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True News Monday Update

For Those Who Miss Rooney

Why is Extra $$$ Pay to Play Bribery for Government Workers and Only A Campaign Contribution for Elected Officials?

Assistant HPD Commissioner Wendell Walters faces the rest of his life in jail for accepting $$$ from developers who wanted get into an affordable housing program he controlled.  But when the Dermot Company gave a $25,000 to Speak Quinn for sponsoring a $2 million housing plan it was not a bribe but a campaign contribution.

Every wonder why pols are always held to a lower standard than those who put them in office or government employees who work for them?  Every pol in New York takes money from developers not just Quinn.   Developers give the money to pols to be included in government programs or zoning changes when they can make millions from.  It is the exact same reason that 6 developer now facing jail time payed Wendel Walters before he was arrested. Next time Wendal Run for mayor and your bribery will magically turn into a contribution.  Corruption scandal connect to Councilman Dilan could be putting affordable housing in into doubt. Affordable Bushwick homes' fate uncertain in wake of HPD scandal(NYDN) * Demonstrators marched a golden calf through the streets of NYC, while Herman Cain called them “un-American.”* Some city politicians received big campaign donations and funneled tax dollars to developers (NYDN)

How Come the NYT Did Not Talk About Bloomberg $1.2 Million for Ballot Security that He Paid to Haggerty?

Does the NYT think that the intent of voting restrictions is any different than the intent of ballot security?  Are they both designed to keep a target vote down? Is ballot security a myth also?  The Myth of Voter Fraud New restrictions on voting are really intended to keep people who vote Democratic from the polls, particularly the young(NYT Ed)

Azi Paybarah (Twitter)  my of political news from NY: "if voter fraud doesn't exist, why isn't 'ballot security' more toxic in nyc?" 

It’s total bullys&%!  ‘Safe’-schools stats miss 20k violent incidents(NYP)

NY’s sewer systems are crumbling, along with our roads and bridges.

 Silver boosts gov’s bid to KO ‘rich’ tax Gov. Cuomo scored a major victory in his battle against a “millionaire’s tax’’ yesterday when Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, the tax’s leading advocate, pledged not to hold up next year’s budget in order to get the measure approved. (Dicker, NYP)

In Digital Age Newspaper Still A Tool of Protest for OWS
A Protest’s Ink-Stained Fingers Even in an environment preoccupied with digital media, a newspaper has gained traction as a tool of protest at the Occupy Wall Street rallies.  (NYT) * Opinion: Jobs and Future of Newspapers(WSJ) said he loved printed newspapers but "our lives are not like that anymore * New Media Tools Create A New Media Order (CHN) 

Phony Eric Cantor praises Tea Party movement, but criticizes Occupy Wall Street protesters (NYDN) * Leaderless' Group OrganizesThe Occupy Wall Street movement calls itself "leaderless," but a small cadre of dedicated activists has stepped up to manage the increasingly complex demonstrations as they move into their fourth week. (WSJ) * A Fluid Protest Movement Finds a Forum to Match(NYT) Pastebin, a Web site originally for programmers, has provided a way to share information about the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Bloomberg Says Stay (Wall Street's Vally Forge Winter)

Bloomberg says New York’s winter will force the Occupy Wall Street to an end. *Bloomberg Won’t Stop Occupy Wall Street, But He Thinks Winter Will(NYO) * Panic of the Plutocrats A look at why there is so much hysteria over the Wall Street protests. (Krugman, NYT) * Chicago's Protest Issues Specific Demands(WSJ) * Spirit of Selma is reborn in echo of civil rights movement(Breslin, NYDN) * Families bringing kids to Wall Street protests(NYP) * Did Elizabeth Warren Predict Occupy Wall Street? 2009 Interview Goes Viral * Occupy Wall Street’s ‘Human Microphone’: Insanely Brilliant…Or Just Insane? * Inspirational Yom Kippur at Occupy Wall St.(forward) * Everyone's favorite parallelTea Party Compared to Wall Street Protesters (Politico) 

A New Generation of Dissenters(NYT) * Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street Can Stay Indefinitely (WSJ) *  College students to "Occupy" Boston(CBS) * WATCH: An Intimate Glance At Occupy Wall Street(Huff Post)  * Right-Wing Sites Succumb To Silly Occupy Wall Street Conspiracies (Village Voice) * Mitt Romney: Wall Street protestors seeking scapegoats (Reuthers) * protest 2 Tuesday to make stops at homes of Rupert Murdoch, David Koch, John Paulson, Jamie Dimon & Howard Millstein * Occupy Wall Street Eyeing Tompkins Square Park(Village Voice) *  Civil Rights leader John Lewis denied chance to speak at Occupy Atlanta protest(NYDN) * Law-abiding Wall St. protesters can stay indefinitely, Bloomberg says(NYP) * House Democrats Ask For Support of Occupy Wall Street (NYO)


Geraldo Greeted By Occupy Wall Street Protestors Chanting ‘Fox News Lies’

Joe Scarborough To DC: Stop Telling Us About Why The Other Guy Comes Up Short

Jim Roberts (Twitter) WashPost interviews 3 newbies and asks, can #OWS evolve into mainstream movement? 

As the Bowery Become Hip Where Do the Homeless Go?

Staving Off Change to the Grit of the Bowery(NYT) * A Community Erased by Slum Clearance Is Reunited(NYT)

Jeff Greenfield (Twitter)  Median income drop got worse AFTER recession "ended". Down 10%+ in a decade. Gee, why this naitonal discontent?

Bronx hospital's custodial staff paid $80G for overtime(NYDN)

* Hosp to pay $13.4M for Med ‘scam’(NYP)

FAA deal to let helicopters fly in small-plane airspace risks collisions(NYP)


Developer Zuckerman Owner of the Daily News is for Development

Plan to trade poky plot near UN for an East River esplanade is a good move by city pols(NYDN Ed)


Mugger fondles woman's breasts while stealing purse, cops say(NYDN) * Serial groper suspected(NYP) * Two Women Sexually Attacked In Brooklyn (NY1) * Police Say Latest Brooklyn Attack Related to Others (NY1)

John Liu Pal Who has Attack America and Israel Gets A New Job One Week After Moved Out of the Comptrollers Office to Protect His Mayoral Plans

Liu's pal joins Asia group with Red roots(NYP)

John Liu's Former Aid Tied to pro-North Korea, pro-Palestinian and Anti-Israel Group


Officer Saved at Gunpoint by His Own Wedged Finger(NYT) * Officer: I'm really lucky that finger-in-gun move worked on thug(NYDN)


Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm endorses Mitt Romney for president, following in the footsteps of his political mentor, former borough president Guy Molinari(NYP) * Michael Grimm followed in the footsteps of his mentor Guy Molinari and endorsed Mitt Romney. * Herman Cain has bumped Rick Perry out of center stage in the next debate.

Romney Up Big in NH
Harvard Institute of Politics polls likely NH GOP voters: Romney up 18: Romney 38%, Cain 20%, Paul 13%, Gingrich 5%, Huntsman 4%, Perry 4%

A Brooklyn Pol Running for A Congressional Seat Mostly In SI?
With Obama on the top of the Dem Ticket
More on the Vinny Gentile for Congress speculation.

MTA Reduces Subway Service For First "Low Ridership" Day(NY1)

Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner is back at the gym, pumping iron to maintain the physique that so many people have seen. 

Incompetent city Board of Elections still tallying vote by hand and slowly when polls close(NYDN Ed)

True News Has Pointed Out the Problem with the Board of Elections Against and Again


Boss Crowley Going for 2 Out of 2?

Despite Queens Boss Crowley embarrassing loss with his hand picked sock-puppet candidate David Weprin to replace the Weiner he now is trying to pick a state senator under federal investigation to replace a congressman who has been named the most corrupt member of the house.



Doing the Crowley shuffle (NYP Ed) Queens Democrats are apparently looking for a worthy successor to Rep. Gregory Meeks, who just last month was judged to be one of the most corrupt creatures in Congress. Crowley, who makes no bones about living in the DC area, may not be up to date on the state of political play in Queens -- and thus may be unaware that Smith, like Meeks, is under federal investigation over a charity scam the two ran that made $30,000 in Hurricane Katrina aid money vanish. Smith also is linked to that gamy Aqueduct racino deal that played a big role in former Gov. Paterson’s decision not to seek election to a full term. Councilman Leroy Comrie would then be installed in Smith’s place in the Senate, a nifty one-two combination.

AEG and Meeks (True News)

Why Crowley Stays in Power? No Investigating Reporters Left in NY

If a journalist hides the truth they are not journalists they are partners in the crime they are hiding

Not since the death of old school investigative report Jack Newfield in 2004 has any reporter in New York covered how the corrupt Queens Democratic Machine use the courts as there personal bank.  Today over a decade later nothing has changed.  The new Queens Surrogate Kelly was like Nahman elected without a primary.  Today's Queens Democratic machines still use the Surrogate Court as their personal bank.  All that has happen has Crowley has replaced Manton.  Crowley Bolz and Reich all receive most of the loot from the Queens Surrogate Court.  The only difference is Newfield is long gone and the clueless, inexperienced and none caring corporate journalist of today report political gossip, don't do investigative pieces and only write about corruption when the U.S. Attorney indicts a pol.

NY Corrupt Party Bosses Crowley(True News)


Flake is in the Middle of A Corruption Tsunami About to Hit Queens

Rev. Flake 'looting' lesson  Got 340G a year running a small college in Ohio while destroying the black college: profs (NYP) “He came in and looted Wilberforce University,” said Robert Fitrakis, a lawyer for the faculty who filed a complaint last month with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.  

State blew $25 MILLION on Staten Island jail it now wants to close down(NYDN)

GOP's Got New Congressman Turner's Back

GOP move to save Turner (NYP) Instead of sacrificing the seat to congressional redistricting as originally planned, the GOP is eyeing ways to redraw the district’s boundaries, and make Turner harder to beat in 2012.

Occupy Wall Street Support in China

Pensioners In China Rally In Support Of Occupy Wall Street(WCBS) 

Some Cops Furious NYPD Officer Flashed Peace Sign In Photo With Occupy Wall Street Protester(Gothamist)

NYT Op-Ed Supports Occupy Wall Street Protests  

Protesters Against Wall Street(NYT Ed) It is not the job of the protesters to draft legislation. That’s the job of the nation’s leaders, and if they had been doing it all along there might not be a need for these marches and rallies. Because they have not, the public airing of grievances is a legitimate and important end in itself. It is also the first line of defense against a return to the Wall Street ways that plunged the nation into an economic crisis from which it has yet to emerge. * Wall Street Protests(Sen. Bernie Sanders, Huff Post)

Cain: Occupy protests 'anti-American'(NYP)




Wall Street Top 10 Employees 

Big Finance's 10 Favorite Lawmakers (for Now) (Mother Jones)  Here's how to reap Wall Street's largesse on Capitol Hill: Represent New York, sit on a financial committee, hold a leadership position—or, if you're Chuck Schumer, trifecta!



Why Does the City Council Continue to Give Tax Breaks to Condo Developers if 1/3 of Those Units Are Sold to Foreigners?

Foreigners purchase one-third of city condos (CrainsNY)



Pols Turn A Blind Eye While Co-Ops Allow Widespread Renting to Tourists

$ublet ‘hotels’ very homey(NYP) NYers Rent to Tourists on the Sly

High school's new rules give failing kids credits toward graduation(NYP) * Eva Moskowitz's plan for three new charter schools in Brooklyn deserves a chance to succeed (NYDN Ed)


Report: some New York teachers are misbehaving(NYDN)







 NYPD Ticket Scandal Death Threats

 Tix-fix investigator gets death threats on The Rant(NYDN)


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post) 

CBS News (Twitter) Bob Schieffer's advice to politicians: Non-answers are wrong answers to offer audience, and the audience knows it



Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? Mourning Steve Jobs and hoping some of his leadership traits rub off. *Friedman, NYT) *My Muse Was an Apple Computer (NYT Op-Ed) * Thanks for the Future (The Daily Beast)

Apple's Think Different Commerical


In NYC trial, the mayor and his money become focus(TU) The lawyers for John Haggerty are drawing on what is a lingering fear for some New Yorkers — that the mayor's wealth and the influence it brings him has handed him too much power.

The Woman Behind the Bloomberg Nexus of Government and His Non Profit and Business Empire

Patricia E. Harris, the first deputy mayor, is arguably the most important unelected person in city government and may also be seen as the personification, as the head of Mayor's charitable foundation, of the blurred lines between the mayor’s public, private lives and his campaigns for public office. 


Parts of Harris's Schedule Released 

Calendars Shed Light on Bloomberg Aide(NYT) More than a year after the NYT filed a Freedom of Information request for the schedule of Deputy Mayor Harris the Bloomberg administration released a heavily redacted portion of that request.  The mayor's spokeperson said the redacted material could include political and philanthropic work. 

Wall to Wall Coverage of the Haggerty Trial (True News)





Harris' Testimony At the Haggerty Trial Look More Like It Was Coming From A Clueless Sole, Not the Most Powerful Women in NY

"I can't answer that question, yes or no." Harris
It's never been made clear who among Bloomberg's aides authorized the disbursement of the $1 million to the Independence Party that eventually wound up going to Haggerty. At first, Harris, dressed in a dark suit with a white shirt, said she didn't understand what she was being asked. "You're the first deputy mayor of New York," said Vacco, sharply. "You don't understand my question? Is it in writing?" After another exchange, Harris said, "There's no need to yell at me. I'm trying to help you." When asked again whether the authority to spend the mayor's money was ever expressed in writing, Harris said, "I can't answer that question, yes or no."

Michael Barbaro (Twitter)  Bloomberg admin and Jewish high holidays -- a case study in using holy time periods to bury news (DM Harris skeds, term limits.) * Harris skeds document her unfettered access Bloomberg, with 1-2 hour blocks of time dedicated to "meeting w/MRB * NYT: Patti Harris skeds show meetings with Bill Clinton, Caroline Kennedy, James Gandolfini, Jack Nicklaus, Brad Pitt:



HPD Scandal, CityTime and ECTP is Proof Of Inadequate Oversight at City Hall to Prevent Corruption 

Numbers Scribbled Here and There Added Up to $600,000 in Bribes, U.S. Says(NYT) *  Ed Pinckney, former NBA player, caught in city corruption probe of kickbacks from contractors (NYDN)     More on the HPD Scandal (True News)* Comptroller LiuRequests City Hall Review of Technology Project to Prevent “CityTime 2”

 In Spite of Widespread Corruption in the High Tech Contracts the Daily News  Says: Mayor Bloomberg's wildly successful high-tech challenge must have many winners(NYDN ED)


Politically Connected Freedman (Indicted in HPD Scandal) Got Appointment from Gov

Attorney Michael M. Freeman has resigned as chairman of the Nassau Community College board of trustees after he and six others were indicted in federal court in a bribery and kickback scheme involving affordable housing contracts in New York City, officials said.  Freeman, 64, a real estate attorney from Manhasset, was appointed a member of the Nassau Community College board Feb. 18, 2009, by then-Gov. Paterson named chairman last year, Freeman's term was to end in 2015.

More on the HPD Scandal



School Workers Axed 

672 School Jobs Are Lost in Largest Single-Agency Layoff Under Bloomberg(NYT) * Axed! Nearly 700 public school workers get the pink slip in mass layoff(NYDN) * Hundreds Of School Workers Laid Off, Spurring Protests Against Bloomberg(NY1)

State Layoffs Talks Drag On

State union’s final bid to avoid layoffs(NYP) * Union Talks Drag On(WSJ)

More Bleak Job Numbers Fears of a double-dip recession may have been calmed, but it is becoming increasingly impossible to undo the damage from years of high unemployment.  (NYT Ed) * AC Casino Workers Struggle After Pay Cuts(NBC) * Recession Officially Over, U.S. Incomes Kept Falling(NYT)

More City Pension Problems Ahead

They Still Don't Get It (Room Eight)







Today:  March to Washington Square Park 

For Some, Wall Street Is Main Street(NYT) Downtown protesters and their neighbors have a strained relationship, over bathrooms, noise and use of Zuccotti Park. * Protest Cuts Off Access to Park(WSJ) * Downtown Tries to Cope with its Occupiers(WSJ) * Occupy Wall Street protesters ready to push out of Zuccotti Park(NYDN) 

Twitter shuts down - then reactivates - protest-pushing Twitter acct.(NYDN) * Some Business Owners Raise A Stink Over Wall Street Protests(NY1) * For Mayor, ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Evokes Protests From Vietnam Era(NYT) *  Silence on the Street: Traders, bankers mum on protests(NYP)

  Occupy Wall Street Treks to Washington Square Park (NBC) * Mad as hell, at the corporate powers that be(Wash Post) * Air and Space Museum closes after guards clash with protesters (Wall Street) * Wall Street protesters look to expand N.Y. presence (Reuters)



Thousands pack Wall St. protest at Washington Square Park(NYP) * Wall Street Protest Spurs Online Dialogue on Inequity* Park-&-wreck freeloaders(NYP) * Protest Spurs Online Dialogue on Inequity



The Press Pass Problem

Who’s A Journalist? Arrest of reporters at Occupy Wall Street protest raise questions about NYPD press credential process (Columbia Journalism Review) * Daily News Calls Out Two Impostor Daily News Journalists At Occupy Wall Street (Gothamist)


Ray Kelly vs. the Council(NYP Ed) Some councilmembers accused the NYPD of “profiling” Muslims. 







Koch and Rep. King object to the report’s accusation that the government lures Muslim men into plots

Koch and N.Y.U. Clash Over Terrorism Report(NYT)


 Chinatown Bus Gangs

Collateral Damage in the Chinatown Bus Wars(NYT) Gang Killings * Feds must close loophole that lets bus companies flout safety laws by changing names (NYDN Ed)


Law and Order 

iGotcha! iPHone suspect's family says he looks NOTHING like pickpocket caught on camera

iPhone App Rats Out Alleged Queens Thief(NY1) * ‘Snap’ the cuffs on(NYP) * Cops ‘picture’ sex fiends(NYP) * Thugs held knife to tot(NYP) * Ex-trader to same jail as sib(NYP) * 111 Charged in Elaborate Identity-Theft Scheme(NYT) * Police Take Down Massive Queens ID Theft Ring(NY1) * Largest identity theft ring in U.S. history busted in Queens(NYDN) * 86 Arrested in ID Theft (WSJ) * Cop-killing wife acquitted of murder: 'No winners' in this case(NYDN) * NYPD using video to search for Brooklyn sex attacks suspect(NYDN)* Police Looking For Three Queens Home Invasion Suspects(WCBS) *Gunless gal aims at NYPD(NYP) * A Judge’s Education, a Sentence at a Time(NYP) * Cop uses ring finger to stop shooting, walks away with broken finger(NYDN)* Bartender stabbed after closing down pub(NYDN) * Fake cop busts real cop - oops(NYDN) *S.I. Residents Growing Frustrated Over Serial Tire Slashings(WCBS) * Cop Jams Finger in Suspect's Gun, Prevents Firing(NBC) * Six Arrested In Queens Face Gun Charges  (NY1) * Queens Woman Narrowly Avoids Sexual Assault(NY1) * Another Sex Attack in Sunset Park, Brooklyn(NBC) * Dissenting Often, State’s Chief Judge Establishes a Staunchly Liberal Record(NYT)* Cop sued for sexual harassment claims slander, sues accusing cop(NYDN) * Bronx lawyers sick of having to listen to 'sex tapes'(NYP) *  Latin Kings take over Park Slope playground(NYDN) *  Video: Shrieking Subway Farebeaters Fight Back Against Cops Trying To Arrest Them (Gothamist) * Deadly shooting at Bronx DA's Office was apparent suicide: police sources(NYP) * Latest Brooklyn Assault Linked To 11 Other Sex Attacks(NY1)

VIDEO: Parking Garage Clerk Fights Robber, Stabbed (NBC)



The Week's Best Reads (The Daily Beast)


SNL’s Chris Christie Attempts To Get The Press To Like Mitt Romney




Carlos Slim Increases Stake in The New York Times(FishbowlNY)

Slim has upped his shares from 850,000 to 11.9 million. He now owns eight percent of Class A shares. The purchase boosted the Times’ stock up to $6.75. The 13 percent increase is the most the paper’s stock has climbed in about two years.



Bloggers Report  Brooklyn Paper Blocks Links Re City Rules NOT Requiring That Hi-Decibel Late Night Construction On The Ratner/Prokhorov Arena Be Done At Night(Noticing New York) *Walk this way! Yiddish sign orders women to move over(Brooklyn Paper) * Southern Brooklyn Fights Sexual Assault Spree(Bay Ridge Journal) * Bike Share Program to Debut This Summer in Brooklyn(Prospect Heights Patch) * Brooklyn College building new school of business(Brooklyn Daily) * Jonathan Ames To Host Bored To Death Season 3 Party (F'KinParkSlope) * 2014: Klein vs. Clinton?(Bronx Press Politics) * Five Years of GerritsenBeach.netWhere'd the park dough go?(Queens Crap) * Dominicans eyeing seats in the Bronx(The Perez Notes) * Coalition for a New Village Hospital Calls on DOH to Deny LIJ Plan(Soho Journal) * Post-St. Vincent’s debate continues on two fronts(Downtown Express)