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GOP Tries To Squeeze Senate Dems On Redistricting; What Independent Redistricting Pledge; A Teacher Political Fight

Albany to New York FU

Albany Releases State Legislative Redistricting Maps

After much confusion, at least part of the state legislature’s new boundaries have been illuminated when Albany’s redistricting task force released draft proposals for the new boundaries of state legislative districts on their website. All the whores in majority (Senate and Assembly) did their best to barricade themselves in their respective brothels for the next 10 years. History repeating itself is all. The question is do the people really care about how this ultimately creates really crappy government for them over the next decade? * Republicans moved their BK Senate Candidate, David Storobin, into Senator Diane Savino's district. (Don't Look Like GOP is too stuck on Storobin) and the GOP Screwed the Russian on the same deal. * Proposed redistricting plan shortchanges New York City voters (New York World)

Adam Lisberg (Twitter) Rarely have I read as many bald-faced lies from politicians as in today's redistricting aftermath. Usually it's just distortions.

Breaking "Cuomo: I’d veto these lines" 

Early Reactions to the New Lines 

Why didn't Cuomo lobby the legislature for redistricting reform the same way he did on same-sex marriage? "If you think I should go and try to convince the legislators that it is not in their best interest to draw their own lines, maybe you could convince them of that. I don't possess those skills." [Times Union]

Kruger Home which he may lose is now in the SI District
David G. Greenfield (Twitter)  Map of infamous Super-Jewish Senate district! Interestingly, it doesn't include very Jewish heart of Midwood/OceanPkwy * New Jewish Senate District in Brooklyn is 17 - No Russians Need Run * Senate GOP Map Puts Lew Fidler in John Sampson’s District: Councilman Fidler's house * Two Candidates With No District (NYDN)
* Eric Adams is in Velmanette Montgomery's District; Kevin Parker took on large swaths of Adams old district * Adams Will Move To Avoid Primary With Montgomery (YNN) * Looks Like Marty Golden Got His Sephardic Jews Who give big campaign contributions*
Dilan's district is more or less unchanged. * Adams' district goes from Crown Heights through South Slope and into Sunset Park. [] * The home of David Storobin, the Republican candidate running for the seat Carl Kruger vacated, is now in the district represented by Democrat Diane Savino. [] * Marty Dilan loses most of the Northside and a lot of Greenpoint, and keep most of his Hasids, so serving on LATFOR obviously has its benefits even when your party is getting fucked. Wilfredo Larancuent was obviously given a peak at these lines before he started having second thoughts about a challenge. Vito himself lost some Yuppies and picks up the part of Lindsay Park he didn’t have. This is good for him.  *  The much ballyhooed new Asian seat in Brooklyn will be so eventually, but between non-citizens not being able to vote, and organized labor support, Peter Abate is probably safe in the short run.* Lincoln Restler who best the machine by less than 75 votes lost some of his Fort Green vote and public housing.

Russsian Cut Up
The Russian community, recently trending Republican, is scattered to the four winds even worse than they were worse in the 2002 plan, and are likely to be up in arms against the GOP, even at the expense of a Russian candidate. Non-Russian whites in Sheepshead Bay, attached to John Sampson’s district by a corridor the size and shape of a straw, are likely to want to send a nasty message to the GOP about the way their community has been divided. A Russian Tragedy (True News)

Albany Caves to Asian Leaders Treats of Lawsuit - 4 Asian Districts

Queens Weprin Not A Fan Of His New District(C&S) * NY seeks to create Asian legislative districts(WSJ) * GOP candidate for SD-27 seat is now drawn into district represented by Dem *  11 SD has both both  Jose Peralta and Stavisky residence. * The lion’s share of Mike Gianaris’ old district is in the white plurality 12th, which now has no incumbent. Why would he against Peralta in an overwhelmingly Latino district primarily composed of Peralta’s old turf?* The Stavisky/Avella matchup is a bit different. While the new 16th is weighted towards Stavisky’s old district, and the 11th Avella, the composition of the 16th is such that a Stavisky/Avella race could actually happen.

Bronx The LATFOR maps do not include dramatic district changes in the Bronx. 

Manhattan . emails: "I am encouraging Adriano 2 run 4 Congress ...make history by becoming the first Dominican-American member [in congress]" * The Central Harlem based 70th AD is drawn to be barely over 51% black (Bill Perkins Senate district is at 46%) * Shelly Silver’s district barely changes an iota, if at all. He obviously thinks his current mix works better for him than putting all of the Lower East Side’s minorities into one district.

NYPIRG's Mahoney: "The Senate’s maps are clearly the most gerrymandered lines in recent NY history." 50 of 63 don't meet 3% pop. deviation. 

(Will Post as they come in)

Senate Democrats also very concerned about comments made by CU's Dick Dadey

Enemy of Reform- Double Agent Who Works for Pols

CU’s Dadey: A veto doesn’t get us reform(TU) Dadey’s blessing could give Cuomo a lot of cover if he were to accept a deal along those lines.  Willing to accept a constitutional amendment to take LATFOR out of the process next decade — as well as some extra input to change this year’s proposed lines — as “lasting” reform. * Legislature Releases New District Lines, Senate Dems Cry Foul(WXXI) *  NIPIRG Mahoney: “Most Gerrymandered Lines In Recent New York History” [UPDATED] *  Common Cause’s initial reaction to the LATFOR maps is, unsurprisingly, not positive


When Dems Were in the Senate Majority They Did Nothing to Change Redistricting Process Senator Daniel Squadron: ‘Partisan Redistricting is a Poisonous Process’(NYO) * Lawmakers Release Proposed Redistricting Maps (NYT) * Redistricting Plan Would Form New Lines In City, Add Senate Seat Upstate(NY1) * Lawmakers Release Proposed Redistricting Maps(NYT)

Political Redistricting
GOP Redistricting Wacks Q Dems

GOP district plan creates Dem battles(NYDN) * State Senate Republicans are redrawing district maps that would pit key Democratic Sen. Michael Gianaris against a fellow Democrat, and merge two other Queens seats held by Democrats. Michael Gianaris, whose position makes him a main architect of Democratic campaign strategy in the Senate, would face a reelection dogfight against a Latino incumbent, Jose Peralta, in a heavily Latino district.
The other tough-luck draw for Democrats would pit longtime Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky against freshman Tony Avella. Stavisky and Avella would have to battle over a single district because, as the Daily News reported in Wednesday’s editions, the Senate GOP — which now holds a razor-thin majority — would create an Asian-majority district in Flushing that would not have an incumbent. * Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders are discussing how to couple a constitutional amendment reforming the redistricting process — to take effect no earlier than 2013 — with the release of the current lines. (TU) * Assemblywoman Grace Meng made her Queens district lines public by releasing them to City&State. * The new districts could create an opening for Frank Padavan to mount a comeback. * Rory Lancman’s Assembly district is expected to be majority-Asian. putting Gianaris' house into Peralta's district but hand most of his non-Latino territory to Addabbo/whatevsky =not combining him w/ Peraltaonf supports .. independent redistricting in line with what your org is calling for .." Skelos 7/10/10 * Gianaris: GOP Should Remember Tom DeLay Went to Jail Over Redistricting (NYO) * Sen. Mike Gianaris's district literally looks like a big F-U from the Senate Republicans* Koch Is Disappointed In ‘Dishonorable’ Line-Drawers (NYO) * Gianaris Compares Senate GOP To Tom DeLay(YNN) ** Cuomo Says Redistricting Too “Tedious” For Voters, As Cabinet Storms State On “Technical” Issues  * State Senator Michael Gianaris, the "main architect of Democratic campaign strategy," is drawn into a district with fellow Democrat Jose Peralta. [Ken Lovett]

Why has the media downplayed the pledges the pols made about they support for Independent Redistricting?
Was A Pledge Column by Daily News Report Bill Hammond Censured?

Why did Daily News Reporter Bill Hammond Twitter last Night about Albany Pols Promises During the Last Election Pledges for Non Political Redistricting?  Why did he Write A Story in his paper about the pols reneging on their pledges?  He clearly did the research. 

Bill Hammond "I, Dean Skelos, pledge that .. I will support the creation of an independent, non-partisan Redistricting Commission .." * "I, Dean Skelos, pledge that ... I will vote 'no' on any proposal to establish a Commission that is not independent .." * "Districts shall not be drawn to favor or oppose any political party, incumbent or candidates for office" - pledge signed by
* "Cracking, stacking and similar techniques should be prohibited" - pledge signed by * The latest moment of truth for : Will he stand firm against gerrymandering, or settle for face-saving token gestures?  * "As governor, Andrew Cuomo will fight for the creation of an independent redistricting commission." - 's "New NY Agenda," p. 17 * "NY has some of the worst gerrymandering in America." -- 's "New NY Agenda," p. 16 * "The line-drawing process is antithetical to fair and accountable representation." -- 's "New NY Agenda," p. 17 * "NY would finally have districts drawn by neutral umpires, not biased insiders." -- 's "New NY Agenda," p. 18 
* "Moreover, the (redistricting) commission would work transparently." -- 's "New NY Agenda," p. 18 * "Talk of reform on this critical issue is not enough." -- 's "New NY Agenda," p. 19 * "As governor, Andrew Cuomo will veto any redistricting plan in 2012 that reflects partisan gerrymandering .." -- 's agenda, p. 19 * I'd quote Shelly Silver's campaign promises on gerrymandering reform, but he never took Ed Koch's pledge. Every Senate Republican did. * "So many legislators .. reneged on their pledges," Koch told The Associated Press. "To me, that's the most disgraceful." *  “It’s an outrage,” former New York City Mayor Ed Koch roared at the proposed lines. (AP) * Said former NYC Mayor and redistricting reform advocate Ed Koch: “I never believed there could be so many New York legislators in Albany who would renege on a pledge. It’s an outrage.” * Cuomo's transparency website fails to live up to promises(Innovative Trail) * "Dear Mayor Koch .. Our Republican  * Dear Mayor Koch Senate Democrats are gleefully distributing the letter Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos sent to former New York City Mayor Ed Koch pledging to champion an independent redistricting process.* Memories, Sweet Reform Memories(YNN)  * Ed Koch Is Not Happy(YNN) *Dems Fightin’ Words (Queens Campaigner)

No Deal Espada: Will Fight In Court
Espada: I’ll pass on deal(NYP)Ex-Sen. Pedro Espada and his son Pedro G. Espada were arraigned in Brooklyn Federal Court last night on charges they stole money from their Soundview health clinic to pay for their lavish lifestyle. Federal prosecutors added two additional charges of creating false documents to an earlier indictment. Both Espadas pleaded not guilty to the charges. The elder Espada said afterward he felt good about his case, and was confident he and his son would be vindicated. “We have faith in this system,” said Espada, dressed in a light gray suit and a purple tie. “It is a system that I took an oath of office to serve in the state Senate. This is the same system that allowed a kid from Puerto Rico to come to the United States, be homeless and be successful. We look forward to it. We’re absolutely well represented here, but mostly we trust our faith, our family and the system of justice that we’re absolutely ready for.” (C&S)


DN Says Savino In the Tank  In Pension Reform Fight
Cuomo Faces Uphill Fight For Pension Reform in Albany(NYDN Ed) The Daily News urges Cuomo to use his sweeping budgetary powers to push through pension reform in the face of stiff opposition from state Sen. Diane Savino and other lawmakers * Sen. Diane Savino called Cuomo’s Tier 6 proposal a “very complicated issue” that no lawmakers believe can be worked out by the April 1 budget deadline.* Lawmakers scolded a Cuomo administration official for not working with unions as they devised their pension reform plan.

Is the Close Relationship Between the Dems and UFT to Put Children First or to Get Reelected?
The powerful UFT has a cozy real estate deal with the DSCC, picking up up the tab for an office at 50 Broadway, phone, Internet and utilities and writing it all off as a campaign contribution.  An ‘office’ romance blooms for Dems, UFT (NYDN) The campaign arm of state Senate Democrats is using office space in a building owned by the city’s powerful teachers union. Revelations of the cozy arrangement come as Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg are warring with the union over implementing a rigorous teacher evaluation system.
Capitol Confidential Capitol Confidential (Twitter) "At least the Senate Democrats are getting out of the building," Cuomo says of story that UFT is providing office space to conference.

Cuomo Demands Settlement

After saying he wasn’t going to get involved in the fight between the UFT and the Bloomberg administration over teacher evaluations, Cuomo is doing just that.  Cuomo Pushes Teacher Talks(WSJ) Gov. Andrew Cuomo is prodding Bloomberg and the UFT to reach an agreement on teacher evaluations, including whether the schools chancellor has final say over appeals. * NYSUT has launched an on-line petition in opposition to Cuomo’s competitive education grant proposal.

New Study Offers Hope for Students and Bad News for the Those Trying to Keep Failing Schools Open

School kids catch a break(NYP) When the city shutters large, bad schools and puts kids in smaller, specialized ones, graduation and college-readiness rates climb, and much of the racial-achievement gap vanishes. * City Students at Small Public High Schools Are More Likely to Graduate, Study Says(NYT)A study shows New York City students at small public high schools are more likely to graduate than those at larger schools, findings in line with the Bloomberg administration’s push for small schools * McMahon: Triborough blocks fiscal sanity (Newsday)  The Triborough Amendment that keeps expired public employee contracts in place is a key factor in skyrocketing teacher pay and must be repealed,

NYP Trying to Gather Public Opinion Against the UFT's Position on Teacher Evaluations
Teflon teachers(NYP) Thugs, thieves can’t be fired They’ve slapped around students, ripped off taxpayers and boozed it up in the classroom — and they’re all still employed as city public-school teachers. * ‘Sex ed.’ gal ‘high’ on students (NYP) New York City teachers drank alcohol between class and lied about their income to get subsidized housing, and one slapped a student, yet all kept their jobs last year, showing how hard it is to remove some bad teachers

Grand jury assembled for Bruno retrial(Business Journal)

Assemblyman: "I am Leaving Albany 2 Corrupt For Me"
“I don’t even think the politicians understand when they sell out because someone gave them a contribution, when they vote for the party line –- sort of like just following orders.”

Poughkeepsie Assemblyman to Retire, Cites ‘Constant Corruption’ in Albany (NYO) Joel Miller, a Hudson Valley Republican first elected in 1994, won’t run for reelection when his term is up at the end of the year.

No Pay Raise For You Albany
How can you raise pols' pay when workers took zeroes? Cuomo: "That's why I'm not doing it now, Ken."

Increase Voter Turnout Helps Challengers, Albany Wants Small Turnout

Where are the Goo Goos and Reformer on Voter Turnout?
Bloomberg, Rep. Steve Israel and John McCain's daughter--an independent, a Democrat and Republican--supporting moving Election Day to the weekend in order to increase voter turnout. [Jacob Soboroff]

Are New Yorkers Confusing Order for A Fixed Economy

NY1 Exclusive: Poll Finds Majority Of New Yorkers Are Optimistic For Future, Back Their Governor

New Yorkers are Ignoring Very Bad Economic Trends
9% Unemployment -State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warned. "[nyc] unemployment rate is now higher than the nation’s for the first time since March 2010 * NYC pension obligations. $8 billion/year from city budget, and growing 12% of Cities budget * Wall Street Wielding the Ax * City ZIPs zapped by taxes Metro area leads nation in fed payouts * NY ranks 49 in business tax climateEscape from New York A new poll last week showed that more than one of every four New Yorkers is headed for the exits. *  Escape from NY II Pensioners fleeing city -  31 percent of NY's pensions, went to addresses outside New York state. (NYP) *  New building starts in the first half of 2011 are down almost 40 percent from the previous year  * Fed Signals That a Full Recovery Is Years Away(NYT)

 School Energy

City 'Slow' on Solar(WSJ) A widespread effort to install solar panels on city schools' rooftops could save taxpayers millions of dollars in energy costs and create more than 5,000 green jobs, according to Manhattan BP Stringer 


The Diabetes Problem is Real the Photo is Doctored (So What)

Bloomberg Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson got into a Twitter tiff with NYT editor Carolyn Ryan about the integrity and veracity of the city’s soda=diabetes ad campaign. * DOH Anti-Obesity Poster Uses Doctored Photo(NY1)

Gowanus Locals Battle Arrival of ‘Whole Foods’ (Gowanus Lounge) Claiming that the all-organic store will inevitably destroy the industry in the region.

The hipster vs. Hasid clash has come to Crown Heights.

Experts doubt the economic feasibility of convention centers.

The MTA Board Loses a Ticket to Ride(WSJ) * MTA Shakes Up East Side Work(WSJ) The MTA is modifying a contract on its East Side Access project in an effort to cut two years from the excavation work and reduce but not completely eliminate project delays * Clearing the air: 2nd. Ave. ‘blast’ tests(NYP)

Feds: Chinatown bus service ignored shutdown order(WABC) * Federal Court Orders Chinatown-Based Bus Company To Suspend Operations (NY1)

CPW Bed Bugs

Bedbugs and Worried Workers at a Hotel Anything but Fleabag(NYT) * Bedbugs Spotted at the Ritz(NBC)







Political Intrigue: Bloomberg Thrives on Political Espionage and Manipulation

The New York (Mayor’s) Review of Books(NYT)

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, John le Carré's familiar, aging British Intelligence agent, called out of retirement to discover the identity of the high-ranking Russian mole who has burrowed deep into "the Circus"--codename for the British secret service. This slow-burning, complicated, and ultimately rewarding BBC adaptation, offers insight into the shady underworld of spies and the political climate during the cold war. * Bloomberg LP employees are unhappy about lower-than-expected bonuses in 2011.

Debate Reaction

Debate Caps a Hard-Fought Day in Florida(NYT) * Romney and Gingrich come out swinging in latest debate(US TODAY) * Romney is the aggressor in final Florida debate(AP) *FACT CHECK: Debate over 'ghetto language' ad(AP) * Gingrich Leads In Latest Poll(WSJ) * Gingrich Insurgency Tests Party's Old Guard(NYT) *
Romney Demands Gingrich Apology on Immigration(Bloomberg) * Romney, Gingrich square off in Florida(Wash Post)

Election 2012 Repubs are eating each other alive as Obama's poll numbers improve
Polls show Newt Gingrich’s surge ending (Wash Post)  *Mitt Romney: Newt Gingrich pandering to Latino voters (WPIX) * Raucous Republican Debates Seem More Made for TV(NYT) * Why Evangelicals Don’t Like Mormons(NYT)* DEAD HEAT: Romney, Gingrich Neck-And-Neck In Florida Polls(Huff Post) * Drudge, conservative media criticize Newt Gingrich (Politico) * Gingrich mocked Mitt Romney’s assertion that illegals would “self-deport.” * President's State of the Union Rallies His Troops - Bill Schneider, Politico * The Hyper-Partisan President - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle * Obama's Fast Talk on the Economy - Charles Gasparino, New York Post * President's Agenda Far From Radical - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg * Gingrich Is Exposing the Corrupt Media - Larry Elder, Townhall * Why Romney Has the Edge in Florida - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal * Gingrich, Romney Scrap Over Latino Vote - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Four Ways Republicans Can Win Hispanics - Jeb Bush, Washington Post * Romney: "I Want to Help the 99%" - John McCormack, Weekly Standard * Re-Elect Obama: Vote Newt! - Ann Coulter, *  The Carnage Being Wrought Within the GOP - Erick Erickson, RedState * GOP Attacks Don't Faze Bernanke - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Newt vs. Mitt: Can a Fat Man Beat a Thin Man? - Carl M. Cannon, RCP * Florida Primary: Romney Back in Control | RCP Avg: Romney +2.6%* Obama's Words Don't Match His Actions - The Oklahoman * Rasmussen Florida Primary: 39%, 31%, 12%, 9%...* Right Launches Giant Campaign Against Media(Buzzfeed) * Gingrich leads Romney by 9 points nationally in NBC/WSJ poll(WSJ)* Stakes Are Sky-High in Tonight's Debate - Ron Fournier, National Journal * Romney Camp's Truly Obscene Attack - Bill Jacobson, Legal Insurrection * Bob Dole Releases Stinging Gingrich Critique - Gerry Mullany, NY Times * Romney Camp's Truly Obscene Attack - Bill Jacobson, Legal Insurrection* Bob Dole Releases Stinging Gingrich Critique - Gerry Mullany, NY Times * Coordinated Attack vs. Newt Doesn't Match My Memory - Rush Limbaugh

Arizona gov has words with Bam(NYP) Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and the president had a heated exchange on the tarmac upon his arrival in Phoenix. The topic: Her portrayal in her book, “Scorpions for Breakfast,” of his immigration policy.* Sales Of Jan Brewer’s Book Up Over 150,000% On

Jon Stewart Reviews The State Of The Union: ‘You Opened With I Killed Bin Laden?!’


The Times believes the inclusion of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in President Barack Obama’s new mortgage fraud investigation signals a tougher approach and possibly bigger settlementsNew Housing Task Force Will Zero In on Wall St.(NYT) * A Mortgage Investigation(NYT Ed) Obama has promised a full inquiry into the mortgage meltdown. Could this finally lead to clear results that hold those who broke the law accountable? * The new federal task force that will investigate whether financial firms improperly bundled home loans into securities for investors is headed by liberal crusader Eric Schneiderman, but some are still skeptical that this effort will succeed where others failed.

The competition to be Cuomo’s pick for the top appeals court judge is Brooklyn, partially due to the ornate, regal chambers. * In nominating a gay judge to the state’s highest court and calling for a referendum on a gay marriage bill, Chris Christie has showed his considerable political skill and avoided the thicket of SSM politics.

CIA to pull officer from NYPD after internal probe(AP)
* Anti-Islam documentary producer was arrested for impersonating Secret Service agent (NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg says anti-Muslim flick hurt NYPD’s credibility but supports Commissioner Raymond Kelly (NYDN) * Bloomberg backs Commissioner Kelly amid calls to resign(AMNY) *Mayor Defends Kelly, but Says Anti-Muslim Film Caused Damage(NYT)

The Manhattan district attorney is investigating a rape allegation against Greg Kelly, the son of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and a local TV anchor, an accusation he denies Greg Kelly being investigated for 'sexually assaulting' woman(NYP) * Woman Accuses New York Police Commissioner’s Son of Rape(NYT) * NYPD commissioner's son accused of rape(NYPD) * "According 2 alleged victim's friend, the boyfriend shouted 2 [Ray] Kelly "u better keep an eye on yr son" *A TV Anchor Not Shy About Being a Police Leader’s Son (NYT)
* With Rape Inquiry, Manhattan District Attorney Again Finds Himself in a Tough Spot (NYT)

AP: Alleged Rape Victim Became Pregnant After Encounter With Fox Anchorman Greg Kelly(NY1)

Law and Order

1-year-old boy dies after being found unconscious, bruised & burned(NYP) * Man Questioned in Death of 1-Year-Old(WSJ) *  Gotti grandkid in car bust(NYP) * Gotti grandson arrested for driving violation(WSJ) I did not rip off the union (NYDN)Bring rabbi back to N.Y. on con(NYDN) * Police Fatally Shoot Man Who Opened Fire On Off-Duty Officer(NY1) * Off-Duty Police Officer Shoots Man Dead In Brooklyn(WCBS) * Man Stabbed During Car-Jacking(Fox 5) * Deadly Police Involved Shooting(foxn 5) * Man fatally shot by off-duty officer in Brooklyn(WABC) *  Man Killed in BK Police-Involved Shooting(NBC) * To overcome a communication glitch, the city will use $8.6 in federal aid to buy 2,700 Motorola radios for transit cops. [Sally Goldenberg and Josh Margolin] * Greg Kelly Accuser Claimed She Got Pregnant From Alleged Rape, Sources Say(DNAINFO) * Bronx Baby's Death Ruled A Homicide (NY1) * Two charged with stealing over $300,000 from low-income co-ops(NYP)

Police Seek Four Men In Attempted Armed Burglary(NY1)


Rail jihad witness(NYP)