Sunday, January 22, 2012

True News Update 24/7 Sunday Update- Analysis Not Availabe in the Old Media

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Steps Down from Congress

Bloomberg: You Need To Spend A $100 to Beat A Democrat

Mayor: One of ‘Dem’ will be next (NYP)  It’s really hard to see the Democratic primary next year not being the real election.”  As of November, 68 percent of the city’s 4 million registered voters were Democrats, according to the state Board of Elections.  Bloomberg, who has run on the Republican and Independence Party lines in all three of his elections, said the fact that he had to spend more than $250 million to win was proof of the strength of the Democratic Party line.  Publisher Tom Allon has also registered as a candidate but is considered a mighty long shot.

Bloomberg Holds His Checks
Bloomberg’s Deferred Compensation (of 93 Cents) Bloomberg has not been cashing his $1/year checks.

All of the leading Mayoral candidates together have not created one job in the private sector.  All are professional politicians who know how to win elections and buy political support  . . .

As manufacturing jobs have started to return to the US after a decades-long exodus, NYC and the rest of the state have been big losers

While Jobs Leave NY 335,000 manufacturing jobs have been created across the country in the last two years

Taxes, regs hobble NY manufacturing recovery(NYP) The manufacturing base in the Big Apple over the past 24 months shrank by 10,000 jobs, or 12 percent, while the rest of the US saw an uptick in employment. The state has lost 45,000 state manufacturing jobs disappear since 2000.  Manufacturing insiders here blame ham-fisted federal, state and local regulations, high taxes and poor infrastructure as the villains keeping the jobs from coming back.  A new report by The Boston Consulting Group sees US insourcing picking up steam as transportation and labor costs rise in China. That’s where many of the American jobs have gone. But the same report says that the US states likely to gain the most from insourced jobs are not places like New York — but Alabama, South Carolina and Tennesse because of their low-cost business structures.*How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work(NYT) * Report: Social programs create jobs(NYDN)  The City shed 8,400 jobs according to a Department of Labor study. Most of the losses came from the restaurant industry which lost 2,400 jobs and the securities indusrty which lost around 2,000 jobs. About 300 public sector jobs were also lost.


We Not Only Don't Have An Independent Commission, Lobbyists Are Redrawing NY Congressional Districts
While the media and so called good government groups and reformers have black out this every ten year pork sausage making in Albany.  Lobbyist and elected officials are busy this weekend drawing district lines that will cut out their opponents strength and easily reelect them.  With the state poised to lose two seats, several members of New York's congressional delegation have started hiring lobbyists to try to protect their interests. Rep. Brian Higgins (D) has employed the firm of Patricia Lynch and Associates,[20], while Rep. Joseph Crowley (D) who lost the Weiner seat last year which complicated redistricting for the dems, hired Brian Meara.  Representative Higgins also hired Meara.  Lobbyist Lynch who used to work for speaker silver got caught sticking her hand into Hevesi pension cooky jar and had to pay the state a half a million in fines, as one of those stay out of jail deal.  Early reports have had Rep. Eliot Engel spending $30,096 on lobbying, while Rep. Joe Crowley spent $21,677 and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy spent $10,206.

What Will Elected Officials Owe the Lobbyist After They Get Them Reelected?
Rep. Kathy Hochul, who won a special election last year to represent the 26th Congressional District, signed a contract last month lobbyist Bolton-St. Johns to represent her campaign. Towns has the lobbyist Hank Sheinkopf who took the 5th in front of the NYS IG investigating the AEG contract scandal looking out for his interest.  Members of New York’s House delegation, for instance, pumped about $378,000 from their own campaign accounts into the coffers of state lawmakers in Albany during the last election cycle, according to an analysis of state campaign records by the New York Public Interest Research Group, a government watchdog organization, as normally obscure legislative races drew strong national attention with the redistricting battle looming. *

True News Wags the NYT Again - Monday's Article 

We said the papers were enabling Albany to politically cut districts by not writing about what is going on.  True News wrote the above article Saturday.  Tomorrow the NYT covered it with the following article  As Closed-Door Redistricting Drags on, Incumbents’ Edge Only Grows(NYT)

NYT Public Editor Wants More Truth, True News Wants More Investigative Journalism

Town's  Countywide Problem
The New York Times says the House Ethics Committee should investigate Congressman Ed Towns and three others over Countrywide loans.

Separate Subway Accidents Kill 4 (WPIX)

Coffee, Couch Time and a Trip to Jail(NYT) The perennially ponytailed defense lawyer Ronald L. Kuby spends his Sundays relaxing on the couch, in the garden or on a bike, but sometimes he slips off to Rikers Island to visit clients.


Javits Center Plans Are Deflating for Architects 

Let’s Raze Javits Center (but First Finish Renovations) (NYT)


Dept of Ed Rent Strike

City won't pay landlord of leaky building(NYDN)


The cleanup of a toxic site along Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal could put neighbors’ health at risk, an advocacy group is warning

Advocacy group blasts Gowanus cleanup as health risk(NYDN)

Gingrich is on every Sunday A.M. show except ABC's today, "to rub in his displeasure with ABC" for airing ex-wife interview . . .

 It's Newt

'Underdog' has his day: Gingrich wins SC primary; Paul and Santorum far behind(NYP)* Decisive Revival Deals a New Blow to Romney Campaign (NYT) * Conservatives, economy fuel Gingrich win in SC (AP) * SC Republican voters conservative, religious and looking for a winner(Wash Post)   

Gingrich Running Against Elite Media

Katrina vandenHeuvel (Tweet) Broadcast Media, which Newt cynically despises, likely salivating over $$ it will rake in due 2 more competitive GOP race. * Rasmussen Daily Tracking Begins: 44% 44%... Obama 47% 40%..*  
Why Gingrich Won - and Romney Lost - Byron York, Washington Examiner*  Three Takeaways From South Carolina - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics *  Can Romney Recover? - John Dickerson, Slate *  Florida Becomes New Romney "Firewall" - Paul West, Los Angeles Times * All Goes Wrong for Dudley Do-Right - Howie Carr, Boston Herald * Newt a Bully & Blowhard Lacking Restraint - John Kass, Chicago Tribune *  Romney's Taxes Are a Big Problem for Him - Mark McKinnon, Daily Beast *  Obama in a "Bubble Within the Bubble" - Maureen Dowd, New York Times * Keystone Battle Is Harvard vs. Heartland - Margaret Wente, Globe & Mail * Drama King Gingrich Shines in SC Soap Opera - Charles Hurt, Wash Times * Newt Won S.C. By Playing the Hate Card - Robert Wright, The Atlantic 

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)Romney Is the Mirror Image of Hillary - Noam Scheiber, The New Republic * Romney Scrambles to Fend Off Gingrich - Dan Balz, Washington Post * South Carolina's Divisive Message - New York Times * Obama's 2012 Bid Doomed by His Own Policies - Washington Times * Gingrich tells that now that Romney will release 2010 amd 2011 tax returns, he's satisfied; ready to move on * Ron Paul aims to win delegates * Romney to release tax returns Tuesday (CBS) * Video: Newt Gingrich on ‘Meet the Press’  * Obama Gets Lucky in South Carolina Primary Results (The Daily Beast) * Newt Gingrich's Surprise Win in South Carolina Panics Republicans (The Daily Beast) * Since his 1994 Senate run, Mitt Romney has been in 25 electoral contests. 6 wins, 19 loses.* Andrea Mitchell Claims Mitt Romney’s Family Entered The Country Illegally * Romney Goes To War On Gingrich (Buzz Feed) “At the end of four years it was proven he was a failed leader, and he had to resign in disgrace.”

 "Our Congress has become a forum for legalized bribery" American Voters: Still Up for Grabs (Friedman, (NYT)

Looks Like Cuomo Joining Bloomberg in Demanding Real Teacher Evaluations Has Made the Teachers Unions Blink

Negotiators say they are making progress in teacher evaluation program(NYDN) Education Commissioner John King and union honcho Richard Iannuzzi said they have made a breakthrough* Mike: Teachers see ‘merit’ in pay plan(NYP) * Analysis: City Hall Fails the School Test (NBC)  Bloomberg said 10 years ago we should blame him if mayoral control wasn't a success. 


NYP Make Their Case Why It’s so Critical to Identify and Boot Ineffective Teachers

Make-believe grads (NYP Ed)  Eight out of 10 city high-school “graduates” who enrolled at CUNY community colleges last fall were deemed unable to do college-level work and required to take remedial classes. * Schools nailing cheats via Web (NYP)


NY1 Flubs Again on Asking Elected Officials What They Think of Teacher Evaluations
On January 12th True News criticized NY1 for failing to ask elected officials what would they do to solve the teacher evaluation dispute between the teachers union and the city, that is costing the  city $60 million dollars in federal education funds. TN said at that time that the NY1 report allowed the pols to duck the important issue of the loss of federal education funds and the teacher evaluation conflict, while protecting their hope of getting the union's campaign endorsement and support.  Well it happen again this time.  This time with the governor added threat of blocking new school aid for all the school districts that don't have teacher evaluations in place.

This time the NY1 reporter ask State Senator Liz Krueger about the problem.  The NY1 reports allowed Krueger to duck the question. She tells us info we already know about Cuomo. Nothing about what she thinks.  Is NY1 afraid that if they pressure pols that will take it out on its owners Time Warner?

"It's an aggressive strategy in budget. I think it’s not unfair, and I don't even think Governor Cuomo would mind me saying he has an aggressive strategy," said State Senator Liz Krueger

3 Days After the City's Unemployment Rate Rose to 9% Quinn Gave Out More $$$ to Her Members 
Ridiculous for Quinn to Give Our Lulus to CM Who Helped Her Pass the Living Wage Bill when New Yorkers can't find Jobs

 Speaker Quinn doles out loot to cooperative Council members ‘Lulus’ on top of salaries are vote-buying tools(NYDN)The last time Council members ran for office, 24 of 51 said they supported banning lulus. Here’s the semi-annual tally of how that worked out. Five have consistently broken the pledge: Margaret Chin of Manhattan; Danny Dromm of Queens; Helen Foster of the Bronx, and Diana Reyna and Sara Gonzalez of Brooklyn. They all pocketed the payments after calling for their elimination. Fourteen have taken the money but donated it to charity: Mathieu Eugene, David Greenfield, Letitia James, Steve Levin and Darlene Mealy of Brooklyn; Gale Brewer and Rosie Mendez of Manhattan; Julissa Ferreras, Karen Koslowitz, Eric Ulrich, Jimmy Van Bramer and Ruben Wills of Queens; Debby Rose of Staten Island, and Fernando Cabrera of the Bronx.

As Jobs Leave the New York's , Many of Them Because of Our High Taxes and Regulations Quinn Continues to Loot the City's Budget to Buy Political Support From Crooked Pols

Quinn Stands Behind Decision on Seabrook Funds (NYT)* Quinn Tries to Buy the Brooklyn Boss Support For Mayor With Another $4.4 Million City Council Dollar Slush FundPorky nonprofits gave mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn $127G A Daily News review of campaign contributions to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn identified more than 200 contributions - totaling $126,789 - from the top employees of nonprofits slated to snag Council money from her this year. (NYDN) *  Speaker admits she knew about slush fund for a while. The NYP in 2008 wrote QUINN: SLUSH FUND HELPED ME

Are the NYPD Crime Stats Real?
Kelly lays down the law to cops not to shrug off crime victims(NYDN)  * NYPD Sued for Hiding Crime Statistics The New York Civil Liberties Union has sued the New York Police Department for refusing to release internal audits of a Brooklyn precinct, saying the reports are essential to show whether the department has manipulated its crime statistics to make them appear more favorable. (CrownHeights.Info)

Local TV News Snow Blizzard
Oh, the weather outside is frightful -- but do we really need four TV stations to tell us that? Nonstop TV weather coverage says as much about TV news as it does about the weather. With a massive snowbound audience at home, the stations pour on the reporting to position themselves for more than just one passing storm. One of the goals of going live all day, in fact, is to reinforce the station's weather "brand" and to establish the station as the go-to place for weather reporting long after the last flake has fallen. Weather is "the driving factor" behind viewers' choice of local newscasts. That's why stations here and across the nation promote the depth and quality of their weather reports relentlessly, particularly "extreme" weather. After a storm passes, they'll also roll out promos bragging about how well they covered the news. * Meg Coyle, Seattle KING 5 Reporter, Called 'Killjoy' At Sledding Location (VIDEO)


City Council Goes To Court Over Homeless Eligibility Policy (NY1) * Residents May Get Perks to Take in Homeless(NBC)

'Occupy' Protesters Rally At Foley Square(NY1) * Protesters Arrested in Zuccotti Park Raid Appear in Court (DNAInfo) * ‘God’-awful mob steals sacred item from UWS church(NYP)


 More Careful Driving Needed

NY Gov's Security Hit Two People With Cars In Two Days(Huff Post) State Police: No conflict to internally probe 2 pedests hit by detail that sometimes guards gov tho gov oversees SP. * Cuomo faces tough policy battles with budget (Stargazette)*  Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces tough policy battles (Dem and Chronicle)


City Program to Fight Foreclosures Finally Showing Results

Home-Crisis Program Gets a Late Start (WSJ) After three years of slow progress, a $54 million New York City program to help neighborhoods hit hard by the housing market collapse is finally showing a tangible result.






 3 Way Brooklyn Hospital Merger Stalls

Hospital board balks at Brooklyn mega-merger(CrainsNY)*Chefs, Butlers, Marble Baths: Hospitals Vie for the Affluent(NYT)






City Criticizes Judge in Case Of Hiring At Fire Dept.(NYT) NYC Wants Judge In FDNY Discrimination Case Removed(WABC)* NYC Wants Judge In FDNY Discrimination Case Removed(WCBS)

Judge Monitoring FDNY Diversity Efforts Should Be Removed, Officials Say(NY1)

NY1 Online: Civil Rights Attorneys Discuss Redistricting And Proposed "Unity Map"(NY1)

Bronx Blog Says Bronx Newspaper Kisses Diaz's Ring

Here is a campaign newsletter for Ruben Diaz, Jr. disguised as a legitimate article in the online NY Sun written by Andy Wolf -- the editor of the Riverdale Review. Wolf writes glowingly about Diaz and credits him for victories regarding jobs in the Bronx, the Kingsbridge Armory and the living wage. So while the Bronx remains the Borough with the highest unemployment rate in the City, somehow Wolf thinks Diaz has hit all home runs.(Bronx Political Chatter) More Bronx Could the Bronx get chopped up even more? (Bronx Press Politics) * After consideration, Diaz Jr. jumps on board with Ferry Point Park golf course (Bronx Press Politics)


High Line builder showered city officials with forbidden gifts – and pays no price(NY World)

 Pension Fight: Hevesi's Hank Morris Proves Whoever Controls the Pensions Will Make Millions

Union bid to keep control of pension fund(NYP) A much-ballyhooed plan to overhaul the city’s pension system is withering on the vine as key unions are pushing their own proposal, which would maintain their power over the massive fund.Five unions* Are unions distancing themselves from John Liu?

Preservation Push in Bohemian Home Stirs Fear of Hardship(NYT) Some places of worship worry that a plan to establish a historic district in the east village will bring burdensome expenses and restrictions.

The End of Mom and Pop Stores on the UWS?

UWS Weighs City Plan to Protect Mom and Pop Stores(DNA Info)* West Side Story: Mom-And-Pop Shops Priced Out Of Neighborhood (NY1)

Lara Logan: Horrific gang sexual assault in Egypt still haunts me(NYDN)

State Receives Hurricane Irene Relief Funds(NY1)

Newt Gingrich Wins SC

Romney-Gingrich showdown in South Carolina

Gingrich surging in polls on eve of SC primary despite ex-wife's accusations(NYP) * For Gingrich, Wives Always at Center of Career(NYT) * With Hours to Decide, Few Are Willing to Commit(NYT) * Redistricting in Texas(NYT Ed) * In South Carolina, Newt Looks to Win His Own Way - Alex Altman, Time * Tight Race an Abrupt Blow to Romney - Rutenberg, Parker & Zeleny, NYT * Romney Makes Closing Argument to S.C. Voters - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP * Gingrich's Dramatic Roller Coaster Ride - Frank Newport, Gallup *  Romney Campaign Curling Up in a Ball on Floor - Jonathan Chait, NY Mag * Mitt Romney's Persistence & Determination - David Brooks, NY Times *  Rampant Union Bashing in Republican Race - Josh Eidelson, Salon * Iowa GOP declares Rick Santorum winner of the Iowa caucuses(Wash Post) * How wives of GOP candidates have gotten caught in campaign crossfire (Today) * South Carolina Dirty Against Newt (Political Wire) *A new ailment on the 2012 campaign trail: debate fatigue (Wash Post) * Are Romney's Most Energetic Supporters in South Carolina Bused-In Mormon Students?(NY Magazine) * Obama to Draw an Economic Line in State of the Union (NYT) * Forecasting the South Carolina Vote(538) * Did Gingrich ‘Slash’ Federal Spending? (Factcheck.Org)

Koch predicts Obama will win this fall" “He’s a very lucky guy, because the Republicans are nuts."(Capital)

Bill Maher: People Don’t Like Romney “Not Because He’s Rich, It’s How He Got Rich’



Lobbying outlays bounce back in 4th quarter (Politico) *  Lobbyist Helps a Project He Financed in Congress (NYT) Soon after he retired last year as one of the leading liberals in Congress, former Representative William D. Delahunt of Massachusetts started his own lobbying firm with an office on the 16th floor of a Boston skyscraper. One of his first clients was a small coastal town that has agreed to pay him $15,000 a month for help in developing a wind energy project.

D.W.I. Charge for a Congressman’s Wife(NYT) Allison Lee-Hinchey, the wife of Representative Maurice D. Hinchey, a Democrat of New York, was also charged with text messaging while driving.

Brownsville, Brooklyn, Is Terrorized by Gangs(NYT) *

Brooklyn Gang Takedown Inspires New Hope For Youth Programs(NY1)

 Law and Order
$$-dodge lawyer jailed(NYP) * Threat From Gangs Heightens Anxiety in a Brooklyn Neighborhood(NYT) * Lawyer Charged With Defrauding Client(WSJ) * On-duty cop kills himself after fight with girlfriend(NYDN) * That's my Oldsmobile! Queens WWII vet fights carjacker(NYDN) * Cop shoots man brandishing BB gun in Queens(WABC) * Tenn. Pol Mad Over Tourist Arrest Warns NYers(NBC) * Godmother bilked daughter of 9/11 victim out of $1M(NYDN) * Big-house fatshunista suing over lil’ jail garb(NYP)

East Village Intruder Allegedly Locks Woman in Her Bathroom(DNA Info)

Police Seek East Harlem Attempted Assault Suspect (WCBS)




Police Seek Suspects In Violent Queens Muggings(NY1)




NYPD: City Employee Arrested For Allegedly Flashing Young Girl(WCBS)

Police Arrest City Employee Who Allegedly Exposed Himself To Child (NY1) * Kid-agency director in flasher bust (NYP)


Harlem Burglary Suspect Still At Large(WCBS)