Monday, August 29, 2011

Can Today's Pols Tolerate Criticism and Understand the Freedoms That Protects Dissent?

Much Ado About Surprisingly Little

Why does Local TV news only limit their attempts at investigation journal to some young reporter from Omaha Nebraska standing in one foot of water in Broad Channel telling us that the world was about to end?  Why  can't TV put that energy, resources and commitment to cleaning up the corruption in local government they sometimes cover after a pol was indicted or sent to jail? * Did the Coverage Go To Far? (Huff Post) * Don’t Believe The ‘Media Hype’ Hype: Howard Kurtz Wrong On Irene Coverage * Some Florida mayor came to the defense of Mayor Bloomberg, who is being accused by some of overreacting (or fear mongering, take your pick) in his Irene prep.* Chris Smith: “Was Bloomberg overcompensating for the administration’s mistakes during the snowstorm? Yes – and so what?” * Gabe Pressman thinks Bloomberg “seems to have learned a lesson” from last December’s Christmas blizzard debacle.

The NYP is Right Nobody Controls Mother Nature. The Storm Could Have Been Worse. But Does That Mean the Hype and Hysteria and Pol Behavior Cannot Be Criticized?

Apocalypse not The apocalyptic TV news coverage, the mandatory evacuations, the transit shutdowns, the governmental warnings and the panic hoarding.(NYP) *Mayor Mans Emergency Desk, Says He Made 'Right Call'(WSJ) * not so much. even his critics seem to be giving high marks.

 NYT Stereotypes Criticism As Grumble

‘Some Hurricane,’ New Yorkers Grumble as Danger Passes(NYT)


Cuomo: It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better(YNN) * Governor Cuomo on Damage to Catskils and Hudson Valley: "It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better"(NBC) *N.Y. Gov. Flies Over Severe Flooding * Cuomo Tours Flooded Upstate Areas


Has Freedom of Speech Been Suspended?

"Second guesses will not be tolerated? We Saved Lives" Gov Christie




The Mayor Micro Management Response Payback for the Criticism He Received for His Fuck Up of the Snow Storm

A Billionaire Mayor Fights for Legacy and Dream of Running for President(Still)

This Time, Mostly Praise for Mayor on Storm Response With an aggressive approach to Tropical Storm Irene, Michael R. Bloomberg seemed to have done much to repair his reputation for C.E.O.-style leadership (NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg's sky-is-falling act makes him hero of Hurricane Irene(WSJ) * Irene spared New York her fury, but city was wise to batten down the hatches for the worst(NYDN Ed) * Annoyance flashed across the mayor’s face when a reporter questioned whether any of the aggressive actions taken by the city in anticipation of the storm were linked to the botched response to the snowstorm. “This has nothing to do with a blizzard,” the mayor scoffed, according to Michael Howard Saul. * No hype, says. 'The media's job is to tell people what's going on.'

Michael Barbaro(Twitter)

With Irene, Bloomberg repairs reputation for CEO-style leadership tarnished during blizzard, NYers say:(NYT Reporter)


El Bloombito

Meet Rachel Figueroa-Levin, the Soap-Making, Jewryican Stay-at-Home Mom Behind Twitter’s ElBloombito(NYO) * The mayor has a sense of humor about his less-than-perfect Spanish, which was mocked by a parody Twitter account created over the weekend. (Video!) *  Mayor Bloomberg Responds to El Bloombito [Video] (NYO)

Start her Tweets against Bloomberg 2 days ago has 12,000 follower already



Bloomberg and Quinn
Miguel Bloombito Twitter On Bloomberg

Los shelteros del animaltandos somos resuming los servisos. Adoptan un peto! El bow wow! * No cars que allowed para drivando en el parque del central. Bicycletos y pedestrianos eres okay. Que Exerciso! * Cuidado! Stayo away para los downed linos de power. Que Electrocuto! El BUZZZ! * Por favor to donatandator los bloodos Necessan blood! Urgente! Que transfusion! Lo siento por el previous typo * Cuidado! Prohibido to down los trees solomente. Llamano el cuidad para helpayudo. Que injurido! El ouch!



Are Pols on Facebook and Twitter Replacing Journalist?
Public: Losing Somewhat Objective News
Pols Gaining Another Tool to Assure They Get Reelection
The administration regularly briefed City Council members and other pols, who responded with praise. The city also launched a tow truck staging system to handle stranded cars, after failing to do so in the blizzard * Were politicians milking the disaster?


Is the NYT Third Article in 10 Days on Quinn's An Attempt By the Paper To Set Her Up As the Front Runner?

"The worst-kept secret in City Hall" Mayor Making It No Secret: He’ll Endorse Quinn in 2013(NYT) * NYT Sets the Definition on How To Judge and Pick the Next Mayor and It Fits Quinn (True News) *  A Council Speaker Who Tightens the Purse Strings on Dissent (NYT) * For Christine Quinn, Shifting Career and an Eye on Mayor's Office(Aug 15, 2011)


 On Twitter, Howard Wolfson disputes that account

howard wolfson (Twitter)
Sorry, not true. “: In Private, Bloomberg Backs Christine Quinn as Successor






Cuomo received campaign donations from at least 7 highly-paid nonprofit exe, who may be among those targeted in his probe 

Cuomo's probe of excessive executive salaries at nonprofit groups puts him on a collision course with some of his donors(NYDN) * Cuomo raised tens of thousands of dollars from prominent central New York Republicans at a Skaneateles fundraiser last week, though he skipped the event to prepare for the hurricane (TU)






Diaz Organizes Education Activists; CUNY Graduations Rates Up; Needed A Better Way to Test

First Education Summit will gather minds to turn 'school reform' talk into tactics(NYDN)"We need more resources financially, we need to stop vilifying [teachers] and we need to change the tone on how we've been approaching education divisiveness that this administration has added between charter and public schools," Bronx Boro President Diaz.* City cum laude CUNY's graduation rates soar Graduation rates at CUNY's Hunter College and Brooklyn College shot up 10 percentage points since 2005, part of a general improvement at most of the system's colleges (NYP) * There Has to Be a Better Way to Grade Tests New York’s approach to scoring Regents exams is too vulnerable to cheating. (NYT Ed) * Diane Ravitch to Offer Keynote Address at First-Ever Summit

DiNapoli Kills Murdoch Conflict of Interests Education Contract

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli quietly killed a contract between the Education Department and Wireless Generation, a News Corp. subsidiary.* More fallout from the phone hacking scandal: NY has killed a multimillion dollar contract it had with News Corp.(Fishbowl) * Subsidiary of News Corp. Loses Deal With State(NYT)


Turner Hammers Weprin For Debt Faux Pas(YNN) * hopeful David Weprin pulls out of tonight's debate * Turner Hits Weprin For Not Knowing the Size of the Federal Deficit(NYO) * Minus One Vote For Weprin(YNN)* Weprin Pulls Out Of Tonight’s Debate–Update(NYO)  “They have been trying to get out of it all week, trying to change the format. It’s disgraceful. " *  Democrat David Weprin Scores Rage For NY-9 Debate Pullout: More Updates! * Weprin wimps out of debate(Queens Crap) *Weprin slammed for debate no-show(NYP) * Weprin Drops Out of Debate in N.Y. Special (Roll Call) * Weprin Says Turner Flip-Flops on FEMA(NYO) * Weprin Backs Out Of Debate Due To Irene(NY1) * Turner Aide Drives From Weprin’s Office To Debate Site, Says Coast Is Clear(NYO) * Weprin Cancels Debate(Gotham Gazette) * David Welprin, candidate running for Anthony Wiener's seat, read books to ex-Gov. David Paterson at(NYDN) * Pulling Out of a Debate, Over a Storm Long Gone(NYT)


NY cleans up after dodging killer storm; Mayor says 'worst is over'(NYP) * Storm Damage Largely Spares New York(NYT) * New York City Largely Spared(WSJ) * Vulnerable Battery Park City Already Dries Out(WSJ) * On Rockaway, Faith in a Five-Foot Wall (WSJ) * Irene's Economic Impact: Less Than Feared(WSJ) * Where Delis Never Sleep(WSJ) * Irene: Wet, deadly and expensive, but no monster(WSJ) * New Yorkers clean up, regroup after Irene's wallop(WSJ) * Harbor unit cops show mettle, even if it was to save pair of dumb kayakers(NYDN) * Brooklyn's posh Hotel Le Bleu squeezed Irene shelter seekers for $999 per room(NYDN) * Tragic old man and sea(NYP) *  We're 'staying' alive! Evac ignorers scoff at mayhem that mostly wasn't (NYP) *  Busted trying to evacuate Staten Island homes just to rob them(NYDN) * All roads in Central Park are closed for cleanup(NYDN) *  Porn Shops Do Brisk Business During Storm(DNAInfo) * : Reports of 1,770 trees downed, split, or uprooted – roughly half in Queens * About 1,000 NYers remain at 25 shelters, down from a peak of nearly 9,500 evacuees (Mayors Office) * Bronx, Queens, Prospect Park and Central Park zoos closed today hoping to reopen tomor - Wildlife Conservation Society says no major damage * Post-Irene Broadway box office numbers not pretty(NYP)


There Needs to Be An Independent (Impossible) Investigation By Doctors On the Transferring of Critical Patients 

 Evacuated Highrise Coney Island Hospital Had It Own Generators

For Some Medical Evacuees, Safety Brought Its Own Difficulties(NYT) City Hall News says New York City officials didn't highlight it, but the city survived another hazard in the storm: It evacuated 8,500 vulnerable people from hospitals and nursing homes without a single death or serious injury among them. From Bloomberg on down, city officials were warned that some frail, elderly, comatose or critical patients might not survive being transferred, but decided it was worth the risk. "You have to made decisions based on imperfect information, and they have real consequences," said one person in those meetings. Ellen Borakove, spokeswoman for the chief medical examiner's office, confirmed the city registered no deaths related to the evacuation. 


The MTA did simulated runs throughout the system during overnight hours to prepare for today's morning rush hour 

Transportation Updates

Crowded & late, but back on: Limited subway service to resume at 6 a.m.(NYP) * New York Subway Plans Limited Morning Service(NYT) *  Straphangers Have Relatively Easy Monday Morning Rush (NY1) * Update 7 PM The Zone Fare System and accompanying authorization for street hails and group riding for non-medallion vehicles is discontinued. * Con Ed Restores Power To Half Of Residents Affected By Irene, All Transit Service Resumes(NY1)

mark mueller(Twitter)

Shelter From the Storm

School Gym Shelters Evacuees From Irene(NYT) * Thousands Took Cover in Shelters(WSJ)


What Surprise?  Hurricane Always Weaken On Their Trip North

Hurricane Lost Steam as Experts Misjudged Structure and Next Move(NYT) * We got lucky: Dry air tamed storm, expert says(NYDN)


9/11 victims' fund expanded to included all of Tribeca(NYP)




NYNJ Port Authority Waste

Port Authority Losing Millions on Swaps The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is shelling out more than $2 million per month on three interest rate swaps tied to bonds that either never were issued or have long since been refunded. (NYO)

Layoffs Coming 

The CBC predicts widespread layoffs will again be threatened in NYC “soon” due to the failure to negotiate labor concessions.


Michele Bachmann: God Is Trying To Get Politician’s Attention Via Natural Disasters

Jeff Greenfield (Twitter)


Very few of the 50 or so shuttered OTB parlors have found new tenants.

NYC's Financial District starts to swell with stores, life The area's growing 24/7 crowd of residents and tourists, along with the progress at Ground Zero as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, is beginning to attract attention. (WSJ)


Smelling a rat in Queens: MTA's decades old rat problem really stinks (NYDN) * MTA & NJ's E-Z Pickin'$(NYP)






The Colbert Super Pac is Not the Real Joke 

‘Independents’ Candidates Really Love The law’s requirement for independence and lack of coordination between candidates and Super PACs is being turned into a cynical joke. (NYT Ed)



New York Times Business Editor Lashes Back at Public Editor (FishbowlNY)

How The New York Times is taking Twitter reporting faster and deeper with @NYTLive (Poynter)



Comcast staffers donated more money to Obama re-election fund than employees of any other organization* Hiring Of Sharpton By MSNBC Follows Larger Trend (WNYC) * Rev. Al's new station in life  Andrea Peyser


15 years ago today: Dick Morris resigns from Clinton campaign as prostitution scandal breaks (Time)



Colin Powell slams Cheney's 'cheap shots'(NYDN)



Dick Cheney Implies Condoleezza Rice Is a Crybaby(Slate)

Team DSK on the 'attack'(NYP) * Makes goodbye visit to IMF colleagues in DC, apologizes to staff(NYP)



BREAKING: Family of is suing accused killer Levi Aron for $100 million for suffering and wrongful deathFather of slain B'klyn boy Leiby Kletzky sues killer for $100M(NYP) * Slain Boy's Father Sues Accused Killer and His Father(NYT)

Law and Order

Police Lineups Start to Face Fact: Eyes Can Lie(NYT) * One dead following social club drug dispute(NYDN) * The Times Union calls for an independent review of whether the NYPD's post-9/11 intelligence operations "engaged in widespread ethnic and religious profiling" *  Gunman Shoots 3 People, Including 2 Children, in the Bronx(NYT)