Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Both the NYT and NYP Use Haggerty to Protect the Mayor

NYP Attacks Haggerty
NYT Says What Election Law

From the publishers who brought you Mike's third term, were now getting censored coverage of the Haggerty Bloomberg trial.  As the trial enters the third week there is no coverage in the Daily News.  The NYP attacks Haggerty for a late PAC filing.  But does not mention that it was for the money that that mayor gave him.  The NYT does all it can to ignore a mayor who broke the election law and tried to suppress the minority vote against a black opponent.  Haggerty’s 103G PAC mystery (NYP) Records show that the 28th Assembly District Republican Committee -- which operates out of Haggerty’s Queens home -- is now three months overdue in filing its contributions and expenditures with the Board of Elections. 

NYT Cover-Up of Weekend Ed Makes It Clear They Are Protecting the Mayor for Breaking Breaking the Campaign Finance Law

NYT: Pay No Attention To What Is Behind the Green Curtin Mayor

On Saturday when the NYT called voter fraud a myth True News and others ask why the paper would not ask why the mayor paid $1.2 for ballot security.   Today the paper says the trial raises a larger problem of unlimited $$$ to political party housekeeping accounts.  The NYT said that the State Board of Election said Housekeeping funds are not for the express purpose of promoting the candidacy of specific candidates.  What the NYT should have said was that the state's election law prohibits housekeeping accounts to be used in candidates campaigns.  
More importantly the NYT for a second time in 3 days left out the fact that the money that Haggerty is on trial for was given to the Independent Party's housekeeping account and as the mayor testified in court last week was intended to pay for ballot security for his campaign.  Why did the NYT say the trial raised a larger issue of Housekeeping account when many election lawyers say the mayor was guilty of breaking that law?  Was the NYT trying to give the mayor cover in a very pethic attempt when they wrote today that "the reporting requirements for such contributions are so vague that it is almost impossible for the voters to figure out how the money is actually being spent."  It is not about what the public knows it about breaking the law! New York’s ‘Housekeeping’ Money The trial involving a former campaign aide to Mayor Bloomberg raises a larger question about unlimited housekeeping donations to a political party. (NYT Ed) * Citing Bloomberg's $1.1 million contribution to the Independence Party, the Times calls on Cuomo to end unlimited donations to lightly regulated "housekeeping" accounts for political parties in the state: \

How Come the NYT Did Not Talk About Bloomberg $1.2 Million for Ballot Security that He Paid to Haggerty?

Does the NYT think that the intent of voting restrictions is any different than the intent of ballot security?  Are they both designed to keep a target vote down? Is ballot security a myth also?  The Myth of Voter Fraud New restrictions on voting are really intended to keep people who vote Democratic from the polls, particularly the young(NYT Ed)* Mayor Mike Bloomberg Dirty Patti Harris XXX Secrets

What About A Firewall Between Quinn and the NYT or Old Media and the Mayor Ms. Robinson?

Gail Robinson (Twitter) Adam Lisberg et al take note: Doesn't seem to be much of a firewall between Tom Allon publisher and Tom Allon, candidate for mayor.

Vally Forge 2012: Protesters Digging In for the Winter

Wall Street protests pinch NYC budget(SI Advance)

Protesters Make Plans to Stay for Winter(WSJ) * Obey law & occupy as long as you like: Mike(NYP) *  Occupiers’ little helpers(NYP Ed) * Protests Offer Help, and Risk, for Democrats(NYT) * Bloomberg Says Protesters Can Stay On, if They Obey Laws(NYT) * Protest Gets Green Light(WSJ) * Kanye West Drops by Wall Street Protest(WSJ) * NYSE Site Slows on Day of Planned Hack(WSJ) * NYPD costs rise as Wall Street protests continue(WSJ) * Kanye West Drops by Wall Street Protest (WSJ)* Occupy Atlanta offshoot denies civil rights hero his chance to speak(NYDN)

 Millionaires March
Rupert Murdoch and conservative billionaire David Koch
Wall Street protesters plan 'Millionaires March'(NYDN) * Mayor Affirms "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters' Freedom Of Expression(NY1) * Occupy Wall Street has picked up powerful supporters like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Center for American Progress, though some Democrats remain wary, says the Times * Police arrest more than 100 at Occupy Boston protest at Rose Kennedy Greenway (NYDN) * The Bloomberg administration is not commenting on the financial cost of the protest, which has already wracked up an NYPD overtime bill of almost $2 million.* Some Democrats are already looking for ways to mobilize the Occupy Wall Street protestors for Get-Out-The-Vote drives in 2012. * Raw Video: Tense Protest in Seattle * Wall Street Protesters to Protest Outside Rupert Murdoch's Home

6 OWS Protesters Arrested in the Capital

Six protesters affiliated with the ‘Occupy D.C.’ movement arrested in a Capitol Hill building (Wash Post) * Wall Street Protests Spill Into New Jersey(NBC) * Occupy Wall Street Planning ‘Millionaire’s March’ To Murdoch, Koch Homes (TPM)

Andrew Siff  (Twitter)  Protest now marching east on 64th street towards park ave. Police had handcuffs visible but no arrests



Back to the Future: Selling Apples on Wall Street (Not the Job's Apples)

There may not be that much of Wall Street to protest soon

Bad budget news for NYC, Albany: Wall Street will take a hit this year. Lower bonuses, profits. 10,000 jobs on line. Wall Street Shrinkage New York City's securities industry could lose nearly 10,000 jobs by the end of 2012, the state's comptroller predicted, a painful blow to the area's economy and government budgets. A report also said bonuses are likely to shrink this year, reflecting lower profits on Wall Street. (WSJ) * DiNapoli Forecasts Weaker Wall Street Outlook *DiNapoli warns Wall Street could lose 10K jobs(N YP)* Hacker group Anonymous fails in attempt to 'erase' NYSE(NYP)  *DiNapoli: 2012-13 Deficit Could Surpass $2B (YNN)Council Debate on School Layoffs Grows Heated (NYT)

City Hall News (Twitter) Walcott says DC37 only came to him with plan to avert layoffs after school budgets were finalized and layoff notices were processed.

Mayor's High Paid Flack: Its All About Protecting the Sugar Daddy Who Pays Me 

howard wolfson (Twitter) Predictable Bloomberg critic hits Mayor for predictably opposing jobs killing living wage bill Putting a Face on What’s at Stake in a Clash Over the Minimum Wage (NYT)* Michael Powell says NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s “past as a left-wing activist and her mayoral ambitions as a centrist liberal are caught in a spider’s web” on the living wage bill.

City Stuck With High Rents At 4 WT

NYC to 4 WTC still not certain (NYP) New details of a lease between the city’s Human Resources Administration and Silverstein Properties at 4 World Trade Center might not be the final word. As reported by GlobeSt.com, HRA is taking 582,000 square feet in the 2.2 million square-foot tower now rising. It marked the first time the city has spelled out specifics of a deal announced nearly five years ago -- namely, which agency would move to 4 WTC and on which floors (22-35).


Tix-fix scandal could free slay suspect In the first test of how the tix fix scandal will affect a murder case, Bronx jurors will weigh a gruesome video of a killing against the testimony of a summons-quashing detective.(NYDN)




Pol flyin' high - and around the world - on private donations(NYDN) * Nita Lowey took four trips this year paid for by private donations, more than any other New York area congresswoman.


Chopper foes slam FAA ‘space’ cadets(NYP)




Manhattan is running out of gas stations ... just 41 left on the island(NYDN)






The News backs the city's push for more study in its call for a vastly larger buffer between hydrofracking wells and the aqueducts delivering the city's unfiltered water

Cuomo personally called White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley to request assistance with repairing the aged Tappan Zee Bridge. * Cuomo’s request that the Tappan Zee project be fast-tracked was heeded by the Obama administration. Work could start as early as next year.  

A Cuomo Lobbyist Crows

Ex-Aide Said She Drew Cuomo, as Attorney General, Into Rain Forest Case(NYT)





The Post urges Cuomo to keep his word and fire 3,500 members of the Public Employees Federation since the union rejected a contract deal: * Here And Now – PEF Exec Board Meeting Postponed, Contract Talks Continue

In one of his last acts as head of the MTA, Jay Walder took a private tour of the Verrazano Bridge with his wife and child in tow, and a fancy camera around his neck, The Post reports.

NYPD infiltration of colleges raises privacy fears(WSJ) The NYPD infiltrated Muslim student groups in colleges in the city in search of radicalized members, raising privacy concerns and putting at risk millions in federal aid, the Associated Press reports

Feds disrupt plan to kill Saudi ambassador to US, bomb embassies(NYP)

Breaking  Another Sex Attack in Brooklyn, But Police Say It's Not Part of Pattern (NBC)

 Women On Edge In Brooklyn As NYPD Investigates (WCBS) * B’klyn perv strikes again(NYP) * Another Sexual Assault Is Reported in Brooklyn(NYT) * New Assault Named Part of a Pattern(WSJ) * Police Say Windsor Terrace Attack Matches Sex Assault Pattern (WSJ) * Brooklyn perv gropes again as NYPD investigates possible 13th attack(NYDN) * Latest Brooklyn Assault Linked To 11 Other Sex Attacks(NY1)* Another Sexual Assault Is Reported in Brooklyn(NYT)

Meathead’s mob directory spills secrets(NYP)

 Law and Order

‘Splash & dash’ heists(NYP) * Cabby ‘drags cop(NYP) * Legal Aid defends freebie deal for guy on 90G(NYP) *Panicked thief says stolen art ‘history’(NYP) * Peter Vallone gets criticized for saying that the City Council shouldn’t provide NYPD oversight. * NYPD Hunts Suspect Following Sex Assault In Morningside (WCBS) * Meathead’s mob directory spills secrets(NYP)*Cops Hunt Bleach Robbers(Fox 5) * Video, images released of Manhattan rape suspect(WABC) 


Subway girls go wild vs. cops (NYP)




Cops hunt for Morningside Park sex assault suspect (VIDEO)

Vigil To Be Held For Girl Who Inspired Tough Drunk Driving Law(NY1)


The Romney-as-nominee inevitability campaign begins in earnest with Christie endorsement. ?

Herman Cain breathing down neck of GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney in latest Gallup poll (NYDN) * Tea Party members who back Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain for president are angry with Rep. Michael Grimm for endorsing Mitt Romney.* Grimm news for SI rep.Tea Party scalds pol for backing Romney (NYP) * Rudy Giuliani says it is 'too late' for presidential run(NYP) * Bill Daley to leave White House after 2012 election (Wash Post)

Jeff Greenfield (Twitter) Romney has been debating with a general election audience in mind--the others (Huntsman aside) to the GOP base. Does that continue tonight?

NYT's Conflicts of Interests

US journalists launch campaign for 'op-ed transparency' (the Guardian) More than 50 journalists and journalism academics have signed a letter calling on the New York Times to be more transparent about conflicts of interests involving contributors to its op-ed pages.


Top Former Murdoch Deputy Set For Hacking Grilling(Huff Post)



Saturday Night Live debuted 36 yrs ago tonight. Host George Carlin's monologue(NBC)

One Good Apple: Steve Jobs And His 8 Time Magazine Covers

Thanks for the Future, Steve(Newsweek)