Friday, January 20, 2012

Media Allows NY Elected Officials To Aovid Tough Issues Like Rising Unemployment

Wake Up NY
Blame the Pols For Loss of Jobs

Not One Comment of Concern Of the City's Rising Unemployment Rate From Any Pol  City's Jobless Rate Rises as Nation's Falls(NYT) * City Jobless Rate Rises to 9% as Economy Shows Weakness(WSJ) The city's unemployment rate went from 8.9 percent to 9 percent, as the nation's dropped from 8.7 percent to 8.5 percent. In 2011, NYC added 389,000 private-sector jobs.

Cuomo Sells His Budget and Distances Himself From Senate Dems
Cuomo “Cost the State of New York Bubkes”
Cuomo Refuses to Back Senate Democrats in the Fall

A Complex at Aqueduct Is Risk-Free, Cuomo Says(NYT) * Budget Provision Raises Worries About Cuomo’s Reach (NYT) A 130-word paragraph repeated hundreds of times in Cuomo’s proposed budget would allow him to move money between agencies without legislative oversight even after the budget is approved Cuomo pushes budget in Queens(NYDN) * n past 3 days, has done Post, NYT and DN editorial boards. Will he stop by TV stations to pitch his 2012-13 budget, too? * Cuomo's $15B infrastructure plan hailed, but some question funding sources (LoHud) * Cuomo defended his convention center plans, telling the Times editorial board, "First, I say, you want government to second-guess the private sector? They’ve had a masterful track record, masterful." He also said the convention center in Queens is aimed at "more of a mass, blue-collar clientele that probably wouldn’t be going to the Broadway shows anyway." [Thomas Kaplan] * There remain questions about where Gov. Cuomo expects to get the money to pay for his infrastructure plan.


Daily News Calls DiNapoli A Pension Chicken, The NYP Says He is Protecting the Unions  

State Comptroller Warns Against Cuomo's Proposed Pension System(NY1) * DiNapoli pension tension(NYP) * The Post says State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s criticism of Cuomo’s 401(k) style retirement plan for public employee unions is kowtowing to union interests DiNapoli delivers (NYP Ed) * The Daily News chides DiNapoli for criticizing the pension proposal too, charging the comptroller ought to be on Cuomo’s side in cost containment Comptroller DiNapoli Chickens Out On Pension Reform (NYDN Ed) * Newsday calls the governor’s pension proposal “sensible” and “generous” because it gives public sector employees the same benefits private sector workers already have (Newsday) *NYC pension trustees representing senior police and fire officers proposed an alternative that would preserve their power over how the city invests retirement funds.

Where is the UFT Political Support? Union Leader Fights Alone Teacher Evaluation
UFT boots city from evaluation training sessions(NYDN) * Gov. Cuomo says it's the 'moment of truth' in teacher evaluations(NYDN * Latest battle in state teacher-review war(NYP) * Tensions Fly at School Closing Hearing(Fox5) * Almost 8 out of every 10 high school graduates entering CUNY has to take remedial math, reading and or writing courses. The U.F.T. leader calls it "social graduation." [Yoav Gonen]

MTA Contract Dance: TWU Boss Samuelsen Walls Out to Show His Members How Hard he is Fighting For Them
Union Terms MTA Tactics 'An Outrage'(WSJ) The president of the union that represents most of New York City's transit workers lashed out at Metropolitan Transportation Authority management Thursday, a marked shift in tone amid high-stakes contract talks. * Steamed transit union boss John Samuelsen cancels contract talks(NYDN) * MTA breakdown(NYP) Other MTA News MTA blames local emissions for debris on Second Ave(WABC)

A look at looming redistricting battles involving Asian communities in Queens * Congressional redistricting gets shakeup from Hinchey's retirement(StarGazette)



The Queens GOP Civil Wars
Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and state GOP Chairman Ed Cox are meeting to discuss the Queens GOP following the news that NYC Councilman Peter Koo plans to defect to the Democrats. 
Top New York Republican officials are set to huddle today to the discuss the Queens party organization and its Senate candidates. The meeting with state Chairman Ed Cox, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Queens Chairman Phil Ragusa was scheduled before the New York Times reported Councilman Peter Koo was switching to the Democrats, but the loss of Koo as a potential Senate candidate will loom large. Koo left in part because he was tired of the Queens Republicans’ longstanding internal strife. There may be a bright spot for the party, though, if Skelos can cut a favorable district for Juan Reyes, a Hispanic attorney who lives in Forest Hills and could challenge Democratic Sen. Joe Addabbo. Meanwhile, controversial Councilman Dan Halloran apparently formed a state fundraising committee yesterday that could lay the groundwork for a long-rumored challenge to Democratic Sen. Tony Avella. There is talk about extending the district into more conservative Bronx neighborhoods, and Bronx Republican Chairman Jay Savino is said to be on board with the idea.

Is Bklyn de Blasio Against Cabs In the County of Kings?

Mike lays green on yellow-cab allies (NYP) Filings show that Mayor Bloomberg quietly donated $4,100 apiece to the campaign committees of Carl Heastie (D-Bronx), Guillermo Linares (D-Manhattan) and Karim Camara (D-Brooklyn), key allies in his plan. * Opponents of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s livery cab plan gave $43,800 to public advocate Bill de Blasio, one of the bill’s vocal critics, while Bloomberg gave $4,100 each to the bill’s sponsors Guillermo Linares, Karim Camara and Carl Heastie


de Blasio Taking Money From Taxi Industry While Going After Super Pacs 

NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio got $43,800 from the yellow cab industry for speaking out against Bloomberg’s bill.  Bill de Blasio participated in an all-night Twitter protest of the Citizens United decision.

Bill de Blasio (Twitter) Where’s secret spending going? 14,000 TV ads have hit SC so far. Demand disclosure:

Collapse Casts Light on the Murky World of Billboards(NYT)

The Daily News calls critics of the city’s stickers on cars that don’t move for alternate side parking,“whiners” who ignore the positive impact stickers have had on street cleanliness * City Council wrongly bans alternate-side parking violation stickers (NYDN Ed) * New Parking Bills Win Over City Council, Drivers(NY1)

Lawyers Want '08 Crane Collapse Payouts Disclosed (NY1)


Judge Says Protesters Can’t Rally at Courthouse(NYT) * Judge Moves Occupy Protest(WSJ) *  Occupy the Courts denied protest permit(NYDN)* Judge Rules Against ‘Occupy The Courts’ Protest Outside(WCBS) * "Occupy" targets courts over campaign funding (CBS) * NYC Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez was in court today for his Occupy arrest. His case has not yet been dismissed. He’s due back in court March 9.




Bloomberg slams Garaufis over FDNY discrimination ruling(NYP)






Google Lifts Chelsea, So City Hikes Tax Bill(WSJ) While property tax bills on New York City homes will rise between 2 and 5 percent in July, Google’s new Manhattan headquarters will see its bill shoot up 17 percent, more than any other building in the city* Google's best company to work for(NYDN)


Exclusive: How Obama Won Over Ed Koch (Buzzfeed)  President Barack Obama won his way back into Mayor Ed Koch’s good graces last fall during a secret half-hour meeting during the United Nations General Assembly * The tactic worked well enough to get Koch to host one of four fundraisers for the president that took place in NYC last night. Obama gave the ex-mayor a shout-out.

Obama Uses NY As ATM $3 Million Last Nigh

Obama Sings: I So In Love With You NY

Obama Revs Up Re-Election Campaign With Manhattan Fundraisers(NY1) * Gold Apple for Obama(NYP) * President Obama Visits Manhattan For Various Fundraisers(WCBS) * At Apollo Theater, Obama Sings Al Green [Video] (NYO) * Newt Gingrich walks tall in South Carolina debate (Politico) * Inside Of Spike Lee's Fundraiser For President Obama (WPIX)

Gingrich rips into CNN moderator over question about affair(NYP) * John King Defends His Gingrich Question: ‘Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t’ * Bombshell?! ABC News Airs Marianne Gingrich Interview We’ve All Been Waiting For * Newt made King, the “elite” media – and CNN in particular – part of the story, by design.* The NYT chides Republicans for their “do as I say, not as I do” ideology on morals.* The Gingrich campaign has canceled Newt’s appearance at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference due to “low attendance” at event.

Marianne Gingrich: Newt Asked for Open Marriage (Wash Post)

Fewer Debaters, Plenty of Heat(WSJ) * Looking to shift the momentum, Romney puts out a big endorsement : Bob McDonnell, va gov and vp shortlister * Mitt Romney Booed After Dodging On Tax Return Answer(TPM) * Republican Race No Longer on Autopilot - Balz & Cillizza, Washington Post * Gingrich Seizes Spotlight With Anti-Media Screed - Conroy & McPike, RCP * Why Does the Media Keep Underestimating Newt? - Walter Shapiro, TNR *History Favors Romney in South Carolina - Todd Purdum, Vanity Fair * Obama, Christie, and the Future - Emmett Tyrrell, Washington Times * President Obama's Keystone Madness - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *Why Romney Won't Release His Taxes - John Talbott, Huffington Post * How Mitt Romney Beat Us - Tim Miller, RealClearPolitics * alin: Media Overplayed Hand in Gingrich Attack - Jeff Poor, Daily Caller * Liberal Media Out to Destroy Gingrich - Investor's Business Daily * In 2008, Romney’s Wealth Was Not an Issue* Last Days in S.C. Upset a Smooth Path for Romney  * Romney Surprisingly Ill-Prepared on Tax Issue - Paul Caron, CNN *
The Race Is Still Romney's - Reid Wilson, National Journal * Three Scenarios for South Carolina - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News * Obama Should Go Big, Bold for State of Union - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg * Liberal Dogma Is Holding Obama Back - Cheri Jacobus, The Hill * Clemson Palmetto Poll: Gingrich 32, Romney 26, Paul 11, Santorum 9


PollDateSampleMoEGingrich Romney Paul Santorum Perry Spread
RCP Average1/17 - 1/19----32.430.413.411.23.0Gingrich +2.0
Clemson1/18 - 1/19429 LV4.73226119--Gingrich +6
PPP (D)1/18 - 1/19836 LV3.435291515--Gingrich +6
Rasmussen Reports1/18 - 1/18750 LV4.0333115112Gingrich +2
Insider Advantage1/18 - 1/18718 LV3.6322915113Gingrich +3
Politico/Tarrance (R)1/17 - 1/18600 LV4.1303711104Romney +7


Jon Stewart Dissects Gingrich Open Marriage Scandal: Open Your Legs, America



Tennessee speed guns (NYP)  Payback vow on NYers for 9/11 Memorial bust * A Tennessee lawmaker warned New Yorkers visiting his home state to pay extra special attention to all traffic regulations, threatening retribution after a Tennessean was arrested at the 9/11 Memorial for carrying a concealed weapon.



Top CIA Lawyer Never Approved NYPD Collaboration in Muslim Spy Program

Top counsel for the CIA did not approve sending an agency veteran to New York to set up a domestic spying program, which would have been required by the presidential order Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said allowed the program, the Associated Press reports:


43 in Two Warring Gangs Are Indicted in Brooklyn(NYT) The Wave Gang and the Hood Starz, rivals in Brownsville, left clues from boasting on Twitter and Facebook, officials said. * Dozens of reputed gang members arrested in Brooklyn(WABC)

Police: Social Media Helped In Brooklyn Gangs' Take Down(NY1)

Elevator torcher Jerome Isaac held without bail(NYDN) * Elevator torcher’s boast(NYDN) * Suspect Pleads Not Guilty in Elevator Torching Death(NBC)

Tablet computer stolen from restaurant (NYDN)

Law and Order

Police Shoot Suspect in Queens(NYT) * Officer Kills Himself While on Duty, Police Say(NYT) * Shock cop suicide(NYP)* Finest takes call, kills self on Qns. street (NYDN) *NYPD says cop was a pimp(NYDN) * SI man guilty of DWI slays(NYP) * Bus teen shot on ‘slay’ line(NYDN) * Pot vendor a ‘cereal’ dealer: cops(NYP) * State staffer in $1M theft bust(NYDN) * Reefer gladness(NYP) * Pratt prof in kid-porn bust(NYP) * Police shoot suspect allegedly carjacking elderly man(WABC) * Police Shoot Gun-Wielding Suspect in Queens(NBC) *Pot vendor a ‘cereal’ dealer: cops(NYP) * 1 Student Arrested Every Day In NYC Schools, 94% Are Black Or Latino

Officials Blast Manhattan D.A. Over Release Of Hate Crime Suspect(NY1)