Wednesday, January 25, 2012

True News Update 24/7 Analysis Not Availabe in the Old Media

New District In Queens Would Be 52% Asian

Senate Republicans are proposing the first Asian-majority district in Flushing, Queens, and an Orthodox Jewish-majority district in Borough Park in Brooklyn.  In Brooklyn a new district would consolidate the Orthodox Jewish community into one district, rather than spread the population out over five as is now the case, the source said.

“The borough president is not a clairvoyant. Our office had zero knowledge of what developer would be selected by Fordham a year after our recommendation was submitted”

Perhaps Glenwood Gave the Money to Stringer Because the Weegie Board Told Them Too

Stringer reaps bundle from firm whose project he backed (NYP) Stringer – who is widely presumed to be a candidate in the crowded Democratic field for mayor – received his largest campaign haul from Glenwood Management, which acted as a “bundler,” raising $137,100 for his bid from individual donors, campaign records show.  Stringer insisted Glenwood’s largesse has nothing to do with his support of the company’s plan to expand Fordham University at its Lincoln Center campus and said he did not even know Glenwood was involved in the project when he approved it in 2009 over vehement community opposition.



Pols Hit the Jackpot With Racino's Genting
Racino donates $100,000 to pols (NYDN)  Genting donated $20,000 to the Senate Republicans’ reelection arm in November — and $10,000 to a similar Democratic committee.  Genting also gave $10,000 to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, but did not give directly to Cuomo. The donations are on top of the $1 million in Albany lobbying Genting spent last year.

Cuomo Fat Cat Fund Raiser Not Open to the Press

Cuomo Is Lure for Donors to Democratic Governors(NYT) Lobbyist Tonio Burgos, a NYC lobbyist and veteran of Cuomo I is pushing $50,000, corporate donors can sit with Gov. Andrew Cuomo at his Democratic governors fundraiser, which contrasts with his push to limit campaign contributions. The cash for the event goes to the DGA, not the governor himself. * Sitting on Cuomo Panel Has Price(WSJ)


Bloomberg Supports Cuomo Plan to Rein In NY Out of Control Pension Costs - Tin Cup Day in Albany

12% of City's Budget and Growing 
Voicing support for Cuomo’s pension reform proposal, Bloomberg noted NYC’s pension costs have risen 500 percent since he took office in 2002. * “Public pensions are not the enemy,” writes AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento, who wonders why the governor is trying to “vilify” middle class retirement security.* NY ranks 49 in business tax climate

Redistricting and the Courts

Another View Of The Texas Redistricting Decision(YNN) ” The Texas decision deals with court remedies where plans have been enacted by legislatures and approved by governors and not to plans vetoed by a governor or resulting from an impasse." “There’s a big difference. The Texas decision would impact New York if the governor signed a plan, it was challenged, and then some parts were rejected by a court. Then the court would only redo the parts that were illegal or send it back to the Legislature to redo.” * Negotiating The Lines?(YNN) * Will the Supreme Court’s Texas ruling affect New York redistricting? (NY World) * "If Cuomo bends, then it could be seen that he’s not just going back on his word to good-government advocates, but also helped the opposition party stay in control of the Senate." [Nick Reisman] * 2010 NY1  Silver intro'd Cuomo's bill and promised in 2010 "I will not stand in the way of redistricting reform"

Courts Says Prisoners Live in Their Home Districts Why Not Prisoners Running NY's Corrupt Political parties? 

Haggerty’s Qns. $idelight (NYP)  At the same time he was on trial for stealing more than $1 million from Mayor Bloomberg, political consultant John Haggerty was also using the mayor’s money to settle old political scores in Queens, according to campaign records. Filings at the state Board of Elections show Haggerty’s 28th Assembly District Republican Committee shelled out $16,636 over the last six months to back candidates for party positions against archrival Phil Ragusa, the Queens Republican leader.

As it turns out, Mayor Bloomberg is funding both sides of the bitter fight over control of the Queens GOP. Haggerty’s Qns. $idelight(NYP) * NYC Republicans To Bloomberg: What Are We, Chopped Liver? (C&S)

Frank Padavan Mulling A Comeback(C&S) Veteran Republican State Sen. Frank Padavan is interested in running for the northeast Queens district he narrowly lost in 2010, according to three Republicans source, but some Queens Republicans are concerned that district lines set to be released today will not be favorable enough to spur a Padavan return.


Campaign Consultant  Red Horse Out to Get Parkside 

To Parkside Its Not About Winning or Losing it All About the Queens' Machine and $$$

There seems to be a fight breaking out as both consultant group Parkside and Red Horse snip at each other to gain control of the lucrative Democrat State Senate Business contract.  Parkside seem to be comfortable in as their guy, who they helped elect Queens' machine flunky Senator Michael Gianaris is running Democrat Senate Campaign Committee.  Paskside staying power comes from their close relationship with the Queens' Boss Crowley who protects them even after they lose big.  

Parkside Lost With Weprin in a 3 to 1 Democratic District 

Gianaris is keeping parkside even though they were the lead consultants in 2010 that lost control of a senate majority. During the 2008 election cycle, when Democrats won back the majority, the DSCC’s main consultant was Red Horse Strategies. Red House according to Parkside was helped by the the big Obama sweep in 2008. Parkside's take of $2.2 from the DSCC also help drive that committee into debt.  Last year Parkside had to be removed from the Weprin campaign because of incompetent work.  The media protect Parkside who regularly tips off reporters to breaking political stories.  That why then never reported that Evan Stavisky is most probably serving illegally as a district leader in Queens.  The Parkside Group's Evan Stavisky wife is the Democratic leader from Rockland County. 

Mclaughlin Helped Create Parkside, Many of the Groups That Brian Was Convicted for Ripping Off Worked for Parkside

Evan is a district leader in 26th Assembly District in Queens. Before the slush fund scandal broke Parkside was paid a total of $1.7 million by more than 40 clients last year, many of them nonprofit receiving member items from the city council.In 2005 in a NYT article Dick Dadey executive director of Citizens Union expressed concern about what he called "a growing problem" of council members being lobbied by firms that serve as political consultants to many of them.  * A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney * Two Democratic state senators who may get drawn into the same district share Parkside Group as consultants. [Liz Benjamin] 


After Loss of Millions in Union Check Offs, Their HQ and Prison There Will Be No Transit Strike This Time No Mater the Rhetoric

Strike Talk Designed to Build Support Among Union Members 

Subway union strike threat(NYP)


Espada, Arraigned In Court, “Absolutely Ready” For His Corruption Case (C&S)







Gates Foundation: NY Teacher Quality Fails, Ranked 13th

Study: Teacher quality rates 'C'  (AP) Rreport backed by the Gates foundation  A new report ranks New York 13th among the nation for its efforts to improve teacher quality, giving it a C rating, up from a D-plus two years ago * N.Y. Teacher Qualilty 13th In U.S.(Fox 5) *  Why ‘A’ isn’t enough (NYP) More to school ax * Bloomberg, in Albany, Warms Up to Cuomo(WSJ) * Eva Moskowitz seeks to expand Success Academies to Chelsea(NYDN)   Liu audit: City shortchanges 72G  special ed students(NYDN)



Adolfo Carrion refused to rule out a run for mayor or comptroller in 2013




Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. is still mulling a run for NYC mayor in 2013, but isn’t interested in seeking the public advocate’s office. 






Will the #7 Train to Convention Center Reach Javits Before it is Torn Down?

No. 7 train extension may be delayed for months(AM NY)


City Candidates Spend Money to Make Money(NYO) The New York City Campaign Finance Board noted yesterday that of the $1.35 million candidates for New York City offices spent in the last six months, over 23% was spent on fundraising efforts to raise more money. These tallies do not include candidates running for state legislative, statewide, or federal offices.




BP of No Importance Delusional Idea to Tear Down the Javits Center and Build Two New Ones in Queens

Tries to Save Willets Point Convention Center proposal which a lot of Queens pols have that hands in

Queens needs two convention centers, says borough presi(NYDN)

Dorothy Torano, mother of Michael Turano, companion to Carl Kruger, is staying at her $109,000 a year post on a Brooklyn community board, giving the GOP a campaign issue.




Bad Economic: 9% Unemployment, Job Loses Expected on Wall Street and Commercial Real Estate Slow Down

New York Hotels Close to Foreclosure(WSJ) * Red Hook Facing Loss of Customs Inspection Station(NYT) An end to inspections could saddle companies and consumers with added costs, and officials are concerned it could deal a blow to Brooklyn’s already vulnerable port system * Anxiety Mounts Over Maturing Real Estate Loans(NYT) In New York City alone, nearly $70 billion worth of commercial mortgages that were issued as collateral for bonds in 2007 are maturing this year.


Co-op Dwellers Say BK Skyscraper District Would Increase Cost of Living (Brooklyn Paper)Big Real Estate Could Not Knock Down the Downtown Brooklyn Skyscraper District (NYO)

US Press Freedom Drops

Press Freedom Index: Occupy Wall Street Journalist Arrests Cost U.S. Dearly In Latest Survey (Huff Post)

Paul McCartney's wife resigns from MTA board (NYP)

Gong Marching Again

Since 2008 Falu Gong has been blocked from marching in the Manhattan Chinatown Parade Tension Over a Parade, as Falun Gong Seeks to Join(WSJ)


Blame Photoshop, Not Diabetes, for This Amputation(NYT)


howard wolfsonhowiewolf (Twitter) @NYTMetro curious are the Times subscribers in your ads actual Times subscribers? Because if, gosh, they werent I would be so disillusioned *  Howard Wolfson Gets Into Twitter Tiff With The New York Times (NYO)

Access To the Bull is Day to Day

Tourists Once Again Flock To Wall Street Bull; Barricade Controversy Continues(WCBS)* Retired Police Commander Could See Dismissal of Protest Charges(NYT)



Spell check! ‘Shcool’ blunder erased(NYP)







UES Residents Push Back On MTA Plan To Build New Subway Entrance(NY1)



New Media Beats Old Media

After Public Drubbing on SOPA and PIPA, Schumer, Gillibrand Hit ‘Command Z’ (NYO) * The Web Uprising That Dethroned Hollywood (NY Mag)

Given the unsettled nature of the GOP race, New York could be in play when its presidential primary rolls around on April 24

Republican hopefuls look to New York primary (TUGOP presidential hopefuls are gearing up for New York’s April primary, as the unsettled field could make the state unexpectedly relevant * New York Republican Leaders to Gingrich Supporters: ‘Stop It’ (Capital New York)


Obama To Announce Mortgage Crisis Unit Chaired By New York Attorney General Schneiderman(Huff Post) * Also in his SOTU, Obama awarded a mortgage crisis victory to AG Eric Schneiderman and “the entire progressive community.”* AG Eric Schneiderman is facing blowback from a coalition of Queens churches who plan to rally in opposition to charges he brought against aides to Sen. Shirley Huntley when they are arraigned in Nassau County on Feb. 1.* He explained "the conduct that created the crash, not the abuses that happened after the fact." [Jim Puzzanghera]

Election 2012

Prez gets into tiff with Arizona gov over her portrayal of him in memoir(NYP)


Obama uses Buffett’s Gal Friday as a speech prop(NYP) * Obama Sets Goal of Bridging Wealth Gap(NYT) * Putting Middle-Class Interests at the Top of His Agenda(NYT)  * Obama Sets Sights on Romney in Speech(NYT) * Graphic: Selected Words in the Address(NYT) * For Romneys, Friendly Code Reduces Taxes(NYT) * The State of the Union in 2012(NYT Ed) * Obama Makes Populist Pitch in Speech(WSJ) * Economic Programs Are Outlined(WSJ)

 GOP Counters: Obama Has 'Made Things Worse'(WSJ) * Cop wants job back, says circumcision proves he didn’t flash(NYDN) * A new poll shows Obama is leading among Latino voters – a key voting bloc – but Florida is indeed in play for the GOP. * Sen. Marco Rubio: ‘I Have Never Seen A President Pit Americans Against Each Other Like This One Does’ * Pelosi On A Gingrich Presidency: "That Will Never Happen" (Real Clear) * New poll suggests Gingrich surging in Florida(CNN) * Romney Rethinks Key Income-Tax Break(WSJ) * Here is the entire State of the Union last night, in text and video. * Obama’s most memorable line was “America is back;” but the takeaway from the speech was, “I’m Back,” says the Washington Post. * Uber-blogger Andrew Sullivan said “the sheer cramped, tedious, mediocre micro-policies he listed were uninspiring to say the least.” 

Newt Gingrich Will Establish a Permanent Moon Base, But What About Mars? (Gawker) * New Florida Forecast (Florcast?): Gingrich 40.1, Romney 36.2, Santorum 11.5, Paul 9.4 *  Romney gets Orlando Sentinel endorsement(CNN) *Romney on Obama's 'detachment'(CNN) * Romney's numbers may be stabilizing some. Gallup national tracker has Gingrich +3, but was +4 yesterday. * CNN/Time Florida poll: Romney 36 / Gingrich 34 * Obama Weaves Rehearsed Themes in Case for 2nd Term(NYT) * Newt Gingrich in the 1980s introduced a bill for the admission of space colonies as States. * PAC Track (Publica) What and Where are the Super PACs Spending? *  Mormon Church's Prior Baptism Of Dead Jews Could Raise Concerns For Florida Voters(Huff Post) * Polls show Newt Gingrich’s surge ending(Wash Post) * Obama's SOTU: Winning the Next 9 Months - David Corn, Mother Jones * Rubio Rebuffs Gingrich: Romney Is Not Crist - Jennifer Rubin, Wash Post * Gingrich Frames the Debate vs. Obama - Peter Ferrara, American Spectator * It's the Stupid Republicans, Stupid - Susan Douglas, In These Times * Florida: CNN/Time: Romney +2 | FL CoC: Tied | Quinnipiac: Romney +2

 No Mention of Unemployed in SoS

Michael Powell (Twitter) Obama speech makes no mention of unemployed or jobless, or extending bennies. Even for Democrats, they have become America's Disappeare

Pain Capital: Jon Stewart Destroys Mitt Romney Over His Tax Returns




JFK: ‘Well, that’s a tough day’ (NYP) Funeral fell on ‘Monday’ cited in last tapes


 Kelly Takes the Heat for the Anti-Islam Film . . .  Hurts Mayor Possibilities
NYT: [Ray] Kelly should apologize for the film" The Third Jihad.
In Shift, Police Say Kelly Aided Anti-Islam Film(NYT) * Bloomberg Assails Showing of Anti-Muslim Film to Police(NYT) * NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly acknowledged cooperating with filmmakers in a graphic documentary portraying U.S. Muslims in a harsh light, though he now regrets it. * Officer Admits to False Arrest(WSJ) * Hateful Film (NYT Ed) The Times blasts the NYPD for showing officers a controversial film about American Muslims, saying it exacerbates already tense relations between police and that community * Rap NYPD ‘Jihad’ screening (NYDN) * Islamic Group Calls on Ray Kelly To Resign After Anti-Muslim Video Screening (NYO) * The Full Movie (Capital)
Bloomberg Throws Kelly Under the Bus
Mayor Bloomberg Blasts Use Of ‘Jihad’ Movie During NYPD(NYPD)  * Bloomberg said “terrible judgment” was used in showing NYPD officers “The Third Jihad,” a controversial documentary that portrays Muslims as hellbent on establishing a worldwide Islamic regime, and neither he nor Commissioner Ray Kelly knew about it or condoned it.* However, Kelly acknowledged for the first time that he personally cooperated with the filmmakers of the film – a decision the commissioner now describes as a mistake.
NYPD Spokesman Caught Lying

NYPD Spokesman Paul Browne Is a Lying Liar (Gawker) Kudos to NYU's Brennan Center for Justice and the New York Times' Michael Powell for catching NYPD spokesman Paul Browne in massive, galling, and bald-faced lie. The man should be fired.



Revealed: Secret photos & diary before he killed dancer(NYP)

 Law and Order

Suite revenge: 10 yrs. for coked-up Plaza thief(NYP) * Suit over ‘cop-flub coverup’ (NYP) * Charges Against 15 Muslims Dismissed in Amusement Park Dispute(NYT) * Firebombings at 2 Synagogues in New Jersey Lead to Arrest(NYT) * Gangs eyed as Brooklyn shoot kills one(NYDN)* Cop canned after plea in cig robbery (NYDN) *  Jewel thief gets 10 years for Plaza heist(NYDN)* Authorities Arrest Teen In Rutherford Synagogue Firebomb(WCBS) * Burglaries at Bronx Houses of Worship(Fox 5) * BK Mom Sues MTA in Son's Subway Tunnel Death(NBC)‘Racist arrest’ cop guilty(NYP)

Subway Terror Plot Suspect Pleads Not Guilty To New Charges (NY1)