Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

"I Want to Put the Ding in the Universe" Jobs

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. You somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary," said Jobs to the students at Stanford University


Occupy Wall Street Megamarch’s Violent Aftershocks

 Seeking Energy, Unions Join Protest Against Wall Street(NYT) * Wall St. Protest Attracts Many New to This Sort of Thing(NYT) * Protest Swells in Number(WSJ) * Occupy Wall Street: You've Got Mail(WSJ) Union Members Swell Protests(WSJ) *Wall Street protesters to stage rallies in NJ(WSJ) * Occupy Wall Street protests: Police make arrests, use pepper spray as some activists storm barricade (NYDN) * PHOTOS: See Occupy Wall Street protests in action(NYDN)Cops arrest, Mace demonstrators as Wall Street protests turn violent(NYP) * Unions, students join Wall Street protesters (NYP) * The Post accuses the unions of having a “death wish.”* “I saw night sticks fly. I saw cops on the floor. I saw them charging groups of people,” said Jack DePalmer of Brooklyn. * Dozens Arrested During Large Occupy Wall Street March(NY1) * Wall Street Protests: Signs of the Times(New Yorker) * Estimates put the crowd at yesterday’s Occupy Wall Street March at between 10,000-20,000. *Ben Bernake Expresses Sympathy For Occupy Wall Street: ‘I Can’t Blame Them’

UPS Packages Addressed to Protesters

Occupy Wall Street: You've Got Mail(WSJ) Casey O'Neill stood outside the UPS Store on Fulton Street and wondered at the contents of six boxes addressed to “Occupy Wall Street” -- a fraction of the 400 parcels the protesters received Wednesday. (WSJ)


Brooklyn Corrupt Democratic Boss Vito Lopez Joins Wall Street Protesters

 For someone who has used to benefit himself and his friends Vito showing up at the Wall Street protest yesterday shows the contempt the party bosses have for public and the press. * Political Hopefuls Take Part In Occupy Wall Street March To Gain Popular Ground(NY1)

Lionel(Twitter) Watch the Johnny come lately's now hop on the bandwagon.

Jon Stewart: How Are The Occupy Wall Street Protesters Not Like The Tea Party?







An Indy Party Fairy Tale at the Haggerty Trial Yesterday 

Indy Party Vice Chair: Haggerty Chiseled Us Too (NYDN) * Connolly said he trusted Haggerty when he said the $1.1 million contributed to the Indy Party by the mayor and then given to the GOP consultant would actually be used for a ballot security operation.* Independence big $laps Haggerty (NYP) Manhattan prosecutors have frozen his party’s funds, but state Independence Party big Thomas Connolly still toed the DA’s line yesterday, telling jurors he would never have forwarded any of the mayor’s $1.1 million campaign donation to John Haggerty if he’d known the accused thieving consultant would use it to buy a house. Independence Party Vice Chairman Tom Connolly admitted he backdated a contract between the Indys and consultant John Haggerty to provide ballot security in 2009 using $1.1 million worth of Bloomberg’s cash.

Connelly just wrote these checks to Haggerty all by himself and didn't get the approval of party chairman Frank Mackay......give me a break.....and Sheeky didn't tell him that the money was for Haggerty.......give me a double break.....and the rules about housekeeping miney not being for candidates are confusing.......give me a triple break...they all are in this together and Mackay is hiding under his wife's skirt. Prosecutors have successfully sued the Independence Party to freeze the unspent portion of Bloomberg’s donation, arguing that the party knew or should have known about Haggerty’s scam.  Indy Party chief in jam over wife loanHaggerty Contract Is Said Backdated(WSJ) * Bloomberg Haggerty Trial Connelly Testimony A Joke Like CityTime Simple Math! by Suzannah Troy Artist* Independence Party Vice Chairman Says He Trusted Allegedly Crooked Bloomberg Campaign Aide


Radio Personality Frank Frank Morano Quit the Independence Party and Attack the Way It Spent Money?

"It seems as if the only two people who have any say whatsoever in how IP money is spent are Frank MacKay and First Vice-Chairman Tom Connolly (currently on the staff of State Senator Carl Kruger, who is under Federal Criminal investigation fordeceptive campaign finance practices).It’s no wonder then that MacKay and Connolly so often believe that the best use of Independence Party funds is to pay themselves off." Morano wrote a letter to the BOE complaining how the IP - How IP expenditure decisions are made
- Where the money goes
- Use of campaign accounts for housekeeping purposes
  Ex-Independence Party Officer Frank Morano Files Scathing Elections Complaint(NYDN) * Indy Party Vice Chair: Haggerty Chiseled Us Too (NYDN) * Connolly said he trusted Haggerty when he said the $1.1 million contributed to the Indy Party by the mayor and then given to the GOP consultant would actually be used for a ballot security operation.


Quinn Avoidance Not Leadership

 Speaker Quinn, torn between her old allies in labor and new supporters in business, declined to take a position on the the Living Wage Bill.   Council Speaker Chris Quinn On "Last In, First Out": Wise Or Wily? Your Call, New York * Speaker Christine Quinn Faces Challenge To Living Wage Bill(NY1)   . . .  No Answer *  Speaker Quinn says Council will not hold hearings on departure * Council Speaker Chris Quinn Still Mulling Paid Sick Leave Bill  * Council Speaker Christine Quinn On Mayoral Whereabouts Bill: I'll Get Back To You On That***Today    Council Speaker, Pulled 2 Ways on Wage Bill, Delays Taking a Stand(NYT)


 June Primaries?

NY elections commissioners warned an August primary might make the political calendar too tight. They prefer moving it to June. 



Ticket Fix Cover Up Continues  

Ticket-fixing probe: Lawyers demand list of cops names from Bronx DADefense lawyers are seething over the Bronx district attorney's refusal to release the names of nearly 530 cops touched by the ticket-fixing scandal. (NYDN)





Mob Tool of Appointing A Federal Monitor Coming to the NYFD 

King of the fire department(NYP Ed) * Monitor Must Oversee Fire Dept. Hiring Practices, Judge Rules(NYT) * Monitor Ordered to Oversee FDNY's Hiring (WSJ) * Judge Hits FDNY Hiring Practices(WSJ) * King of the fire department(NYP Ed)


School Layoffs

With 700 jobs on the line, the Bloomberg administration and DC37 are playing the blame gameAs School Layoffs Loom, City Points Finger at Union Chief, Who Points Right Back(NYT)  * Public schools brace for new round of budget cuts (NYDN) * The Bloomberg administration is blaming Lillian Roberts for DOE layoffs.

State Union Problems
We should know by Friday if there will be a new PEF contract vote. (More here).


City's Ticking Pension Time Bomb Will Lead to More Cuts

Ticking louder New $1B city ‘time bomb’ shock. The Bloomberg administration, already looking to cut $2 billion from the city budget, is about to get hit with a shocking bill that could total more than $1 billion to cover growing shortfalls in the city’s pension systems, The Post has learned. * Today’s Q poll found American voters disapprove 55-41 percent of the job Obama is doing, an all- time low, and say 77-20 percent that the economy is in a recession. * More Federal and State cuts coming to the city “We are actually bending the cost curve in the Medicaid program,” said the state’s Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson, who also warned NY is not out of the woods yet. 


FBI busts New York City housing official and real estate developers on corruption charges(NYDN)




 Outgoing Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward: “What I learned, as my hand got singed in the oven, was that you can’t raise tolls anymore to what they would have to be to sustain the Port Authority.”


 Albany politicians get 'time to kill' emails warning of violence if tax on rich expires (NYDN)

Chopper's Crash: A Chicken Without Head Over Reaction

The pilot of the doomed helicopter blamed the crash on mechanical failure, but an early review by federal investigators found no signs of that.  Flying Chariot of the Wealthy, Noisy Bane of the Earthbound(NYT)  * Searching for Clues in Copter Crash(WSJ) * Chopper pilot needed '10 more seconds' to save life (NYDN)


Greenway Plan Gets 'Missing Link'(WSJ) * Bloomberg, state officials agree on U.N. land deal to fund missing portion of greenway (Real Deal)




The Assembly is holding a hearing on hydrofracking this morning. DEC Commissioner Joe Martens is scheduled to testify. 




Parker and 6 Other  State Senators Want NYPD to Be Investigation for Muslim Spying

"I am greatly troubled that the NYPD seeks to criminalize an entire Muslim faith tradition," said Brooklyn Sen. Kevin Parker

 Phony charges of NYPD spying on Muslims should be laughed out of court(NYDN Ed)NYPD eyes Muslim leaders close to mayor for 'threat potential'(NYDN)



NYPD Label High School Student's Shooting As Possible Hate Crime(NY1)

Accused shooters of Harlem H.S. hoop phenom are indicted in her murder(NYP)

 Law and Order

Manhattan D.A. Is Asked to Seek to Undo 1999 Murder Conviction(NYT) * App Turns Tables on iPhone Thief(NYT) * Breaking a Silence, and Offering a Softer Portrait of a Slain Brother(NYT) * uspects sought in Manhattan jewelry store robberies | 7online.comPolice Seek Five In String Of Subway Robberies (NY1)


Colbert: ‘Cain Picks Up Voters Who Don’t Like Romney, Used To Like Perry, And Can’t Have Christie’


Rediscovering Bits of 1890s(WSJ)