Monday, January 23, 2012

True News Leading Old Media to the Real News - We Got the Story About Incumbent Protection Redistricting Out

True News Wags the NYT Again

Yesterday said the papers were enabling Albany to politically cut districts by not writing about what is going on.   Today the NYT covered redistricting but only talked generally about the lobbyists and nothing about how the good government groups have given up on an independent redistricting.  Why is Albany the last state to come up with a redistricting plan? So the courts will not have time to draw their own lines! What about all the pols who signed pledges to do so?   As Closed-Door Redistricting Drags on, Incumbents’ Edge Only Grows(NYT)

 Yesterday's True News

We Not Only Don't Have An Independent Commission, Lobbyists Are Redrawing NY Congressional Districts
While the media and so called good government groups and reformers have black out this every ten year pork sausage making in Albany.  Lobbyist and elected officials are busy this weekend drawing district lines that will cut out their opponents strength and easily reelect them.  With the state poised to lose two seats, several members of New York's congressional delegation have started hiring lobbyists to try to protect their interests.


Late Redistricting Helps Incumbents . .  Cuomo Courts Will Decide
SCOTUS ruling: "reaffirms the legislative role in drawing up the maps as somthng that has 2b taken seriously"    New York remains one of the last states in the nation to have not settled on its new district lines, something that gives incumbents a huge advantage this election season. * In an interview with the NYT, Cuomo repeated his redistricting veto pledge, but predicted the issue “will wind up in the courts, and the courts are going to determine if the maps were done fairly or not…in truth, something’s going to have to be worked out.” * There could be a deal as early as this week on a proposed amendment to the state’s Constitution that would overhaul the redistricting process for 2022. * Why support of public campaign financing (in the State of the State, but not the budget) is a gamble for Cuomo if he indeed aspires to higher office.* A reader notes the Supreme Court case isn't exactly analogous to the situation in New York. [nynyny] * Shadow Play (C&S) Redistricting puppet show.

Silver Tries to Keep His Members in Line With A Bribe

With 9% Unemployment, 10,000 Jobs leaving the city last year and Kodak Closing Upstate Why Not Tie Pay Raises With Turning the State Around economically?

Shel: We’ll raise our game – then our pay (NYP) Silver: “People understand that before there can be a discussion of pay raises, there has to be a change in the performance level of the Legislature,’’ the speaker continued. * Silver makes the case for giving $79,500-a-year legislators a raise | Capital New York

Charles Gasparino wants the state’s pols to speak out against Dodd-Frank, which he says is the chocking the state’s Golden Goose. * The Daily News says that the City Council’s paid sick leave bill will be a job-killer.



Cuomo Tell Pols No Gambling $$$

Pols to Profit from Casinos, No dice, Say Gov.(NYP) Language in the new gambling legislation would forbid lawmakers from having a hand in the casino companies. * Pols to profit from casinos? No dice!(NYDN) * Tucked into Cuomo’s budget is language that bars government employees and political party types from owning any stake, including stock, in licensed gaming companies or having more than a 10 percent stake in any business that sells goods or services to a gambling enterprise.

NYT Op Ed Talks About the Down Side of Gambling

Growing Poor in Atlantic City Blocks from the Casinos

Anti-gambling advocate assails Cuomo's "wrongheaded" casino push. Lawmakers "sworn to protec," not make losing $ easier 

New York’s Bad Bet (NYT OpED) Casinos might create jobs and generate state revenue, but supporters ignore or play down the costs.  Various studies, including research by the economist Earl L. Grinols at Baylor University, have shown that casinos produce little to no economic spinoff and in fact divert spending away from surrounding businesses like restaurants, movie theaters and live entertainment. In the worst cases, some problem gamblers spend money that is needed for groceries, rent or child support. And Crime Crime picks up pace in ‘racino’ precinct(NYP) * Rusty, Dolan team vs. hunger(NYP) * Plenty of gambling is going on right now in Chinatown.


Cuomo and Bloomberg Must Have Heard Obama Sing "Lets Stay Together" At the Apollo 

The relationship between Cuomo and Bloomberg appears to be thawing, after both have turned their attention to the teacher’s unions.  Andy, Mike snuggle up (NYP) Sources tell the Post that Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg are in close contact over pension reform and the teachers union, marking a thaw in their “icy relationship” * Teachers Union Starts Ad Campaign(WSJ) * In Teacher-Evaluation Fight, One Deal Won't Be Enough (WSJ)  Much of the complex and potentially expensive work of coming up with valid teacher evaluations to comply with the Race to the Top program is being left to local school districts (NYT)  In Race to the Top, the Dirty Work Is Left to Those on the Bottom * The Washington Post cheers Cuomo’s willingness to “set his sights on shaking up an educational bureaucracy that is better at spending money than serving children.” * The so-called “Yellow Book,” the Assembly Democrats’ analysis of the governor’s budget proposal, can be viewed here.* Budget Provision Raises Worries About Cuomo’s Reach (NYT)

The New Politics: Finding Dirt on Potential Candidates and Attack

Gillibrand Challenger
Under the Name of a Senate Hopeful, Blog Posts on Sex and Drugs(NYT) Internet entrepreneur Marc Cenedella, a potential challenger to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, had a blog that included racy posts about women, sex and drugs* In attacking Gilibrand, the state G.O.P. chairman referred to PIPA as "anti-New York legislation." [Liz Benjamin]


 NYP Says to Liu  After A Drop In His Fundraising "Go Away”
Liu’s dwindling fortunes (NYP) The Post touts the drop in campaign contributions to City Comptroller John Liu in the wake of an investigation into his fundraising * A very expensive computer system is very under-utilized by New York City school officials, according to the City Comptroller John Liu. [Anna Phillips] * Two News Corp. spokespeople contributed $500 apiece to NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn.


Bronx Publisher Says Engel, Koppell Helped Secure Loan, But Denies Political Bias (C&S)

Andy Wolf, the editor and publisher of the Riverdale Review, acknowledged in a phone interview this afternoon that Congressman Eliot Engel and Councilman Oliver Koppell helped him secure a loan that allowed him to buy the newspaper – but says that’s had no effect on the paper’s coverage of the local elected officials.  Wolf was responding to an article I posted this morning on a boycott of the Riverdale Review. The boycott’s organizers say that Koppell and Engel have gotten overly favorable coverage in the weekly northwest Bronx newspaper. *  A Bronx Council Race Wrapped In A Newspaper Boycott (C& S)

It Not Just the Bronx Pols Who Own Local Papers Queens Also
A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians (True News) Soviet Queens Pravda   In queens the local newspaper, the political machine and government all work together.  The paper do not preform the role of checks and balances that Founding Father envisioned to protect the people from the government and ensure a working democracy.  Instead Queens local newspapers have gamed journalism to operate as a co-machine in Queens.  They work in campaigns and are lobbyist to the same elected officials they help elect or reelect.  The papers operate as the house organ for the Democratic  party to controling who becomes gets elected or becomes a judge in Queens county.  The judges in turn send the legal ads worth tens of thousands dollars to the local papers. * Chicago Sun-Times will stop endorsing candidates to increase appearance of impartiality

Will Kruger Be Allowed to Bring the Chair To Jail?

After admitting he sold his office, Kruger buys his seat (NYO)




Will GOP $$$ Be Enough to Overcome high Democratic turnout in a presidential election year?
State Senate GOP sitting on huge cash edge (TU) Campaign committee holds 5-to-1 advantage over Dems  New York’s Senate Republicans have a nearly 5-to-1 advantage over Democrats in campaign funds, which could help them protect their narrow majority,




MTA: No Free Shuttles, Contract Delay Dance Continues, Robo Computer Trains Fail and 4 Die in Subway Accidents

There will be need for more tax revenue from somewhere in coming years, MTA's Joe Lhota tells Fordham infrastructure panel.  MTA scuttles free-shuttle plan (NYP) City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer offered to pay for the $250,000 direct, no-transfer bus from Long Island City to Grand Central while the MTA worked on the signal system under the East River. The money would have come out of his own discretionary funds.  MTA chiefs balked at his idea, Van Bramer said, because they worried that if they offered it to 7 riders, they’d have to do the same for other communities that deal with serial service outages, like those along the L line.* For M.T.A. and Union, Obstacles Delay a Contract(NYT)The Transport Workers Union shut down contract talks over MTA leaks to the press, but the MTA has been clear in its position, which the union openly posted on its own web site* Subway Sees Four Deaths in One Day(WSJ) * RoboTrains put system on fritz (NYDN) * The MTA and the TWU face-off has not led to a deal, but negotiations are far more muted this time around than they were in 2005. * MTA Dismisses Rep's Proposal For 7 Train Shuttle Bus (NY1) * State Senate Passes $500 Fine for Subway Farebeaters (NYDN)


Eric Schneiderman and the attorney general of Iowa dispute how the AG became removed from negotiations around the 50-state mortgage settlement.* Ben Lawsky, New York State's superintendent at the Dept. of Finances sent out subpoenas to Morgan Stanley, Mortgage Capital Holdings and CitiMortgage and said, "Force-placed insurance appears to be the dirty little secret of the mortgage industry." [Gretchen Morgenson]

Koo Joins the party Mclaughlin, Seminero and Monserrate

 Koo Meets His New Friends
NYC Councilman Peter Koo is scheduled to officially defect from the GOP to the Democrats today. * Democrats Huzzah Koo Party Switch (NYO) * New Year, New Party For Councilman Peter Koo(NYDN) * Different Explanations Emerge for Koo Party Switch(NYO) * Councilman Switches to Democratic Party(NYT)

After Giants vs. Patriots, It Could Be Christie vs. Bloomberg(NYT)

NYC illegal trash dumping on the rise(WSJ) * llegal Trash Dumping Fines Up(Fox 5) * Peter Vallone wants to increase the fines for those who use public garbage cans for their own household trash.

Occupy Wall Street Drops Suit Challenging Eviction from Zuccotti Park (DNAInfo)

Sharing a Screen, if Not a Classroom(NYT) For schools that have trouble finding volunteers willing to visit, newly designed software is allowing tutors to meet with beginning readers online.


Brooklyn Sen. Dan Squadron and 18 of his relatives have been named in a “clawback” claim arising from Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Bankruptcy trustee Irving Picard says the Squadron family invested $10.8 million in the fund and received $11.8 million in “fictitious profits.” The Squadron family disputes that accounting. Picard has filed similar cases against more than 1,000 other investors who received more from Madoff than they put in, and intends to give the proceeds to other investors who lost money. The Squadrons, like those other unwitting investors, have never been accused of wrongdoing. “As has been reported before, Senator Squadron’s family, like so many others, was victimized by the Madoff Ponzi scheme,” said Squadron spokeswoman Amy Spitalnick. “Unfortunately, the scope and degree of the Madoff fraud has left many challenging legal issues affecting thousands of victims that the courts are still sorting out.”

City Autopsy Disclosures Challenged(WSJ) For decades, the New York City Medical Examiner has played a public role in urban dramas both large and small by releasing causes of death. Now that practice—unique in New York state—is facing what is believed to be its first legal challenge in 84 years.

Analysis: GOP establishment in a panic over Newtmentum. Why? Because has shown that he can win without them or the consultants who controls DC.

Florida Florida Florida Debate Tonight

Florida GOP Primary: Gingrich 41%, Romney 32% (Rasmussen)

Obama’s State of the Union is crucial balancing act (Wash Post) * Newt's Momentum v. Mitt's Organization in FL - Alex Leary, Miami Herald * Can Romney Get His Groove Back? - Amy Walter, ABC News * Gingrich Steals Romney's Cloak of Electability - Alistair Bell, Reuters * Romney's Bain Capital Problem Is Real - Burns & Haberman, Politico * The Gingrich Challenge - Wall Street Journal * Gingrich and Romney Trade Jabs as G.O.P. Race Rolls On(NYT) * G.O.P. Ventures Into Florida, a State Harder to Pigeonhole(NYT) * Gingrich Win Puts Romney on DefenseNewt Gingrich wants Freddie Mac records released before the Florida primary, he tells me on(ABC) (WSJ) * Newt, with a $500k revolving Tiffany account for wife3, paid $19,800 in alimony for a year to wife2. * * The former House speaker is getting financial help from a Las Vegas casino tycoon who is pushing gambling in Florida.  *Election Oracle: Newt's Chances of Winning Nomination Soar (The Daily Besast) * Poll watcher: Newt Gingrich surges in national polls (Wash Post) *  What to Watch For in the Tampa Debate (NYT)* Pro-Gingrich super PAC says it will be competitive in Florida (CNN) * According to our ad trackers; Romney's SuperPAC is spending more money on radio ads than Gingrich's campaign is spending on cable TV(NBC)* Florida Sen. Marco Rubio hasn’t ruled out running for VP if asked.* Gingrich says Romney is 'desperate'(CNN)* Here It Is: Palin. Christie. "Panties In A Wad."(NYDN) * Joe Biden carefully approaches Gingrich’s multiple marriages.

Romney looks to hit back at Gingrich in Florida  (WABC) * How Schumer cut Romney’s taxes (CrainsNY) * NBC: Gingrich Freddie Mac Contracts To Be Released Monday Evening(TPM)

Headless Body in Topless Bar' killer seeks release from prison(NYP)

 Law and Order

I tried to stop cop suicide(NYP) * Da Silvano owner accused of sexual assault claims he's too old to grope(NYP) * Stanford finally going to trial in Ponzi case(NYP) * Man Killed, Another Wounded In Bronx Shooting(NY1)  * Murder Trial Begins In Garza Case(Fox 5)* Cops Still Searching for Second Suspect in Mamajuana Cafe Assault - * EXCLUSIVE: DNA Helps Crack East Harlem Cold Case Killing Of Pregnant Mom (WCBS) * More than 200 subway cops added to combat crime underground (AMNY)

 Like a 'monster' perv(NYDN) 

Convicted sex offender pleads guilty in death of B'klyn dancer he met in club(NYP)