Thursday, June 30, 2011

NYT and Other All the News That Fix to Slant to the Mayor; Vito Lopez Gets Council$$$ Violates Law; Nobody Pay for Deutsche Bank Fire; A Weiner Spit?

Orwellian Journalism
To Control Not Inform

Today's reporters have a value system that allows them to write public relations stories of a mayor trying to avoid blame in what the U.S. Attorney from the Southern District Preet Bharara has called the largest municipal scandal in history and still consider themselves journalists.  This is not the journalism that John Peter Zenger practised in 1735 when he was jailed by the British for publishing newspaper stories that exposed corruption in the kings administration.  As a kid we used to joke about government propaganda published by the Soviet Union news organizations like Provida.  Who knew that in 2011 in New York the culture of journalist would sink so low to limit coverage to the governments line. Thomas Jefferson understood the damage being done to us when he said, "An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will."  No other story points out have far in value journalism has sunk today than coverage of the CityTime scandal.

How the NYT Covered the Mayors Request for a Refund by CityTime

In an article by David Chen it what he left out that tells the real storyBloomberg Seeks $600 Million Refund From CityTime Company(NYT).  While Chen included the mayor spin line  “Certainly nobody paid as much attention to it as they should have, from me on down.” He left out why the administration and DOI despite being warned several times failed to or cover up the corruption at CityTime.  Chen did now write about the former head of the city's Office of Payroll Richard Valcich letter that blew the whistle on CityTime corruption in 2003.  Or how the Daily News' Juan Gonzalez published a report how several whistleblowers who when to DOI in 2008 to report corruption in the CityTime contract were ignored.  Questions the NYT could have ask was why former Comptroller Thompson never audited CityTime when it was his responsibility?  Why A woman who worked for DOI was removed from the CityTime contract a few months ago and give a job a corrections?  Was DOI Covering Up Corruption in CityTime? Was there no city employee in the corruption?

How the WSJ Covered the Mayors Request for a Refund by CityTime

The WSJ which is supposed to be in a newspaper war with the NYT covered the CityTime scandal the exact same way.  Report Michael Howard Saul wrote the mayor spin and none of the background what caused this corruption to happen over a decade.  Saul wrote "Certainly nobody paid as much attention to it as they should have, from me on down," Mr. Bloomberg said on Monday. "I think it's fair to say we could have and should have watched it more carefully."  Saul even added how the mayor was limiting damage by demanding the money back. "If the mayor recoups a large sum of money, it could blunt some of the political damage Mr. Bloomberg sustained for failing to detect what prosecutors have called one of the largest frauds in city history." Nothing about Valcich 2003 letter, whistleblowersgoing to DOI years ago or of the possible cover up by the administration.  32 days ago the mayor said CityTime did a good job.Mayor Demands SAIC Repay City(WSJ) * Budget: Gap closed this year is same size as money Bloomberg wants back from CityTime contractor. [Bob Hennelly / WNYC]

DOI: Investigations are Political (True News)  


Patronage Pig Vito Lopez Get Money From the Council Even As He Violates the Law

Bribing Vito

Vito Lopez group didn't file proper papers for pork(NYDN)

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has slapped the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council for failing to comply with public disclosure laws. That prevents the organization from collecting money Council members set aside for the group in next year's budget.  Brooklyn Councilman Erik Martin-Dilan also earmarked $3 million for the organization's capital needs, while Domenic Recchia  set aside $750,000 in capital funds for the group.(NYDN) * City Council Approves $36.4 Million for Earmarks(NYT) New fees as council OKs $66B budget(NYP)

 Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine (True News)

 Will the Council Also Take Credit for the High Unemployment Rate and the Numbers Loss of the City's Middle Class?

Council Passes Budget, Taking a Bow for Saving Teachers, Fire Companies(Gotham Gazette)




How Much Will Wall Street Job Loss Increase Next Year's State and City's Debt?

Wall St. jobs exodus O's reforms spur 'exports' *  BofA, Goldman Among Banks Cutting Jobs(WSJ)

The Latest Unemployment Report Was 'Bleak' * Weekly jobless claims down 1K to 428K, missing expectations(NYP) * City real wages shrinking (CrainsNY)


The Flack is Back. . . DEC To Allow Limited Fracking

 NYT NEWS ALERT: New York State to Lift Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing * Governor's office calls report that NY will lift moratorium "baseless speculation" and "premature." * NYT report on hydrofracking sets off firestorm; Cuomo’s office calls it “baseless” 

* Cuomo Will Seek to Lift Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing(NYT) * No drilling in NYC or 'cuse watersheds, allowed elsewhere.* AG Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against the federal government in May after officials turned down his request for further study of fracking in the Delaware River Basin Commission. * Hydrofracking Ban Remains In Effect In, Near NYC's Watershed(NY1) * Bloomberg's right on Indian Point (CrainsNY) *  Fracking: DEC spox says "no permits may be issued until the public comments are reviewed and considered and the final Supplement Generic Environmental Impact Statement is released."

* Cuomo Administration's Ugly News Day(Gotham Gazette)


WATCH: Robert F Kennedy Jr, How Corporations Threaten Our Environment and Democracy (Nation)

Cuomo Closing Prisons

  announces plans to shutter 7 prisons -- four medium security, three minimum security

 Cuomo to Shutter 7 State Prison Facilities(WNYC) * If my map-reading is correct, whacked the IDC with the prison closures: Oneida is Valesky, Mid-Orange is Carlucci.


It now appears unlikely there will be criminal charges in connection with the Deutsche Bank tower blaze that killed two firefighters

After 2nd Acquittal, Criminal Penalties Over Tower Fire Appear Unlikely(NYT) * Man Clear in Deaths of Firemen(WSJ)

 City PR Spins Same Day As Firemen's Deaths Go Unpunished That They Are Fighting Firetraps City starts filing criminal charges against owners of firetraps who ignore citations for violations(NYDN)

The MTA has a lot of news it could share with subway riders lately -- most of it bad (NYDN Ed)


Neighborhood Activists Drop St. Vincent's Appeal Activists demanding a new trauma center be built in Greenwich Village have dropped their legal protest to the sale of the former St. Vincent's Hospital's main campus. (WSJ)

More than 1,000 newly minted high school graduates were left without diplomas - and they have Cathie Black (or at least her very short tenure at the DOE) to blame.
Oops! Thousands of HS grads left without diplomas after print error(NYDN) * Chancellor Changes Delay Some High School Diplomas(NY1)* Cathie Black's Unintentional Parting Gift(NYDN)

More Education News

School Braces for Hard Truth(WSJ) * Walcott condemns principal who plagiared graduation speech(NYDN) * Middle school Principal Joseph Anderson is a Knucklehead for plagiarizing his graduation speech(NYDN Ed)NYDN) * Charter $$ probe AG eyes 3 schools in W'burg (NYP) * UFT Radio Ad Touts Layoff Aversion (YNN)


Daily News calls on Cuomo to veto bill sponsored by Marty Golden & Peter Abbate Cuomo must veto shortsighted bill allowing school districts to borrow to cover pension liabilities(NYDN Ed) * The hateful Hazel Dukes(NYP Ed)





Beware city's dirtiest swim spots

It's not all beachy clean(NYP)



Entergy, the owner of Indian Point, is “not alarmed” by the governor’s desire to shutter the nuclear power plant, and plans to fight his effort. 

Smarter Welfare-to-Work Plans New York City must do more to connect young adults on public assistance with education and training that could help them succeed in the labor market. (NYT Ed)

Ex-congressman's wife taking time off from him, job(NYP)

The Picasso From Queens

Praise: "Working with Gov. Cuomo is like taking a painting class from Picasso," said Lt. Gov Duffy.(TU) *  Cuomo is expected to sign the so-called “big ugly,” which includes the cap, mandate relief and extension of the NYC rent laws, at the second event. * Four hundred and fifty-one state workers – most of them PEF members – are slated to receive layoff notices today. Those could be rescinded if the union strikes a contract deal with the Cuomo administration. * First wave of state worker layoffs expected: Layoffs of hundreds of state workers could start today. More than * The secret behind the recent successes of Govs. Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie: Rich powerbrokers from the opposing party.* Between the 20-day layoff notices and the prison closings, it wasn’t a good day for PEF, which is still in contract talks with the Cuomo administration. * Cuomo and the Religious Exemption(NYO)

The Silver Riddle
NY1 Erin Billups on Sheldon Silver: "he speaks in riddles...intense riddles."

GOP Pushback

Maggie Gallagher: New York's GOP Lets Down the Base Voters don't like politicians who flip flop—especially under pressure from Democrats.(WSJ) * The National Organization for Marriage has vowed to spend $2 million in 2012 to oust the seven senators who flipped from “no” to “yes” on same-sex marriage between 2009 and last week. * Religion:  "Lay Catholics who look at the governor may become confused about what it means to be a Catholic."(Wash Post)

Bloomberg Payoffs Sen. Johnson Who Back Him on Charter Schools

Former Sen. Craig Johnson is now working for Bloomberg LP. The mayor supported the Long Island Democrat when he was in office – largely due to his backing of charter schools.

March of Turtles Snags JFK About 150 turtles who were trying to get to a sandy beach to lay eggs diverted planes on the runways at JFK Wednesday morning. (WSJ) * Turtles On JFK Tarmac Create Flight Delays(NY1) * Yo, get the 'shell' out of the way!(NYP) * JFK Turtles Explain Runway Crawl On Twitter(CBS)

New York's AG Takes on the Banks | The Nation

BREAKING: Tim Geithner considering leaving position after budget deal(Huff Post)

Law and Order
Strauss-Kahn Case Seen as in Jeopardy(NYT)

Metal Roll-Down Gates, Part of Cityscape for Decades, to Be Phased Out(NBC)

5 NYPD cops injured breaking up dispute outside LES rap concert(NYP) * Clubgoers Claim Police Brutality After Brawl Erupts Outside Tammany Hall (WCBS)

Father of HS football star started fight that killed son: cops(NYP) * Let Isayah Muller's death be a lesson for would-be vigilantes: Call 911 & let cops do their jobs (NYDN) * 'They killed my boy,' father of HS football star says at vigil(NYDN) * Vigil Held For Stabbed High School Football Star(NY1) * Dad's rage got son, former Truman football star, killed(NYP)

Creeps repeatedly raped, beat and pimped out teen girl for years, prosecutors charge(NYDN) * Victim Suffered Rapes for Years, Prosecutors Say(NYT)


Stolen Piano Replaced in Bronx Park(NBC)



 Robbers arrested after liquor store hostage drama(NYDN) * Police Standoff At Brooklyn Liquor Store Ends With Two Arrests(NY1) * Three terrorized in hostage siege(NYP)

Manhattan DA: Head of sex crimes unit leaving "as the office handles one of its biggest sex-crime prosecutions ever."

* Sex Crimes Chief in Office of Prosecutor Is Leaving Post(NYT) * Biography Gives Strauss-Kahn’s Allies a Forum(NYT) * Man hits grandpa wih shelf in Brooklyn parking spot feud(NYDN) * Sensors that detect, find sound of gunshots used in pilot program(NYDN) * Judge does a 'job' on rape-case cop's bid for more money(NYP) * 'Evil' arson pop gets century in jail(NYP) * Celeb-poker promoter roughed up by 'thugs' fearful she was blabbing to feds(NYP) * Weather gal's sunny outlook(NYP) * Report: NYPD Tests Out Gunshot Tracing Cameras (NY1) * 30-year-old man shot inside Bronx deli(WABC) * Misdemeanor Charge for Pole-Sitting Rapper(NYT)* Man shot dead outside girlfriend's apt. after run-in with romantic rival(NYDN)

Terrorism Feds rip Brooklyn 'Qaeda' (NYP) * Wannabe teen terrorists mixed American pop culture with jihadist beliefs(NYP)


The polling must be really bad for Reid to cancel his own July 4 visit to Bob Stupak's Vegas World

BREAKING: Sen Majority Leader Harry Reid says Senate will cancel July 4th recess, stay in session (CBS)

Mark Halperin calls Obama a vulgar name on ‘Morning Joe’ (Video)

MSNBC" Mark will be suspended indefinitely from his role as an analyst." * MSNBC suspends Mark Halperin indefinitely for vulgar Obama comments(Huff Post)


Jon Stewart Rips Obama’s Economy Speech (But Isn’t Happy With The GOP Either)





CNN reportedly cancels Eliot Spitzer's program - Erin Burnett slot?



At Least TSA Knows How to Stop 95-year-old Woman to Remove Her Diaper

Nigerian man flies from JFK to LA with invalid ID, expired …

FK Stowaway Used Expired Boarding Pass, Feds Say  (NY1)


"To Catch a Predator" host caught in video sting? (Wash Post)

Well This Should Be Interesting: FEC Approves Colbert SuperPAC

FEC okays Stephen Colbert's super PAC [Updated](Wash Post) * There's Nothing Funny About Colbert's SuperPAC(NPR)



Woman in the Wiener's Circle: The famed Coney Island hot-dog eating contest holds its first championship for women.  (WSJ)