plea in a pay-to-play scheme involving the state's pension fund.


Manhattan Borough President Is Still Aiming High(NYT) Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s mayoral campaign has hired two former advisors to Rep. Anthony Weiner, in an indication of Stringer’s seriousness about running for mayor





Senate GOP Trick and Treat For Them

Same Republican tricks(TU) The Times-Unions argues that given the chaos of the last few years, 62 senators is more than enough 






Lobbyist Drive the Secret Government 

No Bid Deal As Lobbyist Block the Checks and Balances of Government

Groundwork Evens Odds for Genting(WSJ) Genting has enlisted a troupe of top lobbyists and consultants to help push for a legalization of gambling. Among those on its roster: Bradley Tusk, the former campaign manager to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and SKDKnickerbocker, a well-connected firm with ties to Mr. Cuomo and other top policy makers.* Barrett: Quizzing Blago about Bloomie's Man, Brad Tusk (Village Voice) 

The Post questions Cuomo’s plan to open a casino and convention center in southeast Queens, and says the area would be better served with a Walmart  Andrew’s bad bet (NYP Ed) * Aqueduct’s racino brought in more money – nearly $90 million – in the two short months since it opened at the Queens racetrack than five upstate outfits each banked all last year.*  Cuomo Says Aqueduct Racino Could Expand With Or Without Legalized Casino Gambling (NYDN) * Javits Center Plagued With Problems From the Start(DNAINFO)


Special Elections In Legislature To Be Held March 20 * Cuomo To Call 5 Legislative Special Elections For March 20(YNN) * David Storobin’s Special Election Pitch [Video] * Here are some important filing dates and whatnot for the March 20th special elections.



Comptroller Liu is a Deadbeat 

Liu kicked in arrears (NYP) Con Ed, state sue over unpaid bills Con Ed and the state Tax Department have taken separate legal actions against Comptroller John Liu’s campaign committee for failing to pay $1,500 in bills * John Liu visits Staten Island for a political event.*Supreme Court Retains Ban on Foreign Campaign Donations (NYT)

 He's honest as honest can be." Rosemarie Mangano Cavanagh, president of the South Shore Democratic Club(SI Advance)


Financial Ruin of Immigrants Tied to Broker(NYT) A House ethics panel is investigating Mr. Meeks for failing to disclose that he received $40,000 from Mr. Ahmad.  Mr. Meeks has said the $40,000 that he received from Mr. Ahmad was a loan, which he paid back, he said, three years after he received it, after the F.B.I. began questioning Mr. Ahmad. Mr. Meeks’s office did not respond to a phone message. Indicted real estate magnate Ed Ahmad, a close associate of Queens Rep. Gregory Meeks and state Sen. John Sampson, arranged loans for scores of Guyanese immigrants that now face financial ruin * Scores, if not hundreds, of Guyanese immigrants are facing financial ruin because of loans said to have been arranged by a Queens real estate magnate whose legal troubles have also impacted Rep. Gregory Meeks and Sampson.


New York Happy Family of Government

Silver tarnish on gov speech (Dicker, NYP) Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos altered his State of the State remarks to take subtle digs at Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver

Cuomo Backs Off 

To ‘Shel’ with your teacher-eval board!(NYP) Cuomo has "growing sensitivity to charges he’s trying to assert himself over @MikeBloomberg in city affairs."*  Bloomberg Expresses Confidence 9/11 Museum Can Open On Time (WCBS)


NY's Apprentice: Can Build An Ice Rink and A Golf Course, Do A TV Show and Run for President

City’s ‘gift’ of green to Trump in golf deal (NYP) Donald Trump is poised to manage the city’s long-delayed PGA-regulation golf course in The Bronx for virtually no money down, city records show* rump hits green in golf course deal(NYDN)




Why Are the Good Government Groups Refusing to Sue Over the Gerrymandering?

The Daily News knocks the state Senate Republicans for not following the lead of Common Cause and drawing fairer legislative Gerrymandering politicians will fight it to the bitter end(NYDN Ed) * Redistricting at the City Council? El Diario La Prensa The Mayor is expected this spring to appoint the members of the commission that will draw the new council districts. The commission is composed of 15 members. Mayor Bloomberg allocates seven, Council Speaker Chris Quinn, allocates five, and the republican minority leader, Councilman Jimmy Oddo, picks three members. * The Senate Democrats’ redistricting expert says the GOP’s move to add a 63rd seat “violates the state constitution” and accuses the majority of using a “mix-and-match” legal approach to suit its political agenda.


2013 Mayoral Candidate Reaction to Coming Cuts in Wall Street Tax Revenue  

Wall Street Prepares for Sharp Pay Cut (WSJ) Wall Street pay for 2011 is likely to be the lowest since the financial crisis, amid lackluster bank earnings and weak stock prices. * Wasting time: Garment makers' expo - Greg David on New York | Crain's New York Business



Wall Street's New York Economic Crash

 In 2012 Wall Street according to the state comptroller will lost 10,000 jobs and other economist expect bonuses to go down 20-30%.  That means much less revenue for the city and state.  Before the 2008 crash the state received 20% of it revenue from Wall Street.  Today that is down to 15%.  The City in 2008 got 13% of it revenue from the street.  Today that is down to 9%.  The new regulations which crack down on priority lending coming from Washington will cut down those earning even more. NY1 Online: Debating NYC’s


Hebrew Charter School to Open

Rejected 3 Times, School May Still Open Soon, and With a Grant, Too(NYT) Three applications for a Hebrew charter school have been rejected, but, despite community outrage, the school has been given a federal grant and could open in September.


CUNY Law School Fails Again, SUNY Cuts

The Post also wonders why standards were allowed to drop recently at CUNY Law School, with only 67 percent of graduates passing the bar exam last year  CUNY law — again (NYP Ed) * SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher will reportedly announce a plan to redirect $100 million of the university’s total budget to instruction by reducing administrative costs through shared services, call for an end to remediation in 10 years and proposal performance-based funding.

Documenting City at Its Worst, and Its Rebirth(NYT)

New Liveries in New York With No TVs to Despise(NYT) * Fortunately, the new outer-borough liveries won’t have TVs.





Late-night B’klyn riders in a ‘fix’(NYP)



Brooklyn Church Forced Out Of School Building Finds A New Home(NY1)

 Subway Rats

Twenty percent of subway riders surveyed by Sen. Bill Perkins consider rats an “emergency or severe” problem.



 No Pants Subway

No pants subway prank in 11th year(WABC) *

Lhota confirmed as MTA chairman(NYP)



Murdoch Editors Defend Their Journalism (Huff Post)




Election 2012

Romney Is Focus as Battle in G.O.P. Takes Sharp Edge(NYT) * Paladino, Ever Unpredictable, Stumps for Gingrich(NYT) * Romney at Bain: Big Gains, Some Busts(WSJ) From 1984 to 1999 found 22 percent either filed for bankruptcy reorganization or closed their doors by the end of eight years. * The DNC is using Romney’s time at Bain to label him a job-killer. * Mitt Romney has 36% of Florida Republican likely primary, but 54% of primary voters say they still might change their mind, Newt Gingrich with 24%, followed Rick Santorum with 16%, Ron Paul is at 10%, Rick Perry 5% and Jon Huntsman at 2%. Quinnipiac University poll.

Morning Joe Crew Discuss Chris Christie’s Issue With Huntsman: ‘I Question His Integrity’ * Chris Christie says Obama is faking anger(Wash Post) * PPP finds that Buddy Roemer is currently outpolling Rick Perry in New Hampshire. * The latest WMUR/UNH poll has Mitt Romney way out in front in the Granite State (41 percent), with Ron Paul at 17 and Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman tied at 11 percent. (Huntsman has gained four points over the last few days) * Newt Gingrich is at 8, Rick Perry, Buddy Roemer and Michele Bachmann (who has dropped out after her last-place finish in Iowa) are each at 1. * Matt Lauer Grills Controversial Obama Book Author Over White House Pushback 

Chris Wallace Challenges Ron Paul Over Position On Civil Rights Act, Private Property Rights * On budget, Santorum looks to out-cut them all (The Hill) * Gingrich Rips Romney's Business Record(Political Wire) * Latest Suffolk Poll: Romney 33%, Paul 20%, Huntsman 13%, Gingrich 11%, Santorum 10% * The Rapid Economic Recovery Republicans Are Praying Against* Romney Hoping for New Hampshire Boost - David Drucker, Roll Call  * Authenticity Remains an Issue for Romney - Dan Balz, Washington Post * Has Jon Huntsman's Moment Arrived Just in Time? - Scott Conroy, RCP * South Carolina Will Be the Great Clarifier - Jonathan Martin, Politico * Obama-Clinton Is the Ticket - Bill Keller, New York Times * Romney Is a Sitting Duck for Democrats - Michael Walsh, New York Post * Pelosi to Obama: Run Against Do Nothing Congress - Candy Crowley, CNN * Goldman Honchos Go In For Romney - Charles Gasparino, New York Post * Obama Guts Military But Gives Raises to Bureaucrats - DC Examiner * Gingrich Goes Negative(Buff Feed) * Romney tackles attacks on his business experience from GOP rivals(NYP)* Rivals Sharpen Attacks on Romney’s Role in Buyouts(NYT)* Romney’s Allies Give Him an Edge in N.H.(NYT) * Romney on His Way to Securing Nomination - Ed Rogers, Washington Post * Dems Know Romney Is the Weakest Candidate - Rush Limbaug * Why Romney Dominates Debates - Todd Graham, CNN * New Hampshire Polls: Suffolk: Romney +13 | RCP Avg: Romney +18.7


New DNC video hits Romney on Bain jobs numbers


DNC: Romney should ‘tell the truth’ about super-PAC ads


Watergate Reforms 40 Years Later . . . Back to Square One

Happy Lobbyists, Unhappy Citizens(NYT) Nearly 40 years after Watergate-era campaign-finance reforms, are we back to square one?




Council Members Peter Vallone and Jimmy Oddo took issue with the rhetoric used in this weekend’s “police accountability” protest.  In separate Facebook posts, they took issue with Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs’ quote on the event: “To borrow from the famous Holocaust-era quote, first the NYPD came for the black and Latino community; if we don’t speak out, there will be no one left to speak out when they come for us.”  Vallone and Oddo Defend NYPD From Protesters’ Criticism (NYO)


 Cuomo DNA Plan: Samples From All People Convicted of A Crime (NYDN )

 Law and Order

Behind the Counter, an Acute Anxiety(NYT) * Two Wounded in Violent Night(WSJ) * Two Wounded in Violent Night(WSJ) * Cops: Super fatally knifes pal in apt. (NYDN) * Gridder at bedside of shot brother(NYDN) * Cops: Super fatally knifes pal in apt. (NYDN) * Police search for Bronx subway groper(WABC)  * Man killed in Bx. shooting previously injured in August shootout(NYP)

Police Release Photo Of Man Wanted In Bronx Subway Groping (NY1)

Brooklyn Man Allegedly Kills Friend In Knife Fight(NY1)



Plea Talks Afoot In Jose Pimentel Pipe Bomb Case(WCBS)