Friday, July 1, 2011

Upper East Side Cites Injustice to Fight A waste transfer station

In Fight Against Trash Station, Upper East Side Cites Injustice A review of census tracts within roughly a half-mile of the existing waste transfer stations confirms that most of them are in moderate- to extremely low-income neighborhoods. (NYT)







Special election set for Sept. 13 to fill Weiner's congressional seat(NYP)

 One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Congressman

 Waited just long enough to call the special election to give the county leaders the power to pick who wins

Goo-Goos Disappointed In Cuomo Decision to call special elections to fill the six vacant Assembly seats instead of letting the regular primary and general election process play out (YNN) *  Cuomo Calls Special Elections for Sept. 13 [Update](NYO)




No Fracking of New York's Reservoirs

The Cuomo administration's new report on hydraulic fracturing gas drilling will fuel a new burst of lobbying on the polarizing issue

Frack it! Gov panel OK on gas drilling(NYP) * Cuomo Will Seek to Lift Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing(NYT) * New Split in 'Fracking' Fight(WSJ) * Cuomo To Lift Moratorium On Hydrofracking(NY1) * The Post writes “Frack, baby, Frack.”* Hydro-fracking: Silver was against DEC report, before he was for it. [Dicker / NY Post] * Cuomo Defends Decision To Partially Lift Ban On Hydrofracking (NY1)



Media Your Job is: Why, What, When, Where, How  Did This CityTime Corruption Go On For So Long

Don't Help the Mayor in His Cover Up 

The CityTime system came in on budget -- if you don't count the stolen $660 million we want back(NYDN Ed)

 DOI: Investigations are Political (True News) 





With Crime Spiking All Around NYC Is Taking 600 Cops Away From the Neighborhood Dangerous 

Operation Impact losing some impact? NYPD moves 600 cops from dangerous nabes, relocating to Ground Zero.

 NYPD transfers 600 cops from high-crime nabes to new WTC command(NYDN)


 Kingsbridge: Ruben Diaz Jr. calls for public-private partnership in op-ed. [Daily News]





Daily News $.04 Cents In the 50's Monday $.75

Newsstand price of to climb to 75 cents on Monday

The NYP is also going to 75

New York Post Fires Reporter Over Leaks




Arthur Kill to Close

Two Apple prisons cut(NYP) * Cuomo Administration Closing 7 Prisons, 2 in New York City(NYT) * Closure Of State Prisons To Save Money, Jeopardize Jobs(NY1) * NY Gov. Cuomo orders Arthur Kill Correctional Facility on …(SI Advance)






Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) officially under investigation by ethics investigators:(Politico)




Bloomberg Urges Cuomo To Move On New Taxi Fleet(NYDN)





  "Who faces longer election odds? Dominique Strauss-Kahn or the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr.?"

WINNERS & LOSERSWinners Michael Mulgrew, Domenic Recchia, Jr., David Paterson, Kemp Hannon and Jack Martins. Better luck next time to losers Michael Bloomberg, Charles Barron, Ed Cox, Hazel Dukes and Cyrus Vance, Jr. : (CHN)


Teachers unions are fighting tooth and nail to thwart effective evaluation of their members' work(NYDN Ed)





No Construction Strike 

A much-feared construction strike was averted late last night when two operating engineers locals agreed to get rid of high-paid, no-work jobs that were built into old contracts. Sources involved in the talks said the union caved because other trades balked at giving up their paychecks in sympathy with overpaid and underworked engineers. Another factor: The Bloomberg administration is moving to adopt national crane licensing standards, which could break the operating engineers' stranglehold on New York's tower cranes and open the door for lower-paid non-union competition. Crane ops and developers reach deal(NYDN)


 Feds shutter bus company in fatal Pa. crash(WABC)






TSA Did Catch A 95 Year Old Diaper Wearing Cancer Victim 

Wrong Name, Wrong Date, Yet Let on a Jet(NYT)













It Clear Who the NYT Wants As the Next Mayor Bloomberg's Puppet

Speaker Quinn on Marriage When the speaker of the New York City Council, one of the nation’s most prominent openly gay officials, talks about marriage equality in New York State, it’s personal. (NYT) * Once Ridiculed, Senator Embraces Spotlight(WSJ) * The NY Times Loses Crediblity 1rst Pay to Play Steve Rattner Now Christne Quinn! Instead of Tough Questions Pure P.R. * Christine Quinn's Puppet Show and Political Farce (Term Limits Remix)



Graffiti-magnet rolldown metal gates banned in New York City(NYDN)

New Stadiums Foul Out With Merchants(NYT)




"Cops are in charge of perpwalks, not DAs...The DA's Office isn't involved in that process at all

BREAKING (URGENT) Prosecutors agree to free Dominique Strauss-Kahn on own recognizance(NYP)

House Arrest Lifted; Doubts on Accuser Weaken Prosecution(NYT) * Cyrus Vance’s Spectacular Botch(NYT)* Strauss-Kahn Prosecution Said to Be Near Collapse(NYT)

The Tip Off Was Last Week When the Head of the Sex Crimes Unit Left the Manhattan DA Office

Woman who accused DSK of sexual assault repeatedly lied: sources(NYP) * Doubts Raised Over Veracity of Accuser, Officials Say(NYT) * Strauss-Kahn Case Seen as in Jeopardy(NYT)News of Turnaround Stuns France(NYT) * Kahn Allies Predict His Return to Politics(WSJ) * Twist in Strauss-Kahn Case(NYT) * Case against Strauss-Kahn falling apart as accuser is caught in web of lies, sources say(NYDN) * Prosecutors Reportedly Question Credibility Of Former IMF Chief's Accuser(NY1)

 Law and Order

 Kid-rape rap on coach(NYP) * Student’s Shocking Revelation to a Professor Years of sexual abuse(NYT) * Arrest in Long Island drug store robbery(WSJ) * Airport security questions raised in stowaway case(WSJ) * Geezer accused of flashing girls, but he claims he just had to pee(NYDN)* Slain football star's mother cries foul as claims of foul play brushed aside (NYDN) * EMT avoids jail after having sex with drunk 15-year-old girl(NYDN) * Two men cleared of 1989 murder after spending 19 years in jail(NYDN) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo busts out plan to shut 7 state-run prisons(NYDN) * Investigation Continues Into Police Brawl By Manhattan Club(NY1) * Man charged with keeping S&M 'sex slave' freed(NYDN) * Driver arrested in fatal UWS accident(WABC) * NYPD: SUV backs into 2 women, driver charged (SI Advance) * Driver Charged With Running Down Two UWS Pedestrians, One Fatally

Disgraced former cops Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata must get maximum jail time(NYDN Ed)


'Pole'cat loves police pals(NYP)



 15 years for 'sandwich' slay(NYP)



EXCLUSIVE: Hostage thought dimwit thugs would kill him(NYDN)

New Yorkers Need A History Lesson

What Year Dummies?

Only 31% of adults younger than 30 say that 1776 is the year in which the United States broke away from Great Britain.(Marist Poll)

Only 58 percent of residents polled knew that the United States declared its independence in 1776, 26 percent were unsure and 16 percent said the wrong date.

Jon Stewart: Mark Halperin Calling Obama a Dick 'One of the Greatest Things I've Ever Seen' (Gawker)





White House releases $taffer$' $alarie$ - actor Kal Penn among the lowest paid >


Lawrence O’Donnell Examines ‘Disturbing’ Precedent Set By Colbert’s Super PAC



At Coney Island, Women in the Wiener's Circle(WSJ)