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John Liu's Former Aid Tied to pro-North Korea, pro-Palestinian and Anti-Israel Group

Steve Jobs
Our Generation Albert Einstein, Henry Ford and Walt Disney

From Jobs' now-famous Stanford speech: "No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die..."   
Steve Jobs of Apple Dies at 56(NYT) * Apple Says Former CEO Steve Jobs Has Passed Away(CNBC)  *  Steve Jobs, Apple Co-Founder, Dies at 56(NYT) * Apple ‘Deeply Saddened’ by News of Former C.E.O.(NYT) * Steve Jobs went from orphan to icon. * Tech giant Apple confirms former CEO has passed away(NYP) * Apple's passionate pitchman (CNN) * POTUS:There may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented * Reacting to Jobs’s Death(NYT)

NYP Misses Liu's Fired Aid Anti-Israel Past

Why Liu Had to Dump His Aid John Choe

The NYP editorial today says that Liu let John Choe go after the NYP exposed his involvement with a pro-Korea group.  What the NYP missed that the group founded by by Choe  Nodutdol was involved in pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel organizing.  Asian Week reported on April 20, 2002 that Nodutdol attended and Anti- Israel rally in Washington, D.C.  Nodutdol's website in the past "Comdemned the economic strangulation campaign Israel has undertaken against the Palestinian People."
The Nodutdol website had a petition to President Bush that said the following: "The U.S. government must end its support of Israel's occupation of Palestine.  I condemn. . . the murderous military and economic campaign Israel has undertaken against the Palestinian people."  When asked to oust his aide who is pro-North Korean Newsday reported on June 13, 2003 that Liu said "What Choe does on his own time is not mine or anyone's business. It does not interfare with his duties in the City Council."  Lui helped Nodutdol obtain member items funds from the Department of Youth and Community Development."

Liu’s cashiered comrade(NYP) John Choe, the apologist for communist North Korea, quietly quit his $105,000-a-year job as Liu’s policy director last month -- shortly after The Post reported his equally under-the-radar hiring. Choe was previously the comptroller’s chief of staff during Liu’s years on the City Council. He when on his honeymoon to North Korea and to run Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, a propaganda outfit that sends people on trips to the North.

Their forbidden love bloomed among the campaign spreadsheets, only to die under the withering gaze of rackets investigators

Prosecutors are blaming the financial officer for decision made by the campaign staff and no contract mayor?  Defendant lawyer gets to question her today?

Sex, love & political money(NYP)Fiona Reid was chief financial officer for Mayor Bloomberg’s 2009 re-election campaign affair with Haggerty ended In January, when the investigation [into Haggerty] started, and my lawyer advised me to stop.” 

 Dark Past of Ballot Security

Traditionally been more about scrutinizing voters than enabling them

Roots of ‘Ballot Security’: Dead Voters, Party Fears and Shadowy Tactics(TOM ROBBINS, NYT) * Former Campaign Finance Director Testifies in Haggerty Trial (WSJ)* Bloomy aide's love life under scrutiny in Haggerty trial(NYDN) * Haggerty's Former Lover Says She Was Unaware Of Misspent Campaign Funds(NY1) * NY1 Online: Political Strategists Stone And Gyory Discuss Haggerty Trial (NY1) *  NY1 Online: Journalist Tom Robbins Talks Ballot Security(NY1)


Independence Party VP Connolly and the NYP

On February 11, 2011 the NYP wrote DA raps Indie Party in $1M Mike-elex theft  . . . According to court papers party VP  Connolly and Haggerty also fabricated a written contract to make it appear the party had contracted with Haggerty to conduct the Election Day operation * Independence Party big testifies he 'trusted' ex-mayoral aide John Haggerty(NYP) (Was the DA using the NYP to pressure Connolly to Testify against Haggerty?) 


Radio Personality Frank Frank Morano Quit the Independence Party and Attack the Way It Spent Money?

"It seems as if the only two people who have any say whatsoever in how IP money is spent are Frank MacKay and First Vice-Chairman Tom Connolly (currently on the staff of State Senator Carl Kruger, who is under Federal Criminal investigation fordeceptive campaign finance practices).It’s no wonder then that MacKay and Connolly so often believe that the best use of Independence Party funds is to pay themselves off." Morano wrote a letter to the BOE complaining how the IP - How IP expenditure decisions are made
- Where the money goes
- Use of campaign accounts for housekeeping purposes
  Ex-Independence Party Officer Frank Morano Files Scathing Elections Complaint(NYDN) * Indy Party Vice Chair: Haggerty Chiseled Us Too (NYDN) * Connolly said he trusted Haggerty when he said the $1.1 million contributed to the Indy Party by the mayor and then given to the GOP consultant would actually be used for a ballot security operation.

Grace Rauh (Twitter) State indy party official on stand in trial. Says Haggerty was only person in Bloomberg camp he talked w about ballot security. * At trial, talk of defendant's purchase of his late dad's house in Qns. Lawyer for estate says John needed about $1M at closing.* Indy Party official says donors can make a request about how $ is spent - but it is up to party to honor or not. * During cross Indy Party official says 's $1.2M was a donation to the party and was under party's control. * On stand, Indy Party vice chair refers to pollster Doug Schoen as "Dr. Schoen."

 HaggertyGate (True News)

Bloomberg Ringer Helps His Puppet Quinn

There’s speculation that Teamsters President Greg Floyd was encouraged in his unlikely 2013 NYC mayoral run by Bloomberg, who hoped his candidacy would siphon votes away from competitors of his favorite, Council Speaker Christine Quinn. 

No Taxi to Brooklyn Yet

Cuomo makes cab stand (NYP) Gov. Cuomo is putting the brakes on Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to bring livery taxis to the outer boroughs. Working on a new plan that would bring taxi service to parts of the city underserved by yellow cabs. * Cuomo said he’s working on a new plan that “provides taxi access to the outer boroughs, access to the disabled, revenue for the city, and respects the medallion franchise.” 


Why Do You Have to Kill Bloomberg's Taxi Bill to Force More Taxis to the Outer Boroughs to Get More Handicapped Taxis? . . .  Ask A Taxi Lobbyist 

 ‘Taxis For All’ Targets Livery Cab Bill (YNN)





The Art of Cuomo's Union Medicaid Deal

Cuomo Sets $50 Million Union Bailout  The Cuomo administration has quietly authorized a $50 million bailout of an insurance fund for the 1199SEIU health-care workers, a decision that a union official said helped secure its endorsement of the state's Medicaid budget. * The Medicaid Redesign Team is meeting in Albany today.

Nick Confessore(Twitter) WSJ scoops that Cuomo authorized an effective $50M bailout to 1199 as part of budget deal on Medicaid cuts.

More City Budget Cuts Coming

City's Budget Ordered Cut; Hiring Freezed(WSJ) * Bloomberg Pulls Budget Belt Tighter; Calls For Hiring Freeze(NY1)* NYC labor leaders are threatening to go to court to fight layoffs that might be back on the table with Bloomberg’s latest round of agency spending cuts.



Living Wage Bill  The Bloomberg administration is releasing a controversial report this morning that shows a mandated wage increase would kill jobs  Report: City wage hike could kill 13,000 jobs(NYP) * Wage Increase A Job Killer?(Fox 5) *  An Empire Center study found that municipal salaries went up as the number of employees working for local governments went down.* Study Says Higher-Wage Bill for City Projects Would Cost Jobs(NYT)

  The closely-watched living wage bill is in “suspended animation,” according to NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who declined to take a position on the measure. * Council Speaker, Pulled 2 Ways on Wage Bill, Delays Taking a Stand(NYT)


Largest City Labor Union Protests Planned School Aide Layoffs(NY1)

In the 1960's Hard Hats and Demonstrators Fought
Gonzalez: Once enemies, now they march together on Wall Street(NYDN) * Labor unions join students for a massive protest at Zuccotti Park today. * Union leaders “are grappling with the fact that a ragtag group of youthful agitators has been more successful than professional labor organizers at capturing the mood of the country,” Andrew J. Hawkins writes.

Protesters Claim NYPD Trap Them on the Brooklyn Bridge

Citing Police Trap, Protesters File Suit(NYT) * Wall Street Protesters sue city claiming NYPD entrapment(NYDN) * Occupy Wall Street protest drawing thousands of dollars in donations $65,000 (NYDN) * A Public Servant Whose Name Is Now on Protesters’ Lips (NYT) * Thousands of SUNY and CUNY students are expected to walk out today to protest tuition hikes.

NY labor unions join the Occupy Wall Street protest today in a solidarity march.* Jeff Mangum At Occupy Wall Street: Neutral Milk Hotel Singer Plays Impromptu Show At Protest (VIDEO)(Huff Post) * . progressive caucus to join labor march today, says * Wall Street Protest Group Seeks Permit for Thousands to Rally (NBC) * Occupy Wall Street Protesters More Popular Than Congress: Poll (NYO) *As they joined with the young, edgy protestors today, NYC labor leaders wondered if they’ve grown too comfortable to mount a successful movement.* Some video from today’s student protest at UAlbany in opposition to tuition hikes and in support of the Occupy Wall Streeters.* 

Wall St. Protest Attracts Many New to This Sort of Thing(NYT) * Occupy Wall Street March Swells With Students, Union Members(NY1) * Political Hopefuls Take Part In Occupy Wall Street March To Gain Popular Ground (NY1) * Occupy Wall Street Megamarch’s Violent Aftershocks: Senior Police Officer Beats Protesters With Baton [VIDEO] * Seeking Energy, Unions Join Protest Against Wall Street(NYT) * Video: Cop Hopes His Nightstick "Will Get A Workout Tonight" (Gothamist)

3 NY shopping malls sued for discrimination(WSJ)

As School Layoffs Loom, City Points Finger at Union Chief, Who Points Right Back(NYT)

NYAG: Mellon Bank Robs the People

U.S., N.Y. Sue BNY Mellon(WSJ) The Justice Department and New York's attorney general filed separate civil lawsuits against Bank of New York Mellon Corp. alleging that the bank fraudulently charged clients for currency transactions. * State Sues Bank of New York Mellon(Fox 5) * AG Eric Schneiderman and US Attorney Preet Bharara filed separate lawsuits against the Bank of New York Mellon, accusing it of cheating state and other pension funds nationwide out of foreign exchange fees over the last decade.

Decision not to run for White House means Mitt can pick up gov's leftovers(NYP) * Obama throws down gauntlet on jobs bill(NYP) * Opting Out of Race, Christie Says, ‘Now Is Not My Time’(NYT) * No Christie, No Bargain(Friedman, NYT) * Gov. Perry’s Rock The name of a Texas hunting camp leased by the Perry family is a reminder that casual bigotry is still far too common in this country. (NYT Ed) * Christie Exit Shifts Focus to Romney(WSJ)

You Gotta Believe: Herman Cain Ties Romney For GOP Primary Lead In CBS Poll * With Chris Christie (still) out of prez race, Mitt Romney may be GOP's best shot to win(NYDN) * Shocked? Cain, Perry tied for second behind Romney(NYDN) * What Rick Perry and Mitt Romney can learn from Chris Christie(NYDN Ed) * Charles Krauthammer Predicts Why Rick Perry Won’t Do Interviews: ‘He Thinks He’ll Blow It’ * Perry raises $17.1 million in Q3(Hot Air) 

Sarah Palin will not run: "I can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants"

Christie found the comedians’ jokes about his weight appropriate and funny, but similar criticism from “serious” journalists inappropriate.* A law firm affiliated with Sarah Palin’s PAC made inquiries about filing deadlines in early states.* Reid Proposes Surtax on ‘the Richest’ to Pay for Jobs Plan(NYT) 


 Outgoing Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward says he was done in by the “politics” of toll and fare hikes after saying publicly they should be higher. 


NYC schools get failing gym grades(NYDN) A John Liu audit of 31 elementary schools found that none of them were in compliance with state guidelines on physical education.

Monitor Must Oversee Fire Dept. Hiring Practices, Judge Rules(NYT)Judge Orders Monitor Of FDNY Hiring Process, Practices (NY1)

New York State AG launches probe into school lunch industry(NYDN)

Pols Looking to Such Up Money Without Raising Taxes to Run Government

Cindy Adams weighs in on the so-called “pure panacea” of expanding gambling, saying: “Only for those who own the dice.”

City: Agreement Would Complete Waterfront Loop Near UN(NY1)

Tourist dies in chopper crash(NYP) * Responders tell of frantic minutes in water(NYP) * ‘A Helicopter’s Down! Call 911!’(NYT) * Helicopter Crash Kills 1(WSJ) * Fast-acting NYPD, FDNY heroes save lives, but British tourist dies in helicopter crash(NYDN) * Copter in East River crash is reliable chopper, expert says(NYDN) * One Dead, Four Injured After Helicopter Crashes In East River(NY1) * Helicopter crash is seventh in a NYC river since 1995(NYDN) * Passengers in Chopper Were Tourists(WNBC)

NYC Soldier Dies In Afghanistan(Fox 5) * SHOCK POLL: Just 1/3 of vets say Iraq, Afghanistan wars worth it(NYDN)

Immigrants are the powerhouse that makes New York City work(NYDN Ed)





After Bronx Crash, a Bus Fleet Stays on the Road(NYT)





 Law and Order

DOE wife’s ‘horror’(NYP) * ‘Drugs in bra’ (NYP) * Party heist bags 300g(NYP) * Jury Begins Deliberating in the Killing of a Husband(NYT) * Robbers Invade CEO's Midtown Home (WSJ) * Firefighter faces 20 years for serving as muscle for a coke-delivery service: Feds(NYDN) * Arrest in NYC sex attacks after victims fight back(WABC) * Surveillance released of NYC home invasion suspects(WABC)

A.J. Burnett solid as Yankees top Tigers 10-1 in ALDS Game 4, is saved by Curtis Granderson catches (NYDN)