Sunday, August 28, 2011

True News Update All Weekend 24/7

Buses Back Slowly

We Finally Got Free Crosstown Buses That Bloomberg Promised During His Last Campaign . . .  But for Today Only, All Buses Are Free

‘Limited’ MTA Bus Service Restored Sunday; PATH Back Monday Morning(WCBS)*Relief! Monday commute hell, but some trains likely running by noon (NYP) : UPDATE: As of 4:30 p.m. the MTA will begin restoring limited bus service in NYC. No fares for service provided today!” JFK, LaGuardia & Newark airports to reopen Monday AM, earlier than expected, according to Cuomo admin.

Hyping the Hurricane

Irene fell far short of the media’s dire warnings even before it was downgraded. Howard Kurtz on the scaremongering by television and local officials.(Kurtz, The Daily Beast) *  Mayor Bloomberg Gets D+ For Hurricane Irene & Yes Puppet Christine Quinn(Troy) * TV Stations Go Wall-to-Wall for Irene Coverage All Weekend(Fishbowl)

No Major Surges  Breaking: mayor's office says: "We’re not seeing significant spillover into Lower Manhattan.”   makes landfall in vicinity of Coney Island, Brooklyn - Irene is now a tropical storm instead of a hurricane. Winds of 74mph or more are required to be called a hurricane. Irene's winds fall to 65 mph, storm loses hurricane strength as its enters NYC (AP). Due to flooding conditions, the FDR Drive is closed in both directions at Houston St in Manhattan. As of 8:40 am, 6.2 inches in Central Park since #irene began. 200 Trees down in Queens, 137 in Brooklyn * 

11:30 Update Bus system staffers soon will start inspecting routes to assess if they are passable.  1:20 Update PA director: air travel will not resume today in NYC * Mayor: By 3pm we will officially lift the evacuation order * Storm uprooted about 650 trees in five boroughs, says. 100 forestry crews at work now. Steam lines cut in Lower Manhattan will be back up by Tuesday. * New York done good. 45 arrests last night, compared to 345 on normal Saturday.* fires down too.  New York City offices, stock exchange and other markets will open as planned on Monday * New York Transit Still Paralyzed (NYT) *Taxis will be on zone fare system through Monday AM Forget Irene: The real monster is Monday's commute (AMNY)
Nick Confessore(Twitter)

Storm Night

New York City Shuts Down Amid Flooding Fears(NYT)

An Evacuation of Low-Lying Areas by Yellow Cab, Bus and Wet Feet(NYT)On Peninsula in Queens, Ignoring Storm Warnings * Flooding, power outages as Irene begins hammering NY(NYP)

Central Park had a wind gust of 60mph. 4:30AM
Tornado watch has been extended to 11am. It was suppose to expire at 5am (NY1)

Irene's eye is now roughly over Atlantic City, NJ. Wind speeds 75 MPH, so it's still just barely a hurricane. On track to pass just east of the city later this morning. 5:00 AM  

Update 7:30AM  The south side of Irene has collapsed and Irene is moving significantly faster. Park Slope: Windy, leaves in street. But no fallen trees. No flooding - streaming water staying in gutters. UWS. sev gusts of Wind. Car alarms going off nonstop. Trees in Morningside holding steady. Not bad in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Bklyn. Windy, but can't see downed trees/flooding. 8:45 AM The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has closed the north tube of the Holland Tunnel due to flooding. * This collection of New York traffic cams shows truly how deserted the streets are.  * Storm surge measured at 3 feet in #NYC as high tide passes, and is steady to falling.  WABC: Con Ed will NOT cut power to lower Manhattan. Repeat: The north tube of the Holland Tunnel (NY to NJ direction) closed due to flooding. Vehicles will be diverted to the Lincoln Tunnel.

August 2011 officially the wettest month for NYC in HISTORY; Rainfall stands at a total of 17.33" and counting

New York Wakes to Hurricane’s Fury(NYT)

Rails and buses won't be up until 'well into' tomorrow(NYP) * Seeing Irene as Harbinger of a Change in Climate(NYT)

Evac is 'helter shelter'(NYP) * 76-story bldg. a sky-gaper(NYP) *  Bloomberg: City made right calls on Irene(NYP) *  Manhattan a ghost town in Irene's wake(NYP) *  Manhattan a ghost town in Irene's wake(NYP) *  New York Transit Still Paralyzed(NYT) *  World Trade Center memorial not damaged during Hurricane Irene hit (NYDN)

Bloggers Report Photos: Hurricane Irene’s First Round Sees Floods, Fallen Trees(Sheephead Bites) * Ex FBI Informant Sharpton Named Host of MSNBC, Taking the Quality of Cable News to a New Low(Brooklyn Ron) * More Gowanus Flooding Pictures (Pardon Me for Asking) * Tree Down on Columbia Heights(Brooklyn Heights Blog) * Hurricane Hazard At Local Fruit Market(Bensonhurst Bean) * A tale of two storm-related social media updates(The Brooklyn Blog) * As storm approached, were materials and equipment at Atlantic Yards site secured? Photos suggest vulnerability(Atlantic Yard Report) * Post Irene, East River looks pretty much the same (Ev Griev) * Long Island City and Hurricane Irene: A match made in… well, we’ll see(\ * Rescuers in boats come to aid of Staten Islanders amid flooding from Hurricane Irene (SI Advance) *After #Irene: A Walkabout in Brooklyn Heights(Brooklyn Heights Blog) * Just After Irene(Bronx News Network) *Evacuees Still Hanging Tight at Brooklyn Tech(Fort Green Patch) * The Day After Irene(Bay Ridge Journal)


NYC has had nearly every type of extreme weather/event this year. Blizzard, Hurricane, Heat, Tornadoes, Earthquake, Flooding.







Daily News Says the Both the Candidates Running to Replace Weiner Are Jokes Also

Dance of the Duds

Candidates in congressional special election are enough to make voters yearn for Anthony Weiner(NYDN Ed)

The two candidates seeking to fill the Brooklyn-Queens congressional seat vacated by Anthony Weiner sat for interviews with the Daily News Editorial Board last week. "Horribly dispiriting" is the capsule review of the sessions.

Council Finance Chairman?
Daily News: "Right now, how big is the debt?"
Weprin: (Pause) "Trillions."
News: "But how many?"
Weprin: (Deer in headlights look.) "I got caught up on this once before," referring to his inability while running unsuccessfully for city controller in 2009 to state that office's budget.
News: "This is central to what is going on in Washington."
Weprin: "About 4 trillion."
News: "Four trillion is the debt?"
Weprin: "Right."
Well, he was off only by a $10 trillion order of magnitude. As has been reported far, wide and ad nauseam, the U.S. is burdened by a debt of roughly $14 trillion.

Weprin Party Bosses Puppet
Weprin is a career politician who has been shoehorned into offices by party bosses in noncompetitive primaries and special elections through his entire career. He was picked for this race by Democratic kingpins of Brooklyn and Queens - even though he does not live in the district.*  David Weprin on Dov Hikind’s radio show(Brooklyn Political Blog)

Turner: Clueless How the Zadroga Act Works

Meanwhile, on the Republican side, Bob Turner (bottom photo), a retired television industry executive, said the city should use all its powers, including zoning regulation, to prevent a mosque from opening near Ground Zero. Told that the U.S. Constitution would prohibit any official from using governmental powers against a religious or political group based on faith or position, Turner said the city should act nonetheless. Turner also made news with a pronouncement about the federal James Zadroga act that will provide compensation and health care to 9/11 first responders. While supporting help for police and firefighters, he questioned whether "volunteers" should be eligible for help because, possibly, they had been on the site only briefly.  Bob Turner on Dov Hikind’s radio show(The Brooklyn Politics)

City Hall Staffers' hikes rai$e eyebrows(NYP)



A Fire Department Under Pressure to Diversify(NYT)





Lines Blur Between Candidates and PACs With Unlimited Cash(NYT)







Detailed map of the East Coast w rainfall proj(NYT)
NYT Hurricane Irene Tracking Map

NYC Evacuation Zones(WNYC)

Google Tracking Irene
Tide Data
Washington Post Tracking 
Track Hurricane Irene on our interactive radar map
Con Edison's map of power outages 

Mayor Bloomberg: "Time for evacuation is over...stay inside until Sunday afternoon.""There is a chance that ConEd will have to shut down parts of the grid because of flooding.

Forgetaboutit 370,000 have been ordered to evacuate. Update: Only 5,500 have checked in to shelters. Rest must be with family, friends...or aren't moving* Update: 4am to noon is expected to be the height of the storm in NYC, the eye is expected to pass NYC between 7am and 9am via * 9 p.m. Saturday: expect the arrival of gale-force winds. * New York City is bracing for a storm surge of 4-8 feet
***TORNADO WATCH*** citywide issued until 5am Sunday

Now Category 1, Irene's winds lash NC shore as storm heads for NY(NYP)Big Apple bugs out ahead of monster(NYP) *  Stay what?! Holdouts hunker down(NYP) *  A cry of gimme shelters(NYP) * Fliers escape from NY(NYP) * Restaurants complain that business will dry up(NYP * In Chelsea, Determining Plans to Evacuate(NYT) *  It’s off with the show as entertainment put on hold(NYP) *  Troops saturate NY area(NYT) * Wall St.: See you Monday(NYP) * Wall Street Ready for a Real Storm(WSJ) * City Prepares for Worst From Irene(WSJ) * The Currents Along the Shore(WSJ) * Fare Weather for Cabbies(WSJ) * Broadway Goes Dark Before Storm Takes the Stage (WSJ) *  IT'S A WASH! Businesses forced to close suffer as shoppers dodge Irene's danger(NYDN) * Hospitals learn from Katrina, brace for days of chaos(NYDN) * Brooklynites prepare for Hurricane Irene(NYDN) * Hang Ten, Irene! Surfers say bring on the big waves(NYDN) * Emergency Service Unit Braces For Storm(NY1) *  Hurricane Irene Could Be a Toxic Shitstorm In the Gowanus Canal (NY Mag)* Con Edison Announces Possible Shutdowns(WPIX)* Hurricane Irene Wreaks Havoc On Schedules; Jets, Giants, Yankees, Mets Games Postponed * Hurricane's Approach Forces Hundreds To Evacuate Hospitals Citywide(NY1)* Power could be shut off for up to three days if it has to be cut off: Con Ed(NYDN) * Police on Bullhorns Last Attempt to Evacuate Battery Park City (NBC)  


John Adams HS where many Rockaway residents have taken refuge from the storm 

Penn Station Deserted as Trains Shut Down(NBC)







 Is this Micro Management Payback for the Heat Bloomberg Took For His FUP of the Now Storm?

This Storm, Bloomberg Responds Differently(NYT)

Errol Louis(Twitter)


Bloomberg Mayor Bloomberg Delivers Urgent Hurricane Update 

Obama BREAKING: Obama arrives at FEMA headquarters * Obama: Recall the spirit of unity from 9/11(WSJ)

Cuomo Cuomo says "big question mark" is saltwater flooding NYC subway tunnels - different problem than usual flooding. * Cuomo: "New Yorkers like to think we are tough. We are smart enough to know we don't mess with Mother Nature."* Governor Cuomo announced he has deployed an additional 1,000 New York National Guard troops. Now 1,900 on active duty. *  Panetta puts troops on Hurricane Irene alert

Christie Gov. Christie says 98% of Cape May has been evacuated



 Shutting down the MTA may have a more devastating impact on retail than Irene itself

Bloomberg said mass transit may not be back online by Monday morning

Stopping Trains, to Store Them Safely(NYT) * Hurricane Irene halts NY, NJ mass transit(NYP) * Transit System Braces for Water Surge(WSJ) * MTA Chief: 'Do Not Wait for Last Train'(WSJ) * Hurricane Irene doomsday scenario for MTA is total system closure(NYDN) * Mass Transit Shutdown for Irene Is Complex Job(NYT)

NYC is asking 470K people to evacuate. That is 20K more than in New Orleans when Katrina hit

City Orders 370,000 People to Evacuate(NYT) * Evacuation of City’s Low-Lying Areas Begins Ahead of Storm(NYT) * Calm Night in One of Manhattan's Lowest Neighborhoods On the night before a mandatory evacuation order took hold in Battery Park City * On Long Island, an Evacuation Veteran Decides to Go(WSJ) * As the tempest nears, nervous New Yorkers must stock up - or pack up and leave homes(NYDN) * Evacuations begin in vunerable parts of NYC(NYDN)

Jim Roberts(Twitter)

"All Bars Should Stop Serving Drinks At 8PM" Bloomberg

Mayor’s Office to Zone A Residents: Evacuate, Don’t End Up in a Katrina Boat:

Charles M. Blow

Had to turn the news off. They make it sound like NYC is going to be like this scene from "The Day After Tomorrow"  

Liquor store owner in park slope: "today has been like new year's Eve"(Twitter)
Times Square Cam

"Wall Street looting will resume M-F, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm."

How many reporters will we see standing outdoors in hurricane force winds?

How TV could cover storms

Too Close For Comfort: CNN, Fox News & MSNBC Reporters Cover Hurricane Irene From Close Distance

Rory Lancman(Twitter)

HYSTERIA: HOME DEPOT, WALMART, grocers get big boost...

Will prove an economic stimulus? Experts say storm could unleash at least $7 billion in private spending

Gov. Christie Evacuates Jersey Shore: ‘Get The Hell Off The Beach,’ You’re Tan Enough





Klein's Conflict of Interest Murdoch Contract Canceled 

New York scraps $27 million contract with Murdoch firm The Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal has prompted the state to kill a controversial $27 million contract with one of News Corp.'s companies. (NYDN)

Seat seekers go postal The candidates seeking to replace disgraced ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner unleashed a mail storm yesterday -- flooding voters’ mailboxes with campaign fliers attacking each other.(NYP)

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman called the Judicial Compensation Commission’s raise recommendations a “glass half-empty/half full” situation for jurists

Commission Raises N.Y. Judges’ Pay 27% Over 3 Years(NYT) * 'Raise' objections(NYP) * Judgment for Judges: Higher Pay(WSJ)

The Rev Sharpton the Activist Vs The TV Show

Assault Case Spurs Debate, but Sharpton Stays Silent(NYT) The Rev. Al Sharpton, the provocative civil rights activist, has apparently said nothing publicly, issued no position statement and has not shown up at rallies centered on the Dominqiue Strauss-Kahn case. (NYT) *  Al Sharpton Defends Himself(Huff Post)



Rodents torment residents at Marcy Houses(NYDN)

Law and Order 


City sued in slay of ex-model



Stabbed man stuck on roof(NYP)






11 shot at Queens 'party gone wrong'(NYP) * Tragic teen paralyzed in Qns. bloodbath(NYP)

 Crime and the Great Recession - James Wilson, City Journal

Monster mom to get out of prison early Mom convicted in the 2006 death of Nixzmary Brown will get out of prison seven years earlier. (NYDN) * Nixzmary mom gets jail break(NYP) * 

Coin killer nabbed: cops(NYP) *

Tallying a Day of Death in Mexico's Drug War(WSJ)




Obama Searches for 2012 Sales Pitch - David Nakamura, Washington Post  * Obama Never Rose Above Politics - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard * AFL-CIO's Trumka Urges Bold Action - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *

Scott Rasmussen (Twitter)

Obama: Strongly Approve: 22%.. Strongly Disapprove 42%... Approval Index: -20... Total Approval: 45%...


All Together Now

With the world experiencing so much change at once, will America get its act together (Friedman, NYT)

Did We Drop the Ball on Unemployment?

In small-town Oregon, it’s easy to spot the country’s most pressing problem(Kristof, NYT)

Unemployment Benefits: Is It Simply a Political Maneuver?

President Obama Needs a Bold Jobs Plan - Robert Reich, SF Chronicle * Obama Can't Get a Grip on the Economy - Nolan Finley, Detroit News


Terrorism  BREAKING: US official: al-Qaida's No. 2 leader, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, killed in Pakistan. (AP)



The Great Political Migration Millions of people are, for good reason, abandoning big-government blue states for low-tax red ones. Michael Medved on the demographic shift shaking up the electoral map.(The Daily Beast)