Monday, July 4, 2011

True News Monday Update

We the People 235

Salute to Old Glory(NYP Ed) * What Our Declaration Really Said - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * Lincoln and the Declaration - Rich Lowry, New York Post * The Lasting Lessons of Independence - Jennifer Braceras, Boston Herald * Celebrate Freedom and Those Who Serve - Minneapolis Star Tribune * Reaffirming Our Independence - Orange County Register * A Declaration We Still Must Live Up To - Washington Post * It's the Fourth of July, and a shocking number of Americans are unclear why that matters(NYDN)NYC's First Independence Day: 5 Days Late (NBC)


Not only Sam Cooke: Don't Know Much About History

For the 69% Of Americans Under 30 Don't Know What Year We Declared Our Independence.  True News As A Public Service Offers American Independence for Dummies

Declaration of Independence(Video) * John Adams - Declaration of Independence(Video)The True Story of The Boston Tea Party (Video) * Boston Massacre (video) * Andy Griffith and Paul Revere's Ride (Video) * George Washington (Video) * The 44 Presidents of United States of America (Video)

Same-Sex Marriage: The 4 GOP who voted for it are in peril

Dicker's Day Dream 

Obama to ask Andrew to be 2012 running mate: sources(Dicker, NYP)



Kruger has introduced hundreds of bills, but passed 0

Albany: Lawmakers in the majority get to pass bills; lawmakers from the minority, don’t. [Joe Spector / Democrat and Chronicle]

NY Districts Held Hostage by Prisoners As part of New York's redistricting an unlikely group of nonvoters, prisoners, will affect new district political lines. (The Independent) 




Why your parks look like this: Because City Hall is slamming them with budget cuts(NYDN)

Economic Development: “Politics long ago infected the state’s economic development efforts, and Hoyt’s appointment is only the latest example.”(BN)


"Water rates have increased by 134% since Mr. Bloomberg took office in 2002 & more than 91% since 2(WSJ)


Liu says city’s tourism officials could misuse $1.7 million labeled “other funds.”

Tourism biz 'owes' Apple big Promo agency swipes $1.7M from NYC: audit(NYP)

Joey Chestnut Wins With 62 Hot Dogs(ABC)

 Former Nathan's Champ Kobayashi Polishes Off 69 Hot Dogs In Separate Manhattan Event (NY1) * Nathan's Names First Female Hot Dog Eating Champion(NY1)


Women, Uneasy, Still Lag as Cyclists in New York City(NYT)

The Department of Education says some 34,000 elementary and middle school students will have to attend summer school this year, up from about 23,000 last year. Summer School Classes Begin Tomorrow(NY1)

Medicaid bill fun for fraudsters(NYP)

$4 fee turns ferry into ghost ship(NYP)

Albany in action: Legislature approves sippy cup bill(NYDN)

Kids risking lives by diving off dangerous Coney pier (with no one to stop them)

Toilet Paper Emergency: Parks Dept. Can Barely Spare A Square!

NYC rationing toilet tissue at Coney Island(NYP)

Quinn Tries to Buy the Brooklyn Boss Support For Mayor With Another $4.4 Million City Council Dollar Slush Fund

Quinn: Bribing Boss Vito
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s incorrigible college of klepto-clowns is at it again, this time coughing up nearly $4.4 million for a politically juiced Brooklyn nonprofit that’s under federal investigation — and that can’t even be bothered to file legally required financial documents on time. Public money sent to his non-profit nearly equals the salaries paid to his gal pal and campaign treasurer, who work there. Vito's latest payday(NYP) * Vito's be$t buddies Fat pay keeps coming for his charity gals


Patronage Pig Vito Lopez Get Money From the Council Even As He Violates the Law

Vito Lopez group didn't file proper papers for pork(NYDN)

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has slapped the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council for failing to comply with public disclosure laws. That prevents the organization from collecting money Council members set aside for the group in next year's budget.  Brooklyn Councilman Erik Martin-Dilan also earmarked $3 million for the organization's capital needs, while Domenic Recchia  set aside $750,000 in capital funds for the group.(NYDN) * City Council Approves $36.4 Million for Earmarks(NYT) New fees as council OKs $66B budget(NYP) Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine (True News)

"Bill's going to be on the other side of almost every issue, but he'll listen to you," said an official with one of the city's most prominent developers

Developers OK With de Blasio . . . Why?

De Blasio's 'real' pals for mayoral run(NYP) * Twitter NYC Comptroller John Liu- Union Puppet--will be shocked when WFP and Unions back DiBlasio for Mayor.

Mayor Kelly in 2011?
Roger Stone



 Daily News Kicks Says the City Kicks the Pension and Health Care Costs Down the Road

Budget catastrophe can only be averted, not defeated, as long as pension, health care costs rise (NYDN Ed)



Sister-In-Law Of Alan Dershowitz Struck, Killed By USPS Truck In NYC(WCBS)





 Chaos on Christopher St.: Iconic Village stretch overrun by violence and drugs(NYDN)


While the City Tell Us Corrupt CityTime Payroll System Works They Are Looking for A Replacement

Buried in the agency's resolution was the surprising announcement that, come January, the city will seek new proposals for computerized payroll management. Though officials say it is unlikely that CityTime would be scrapped altogether after $760 million was spent on it, they concede it's possible that changes could be made. Mike: CityTime's up, now we're taking over(NYP)



Bob Schieffer:

Forgetting Founders' tough love(Goodwin, NYP)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk Shows (The Daily Beast)





NYT Calls Cuomo's Work Incomplete

What Gov. Cuomo Left Undone  Redistricting, campaign finance reform and curbing state pensions are still on the agenda in New York.(NYT Ed) * Cooperation: “There’s no way Shelly would have given George Pataki a budget like this,” said GOP State Senator Maziarz. * Comparisons: Cuomo and Jerry Brown are similar, except Cuomo gets GOP legislators on board with his agenda




The Gov is Now In the Middle of the Fracking Debate

Gov: Drilling report is just the 'fracks'(NYP) * Despite Risks, Top Environmental Official Calls Hydrofracking Safe(NY1)

Race to replace Weiner Gov sets Sept. date for special elex(NYP) * Cuomo Sets Date for Weiner Election(WSJ) * Date Set for Election to Replace Weiner (WSJ)* City Hall News has reported that Queens Democratic Chairman Joe Crowley, who represents the 7th District, wants "an older statesman without long-term ambitions," one who "wouldn't potentially run against Rep. Gary Ackerman or, especially, against Crowley himself if the district were eliminated." * Politico Maggie Haberman relays that a source familiar with the discussions says a decision on the Democratic candidate will come by mid-next week. Goo-Goos Disappointed In Cuomo Decision to call special elections to fill the six vacant Assembly seats instead of letting the regular primary and general election process play out (YNN) * NY9: Weprin, Weprin, Gioia, Katz, Lancman and Crowley among the candidates.

One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Congressman

Pay to Play Barbara Clark

 Land for $$$  Players behind land grab How shady deal was done

Meeks: What Home Loan?
Queens Rep. Gregroy Meeks under House investigation for ethics violations(NYDN)


With Council Pork Pigs It is Not Just Member Items and Slush Funds
Council Capital Budget For Nonprofits Outweighs Pork Barrel Spending (NY1)


In NYC Property Taxes Go Up $$$

Property tax shock Small-homeowners cheering that there were no tax increases in the city's new $66 billion budget are in for a rude shock -- their property taxes are going up an average of $267 to nearly $4,000. (NYP)


Bloomberg EPA Driving Up the Cost of Water 

City Lashes Out at the EPA Bloomberg Administration Says Unnecessary Rules Wasting Billions of Dollars (WSJ)




Principal voted 'least-trustworthy' finally fired from Brooklyn school(NYDN) * Shuang Wen Principal Removed As City Investigates School Administration(NY1)

 Is the NYT Out of $$$?

Times cuts Fenway Sports stake(NYP)






BofA in New York Cross Hairs Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has issued subpoenas seeking new depositions from the bank's CEO and other current and former executives.(WSJ) * Protecting Its Fannie: How Mortgage Giant Primed the Bubble, Covered Its Assets (PBS Newshour)


Following Strauss-Kahn story, wherever it leads (Washington Post)

Sunday Update

Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'refused to pay' accuser for sex(NYP) * Maid 'laid' low as DA paid for digs(NYP) * When a Predator Collides With a Fabricator What happens in a he said-she said case, when he’s known to be a predator and she’s revealed to be a liar?(Dowd, NYT) *Strauss-Kahn case is shining example of America's justice system at work(NYDN) * Maid who accused DSK of sexual assault is great in interview(NYDN) * NYPD Responds to Deadly Chinatown Accident Involving Auxiliary Cop(NBC) * Report: Maid's Phone Call May Have Weakened Case Against Former IMF Chief(NY1) * DSK Must Be Granted His Honor Back -Daily Beast* Indignation and Anger in France Over Strauss-Kahn Case(NYT) * In Strauss-Kahn case, DA weighs limited options(WABC)* How Case Against Strauss-Kahn Once Seemed So Solid(NYT)

  'No way she survives cross-examination'(NYP) * Strauss-Kahn Accuser’s Call Alarmed Prosecutors (NYT) * Strauss-Kahn Is Released(NYT) * France Weighs Political Implications of News(NYT) * Accuser’s Fellow Guineans Express Bewilderment(NYT) * No Chance of Return to IMF Position(WSJ) * Bon- Appetit! DSK dines on $700 worth of Italian food at celebratory dinner with wife(NYDN) * DSK accuser has shady past, but she still may have been attacked (NYDN) * NYC Legal System Criticized After DSK Case Weakens(NBC)



Strauss-Kahn accuser provided extra 'service': source(NYP) * Future Uncertain For Case Against Former IMF Chief(NY1)

DA Vance "We don't pick our victims, and we don't pick the circumstances under which these cases come to us."

Manhattan DA: “The upright-looking Vance is not like the scoundrel prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case.” (Dowd ,NYT)
Sunday bad sign for : "Mr. Morgenthau, 91, rarely speaks to Mr. Vance. Vance Responds to Criticism in DSK Case(NBC)
 Morgenthau rarely speaks to him; openly questioned by member of his finance committee. Vance says “cases you don’t read about” define his office. Agreed to interview “last Monday just as the Srauss-Kahn case was falling apart.”

Saturday Woman’s Lawyer Kenneth P. Thompson: “Our concern is that the Manhattan district attorney is too afraid to try this case.”

Another debacle for black-eye Cy(NYP) * Vance bungles another one(NYP Ed) *Another Black Eye for Vance(NYT) * Manhattan DA Put on Defensive(WSJ) *  Dominique Strauss-Kahn case latest mishap in Manhattan for rookie DA Cy Vance, Jr. (NYDN) * Strauss-Kahn Case Adds to Doubts on N.Y. Prosecutor (NYT)


 Law and Order 


Nurse Killed In Flushing Shooting(NY1) * Thugs killed nurse by mistake(NYP) * Ma 'killer' in crazed 911 calls(NYP) * Toddler and Manhattan Man Are Killed and 3 Are Wounded in Pennsylvania Shooting(NYT) * East Village man, boy executed in country home horror(NYDN) * Mother sues city over suicide of son, 12, who was harassed(NYDN)* Feds' push to execute Vinny Gorgeous was 'waste of time,' juror says(NYDN) * Mom dead, teen son injured in possible revenge shooting(NYDN) * NYPD searching for 2 men in connection to Queens shooti …(WABC) *  Suspect Who Slew 2 NYers in Philly Bloodbath Killed(NBC)


Qns. mom slain in car(NYP) *Upper East Side man stabs elderly mother to death(NYDN) * Man Charged With Mother's Murder on UES(NBC)



Cops hunt sicko in Harlem elevator sex assault of girl(NYDN) * NYPD Looking For Harlem Sexual Assault Suspect (WCBS) * Police Seek Suspect In Harlem Sexual Assault(NY1)

'Inmate'? That's offensive!(NYP) * Mom slain in posh apt. stab horror(NYP) * 1 Dead, 3 Wounded In Two Separate Shootings In Queens(WCBS) * Four shot, hours apart, in Flushing, Queens(WABC)



Queens Mother Dies After Shot in Car; Son Stable (NBC)



Place Seemed Great, Till the Robbers Swarmed In(NYT)


Mobster beats slash rap only to fail drug test with 'Whizzinator' device(NYDN) * FDNY firefighter arrested for buying teen boys beer, exposing himself(NYDN)* Surveillance of suspects in Bronx shooting(WABC) * Charges dropped against man thanks to cell phone(WABC) * Man Charged With Stabbing Mother To Death On UES(WCBS) * Queens Mother Dies After Shot in Car(NBC)


Terrorism Terror & a terrible judge(NYP)


Clinton to Obama: Don't Blink on Debt Ceiling - Ron Brownstein, Natl Jrnl * Obama's Tough Slog Toward Election Day - Dick Polman, Philly Inquirer * Obama's Labor Union Problem - Nina Easton, Fortune * Obama's "Worse" Economy - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune * Interview with White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley - The NewsHour




Does A-Rod Have A Pete Rose Problem? 

Reyes Was Safe

A-Rod is caught on 'deck'(NYP) * MLB probes A-Rod reports of illegal poker playing with celebrities(NYDN)


Meet the Mets...Meet the Mets...Step right up and greet the Mets... RIP Ruth Roberts *A Mets Anthem Outlasts Its Author(WSJ)





A Fight Over Keeping Boards in the Boardwalk(NYT) * Coney Island Boardwalk Could Become Concrete(NBC)




Dark days for Coney Parachute(NYP)





Spurned by Lady Liberty, Macy’s Fireworks Show Stays Put(NYT) * Macy's 4th of July fireworks change of venue hurting Queens businesses(NYDN) * Macy's Prepares For Annual Fireworks Show (NY1)


 Gov. Cuomo's mom: Sandra Lee's cottage cheese lasagna is 'not Italian'(NYDN)




Hot-dog hotties(NYP) * Ex-Champion Eats in Exile Takeru Kobayashi, once the world's most famous competitive eater, won six consecutive Nathan's Famous titles between 2001 and 2006. This year, he will eat hot dogs in exile, far from the competitive-eating stage.(WSJ) * At Coney Island, Women in the Wiener's Circle (WSJ) * Let's get ready to rumble: Hot dog eating contestants weigh in(NYDN) * Who will reign supreme at Nathan's hot-dog eating contest this year?(NYDN) * Hot dog champ eats 20K calories, says MD approves(WABC) *  Hot Dog-Eating Champ Eats in Exile (The Daily Beast)


Weekend Blog Report  Criticism Continues Over Diaz Armory Report: UPDATE: Diaz Responds to Critics (Bronx Political Chatter) * Shelter Plan for Vacant Muller Center Blasted at Hearing (Norwoood News) * Bronx Community Rallies and Replaces Stolen Piano (Boogie Downer Bronx) * Reservoir advocates find ally in borough president(The Riverdale Press) * Oscar winners film TV commercial in Yonah Schimmel, Katz's (Ev Grieve) * BAGELS & CO. ALREADY FEASTING ON H&H’S REMAINS(West Wide Rag) Upper Manhattan Takes Back the Night After String of Sexual Assaults(DNAInfo) * A Sad Day for Inwood Hill Park: Geese Seized by USDA for Slaughter With Complicity of the Mayor (And Why This is Wrong)(Washington Square Park Blog) * Carheads Force Removal of Pedestrian Islands in Borough Park(Bay Ridge Journal) * Grimm Gets (Robo) Called Out By Democrats(Bensonhurst Bean) * Cultural Circus? Mr. Ratner’s Attempt to Rechristen His Arena A “Cultural Center”(Noticing New York) * The ESDC conducted an internal audit of Atlantic Yards, but we can't see it; in response to my FOIL request, most was redacted(Atlantic Yards Report) * Portrait of a Changing Neighborhood: Nancy Yaccarino (Fort Green) * SOS Crown Heights Shooting Response Today (I love Franklyn Avenue) * Shooting in Marine Park (Video) (Gerritsen Beach.Net) * VIDEO & PHOTOS: Person Robbed On Cortelyou Rd – Cops Make Arrest(The Flatbush Scoop) *Q &A With Assembly Candidate Jesus Gonzalez(BushwickBK) * The 2011 Tour de Queens is Sunday July 10th - Tour de Queens Trailer(Lost in the Ozone) * LIRR lied to Forest Hills community (Queens Crap) *Holtzmanic Depression(Room Eight) *   Guillermo Linares on THE PEREZ NOTES Part 2.