Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NYT Sets the Definition on How To Judge and Pick the Next Mayor and It Fits Quinn

Closing St. Vincents Hospital
Hey NYT What Does the Middle Look Like to Someone Needing A Hospital?

If your ask someone who counted on St Vincent (every one of us) about Quinn silence during the closing of the hospital they would say the argument the NYT is making that the speakers is moving to the middle is irrelevant to their life.  If your ask the developer Rudin who co-workers have already contributed $30,000 to Quinn mayoral campaign and will make $$$ converting St. Vincent's Hospital to co-ops; he would say its great that Quinn is moving to the middle because he knows the NYT is on his team and positioning Quinn to give her the best chance at getting elected. It clear she has gotten the support of the business community.  What the reader does not understand is the the NYT is looking for ways to get her elected. The NYT writer David Chen just happens to find a senior who explained his theory that Quinn was moving towards the center.  " Mr. Bright (The Senior) confessed that he had not much cared for her at first. But “she grew on me over time,” he said, because “a lot of the politicians read from the script. She just says what she believes, even when I don’t agree.”  What a BS. and staged interview by Mr. Chen. I wonder how many people he had to talk to until he got a senior to explain his middle crap.

Orwellian Society Quinn: To Opposes is Radical
It was the publisher of the NYT along with the NYP and Daily News that used their papers to support changing the term limits law to allow Bloomberg and Quinn to run for a third term.  Mr. Chen does not challenge Quinn when she brushes off her term limits and other critics as naïve' ideologues.  So if your upset with the corruption of Citytime which Quinn worked hard to ignored; as the mayor push until the U.S. Attorney indicted his workers calling it the largest municipal crime in city history, your a radical.  If you upset with Bloomberg pick of Cathy Black which Quinn did not oppose, to run the schools your Abby Hoffman?  If your a black living in Brooklyn and you think Quinn and the mayor cater to Manhattan and the developers who are pushing you race out of Bedford–Stuyvesant your Malcolm X.

NYT: What City Council Slush Fund Investigation
Mr. Chen talks about Quinn having lunch with Rchard D. Parsons, the Citigroup chairman and says her fans call her matured as a citywide official.  Nowhere does the NYT Reporter Mr. Chen ask a New Yorker looking for a job if he thinks Quinn has matured.  Mr. Chen does not ask Quinn what she has done about the thousands of manufacturing jobs and business that have left the city over the time she has been in the council.  Mr. Chen did not ask Quinn how she will replace the coming losses of jobs on Wall Street which makes so much of our tax base. The reader is left wondering how Quinn who has never had a private sector job would know hot to rebuild the city's jobs base.  It clear the business community is not supporter her for her expertise. It must be her willingness to follow their directions.  

Quinn Funds Lopez During Fed Investigation
Mr. Chen did not ask Quinn why city tax payers still pay for lawyers for her and the other council members to defend them against a three year old slush fund investigation.  Mr. Chen did not ask Quinn why she gave millions in member item money to Vito Lopez's Bushwich Senior Citizen organization which run his political operation and is under federal investigation. Mr. Chen did not ask Quinn about the CityTime Scandal the Black pick or the city's high unemployment race.  He did talk about the time in college she dressed as a duck. Chris Quinn and the Slow Motion Return of the Slush Fund Scandal(Village Voice)

Sock Puppet Kicks Can Down the Road

Quinn opponents call her Bloomberg puppet.  She said when she opposed the mayor by saving teacher jobs and prevented fire houses from being closed she proved she is her own person.  What Mr. Chen does not point out or understand that with the serious financial structural problems (pensions, falling state and federal funds, the loss cops and firefighters) facing the city government, all Quinn did was work by her puppet master )who is supporting her for mayor) was to kick the can down the road.  Restoring services does give her a good issue to run on. Team Quinn: the NYT and the business community understand and will milk it to elect her the next mayor.  Edging to Center, Her Eye on the Mayoral Race(NYT) * Adam Lisberg City Hall News On Christine Quinn Reverts Back to Phony P.R. Not News Reporting (STArtist)

200 Years Ago NYT Editors Fought Corruption

Today They Write For Control 

A Happy 200th to The Times's First Publisher, Whom Boss Tweed Couldn't Buy or Kill(NYT)  George Jones, born Aug. 16, 1811, refused to be bought and exposed corruption in City Hall.







 It Time For the Newspaper Publishers To Admit They Made A Mistake on Term Limits

In Poll, Lowest Marks for Bloomberg in 6 Years(NYT)

Will the publisher of the NYT, NYP and Daily News Take some Responsible for Pushing A Third Bloomberg Term On Us?  Cathy Black; CityTime and NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal; ACS and #2 in corrections forced to resign.  You think the MTA has the funds to give us the free crosstown bus service the mayor promised during the his reelection campaign.

In the NYT/CBS Poll

Nearly 70 percent of city residents characterize the economy as being bad * For all of the unhappiness about the city and its leadership — 54 percent of those queried agreed that “things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track

Since the Current Crop of GOP Are Against Raising Any Taxes

How About A Telethon to Raise Money from Millionaires For America

Warren Buffett who moved thousands of American jobs to China, knows the congress will block any tax increases.   The telethon will be a way to show use he is sincere. * Berkshire Hathaway continues to negotiate a purchase of Transatlantic Holdings despite Warren Buffett's claim(WSJ)

Another Big Win for Cuomo: Union Members Support New Contract
Members of the Civil Service Employees Association, the largest union of state workers, approved a new five-year contract with limited raises and layoffs by a roughly 60-40 margin, the Times Union reports:  Union '$aves' NY(NYP) * A fortunate union vote(NYP Ed) * State Employees’ Union Accepts Wage and Benefits Concessions(NYT) * Labor: CSEA ratifies deal with Cuomo; avoids layoffs. [Democrat and Chronicle] * Labor: CSEA ratification is a big win for Cuomo. * Labor: “[R]atification also goes a long way toward validating Mr. Cuomo’s strategy for dealing with public workers.” [Thomas Kaplan / New York Times] * The Post hopes the TWU follows CSEA’s lead.* CSEA releases vote count for new labor contract: 16,896 in favor, 11,856 opposed * Labor: CSEA will oppose Cuomo on pension changes

A NYS No Fly Zone TU says Cuomo "seems to have forgotten" he is a govt employee beholden to public when it comes to public resources. Censored records just don't fly * Transporting Cuomo: “It cost New York about $13,000 to shuttle Gov. Andrew Cuomo on state-owned aircract for six months.” [AP] * And another, this time from the Glens Falls Post-Star: “If you’re going to stake the moral high ground in calling for others to sacrifice in a time of crisis, you’d better make sure you’re following your own line of rhetoric to the letter.” * Newsday takes Cuomo’s side when it comes to taxpayer-funded aircraft, saying it’s not a good use of his time to sit in traffic.

It A Gamble Divide
One more way Gov. Cuomo and his dad differ: Ex-Gov. Mario Cuomo opposed state-sanctioned gambling "of any kind."  * The Press-Republican reminds us that, unlike his son, former Gov. Mario Cuomo was against state-sanctioned gambling of any kind.

Albany Cut Hospitals and Schools But Kept the Member Items Pork
The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle wants Cuomo to stop legislative leaders from divvying up $32 million from slush funds for member items, which it says violates budget rules:

No More Integrity

Dozen staffers axed at Integrity Commission(TU)

The Only Way Commuters Will Be Able to Afford to Cross the River Will Be On Huck Finn Raft

“Insiders” say both Cuomo and NJ Gov. Chris Christie are willing to approve toll/tunnel hikes, but not increases as large as what the Port Authority has proposed. The decision is likely to come down to the wire.  Andy & Chris team to put squeeze on PA tolls(NYP)* Port Authority to hold public hearings Tuesday on proposed toll hikes(NYDN)

The Daily News reports Gov. Andrew Cuomo will approve a Port Authority toll hike and then look for savings in the agency's long-term construction plan * New Yorkers Weigh-In On Port Authority Toll, Fare Hikes(NY1) * The DN’s Bill Hammond thinks the NY governor is mishandling the whole fare issue, writing: “This is not the clear-eyed, surefooted leadership we’ve come to expect out of Cuomo over the past 7-1/2 months.” * A source close to Cuomo tells Hammond he’ll support increases that keep the PA going for the short term, and then will negotiate how it will spent its $33 million capital budget over the next decade.

Queens Pols Playing Musical Chairs Better Watch Out, U.S. Attorney Is Getting Ready to Stop the Music

By the time the new lines are drawn both Smith and Huntley could be living in Brian McLaughlin

Insiders say to keep on eye on possible jockeying by two state senators, Malcolm Smith and Shirley Huntley, for term-limited Councilman Leroy Comrie's seat. Whoever wins would get a pay bump and be much closer to home. Smith has seen his influence in Albany wane dramatically from the heady days when he was Senate majority leader, only to be deposed by the 2009 Senate coup and further hampered by an investigation into his nonprofit. Huntley also has issues with her own nonprofit, and in her mid-70's, is said to be less than thrilled with the idea of making the trip to Albany as a member of the minority party.

Labor Worries Loom at WTC(WSJ) Concrete workers at the World Trade Center site may walk off the job again if negotiations fail to reach a deal on a new contract by the end of today

Roosevelt Ave New Times Square

Inside the New Times Square: A Look at Prostitution on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens(WNYC)

Giuliani Nods to Republican in Queens Bid(WSJ) * Rudy endorses Bob Turner for ousted Weiner's seat(NYDN) * David Weprin's campaign plans to formally roll out Sen. Schumer endorsement as special elex date approaches.* NY-9: Turner defends opposition to Park51 and use of 9/11 imagery. “I’m not even remotely backing off it.” [Michael Saul / WSJ] * NY-9: “[Turner's] campaign is geared around nationalizing the race and winning the support of Democrats who are dissatisfied with the president.” [Alex Isenstadt / Politico] * GOP candidate Bob Turner banks on Obama regret(Politico) * Turner Whacks Weprin Over Small Biz Plan (NYO) * GOP Candidate Bob Turner In NY-9: Democratic Opponent David Weprin Is A "Job-Killer"(NYDN)

Turner Makes A Stop In The Catskills(YNN) * Turner Tries to Tie Weprin to Wall Street, Ethics Bill(NYO) * Turner Meets With Vacationing Jews [Video]

City Council: Former Councilman Jennings is best-funded challenger to Ruben Wills. [Lisa Colangelo / Daily News] *

Assembly Candidates to Debate 54AD  (Gotham Gazette)* Espinal’s stances on abortion, same-sex marriage called into question | The Empire

Bloomberg: Tell Alfred Hitchcock the Birds Are Not A Problem
Mike rejects LaG bird flap(NYP)

Sully says La Guardia garbage station location 'doesn't make sense'(NYP)

The city argued that 85 percent of calls box alarms were false alarms

City Loses Bid to Remove Call Boxes(NYT)

Judge Sweet said that the number of pay phones had declined substantially, that they were not always well maintained, and that the tapping protocol that would allow deaf and hearing-impaired callers to signal whether they needed police or fire services had not been tested with the pay-phone system. * Federal judge rules on-street fire alarms for the deaf must stay in place(NYDN) * A federal judge rejected the Bloomberg administration’s effort to remove 15,000 emergency call boxes from the NYC streets.

Racism rampant in the FDNY says ex-Vulcan Society president Washington(NYDN)


New York City will soon test a pay-by-phone system for 300 parking meters that will warn drivers when their time is expiring and allow them to buy more, the New York Post says


Walmart Has A Multi-Store Attack Plan
Will Walmart and the Related Companies eventually do a deal to put the city's first Walmart superstore at the Gateway II mall in Brooklyn? One person working within the Walmart campaign said it could hinge on whether Walmart can put the pieces in place to get a second superstore built at a second Related site. The thinking, the source said, is that Related does not want to go through all the pushback that would come with allowing entree to the controversial retail giant unless it can line up multiple locations.



Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Paul Feinman wisely stays out of political fight over schools(NYDN Ed) The Daily News praises Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Paul Feinman for rejecting a lawsuit that aimed to block a charter school from opening in an Upper West Side public school, saying school policy should be set by educators

Bikers Ask Daily News Where is Your Proof
Transportation: Bike advocate trashes Daily News edit board member. "He could have asked these guys at any time what the deal is …I guess that’s not how the Daily News editorial board handles the task of gathering information." [Ben Fried / StreetsBlog]

The city Transportation Department converted two blocks of Riverside Boulevard curbside in front of Trump Place apartment buildings to a limousine-only zone(NYT)

Michael Powell (Twitter)

So NYC wants to discourage car use-congestion pricing, bike lanes, all good. But DOT creates residential limo parking?:

Rain Means More Crap in the Rivers

Deluge Overloads City Sewers(WSJ) * Experts Consider City's Infrastructure After Storm(NY1) * When it rains this much in NYC, it’s basically raining sewage.



Sweet subway silence(NYP)

Beyond Popcorn and Nachos In a bid to lure New York movie-goers away from Netflix, several boutique theaters are offering plush seating, waiter service and ambitious programming not typically found at the local multiplex. (WSJ)

Probe drills dentist: Brooklyn doctor may have defrauded Medicaid(NYDN)

Sick rape defense 'Consent' claimed in E. Side break-in horror(NYP) * Residents have lax window security on block where woman was raped(NYDN)

Video shows 5 armed thugs leaving home robbery: cops(NYP)

Law and Order

Ex-con got on tax-scam jury(NYP) * Family's invasion ordeal(NYP) * Prosecutors Call Shopping Venture a Sham(NYT) * Police Probe Florida Pastor's Death(WSJ) * DSK's past with hooker detailed on Madam blog(WSJ) * The Manhattan Madam (AKA Kristin Davis) is getting involved in the DSK case.* Ex-sportscaster gets 20 days community service for child endangerment plea(NYP)  * Group of Robbers Sought in 3 Bronx Attacks(NYT) * Safe Stop Program Launches In Brooklyn(NY1) * Ex-Prep-School Student From New Rochelle Admits Role In Central Park Robbery Spree(WCBS) * Former WABC-TV Sportscaster Admits Guilt In Teen Prostitute Case(WCBS)

Police Seek Suspected Bronx Shooter(NY1)


 Terrorism   New Counterterrorism Chief for F.B.I. in New York(NYT) * Rep. King Wants Probe Into Whether American Al Qaeda Imam Was Involved In 9/11 Attacks(NYDN) * King Probing New Sept. 11 Angle(NBC)



Ex-News of the World Reporter Alleges Massive Phone-Hacking Cover-Up JamesGate

Top Editors Endorsed Hacking, Letter Says(NYT) *  Phone Hacking: News Of The World Reporter Clive Goodman Alleges Huge Cover-Up, Wide Knowledge Of Hacking(Huff Post)


Jeff Jarvis (Twitter)

The Murdoch dominoes fall, sounding a bit like cell doors slamming.
Phone hacking: letters cut through half-truths, denials and evasion  'Devastating' new evidence points to widespread corporate cover-up of illegal activity at News of the World


Jon Stewart Scolds Media For Ignoring Rep. Ron Paul: ‘I Mean, F*ck That Guy, Right?’

  Ron Paul: Media Ignores Me Because They’re Scared Of Us Challenging The Status Quo


Stephen Colbert: Michele Bachmann Got 80% Of The Iowa Straw Poll Votes She Paid For



Rasmussen: Perry Takes Huge Lead Rassmussen poll(The Daily Beast)

2012: Perry touts “We created more jobs than any other state in the nation – from June of 2009 until present…Nobody in this race can say that.” [Huffington Post] * 2012: “Republicans have yet to articulate a clear and compelling case for the White House — other than that they’re ‘not Obama.’” [NY Post] * Taxes: GOP candidates are proposing “most radically conservative positions of any set of candidates at least since Barry M. Goldwater in 1964.” [New York Times]


 Nevada’s AG joined NY AG Eric Schneiderman and two others in balking at a 50-state foreclose settlement that basically lets banks off the hook. 

Investigation: Schneiderman probe of BofA likely to continue even if giant company settles with other states. [Son, Hopkins and Woellert / Bloomberg]* Attacks: Schneiderman's investigation into Wall Street prompts a "smear" campaign. [Matt Hamlin / Ameriblog]



Could Google Launch Own Smartphone?

With Motorola Deal, Google Sees Future in Mobile Markets(NYT) * Google's $12.5 Billion Gamble(WSJ)