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Is the NYT Trying to Clean Up Quinn's Slush Fund Scandal to Help Her Become Mayor


NYT Mixes Up Slush Fund With Member Items

Member Items are Pork, While the Slush Fund is the Subject of A Criminal Investigation


End the SlushA New York City Council fund that is supposed to help nonprofit programs is seldom divvied up based on need. It should be scrapped. 


While today's NYT called for an end to the city council slush fund it did not mention the fact that there chosen candidate for mayor (4 stories about her in 15 days).  Speaker Quinn has been the subject of a federal investigation that is entering it 4 year.  Slush Probers Eye Fraud Rap for Quinn, April 13, 2008.  The NYT called for an end of the council's slush fund.   What they really meant was an end to member items.  The slush fund are illegally funds hidden inside the the city budget under made up non profit names.  The NYT wrote about it on April 4 2008  Phony Allocations by City Council Reported.


 Quinn NYT: Did Not Know About Slush Funds, In NY Magazine and NYP Quinn Admitted She Knew

In a 2008 NYT story Quinn said that she was upset that the slush fund was continued after she ordered it closed down a year before.  Where did she think the member items she gave out after that years budget was signed, came from Santa toy bag? In a NY Magazine story also in 2008 Speaker admits she knew about slush fund for a while. The NYP in 2008 wrote QUINN: SLUSH FUND HELPED ME

On ‘Piers Morgan,’ Christine Quinn Says Hurricane Response Wasn’t About Blizzard Bumble (NYO)


Quinn Funded the High Line Through the Slush Fund and Got Campaign Contributions From Developers Whose Property Values Shot Up By the Building of the Trendy Park




The Godfather Hides Michael in Italy, Bloomberg Deep Six the DOI Investigation. . .  The Media Covers Up

In 2008 Quinn blamed Her top finance staffer Michael Keogh who left right after the story broke to go to work for the lobbyist Bolton St. John where he work on the High Line one of Quinn pet project and campaign revenue generator the High Line.  Today's NYT editorial also left the important information in the 2008 NYT article that explained that the speaker had hire a lawyer for herself and the rest of the councilmember to represent them against the federal slush fund investigation.  It is clear that the media is covering up Quinn's city funded slush funds lawyer.

Blooomberg who wants to elect Quinn to follow him has had his DOI Commissioner look the other for over three years 

What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation?(True News)

Bloomberg downplays slush fund scandal, May 2, 2008

Lobbyists' Role in Council Slush Fund Scandal Probed 

Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg's Mini-me Quotes Suzannah B. Troy





A Game of Chicken: Will Bloomberg's Secrets Come Out Or Will There Be A Deal Before the Trial

Mike courts trouble Mayor to testify in elex aide's steal case(NYP)

Bloomberg and former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey will testify in former campaign aide John Haggerty's Sept. 12 trial, the Post reports, and Haggerty's defense team may also call First Deputy Mayor Patti Harris and campaign manager Bradley Tusk


After Weprin Did Not Get the Questions in Advance He Pulled Out . . .  “Weprin to Middle Village, Maspeth, Glendale & Ridgewood — DROP DEAD.” (Local paper)
After the Daily News Show Weprin the Former Financial Chair of the City Council Did Not Know the Size of the Federal Budget

Pulling Out of a Debate, Over a Storm Long Gone(NYT) Robert F. Holden, the president of the civic association, said that Mr. Weprin’s aides had sought to change the event from a debate to a forum, without a face-to-face dialogue between the candidates. Mr. Holden said he had rejected that suggestion.  And Maureen E. Walthers, publisher and editor of The Times Newsweekly, said that the Weprin campaign had requested that debate questions be given to the campaign ahead of time, in writing. Ms. Walthers said she refused. Angry Queens voters jeered Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin's claim that Hurricane Irene forced him to pull out of last night's scheduled debate against Republican Bob Turner * Late Debate Exit Spurs Criticism(WSJ) * The Times Newsweek’s publisher called Weprin a “coward” who”disenfranchised all the voters” in the area her publication serves.

Michael Barbaro(Twitter)


Almost-Mayor Mark Green’s 9/11. He waited 10 years to tell the story in full.  




CM Wills Stonewalled DA Vance In One Case While Facing Charges In Another

RUBEN WILLS STONEWALLS MANHATTAN D.A.: Freshman Queens City Councilman Ruben Wills has had a surprising number of dealings this year with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance's office, including a well-publicized larceny charge and a less well-known elections investigation *  The Messy Battle For City Council District 28 (NYDN)


NYC government is functioning worse than a year ago, from emergency response time to street cleanliness to water main breaks

Statistics, Beloved by Mayor, Show a Slump in City Services(NYT)


Cuomo admin wouldn't appear at Bloomberg hurricane briefings, tried to stop MTA boss Jay Walder from doing so
Cuomo is expected to make a formal request for FEMA aid as early as today. * The governor received a call from the president, who expressed his condolences and said he wants to be helpful with clean-up.

According to City Hall News the rocky relationship between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew CuomoCuomo administration didn’t want its officials to appear at the mayor’s hurricane briefings. While Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, Secretary Lawrence Schwartz and Deputy Secretary for Public Safety Elizabeth Glazer were working in New York City, none of them stood with Bloomberg’s commissioners in front of the TV cameras. 

Glazer planned to appear at a Friday press conference in City Hall but pulled out after a phone call with senior Cuomo aides, two sources said. Cuomo officials also tried to stop MTA Chairman Jay Walder from speaking, but after a loud and angry phone argument witnessed by several officials, Walder ignored the pressure and stood with Bloomberg to explain the MTA shutdown, the sources said. “They were furious that he was briefing with us,” one witness said. Cuomo spokesman Joshua Vlasto denied any state official was ordered not to take part in Bloomberg briefings.

Capitol Confidential(Twitter)

A.M. Roundup: ‘This will get worse,’ Cuomo predicts


Irene stuck the city with a $7-$13 billion bill

NYP praises city officials who developed the Coastal Storm Plan that guided NYC's response to Irene, as well as the thousands of city workers who volunteered to make it work

Ready for storm, but at what cost? (NY Metro)  * Apple storms back(NYP) * Planning makes perfect(NYP) * The Cost of Business Lost and Property Damaged(NYT) * States to Seek FEMA Help(WSJ) * Broadway Cash Taken by Storm(WSJ) * City Dwellers Get the Best of Commute(WSJ) * Surveying Damage, Cuomo Says 'Mother Nature Wins' (WSJ) * Amid the deaths and devastation from Hurricane Irene's rainfall upstate, officials are nervously watching cracks and weaknesses in several upstate dams,(TU) * Bloomberg calls on feds to patch up BILLIONS in hurricane damage(NYDN) * Evacuation Effort A Success For City Hospitals(NY1) * It will take weeks to tally up New York’s final storm bill. Early estimates put the price of cleaning up the lightly hit Big Apple alone between $7 billion and $13 billion.*  Residents told to avoid Hudson River after sewage spill caused by Irene(LoHud) * Cuomo Seeks Expidited Federal Disaster Aid(YNN)

MetroCard days lost on shutdown? Too bad, says MTA(NYDN) * MTA should refund lost days to unlimited-ride MetroCard users for transit shutdown during hurricane(NYDN Ed)

The Daily News says the federal government should withhold Race to the Top money from New York unless a court ruling giving unions too much weight over teacher evaluations is overturned

Zadroga zone expands 10 blocks to Canal(NYP) *Ground Zero Fund Is Expanded(WSJ)


White House Issues Guides on Sept. 11 Observances(NYT)

DiNapoli’s rejected a $27 million contract with Murdoch to build a system for tracking student performance due to the phone-hacking scandal
State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office insists “political considerations were not involved” in his decision to reject a $27 million contract between the state Education Department and News Corp.*  Subsidiary of News Corp. Loses Deal With State(NYT) * News Corp. Loses Contract(WSJ) * News Corp’s foray into the education business is under the purview of Joel Klein.

NYPD searches for man who has raped one and attacked five others(NYDN)


After Panhandler Says Police Harassed Her, a Judge Tells Them to Stop(NYP)

The Post unleashes its fury against Bronx Criminal Court Judge Carol Feinman, calling her "Set 'em free Feinman" for letting accused criminals out without bail despite strong evidence against them Cops rip 'no bail' Bronx jurist(NYP)

Photo captures suspects moments after horrific stabbing(NYP)


DSK apologizes - to ex-staff(NYP)



 Law and Order

Fort Greene thieves love iPhones(NYP)Police fume as 'cop-shooter' gets off in botch by DA(NYP)Gunman Shoots 3 People, Including 2 Children, in the Bronx(NYT) *  Of 545 people convicted of insurance fraud in New York City in the last five years, just 50 served any jail time, frustrating prosecutors and insurers, the Daily News reportsWild cop-chase shoot(NYP) * Girls, 2 and 5, are shot(NYP) * Ex-Seton Hall star a crook(NYP) * Family of Leiby Kletzky sues admitted killer for $100 million(NYDN) * WATCH: Rapper gets robbed, catches crook and barely misses a beat(NYDN) * Coke-dealing Columbia University student sent to Rikers(NYP)


House Democrats Come To AG Schneiderman’s Defense(NYP)







New York Magazine's astonishing Sept 11 anniversary issue