Sunday, July 31, 2011

True News Sunday Updated; Deal or No Deal? Deal

A Deal . . . But Not Sure How Members Will React

Leaders Reach Deal to Raise Debt Ceiling (NYT) * Framework Will Be Presented to Party Caucuses on Monday(NYT) * White House, Senate leaders announce deal(Wash Post) * Here's the PowerPoint presentation, and the pitch, Boehner's giving his caucus to sell the debt limit agreement (TPM) * Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus: 'This is a shady bill' * The debt-ceiling deal: Winners and losers (Wash Post) *  From Spending to Cuts, While the Economy Stalls (NYT)


Amid New Talks, Some Optimism on Debt Crisis(NYT) * Rightward Tilt Leaves Obama With Party Rift(NYT) * A Mobilization in Washington by Wall Street(NYT) * ABC News on tentative debt deal: Caution on Capitol Hill: 'Nothing Is Agreed to Until Everything Is Agreed to' * White House, McConnell in tense negotiations(Washington Post) * "Watching Him Turn Into Carter Before Our Eyes" - Maureen Dowd, NYT * Obama Is Loved and Not a Loser - Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post * The Tea Party Tyranny Must Stop - Maria Cardona, CNN * Taxpayers disgusted by deadlock(Wash Post) *  Sources: Debt deal calls for up to $2.8 trillion in savings(CNN) * Where things stand with negotiations --1 p.m. vote scheduled for SenateRightward Tilt Leaves Obama With Party Rift (NYT) Update 3PM Negotiating All But Done for $2.7 Trillion Deficit Reduction Deal ... Now Comes the Selling(ABC) * Paul Krugman: GOP Said We’ll Blow Up Economy Unless You Do What We Want And Obama Said OK * Progressive Co-Chair Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva Statement on Emerging Debt Deal - Hardcore Statement *  Reid Backs Debt Deal; Defense Cuts Still in Debate(NYT) * Obama promises to fight on taxes(Wash Post) *  Super Congress Getting Even More Super Powers In Debt Deal(Huff Post) *** Update 8:40PM AP reports Obama, Boehner, Democrats strike a deal to head off gov. Default * The WSJ is live-blogging the details as they trickle out. * : President announced an agreement has been reached on raising debt limit


Behind the Scenes  The "trigger" is an across-the-board cut that would include uncomfortable cuts in Medicare and Pentagon; GOP pushing for leniency on Defense * Kevin McCarthy, who whips the House GOP votes: "It is moving in the right direction…" * The behind-the-scenes "short-hand" spin I'm hearing: GOPers say this deal is essentially "Boehner"; Dems say it's essentially "Reid"+ #spin * McConnell says two sides close on deal that would extend debt limit by 3 tril. Call this the breakthrough. * The last sticking point before the deal is announced: the "balance" on the trigger regarding defense.*  

Brokaw on : "Tea Party played by the rules of politics. They got angry, got organized, got elected & got results." * The Congressional Progressive Caucus has called an emergency member meeting tomorrow * We're nearly hour 18 since basic "idea" of the deal was agreed to and the struggle to sell it goes on. * FLASH: Senator Reid backs emerging debt deal pending approval from other Democrats: spokesman * Pelosi tells reporters she will meet with Dem caucus tomorrow. * This really has been a soap opera-ish kind of day; McConnell and GOP talked up this deal early and Dems grumbled, now? Roles reversing? * Boehner tells GOPers: we didn't get all we wanted but "It shows how much we've changed the terms of the debate in this town." * In comments released by his office, Boehner assures House GOP there are no "job-killing tax hikes" in the deficit redction deal.

What We Have Here is A Failure to Govern America 


It's Up to the Senate - New York Times
2PM Endgame In Debt Crisis Remains To Be Seen (NPR)* BREAKING: Reid bill fails in the House. (Roll Call) *  Leaders struggle over bipartisan debt deal(Wash Post) * Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid disputes GOP claim that debt ceiling deal near (CNN) 11PM White House, Republicans Strike Tenative Deal To Raise Debt Ceiling - The Note

Debt Impasse Continues as Senate Kills Boehner Bill(NYT) * For Republican Freshmen, the Power of Saying No(NYT) * Senate Blocks Boehner's Debt Bill(WSJ) * Lessons From Losing Triple-A Ratings(WSJ) * Boehner debt bill passes in House, rejected in Senate(NYDN) * Barack hits new low in approval rating amid budget battle(NYP) * Friday’s vote made Boehner’s job harder, not easier (Wash Post) * Obama Weekly Address: 'There Is Very Little Time'(Huff Post) * Nation Calls Washington Mad, And City Agrees(NYT)

Obama loses more than 40K Twitter followers - in one day!(NYDN) * The Empty Bully Pulpit - Robert Reich, Huffington Post * GOP Wants to Re-Deregulate Wall Street - Rep. Barney Frank, Boston Globe * Debt Drama Fails to Hit Markets' Panic Button - Tom Petruno, LA Times * Anti-Obama Sentiment Fuels the Right - Colbert King, Washington Post * U.S. Budget Is Not Like a Family's - Stephanie Mencimer, Mother Jones




 Albany and Now Washington Secret Undemocratic Governments

Albany's gay marriage vote broke rules no more than did every bill from dysfunctional Legislature(NYDN Ed)

The same-sex marriage opponents suing to overturn NY's new statute based on the "corrupt" way it was handled by the Legislature are probably wrong on the law, as Gov. Cuomo's office asserts.
By the standards of good government, however, the case is a dead-on indictment of Albany dysfunction. Lawmakers negotiated crucial changes in last-minute secrecy, disclosing the exact wording only moments before passage.

City's DA's Need Corrupt Machine Dems Like Lopez to Get Re-Elected 
What on earth was Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes thinking by appearing at Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s annual Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Center picnic this month — and vouching for the pol’s “ethical” bona fides? - When he is under federal investigation. All three DA up for re-election this year face have the backing of party bosses and face little if any opposition in the general.  None of them have brought conducted any corruption cases.  DA Brown has seen the fed put in jail two queens assemblyman and watch from afar a major ongoing investigation which will likely put others in jail.  DA Hynes put former boss Norman in jail after he ran a candidate against him The DA & the boss(NYP)

Norman's Successor Facing Own Scandal (NYP, November 25, 2005)
Just one month after replacing scandal-plagued pol Clarence Norman as Brooklyn Democratic Party boss, Assemblyman Vito Lopez appears headed for his own tub of legal hot water.  Three activists have filed a complaint with the Brooklyn DA, alleging Lopez used a fake address on his voter-registration form and doesn't live in his Brooklyn district.  Instead, say the activists, Lopez for years has shacked up in a Queens condo owned by his Former Brooklyn Democratic party bossgirlfriend, Planning Commissioner Angela.  Clarence Norman (above) was indicted Battaglia, who also happens to be executive for four offenses. director of a housing nonprofit Lopez founded. Vito Lopez's voting history at  VOTING HISTORY According to the BOE at 64 CONSELYEA STREET 1 FL.BROOKLYN, NY 11211

Brooklyn Dem boss Vito Lopez is hard to find at Bushwick home, but spends much of his time in Queens(NYDN)

 Iranian TV Covers the Weiner Special
A special election viewed from Iranian TV(The Brooklyn Blog)

Member Items: “City budget data shows that Jewish affiliated nonprofits have far outpaced their religious counterparts in bringing home taxpayer dough.” [Gary Buiso / NY Post]


Team Silver Gains Support from Biggest Block of Voters in the City, The Dead 

Pols in 'dead' heat Forged Dem voter-petition signatures. Alfred Elkan, a German-born social worker, died in 1999, but on June 16 his ghostly signature appeared on a petition supporting Linda Belfer and Jeff Galloway, two allies of powerful Assembly (NYP)

 Daily News Says Mattingly Did A Fine Job at ACS

True News Wags the Dog of the Daily News Again

Klein/Murduch Conflict of Interest

Rupert Murdoch given $27M no-bid contract from state Department of Education(NYDN)

True News Published This Story on June 10, 2011 

Pay to Play Joe Klein and Boss Murdoch - Conflict of Interest

Has the NYPD Ticket Scandal Cost the City Money?
Ticket Slowdown?: Some 52,159 moving violations were issued citywide for the 28-day period ending July 24, down from 67,649 over the same span last year.” [Daily News] * Now, Traffic Ticket May Hurt Officer Who Writes It as Much as Driver Who Gets It (NYT)

As Redistricting Looms, Legislators Face Anxiety, or Even Extinction(NYT)

Airplanes: Bloomberg’s quip revealed some annoyance with Obama over the president’s criticism of jet owners.

Spinning Schneiderman Left Leanings

Eric Schneiderman flashes business cred State's top cop tries to allay fears he's too far left. (CrainsNY)



Koch's Nasty Presidential Candidate          Ed Koch gives 'nasty' Rudy a Prez boost Rudy Giuliani could make the move from nasty man to nice guy - at least in Ed Koch's book.






More and More TV Shows Shot In NYC 

All the city a stage for TV(NYP)






TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)





New York’s Chief Digital Officer Seeks to Connect the City(NYT)

Digital City the Road Map





Cancer-stricken WTC worker gets $0 settlement check(NYP)








Albany Favorite Blame Target for Cutbacks MTA Walder Last Straw Was Gov Bush Off

Governor Said to Have Irked Exiting Transit Chief Friends of Jay H. Walder say money troubles and other factors also played a role in his exit from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.Mr. Walder was meeting the governor's staff at the Capitol when Mr. Cuomo walked in. The governor greeted Mr. Walder, then promptly turned his attention to his director of state operations, Howard Glaser, with whom he spoke for several moments before departing, said two people familiar with the meeting. Mr. Cuomo and the man in charge of the biggest mass transit system in the nation did not meet in person again, suggesting a lack of interest by Mr. Cuomo that irked and discouraged Mr. Walder, several officials said. *  MTA Budget Cuts Means Old Subway Cars Staying In Service(WCBS) *  MTA service shut downs could have avoided $10.5M in costs, audit finds(NYP) * Audit Faults M.T.A. on Subway Service Changes(NYT)


Murdoch Investigation Intensifies 

Love to See Joe Klein Email to the NYP Before He Left His Job As Chancellor to Work for Murduch . . .  What About Dicker's Email to Cuomo or Sifeman to the Mayor Press Secretary


As Markowitz Rises In Mayoral Polls NYP Continues to Attack Him

Free-quent flier Marty cashes in on junkets(NYP)

What Happen to the Quinn Slush Fund Story? 
Staff: Markowitz’s office employs 66 people, including 3 chauffeurs, the most of any borough president.” * The Post continues its coverage of Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz, who apparently cancelled his plans to officiate over a canine wedding after getting wind the paper planned to send a reporter.
From NYP May 12, 2008:
Embattled City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has admitted for the first time that she understood that the multimillion-dollar slush fund gave her political advantage. Quinn, who is likely running for mayor, says she knew that the use of the funds - which are now the subject of federal and city investigations - could be helpful to her. "Did I think, as a speaker, having the [reserve] money to give out through the year might give me political leverage? Of course, I did," Quinn told New York magazine for its current edition. Slush Probers Eye Fraud Rap for Quinn (NYP April 13, 2008) * Quinn Probed over Bogus Grant Groups (NYP, Apirl 3, 2008) 

2013: DC37 union boss reportedly very happy with Liu. [David Seifman / NY Post]

Let's fix elections board(NYP)

The six votes needed to appoint a new executive director of the Board of Elections appear to finally be lined up -- but the departure of Staten Island Democratic commissioner Michael Ryan to run for Staten Island District Attorney has thrown another wrench in the works. Board sources say the five Democratic commissioners have essentially agreed to join with Bronx Republican Commissioner J.C. Polanco to vote in a six-person bloc for a new executive director chosen by Bronx Democratic chair Carl Heastie. That would allow Dawn Sandow, a Bronx Republican, to keep the deputy director post. But Ryan's resignation to run a quixotic campaign against Dan Donovan leaves the bloc one vote short, and any new board member from Staten Island once selected would have to go through a lengthy vetting process. That could take a year.

What happen to the DOI investigation of BOE?

Bronx Boss to Select Election Boss (Bronx Political Chatter)

 A BOE Cover Up By DOI Leads to a new deal by  Bronx Boss, Assemblyman Carl Heastie, to select the person. It was the former commissioner Gonzalez also picked by the Bronx Boss who was removed and the time of his removal investigated by DOI for corruption.  The Bronx Bosses new deal has fellen apart when the Staten Island Election Commissioner, who was going to provide the needed vote, resigned to run for DA.* THE PEREZ NOTES: Carl Heastie on THE PEREZ NOTES

A BOE Bronx Machine Cover Up by DOI

A product of the Bronx Democratic party, Gonzalez is taking the rap for many of the screw-ups and embarrassments that have buffeted the board in recent weeks -- from the problem-plagued Sept. 14 primary, to a snafu regarding voter instructions for marking the ovals on the paper ballots for Tuesday’s election to the suspicious shifting of the order of candidates’ names on the ballot for the special election for the late Tom White’s former City Council seat in Queens, to the ordering of expensive office furniture while crying poverty...  NYC Board Of Elections Chief George Gonzalez Canned: Updated!Gonzalez Firing, DOI Investigation, Could Ease Awaited Bloomberg BoE Power Play(CHN)


NYT and There Friend Silver Who Appointed chief judge lippman Keep Pushing Cuomo for Judicial Pay Raises 

New York Judges Deserve a Raise Paying state judges at the level of federal judges would be a sound investment in the justice system. (NYT Ed)

Teachers union tries and tries again to misuse courts to stop vital school reforms(NYDN Ed)

Secret crane deals 6 settlements out of 7 E. Side deaths(NYP)

Big Real Estate Moves to Sell WTC While American Are Still Dying In Afghanistan

Some Seeking to Move Past 'Ground Zero' As the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks approaches, some involved in the rebuilding say it is time to stop calling the site Ground Zero, a name that evokes death and destruction, and then years of emptiness. (WSJ) * Obama, Bush Plan Visit on 9/11(WSJ) 


Tears for a hero: Mourners in Brooklyn bid farewell to a Marine who died Afghanistan(NYDN)

Lance Cpl. Jabari Thompson 22





Mayor Bloomberg outlines 9/11 ceremony plan: 'This cannot be political'(NYDN) * Obama and Bush to Visit New York for 9/11 Anniversary(NYT) * September 11th Ceremony Won't Include Presidential Speeches 





A Solution to the Sinking Economy Growing Hunger Needs:  Share Cropping In the City Parks?

Enjoy Park Greenery, City Says, but Not as Salad(NYT)




NY1 Exclusive: Tiffany Stained Glass Window Uncovered At Flatbush Erasmus Hall High School




In an Early 1900s Neighborhood, a Glimpse of ‘2001’(NYT)





After another Queens bank holdup, FBI offers reward for brazen 'One Glove Bandit' After another Queens bank holdup, FBI offers reward for brazen 'One Glove Bandit'(NYDN)FBI offers reward for 'one glove bandit'(NYDN) * FBI Offers Reward For "One Glove Bandit"(NY1)

 Law and Order


East Side Groper May Have Struck Again(Fox 5) * UES Serial Groper Strikes Again: Sources(NBC) * Peewee perv strikes again(NYP)

Leiby Kletzky case: Aron's lawyers young legal eagle and ex-NYPD cop(NYDN) * Nude body of unidentified woman found floating in Bronx River(NYDN) * Ex-cop, 28, fatally shot after Queens corner dice game(NYDN) * Man stabbed to death by girlfriend's ex-boyfriend(NYDN) * One Glove Bandit Strikes Again(Fox 5) * FBI Offers Reward For "One Glove Bandit"(NY1) *  DSK's ex-lover tells accuser's lawyer he was 'never rough' with her(NYP) * Coney Island party turns deadly (NYDN) * Queens Man Accused Of Former Policeman's Murder (NY1)


 Four charged in death of girl, 10, locked in box for taking a Popsicle: cops (NYDN) * Joseph Fox to replace Raymond Diaz as Transit Bureau chief for NYPD(NYDN) * Brooklyn man sought by police is a Knucklehead for thinking cops wouldn't trace his Facebook taunts(NYDN Ed) * Ma relives anguish of shot tot(NYP) * 'Preg' Taser suit vs. NYPD(NYP) * 'Garbage man' gets 2½ years(NYP) * Man stabbed by girlfriend's baby daddy in Brooklyn(NYP) * Sources say the Upper East Side serial groper struck again this afternoon(NBC)

Bill Maher: Hasn’t Obama Signed His Own Death Warrant As A Candidate For 2012?



Jeff Jarvis On CNN: ‘#F*ckYouWashington’ Shows ‘Hope And Expectation For A Better Government’



New York Times reporter prompts White House media staff on Twitter (Daily Caller)

Daily Caller cheap-shots the New York Times (Wash Post)





True News Blog Review  Biking the Verrazano(Bay Ridge Journal) * Grimm and Nadler Star In Dueling Dissents: A Love Story (Bensonhurst Bean) *  RIP Andy Badalamenti, Longtime Coney Island Ride Operator (Kinetic Carnival) * ‘Italian Dom’ From Bensonhurst Becomes Mafia Boss (Brooklyn Daily Eagle) * Bike Wars: You Just Got un-Served Your Subpeonas F'K in Park Slope) * Martin Dilan on THE PEREZ NOTES * A paean to the New York Times in a New York Magazine cover story; missing is any recognition how the Times fails to cover Brooklyn (and AY) (Atlantic Yeads Report) Fish Latest Weapon in Fight Against UES Garbage Station (DNAINFO) * THE PEREZ NOTES: Latinos and The Re-Districting Debate * Willets Point project a bust?(Queens Crap) *  Massive rezoning of Sunnyside-Woodside passes in City Council(Sunnyside Post) * Koslowitz a double dipper(Queens Campaigner)