Friday, July 15, 2011

CityTime: Corruption in NY, New Pentagon Contract

 A Pentagon Cut Not Effecting National Security

A firm tied to the scandal-scarred CityTime payroll project is continuing to receive government contracts, recently landing two lucrative defense contracts with the Pentagon, the New York Post reports  CityTime scandal firm wins feds' big bucks

The CityTime Cover Up (True News)






Crowley Sock Puppet Running for Comptroller by Running for Congress 

David's New Wig

Anthony Weiner screwed Brooklyn — again (Lincoln Restler) * citing #weprin remark, columnist says #Weprin is running for #ny9 to help his bid for @comptrollernyc in 2013. * Weprin was the parties’ choice, not the people’s choice. Does this mean there will be a Democratic primary? *NY-9: Turner’s 2010 result highest for a Republican since the 1980s.* NYC Councilman Eric Ulrich believes NY-9 won’t exist much longer, and so took a pass on running in the Sept. 13th special election. * One place House Democrats actually miss ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner: On the field for the annual Congressional baseball game. He was a “star player,” says Rep. Carolyn Maloney.




Media Cheerleading for Pols

Christine Quinn leading charge: Let's help domestic violence victims

Why Not Ask the Council Speaker Why the Tax Payers are still paying for her lawyer in the 3 year old slush fund investigation

Mayor for Sale Speaker Quinn Campaign Filing






Daily News Supports Law Breakers Running for Mayor in 2013. . . If

John Liu, Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson must pay overdue poster fines before they run for mayor (NYDN Ed)

John Liu Raised $993,815 in 6 Months(NYO) * During Weiner Scandal, Liu Raised $205,675(NYO) *  Hitting Liu: Deputy Mayor Steel hits Liu for underperforming; 20% for NYC compared to 30% for S&P. * Hitting Liu: Steel doubts Liu report on pension costs going down. "I find this logic unconvincing."

in case you were wondering...during @RepWeiner scandal, @JohncLiu raised $205,675 #ny9 (Twitter) *  New Fund-Raising Totals Reveal Political Jockeying (NYT) * Spitzer and Paterson Spend Remaining Money In Their Campaign Accounts(Gannett Albany) * Bill de Blasio, net contributions for 6 months ending in 7/11/11: $701,620



Outer Boroughs Snow Job Again This Time On Homeless Shelter 

 Neither Snow, Waste Transfer Stations or Homeless Shelters Stop the Manhattan favoring Bloomberg Administration from Dumping on the Outer Boroughs

City Hall Accused of Steamrolling Opposition to Bronx Shelter(NYT) * Homeless Shelter: Opponents of Chelsea location send letters to Quinn and Bloomberg; for now, opening is delayed.  


 Just Call Him Mayor Gepetto

The Media Mogul-Turned Mayor Can’t Turn Away From the Media(NYO)




 MTA slashes trains with no warning: 'Impact is small'MTA slashes trains with no warning: 'Impact is small'(NYDN)


Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin OpEds about the need for accessible taxis in NYC. 

Battleship Cuomo Cruise Missile Albany
Public Says Need Better Weapons for Washington
2012: Cuomo for VP gets a lukewarm reaction here. * Sen. Marty Golden on the secret to Cuomo’s success: “He’s changed. He’s closer to the vest. He’s more organized. He’s got a well- organized working machine and has talented people who are close to him.”

Andrew Cuomo Sitting on $9 M.(NYO) * Cuomo's campaign finance filing is now online Ranking Cuomo’s Contributors (YNN)


The Great NYS Indian Cig War Continues

Cuomo's cig crackdown(NYP Ed) * Cigarette Vendors Face Crackdown On Untaxed Goods * Today, the state outlined how they are collecting taxes on cigarette sales on Indian lands.  









Charter Falter; Disabled Out; Grade Inflation and A New Education Mayor

Tom Vander Ark’s New York-Area Charter Schools Falter(NYT) * Disabled students squeezed out of school activities(NYDN) * College grades of A, which used to mean excellence, now seem to be more about attendance (NYDN Ed) * NY1 Exclusive: Budget Documents Reveal Troubling Figures For City Schools(NY1) * 2013: Tom Allon’s education policies are “more of a reaction” to Bloomberg’s policies. [Gotham Schools]* Charter School: One in Bed-Stuy and two in Newark won’t open this fall, after founder walks away**Breaking DOE And Teachers Union Agree On Plans To Aid 33 Schools (NY1) * Hazardous Dirty Oil To See Continued Use In City Schools (NY1)


WINNERS & LOSERS: City Hall News weekly list of who's up and who's down. Clear winners are Bob Turner, Mark Grisanti, Jonathan Lippman, Nan Hayworth and Christine Quinn; unlucky losers are John Liu, Kirsten Gillibrand, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Gianaris and William Boyland Jr. Vote for your favorites here: 



 Wal-Mart: Inez Barron calls for probe into land deal in Brooklyn where store may open.(NYP)


Gays: I Getting Married Sunday Morning

For Judges, a Sunday Unlike Any Other(NYT)

Interactive Map Shows City's Gay Population(Huff Post)



O.K., Keep Looking Down: Sidewalks Will Stay Ad-Free(NYT)






 Permanent Poverty in NY

About the same number of New Yorkers live below the poverty line now as did in 2006, despite dozens of anti-poverty programs launched by the Bloomberg administration, NY1 reports



 Public Slit 50-50 on Gas Drilling

Latest Drilling Rules Draw Objections(NYT) * Poll: NYers evenly split on gas-drilling rules(WSJ)

Two Lifeguards Reportedly Off Duty Following Pool Drowning (NY1)

Fiend's scratches suggest Leiby tried to fight him off(NYP) * Killing Rattles a Community’s Trust of Its Own(NYT) * Police Sort Through Suspect’s Account as He Pleads Not Guilty in Killing(NYT) * Suspect Recounts Time With Child(WSJ) * After Abduction, Suspect Says He Took Boy to Wedding (WSJ) * Alleged Killer Of Brooklyn Boy To Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation(NY1) * Ex tagged Leiby's 'killer' as a sex sicko(NYP) * Leiby Kletzky's parents post sign thanking New Yorkers for support(NYP) * For Hasidim, First Call for Help Often Isn't to 911(NYT)


Amateur sleuth Yaakov German helps cops catch Levi Aron and solve murder of Leiby Kletzky(NYDN) * Child killer's name not on patrol's list of pervs(NYDN) * Demented monster never quit his lifelong quest for love(NYDN) * Leiby's death rocks Orthodox community(NYDN) *  NY Lawmakers Hikind, Abbate, Savino Introduce Legislation 'The Leiby Initiative'




Law and Order

Brooklyn man beat teen stepdaughter to death with boot as horrified relative watched (NYDN) * Suspected art thief accused of stealing yet another Picasso(NYDN) * One dead, One injured in Queens shoot(NYDN) * Prosecutors drop charges for clerk wrongly accused of gay bashing(NYDN) * Qns. double-park road-rage slay(NYP) * DSK misses protest(NYP) * Upper E. Side groper(NYP) * Undercover cop guns down teen(NYP) * African immigrant hotel maids and their supporters plan to rally tonight outside the $50,000-a-month apartment where Dominique Strauss-Kahn is staying.* Suspects Sought In Deadly Shooting Over Parking Spot (NY1)

Police Seek Serial Sexual Assault Suspect In Manhattan(NY1)

 Hit-and-Run Asshole Leaves the Scene of Accident, But Gets Caught on Tape (Village Voice Video)


'Daughter slay' shock(NYP)



 Terrorism  Bin Laden Plotted Anniversary Attack(WSJ) *9/11 Memorial: A Moving Work in Progress(WSJ)



  London Rocked Rebekah Gone Murdoch On the Defense   Rebekah Brooks Resigns From News International(NYT) * F.B.I. Opens Inquiry Into Hacking of 9/11 Victims’ Phones(NYT) * News International CEO Brooks Resigns(WSJ) * Murdoch Defiant as FBI Acts(WSJ) * Saudi prince Al-Saud, 2nd largest stakeholder in News Corp, last night on Rebekah Brooks: 'You bet she has to go." * FBI Investigates News Corp Following 9/11 Phone Hack Allegations(NY1) * Murdoch scandal accounted for 53% of links on Twitter, but only 6% of mainstream coverage.* So Far, No Mention of Piers Morgan in CNN’s Hacking Coverage

Pay to Play Joe Klein and the Boss Murdoch Contract

Murdoch-affiliate should lose $27M from state ed.: critics(NYDN) * Law Surprise: News Corp.’s Hiring of Williams & Connolly(NYT)

Colbert On News Corp. Scandal Coverage: ‘Fox News Motto Is We Don’t Touch It, You Decide’



Letterman's Stupid Human Copy Cat Tricks

More Fodder for Letterman(WSJ) * Letterman smash-hit copycat(NYP)









Mistrial In Clemens Case Divides Fans(NY1)






Budget Debt Plan B from Outer Space

Behind Battle Over Debt, a War Over Government(NYP) * Plan B Emerges on Debt(WSJ) * President Obama scolds GOP over stalled debt talks(NYDN)


Jon Stewart’s Debt Crisis Roundup: GOP Report Of ‘Angry Obama’ Is ‘Really Weak’




Elizabeth Warren: Government Hasn't Sufficiently Probed Foreclosure Abuses (VIDEO)

 California’s AG met with AG Eric Schneiderman to discuss joining a wide-ranging probe into Wall Street’s role in the mortgage meltdown. 

U.S. Credit Ratings Put On Negative Watch By S&P(Huff Post)