Sunday, June 19, 2011

True News Sunday Udate

The Queen's Politburo
One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Congressman

Tammany's Crowley

NY's Election Law not Albany's ethic disclosure laws are what keeps our elected officials corrupt.  One Irish pol who never gets any negative press compared to Vito Lopez will because of the Weiner's perfect storm will get to pick Brooklyn Jewish seat. If Weiner was leaving a city council seat Boss Crowley would would not be able to choose the winner.  The Charter changes put into effect after Donald Manes who was Queens Boss before Crowley killed himself after being caught in the Koch's administration corruption, took the power away from political bosses to pick the parties nominee.   

Good government groups and the media have stayed away from election law reform.  True News will use the opportunity of the Weiner replacement special to investigate the corruption of the Queens machine.  Crowley epicenter of corruption is the Queens courts, esp the Surrogate Court which has had a history of corruption. Every time Crowley tries for a leadership post in Washington it seems his fund raising becomes the focus of an investigation.

A Jailed Elected Official is An Opportunity to the Queeens Machine
We will look at why so many Queens elected officials have been indicted or are under serious criminal investigations.  Already convicted in the last couple of years Alan Hevesi (in jail), Brian McLaughlin (in Jail), Tony Seminerio (died in jail) and Hiram Monserrate. When McLaughlin, Seminerio and Monserrate were forced to resign it was Crowley who picked there successor by giving them the Democratic nomination in the special. When When picked Peralta to take Monserrate he also go to pick Maya to replace Peralta in the assembly.  Crowley also controls without opposition who becomes a judge, who becomes surrogate and who becomes the district attorney.  The Queens County Leader is has already pick the replacements for Assemblywomen Pheffer and Mayersohn.  Jo Ann Shapiro for Pheffer and Mike Simanowitz for Meyerson.

More Than A Majority of the Queens State Elected Officials Were Pick by the Party Boss, Not In Open Elections
Liberal Party 4 Sale
Crowley made a deal with Gov Paterson to give a government job to former State Senator John Sabini so Monserrate could walk into the senate.  Queens pols under investigation Congressman Meeks, State Senator Huntley and Smith.  Ray Harding convicted in the pension scandal gave Hevesi son Andrew his party line after a payoff. Assemblywoman Ann Margaret Carrozza quit after the media charged she live outside the city. Julissa Ferreras is under investigation for a non profit she rand for Monserrate. Both the Brooklyn pols indicted Kruger and Boyland were payoff by the company that paid Seminerio. Senator Toby Ann Stavisky was elected to the Senate in a special elections in 1999 after her husband died. Sen. Malcolm A. Smith won a special election in 2003.


There been almost no investigation into the courts since Jack Newfield died in 2004



Even in Liberal Educated Manhattan You Have to Be Political Connected to Run

Forget Open Elections Where Anyone Can Run
Micah Z. Kellner who won his Assembly seat with no serious opposition because he was given the Democratic nomination in the heavily Democratic Manhattan. In other words whoever get the Democratic Line in a special elections wins. Now Kellner and all of the other pols are pushing Dan Quart to get the Democratic nomination in another East Side Assembly District.  Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, State Senator Liz Krueger and Councilmembers Jessica Lappin & Dan Garodnick on the Steps of City Hall to endorse Dan Quart for New York State Assembly.  Manhattan which used to be the center of reform and good government is a closed operation, outsiders not welcomed. Even Liz Kruger was elected in a special election in 2002, where she was given the Democratic nomination by the party bosses.
NYC Does Business With A Bribe Giving Developer 

Mogul tied to bribery scandal seeking NYC homeless-shelter deal In 2002 Bronx Assemblywoman Gloria Davis and Brooklyn Assemblyman Roger Green received free limo rides and hefty campaign contributions from Correctional Services in exchange for helping the company win state contracts. Both pols pleaded guilty to bribery, and the company coughed up a $300,000 fine -- at the time, the largest the state had ever imposed on a private company for flouting lobbying laws. But a scandal-scarred past has not scared off city officials.(NYP)


 Nobody Owns Killer Firetrap building?

Wasn't me: Bank and investor both deny ownership of killer firetrap in Bronx(NYDN) * Service Marks 10 Years Since Deadly "Fathers Day Fire"(NY1)





Liu Fan Club NOT

Liu hasn't renewed a contract for the system known as Cybersettle A comput erized system for settling small claims against the city. Liu, it's just a waste of money.(NYP)

The Fight Between John Liuand the NYP, Daily News(True News)



City retirees' $46M bonus City taxpayers forked over $46.6 million last year to pay for the unused sick days, vacation and comp time of retiring city workers.(NYP)


Lowey is the richest: Double dippers include Lowey, King, Serrano and Nadler

Rich pol, poor pol Spotlight shines on net worth of NY reps(NYP)






Special Session?
 Cuomo warns he'll keep the legislature in special session beyond the June 20th ending date if lawmakers do not come up with agreements to extend New York City's rent regulations, a tax cap, and Gay Marriage.

Same-Sex Marriage On Hold Till Monday
Religious Exemption Holdup

GOP trying to strengthen religious protections, rather than kill it outright

After Talks With G.O.P., Cuomo Expects Passage of Gay Marriage Bill(NYT) * Senators leave for weekend without Same-sex marriage bill in limbo(NYDN) * Gay-marriage push gives devout an out(NYP) * Same-Sex Marriage Vote On Hold Until Next Week(NY1) *  On Twitter, Republican Asks How to Vote on Marriage (NYO) *Conservative Party Threat to GOP(YNN) * Marriage Bill Hits Snags(Fox 5) * The Archbishop vs. the Governor: Gay Sera, Sera Don’t live in sin. Unless you’re gay(NYP) * Legalization of gay marriage could pump millions into economy through weddings(NYDN) * Gay-marriage bill left at the altar for one more week)NYDN) * Weiner's Pregnant Wife 'Feels Trapped'(Fox 5) * Archbishop Timothy Dolan Continues Campaign Against New York Same-Sex Marriage Bill (WCBS)


Rent Control Battle

Rent Control Laws Extended Until Monday At Midnight(NY1) * Albany Democrats' plan to expand rent regulations to those who make $300,000 a year is crazy(NYDN Ed)

Pay to Play Yankee NYPD Ticket Scandal

Yankee executive to testify in Bronx ticket-fixing scandal probe(NYDN)

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip (True News)

Will Corrupt Joe Bruno Get A Break From the Courts?

Bruno bid to ax case doubtful (NYP) * Bruno Asks Appeals Court to Spare Him Another Trial(NYT)


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

“For a small fee, Weiner can continue using the congressional gym.”
Weiner Rat Trap

Education: Wired Kids; School Late; Special Needs Seats Short and A Football Field Too Short 

Charters get these kids so totally wired(NYP) * School's Start Delayed a Day (WSJ) * $79 MILLION glitch leaves kindergarteners with disabilities no place to learn(NYDN) * City may have to pay millions in private tuition for special needs children(NYDN) * Lehman High School to sue city over its too-short 80-yard football field(NYDN) * Herbert Lehman High School Football Team Fights For Home Field(NY1)

FDNY's $27M fireboat damaged in collision as safety ignored, whistleblower charges(NYDN)




The NYP Says Markowitz plays many roles: cheer leader, concert-promoter, free-food-ingester and taxpayer-cash-inhaler 

Now he's looking to take on a new one: mayor of New York

When beeps fly(NYP)


Getting Their Dance On at the Mermaid Parade(WSJ) * 'Scale' models on parade in Coney I. * Mermaid Parade gathers costumed characters to the Boardwalk for Coney Island event * Mermaid Parade kicks off Coney Island summer(WCBS) *  Crowds, Sun Greet Mermaid Parade(NBC) * Surf Meets Turf At Annual Mermaid Parade(NY1) *  2011 Mermaid Parade - Coney Island Video 1 *Before mermaids paraded, Coney Island went Mardi Gras! (Bowery Boys)

Manhattan Apartments on Split Paths Most of the Manhattan apartment sales market stumbled in the second quarter, although there were signs of strength for expensive luxury units.(WSJ)

Harlem teen, son of former NYPD officer, claims white cops handcuffed him in racial profiling: suit(NYDN)

 Disgraced TV weathercaster Heidi Jones indicted for phony police report(NYDN)


Law and Order Sunday

Fatal b'klyn bash Gunfight breaks out at house party(NYP) * Palsy gal's bombshell: Doc drugged me for sex(NYP) * In Unrelated Cases, 2 Small Children Found Dead in Bronx(NYT) * Clarence Clemons, legendary saxophone player, dead at 69(NYDN) * Mosque thief hid in closet wearing traditional garb, stole from poor box(NYDN) * Son whose dad killed Gotti boy has no grave to visit on Father's Day(NYDN) * Sex-starved man hopes to get lucky with ex, instead gets jumped(NYDN) * Family of slain girl seek justice, hold emotional neighborhood march(NYDN) * 7 Wounded, 1 Dead After Shooting At Brooklyn House Party(WCBS) * Bronx boy's death ruled a homicide (WABC) * 3 wanted for Harlem subway robberies(WABC) * Donation boxes burglarized at NYC Islamic center (WABC) * House Party Turns Deadly(NBC) * Deadly Shooting Erupts At Brooklyn Party; Three In Custody(NY1) * Police: Upper East Side Mosque Thief Struck Twice(NY1) *Gunfire Erupts At Second Brooklyn House Party (NY1) * Father's Day tragedy: bloody night of gun violence leaves 2 dead and 15 injured across 3 boroughs (NYDN) * Father's Day tragedy: Dad slain outside B'klyn grocery(NYP)

Saturday 23 yrs. in slay Sis rips into savage Essex House staffer(NYP) * Essex House killer sentenced to 23 years for killing beautiful banker(NYDN) * DNA found on wallet may lead cops to architect's killer(NYDN) * Man shot after heated argument, left to die on his Harlem stoop(NYDN) * Teen beaten to death in gang feud(NYDN) * Police Investigate Deadly Shooting At Brooklyn Party: One person is dead and several others injured after a shoo...

17 Years Later, Still Searching for the Driver of a White Box Truck(NYT) * Robber targeting women in Washington Heights(WABC) * Teen shot in calf, surveillance of suspect (WABC) * Mini Madoff gets 20 yrs.(NYP) * 1 dead, 8 hurt in B'klyn bloodbath (NYP) *Man Killed and Eight Wounded as Party Ends in Gunfire(NYT)

Playin' 'Scarface' 'Coke' lord put self on flick pic(NYP) * Three Men Are Indicted Under Drug Kingpin Law(NYT) * Cocaine 'Kingpin' Arrested(WSJ) * Police Arrest Over 140 People In Major Drug Busts(NY1) * Multi-million dollar cocaine drug ring shutdown (WABC) * Elevator Mugger(NBC)




Sax great 'Big Man' Clemons dead at 69(NYP) * Clarence Clemons, Saxophonist, Dies at 69 (NYT) * Fans Remember 'Big Man' Clarence Clemons at Stony Pony(NBC)

Jungleland Video








In 1933 FDR Signed the Glass-Steagall Act to Protect Americans From the Banks. . .  In 1999 Congress and Clinton Repealed It . . .  In 2007 the Corrupt Banks Cashed the World's  Economy

The Banking Miracle The Glass-Steagall Act, signed into law in 1933, was amazingly radical, not just for its time, but for any time. 





Super PAC Registrations Accelerate, Favor Conservatives(Open Secrets)


2 Top Lawyers Lost to Obama in Libya War Policy Debate(NYT)







Jon Stewart,Only Fox News Is Bias

At New Network, Olbermann Sets Sights on MSNBC(NYT) 




Blogger Report Trash Bin Removal Plan Expanded to Bensonhurst (Bay Ridge Journal)P.S. 29 Playground Destruction: Parents Pay Up for their Teens’ “Mistake” (Cobble Hill Blog) * Opponents of Borough President Markowitz’s planned Asser Levy Park amphitheater crashed a rally on Sunday that the Beep organize to protest the closure of a Coney Island firehouse (Courier Life) * Brooklyn Philharmonic Offers To Save Free Summer Concerts (Brooklyn Daily Eagle) * Japanese TV Crew Films Segment On Gowanus Canal (Pardon Me for Asking) * I Went To See “Battle For Brooklyn” This Weekend and You Should Too Because . . . .(Noticing New York) *And what Lower East Side bar did the NYPD close last night?(EV GRIEVE) *Bill de Blasio on Dov Hikind's radio show (Brooklyn Political Blog) *  Art vendors spots restricted at Union Square, High Line(Doentown Express) * THE PEREZ NOTES: Charles Barron on THE PEREZ NOTES * In the East Village, A Dearth of Rentals (East Village) * Oddo 2013: New GOP Chairman not standing in the way.