Friday, June 10, 2011

Pay to Play Joe Klein and Boss Murdoch

Payoff to Murduch
 Klein's Conflict of Interest

Interesting silence by NYT and, not surprisingly, NYP and WSJ on possible conflict of interest in Murdoch/Klein's no-bid state education contract.

A no-bid contracts by the New York State Department of Education(DOE) awarding $27 million to Wireless Generation, a company owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. and headed up by former New York City school chancellor, Joel Klein, smacks of cronyism. It is clear that Klein used his contacts with the DOE to win the contract without a bid. It is also clear that the contract was a payoff to Murdoch for NYP support for the mayor's quest for a third term.
The contract money – part of the state’s $700 million in Race to the Top winnings – will go to Wireless Generation, owned by Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corp., to develop software to track student test scores, among other things. Klein took a job at News Corp. overseeing their educational technology business after he left the chancellor job in December. NYS  Dept. of Education Awards $27M No-Bid Contract to Murdoch-Owned Wireless Generation * Klein Cashes in on Race to the Top(Gotham Gazette)

Education: Slow vote results for Community Education Council elections. * Tuition Hike: Attending SUNY Buffalo could go from $4,970 to $7,300 in five years.

 Both the NYT and Daily News Support Cuomo's Pension Plan, Legislative Leaders Quiet

Governor Seeks Sharp Tuition Increase in Five-Year Plan for SUNY(NYT) * Gov. Cuomo and Public Pensions The governor’s proposal is a fair way to control skyrocketing costs and lets public workers share more of the burden. (NYT Ed) *  Gov. Cuomo has done his part for pension reform, now Legislature must pass his very reasonable plan(NYDN Ed) * Cuomo's uphill pension battle (NYP Ed) * Legislative leaders refused to comment on the proposal.* NJ vs NY: Comparing Christie and Cuomo’s pension plans


NYP Has Attacked the City Council More Than Anyone For Irresponsible Actions, Now they Tell Us Quinn Knows How to Make Hard Decisions? 

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn understands hard budget choices she, Mayor Bloomberg must make (NYDN Ed) * Some 60 churches will hold a “pray-in” this weekend to urge Mayor Bloomberg to stop “immoral” budget cuts to schools.* NYC Budget: “Quinn ruled out wholesale raid on the city’s health care trust fund.”

Bloomberg on Liu’s Report: ‘No Rational’ Group Agrees, ‘Separated From Reality’ [Updated] Michael Bloomberg is disputing City Comptroller John Liu’s report that said pension costs are going to greatly diminish in the forseeable future.(NYO)

Ex-Bloomberg Opponent Thompson to Enter 2013 Mayoral Race

Bill Thompson To Lead Judicial Compensation Panel(YNN)

Layoffs: State workers not trained in how to warn workers they may be laid off.(TU)

One Poll Which Showed District Support for Weiner Accepted By the Media Without Questions

Over 400 news organizations from CBS, MSNBC to the LA Times have reported on the Marist Poll.   The Marist Poll that shows that 56% of the residents of his district do not want him to resign was wrong when they said a week before the 2009 mayor election that Bloomberg would win by 16%.  He won by less than 5%.  What is strange about the 56% is that is almost all the votes Weiner got in his 2010 race. Than means that none of the 61% of the voters that Weiner won in his last race have been turned off by the candidates actions.Poll shows that majority of voters want him to stay despite scandal(NYP)Bloomberg Leads Thompson By 16 Among Likely Voters  October 22, 2009 * NY1 Exclusive: Voters Say Weiner Was Unethical But Want Him To Serve Out His Term* Poll: 411 of 512 were registered voters. 


Issa's Office About Weiner

Breaking: Smoking Gun

Issa Aide Linked To Weiner Twitter Tormentors

Duo sought guidance from GOP congressman’s flack(The Smoking Gun)

 Weiner Has Set Up A Rapid Response War Room . . .  A Crisis Management Team?

17 Year Old Contact

Breaking Friday 6PM

Exclusive: Weiner's Messages to Teenage Girl in Delaware Draw Police Attention (Fox News) * Cops looking into online communications with 17-year-old girl(NYP)

Weiner War Room Response 7:36

Weiner Confirms Contact with 17 Year-Old, Denies ‘Explicit’ Messages(NYO) Risa Heller, a Weiner communications strategist, released a statement to FOX News Channel on Friday saying, "According to Congressman Weiner, his communications with this person were neither explicit nor indecent."


Brash Style Alienates Congressman From Peers(NYT) * Weiner Resists Pressure to Resign (WSJ) * Bloomberg on Weiner's Future: Let Voters Decide (WSJ) * Huma Abedin putting up brave front (NYDN) * Weiner won't 'fix' issues without resigning, says scandal vet Mark Foley(NYDN) * Weiner can't afford to quit the DC day job(NYP) *  Tony's new low So now he's hiding behind his preg nant wife.(NYP Ed) * Clinton angry with congressman's sexting cover-up attempt: report(NYP) * Voters stick up for their rep: poll(NYP) *Barbara Walters Sticks By Rep. Weiner On MSNBC: ‘It’s Not Exactly A Tragedy For The Nation’ * Chris Matthews: If Weiner Stays, Democrats ‘Never Get Leadership Back’ In The House  

 “He had a style that wore people down,” said Rep. Pete King of why Rep. Anthony Weiner is finding himself so alienated at the moment. “So now, when he needs help, there is no one who is there, not even Democrats.” * Congressional women have had a hard time with Weinergate.* If the Legislature redistricts Weiner off the map, his colleagues run the risk of the energetic congressman challenging on of them in a primary.* Problem: The House rules don’t mention Twitter.* Rep. Kathy Hochul called Weiner’s behavior “reprehensible”, but stopped short of calling for him to resign. (Yes, she sees the irony in this).* Probe: ” ‘Twitter’ does not appear in the House Code of Official Conduct, nor does “direct message” or “explicit photo.” * Resolve: Weiner is defiant, not resigning. Didn’t handle crisis well. * Resolve: Weiner cites poll, tells colleagues he’ll stay.* Insight: Senior editor notes “how careless [Weiner] is with the lives of others, particularly those who are more vulnerable than he is.” * Anthony Weiner Was Warned: His Close Call With Political Punishment in 2009 (Village Voice) * 1991: The Democrat Weiner smeared in Council campaign recalls he wasn’t that qualified, other than having worked for Schumer. * Support: Rangel’s defense of Weiner is particularly quotable. * Rebuke: Anti-Weiner ad airs during Bloomberg’s radio show * Rebuke: Online progressives want Weiner to resign * Eliot Spitzer experienced several awkward moments while covering Weinergate.*  Exclusive: Weiner's Messages to Teenage Girl in Delaware Draw Police Attention (Fox News) * Rangel Defends Weiner(NBC)* 13 Years Later, Suspect Charged...(NBC) * Weiner Apologizes… to Neighbors (NYO)

Hard Times for The Master and His Student 

“You can tell it’s having an impact on him,” a Schumer friend and fellow Senate Democrat said of the Weiner scandal. Tough week quiets Chuck Schumer(Politico)



Jon Stewart Employs Dildo Spinning Wheel To Report Stories Hidden By Weinergate


Stephen Colbert Mocks Andrew Breitbart’s Explanation Of How The Weiner Pic Leaked




Wall Street Greed Over Leveraged Even Building in Harlem 

In Harlem Buildings, Reminders of Easy Money and the Financial Crisis Working-class apartment complexes like Riverton Houses and Savoy Park were bought by investors who loaded them up with debt and cashed out. (NYT)




NYC Food Truck Gets Liquor License, Starts Serving TODAY(Huff Post)



Lap dances and strip club admissions are subject to sales tax, an appeals court ruled.


Jet from miracle Hudson River splashdown arriving at NC museum(NYP)






Pols More Equal Than You and I 

State Sen. Eric Adams, a Democrat from Brooklyn, wants to adjust the penal code so that sentences for assaulting elected officials are harsher than for attacking regular civilians.  Politician Safety Bill Advances in Albany 

Winners & Losers, June 10th edition(CHN)

Black Eyed Peas' Central Park Concert Called Off Due To Rough Weather(NY1) *Blacked Out Peas (NBC)

NY Post publishes picture of “mortally wounded” shooting victim, Tysha Jones, Not On Line

1 dead, 4 wounded in boardwalk shooting(NYP) * Gunfire on Boardwalk Kills One and Injures 4 (NYT) * Beach Shooting Kills 1, Wounds 4 (WSJ) * 16-year-old girl killed, four people wounded as gunman fires on crowd at Brooklyn boardwalk (NYDN) * Blood on the boardwalk (NYP) * One Dead, Four Wounded In Brooklyn Boardwalk Shooting(NY1) * 1 Dead, 4 Wounded After Brighton Beach Boardwalk Shooting (WCBS) * Neighborhood reels in wake of death after teen gunned down at Brooklyn beach(NYP)

VIDEO: Moronic thieves chop down tree to steal $50 bike(NYDN)




Police Release Sketch Of Suspect Wanted In Upper West Side Sex Assault(WCBS)




Law and Order   In Court, a Victim Gives Voice to Sex Abuse(NYT) * Killer's parole bid opens scars again for kin of St. John's coed(NYDN) * Malcolm X daughter pleads guilty to ID theft, conditionally avoids jail(NYDN) * Malcolm X kid guilty(NYP)* DNA links former cop to teen rape, prosecutors say(NYDN) * Daughter Of Malcolm X Pleads Guilty To ID Theft(NY1) * City to pay 12-year-old drown victim Nicole Suriel's family $1.6M(NYDN) * Detective Central to Columbia Drug Case Is Arrested(NYT) * Vic rips perv ex-cop (NYP) * $1.6M drown-tragedy payout(NYP) * Five Injured In Bronx Shooting (NY1) *Pregnant woman, 3 others shot in the Bronx (WABC) * 4 Shot During Bronx Barbecue (Fox 5) *Perv tries to snap pic of woman's undies, gets beat down (NYDN) * Queens teen expelled for 'sexting'(NYDN) * Suspects wanted in computer robbery (WABC) * Shooting: Three shots fired on Manhattan-bound A train. * Darrin Nemelc, Former NYPD Officer, Indicted in Rape of Teenage Girl(Village Voice) * Police Search For Gunman In Brooklyn Boardwalk Shooting (NY1) * Cops hunt man wanted for UWS sex assault (VIDEO) (NYP)


June 15th

Terrorism Rep. King to Hold New Muslim Hearings (WSJ)